Rachel and Ivy’s playlist

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There were far too many suggestions to keep listed on the front page, so here are the rest: 

You can add to Rachel and Ivy’s playlist below.   Please don’t post YouTubes or lyrics of copyrighted material.  I’ll just have to take them down.


A3: “Too Sick To Pray”

Adema: “Giving in to you”

AFI: “Kiss and Control”

Alanis Morisette: “Univited”

Alice Cooper: “Poison” “Dangerous Tonight”

Alkaline Trio: “Your Neck”

Andrew Lloyd Weber: “Music of the Night”

Animotion: “Obsession”

Annie Lennox: “Love Song for a Vampire”

Perfect Circle: “Passive”

Apocalyptica: “Bittersweet”

Auioslave: “Show me how to live”

Avril Lavigne “Keep Holding On”

Bayside: “Montauk”

Bella Morte: “Whispers”

Belle and Sebastian – “I’m Waking Up to Us”

Beatles (the): “Sexy Sadie”

Billie Holiday – “All or nothing at all”

Bjork: “Come to Me”

Blue October: “Everlasting Friend”

Blue Oyster Cult: Painted On My Heart”

Blutengel: “kingdom”

Breaking Benjamin: “Dance with the Devil” “You fight me” “Had enough”

Brian Adams: “Everything I Do, I Do It For You”

Cauterize: “Taste of Tears”

Chad Kroeger/Carlos Santana: Into the night

Chester Bennington and DJ ZTri: “The Walking Dead”

Chris Daughtry: “What About Now”

Chris Issack: “Wicked Games”

Cinema Bizarre: “Dysfunctional Family”

Circe : Life is a Lemon (and I want my money back)

Coldplay: “Fix You”

Concrete Blonde; “The Sky is a poisonous Garden”

Counting Crows: “Accidentally in Love”

Courtney Love: “Hold On To”

Cranberries (the): “This Is The Day”  “Dreams”

Crossfade: “No Giving Up” “Cold”

Cruxshadows: “Dragonfly”

Cult (the): “Painted on My Heart”

Cutting Crew: “Died in Your Arms”

Cyndi Lauper: “Time After Time”

D’angelo: “Smooth”

David Draiman: “Forsaken”

David Gray – “Nightblindness”

Davey Brothers: “Heart Go Faster”

Def Leopard: “Love Bites”

Deftones: “Passenger”

Depeche Mode: “Sweetest Perfection” “Home”  “Nothing’s Impossible” “Precious” , Placebo: “Running Up That Hill”

Dido: “White Flag”

Disturbed: “Guarded” “Bound”

Donna DeLory: “Go Talk to Mary”

Donnas (the): “what do i have to do”

Dragonforce : “Through the Fire and Flames”

Drowing Pool: “Bodies”

Duran Duran: “Hungry Like The Wolf”

Egypt Central: “you make me sick”

ELO: “Evil Woman”

Endo: “Simple Lies”

Esthero: “Wikked Lil’ Grrrls”

Evanescence: “My Last Breath” “My Immortal” “Whisper” “Haunted” “Bring Me To Life” “Going Under” “Lose Control”  “like you” “Lacrymosa” (Ivy to Rachel) “Breathe No More” “forgive me”

Evans Blue: “Cold (But I’m still here)”

Fuel: “Shimmer”

Filter: “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Finger Eleven: “Conversations” “Walking in My Shoes”  “Paralyzer”

Fleetwood Mac -“The Chain”

Floetry: “Say Yes”

Flyleaf: “I’m Sorry” “I’m So Sick” “Perfect”  “There-For-You” “All Around me”

Foo Fighters: “The Pretender” “Let It Die”

Four Star Youth: “Escape”

Frankie goes to Hollywood: “Power of Love”

Frantz Ferdinand: “Do you want to”

Full Blown Rose: “In the Light”

Garbage: “Stroke Of Luck” “Dumb” “#1 Crush”

Gerard McMann: “Cry Little Sister”

Godhead: “Inside you”

Godsmack: “Touche”

Grease: “Hopelessly Devoted To You”

Groove Coverage: “Poison”

Halestorm: “Takes My Life”

Heather Nova: “Like A Hurricane” “just been born”

HIM: “Wicked Games” “Vampire Heart” “The Face of God” “Heartache Every Moment” “Killing loneliness”

Hurts: “Ten ton Brick”

Iced Earth: “I Died For You”

Ill Nino: ‘Everything Beautiful’ and ‘My Pleasant Tortur

Imogen Heap: “The Moment I Said It”

Ingrim Hill: “She’s Almost Perfect”

Inkubs Sukkubus: “Heart of Lilith” “Vampyre Erotica”

In This Moment: “Beautiful Tragedy”

Jack off Jill “stawberry gashes”

James Blunt: “Your Beautiful”

James Marsters: Rest In Peace

Jane Child: “Don’t want to fall in love”

Jane Doe “You Bring the Devil”

Janis Jopplin: “Birds Do It”

Jewel: “Who will save your soul” “Foolish Games” “Haunted”  “Kiss Me”

Joan Jett: “I Hate Myself For Loving You”

John Boy: “My Bad Thing”

Josh Groban: “You Raise Me Up”

Judas Priest: “Before the Dawn”

K’s Choice: “Not An Addict”

Kelly Clarkson: “Addicted”

Kip Winger: “Monster”

Lacuna Coil: “Entwined”

leonard cohen :‘hallelujah’.

Letter Man: “Turn Around and Look At Me”

Linda Perry; “Knock Me Out”

Lisahall: “Is this real?”

Lita Ford and Ozzy: “Close My Eyes Forever”

Live: ” I Alone”

Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson: “You Go to My Head,”

Lacuna Coil: “Stately Lover”

Macy Gray: “Shoo Be Doo”

Mandy Moore: “Only Hope”

Marilyn Manson: “Personal Jesus” “I Put a Spell On You”  “The Last Day On Earth”

Marvin Gaye: “I Want You”

Massive Attack: “Protection”

Matchbox 20: “Downfall”

MeatLoaf “I’d Do Anything For love (But I Won’t Do That), Original Sin

Melissa Etheridge: Angels would Fall

Meridith Brooks: “What would Happen if we kiss?”

Me’Shell Ndeglocello: “Beautiful”

Michael Buble: “I’ve got you under my skin”

Mr. Big: “Shine”

Muse:“Hysteria” “Time Is Running Out”

My Chemical Romance: “Vampires Will Never Hurt You”

Natalie Cole:-“This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” Nazareth: “Love Hurts”

Ne-Yo’s “Say It”

Nightwish: “Feel For You” “She is My Sin”

Nickleback: “Savin me”

NIN: “We’re In This Together”

No Doubt – “Don’t Speak”;

October Project (the): “Paths of Desire”

Offspring: “Can’t Get My Head Around You”

Olive: “Blood Red Tears”

Orgy: “Slept So Long”

Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford: “Close My Eyes Forever”

Papa Roach: “Scars” “Save Me”

Pantera: “This Love”

Paramore: “Emergency”  “Let This Go” “My Heart” “stuck on you”

Pat Benetar: “Shadows of the Night” “Invincible” (Vampiric Charms)

Paul Stanley (of KISS): “Lift”

Placebo: “I Feel You”

Pussy Cat Dolls and Snoop Dogg: “Buttons” (Van Scene)

Queen: “Who Wants to Live Forever”

Queens of the stone age – “Blood Is Love”

Radiohead: “All I Need”

Rammstein: “Du Reichst So Gut””Stein um Stein” (Stone by Stone)

Rascal Flatts: “Bless the Broken Road”

Rasmus (the): “In The Shadows”

Red Hot Chili Peppers: “My Friends” “If” (Rachel to Ivy) “I could die for you” (Ivy to Rachel)

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: “Your Guardian Angel”

Relient K: “Be my Escape”

REO Speedwagon: “Keep on Loving You”

Robert Palmer: “Simply Irresistible”

Rolling Stones: “She’s So Cold”

Roy Orbison: “Pretty Woman”

Sam Sparro: “Black & Gold”

Sara Em: “From Pale to Blood” “Fighting For You”

Saving jane: “Come Down To Me”

Selena: “Dreaming of you”

Sade: “No Ordinary Love”

Sara Bareilles: “Morningside” “Gravity”

Sarah McLachlan: “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy”  “Answer”

Scorps (the): “Rock me like a hurrican”

She Wants Revenge: “Monologue”

Shania Twain: “From This Moment On”

Shooting Stars :“Cauterize”

Sia: “Breathe Me”

Sister Hazel: “Sword and Shield”

Six Pence None the Richer: “Love Me”

Skillet – “Yours To Hold” “Better Than Drugs” “Whispers in the Dark” “Say Goodbye”

Skunk Anansie: “You’ll follow me down” “Feel”

Slipknot: “Vermillion Pt 2”

Smoke to Seven:  “Envy”

Snake River Conspiracy: “You and Your Friend”

Snow Patrol: “Make this Go On Forever”

Sophie B. Hawkins: “Damn, Wish I Was Your Lover”

Staind: “Mudshovel” “Epiphany” 

Static X; “So”

Stone Temple Pilots: “Big Empty”

Storm Large – ‘Ladylike’

Submersed: “Hollow”

System of A Down: “Roulette”

Taking Back Sunday: “Make Damn Sure”

Tapping The Vein: “Again”

Taste (the): “What’s going on”

Tatu. “all the things she said”

Tegan and Sara:“Where Does The Good Go”

Terrence Trent Darby: “She Kissd Me”

Third Eye Blind: “Send Me All Your Vampires.”

Three Days Grace: “Home””Scared”

Three Doors Down: “Here Without You” “I feel you” “Ticket to Heaven”

Toadies (the): “Away”

Tori Amos – “Raspberry Swirl”

TRAPT: “Waiting”, “Still Frame”

Travis: “Love will Come Through”

Tricky: “Makes Me Wanna Die”

TRUSTcompany: “Hover” “Downfall” “Deeper Into You”

Under the Flood: “In Vain”

Used (The): “With me Tonight”

Vast: “Touched Before”  “Three Doors”

Velvet Underground – “Femme Fatale”

Veruca Salts: “Volcano Girls”

Violent Femmes: “Add It Up”

Vixen: “Love Is A Killer”  “Living On The Edge Of A Broken Heart”

Yeah yeah yeah: “Maps”

Winger: “Headed for a Heartbreak”

Within Temptation: “What Have you Done” “All I Need

Zemfira – “Hochesh”

Zeromancer: “Need You Like A Drug”

289 responses to “Rachel and Ivy’s playlist

  1. Well, I think it’s never too late if that is good. One last reply to remember a great couple like this one. As a member of Team Ravy, I share a small part of my Ivy-Rachel list of music, which keep growing even today. Here we go:

    *Ivy to Rachel:
    -All That Remains: “What if I was nothing”
    -Eyes Set To Kill: “Violent Kiss”
    -Lifehouse: “Hanging by a moment”
    -My Darkest Day: “Without you”
    -Parachute: “Kiss me slowly”, “Meant to be”, “Overnight”
    -Smile Empty Soul: “Alone with nothing”
    -The Cab: “These are the lies” (this is perfect), “Angel with a shotgun” (I share this song ’cause I listened to it while I was reading the books)
    -The Pretty Reckless: “You”

    *Rachel to Ivy:
    -Genesis: “In Too Deep”

    On the other hand, thank everyone for some good songs that have been proposed and that have been useful as inspiration like pianist and composer. I look for new music every day 😀
    [I’m sorry about my English, not perfect at all, it’s not my native language]
    Ivy and Rachel, forever and always.

  2. leslie

    I think “pet” by APC fits better here, because i f ivy trying not only to delude rachel but also herself. Go back and take another couple of listens and you’ll see what i mean. Love your books and taste in music.

  3. Will

    Haven’t suggested a song to you since “American Way” by Crystal Method for Trent. I think “Into the Sun” by The Parlor Mob fits nicely for Ivy and Rachel. Thanks for the great series of books. Have already pre-ordered my signed edition again.

  4. From left field here, dunno how you feel about pop music, but…
    Katy Perry – Dark Horse
    Seems to describe some of Rachel and Ivy’s relationship during some of the early to mid-series books, i.e., Every Which Way But Dead through The Outlaw Demon Wails

  5. Michelle R

    And Waiting for the Miracle by Leonard Cohen. I think it fits many of the characters in it’s own special way.

  6. Michelle R

    I always thinkk of Ivy and Rachel when I hear We are Young by Fun. Especially the first part. But all of it really. 😀

  7. Dawn

    Wait for You by Atreyu

  8. Keegan

    If I was your Vampire by Marilyn Manson

  9. Luna

    All That I’m Living For – Evanescence.

  10. Erin

    I was rolling Chris Issak: “Wicked Games” through my head during the bite scene in Fistful of Charms.
    Just amazing chemistry between those two, no matter how you want to label it.

  11. lavinia68

    Creed- Wash away those years

  12. SLynn

    Nothing else Matters by Metallica from Ivy to Rachel
    The Day the Whole world went away-NIN from Rachel to Ivy
    or And all that could have been-NIN from Rachel to Ivy
    Waiting for the Night by Depeche Mode

  13. yvonne

    Emeli Sande read all about it(part iii). It works both ways but I think Ivy to Rachel

  14. Angelique

    Kelly Clarkson- You Found Me

  15. Naomi :D

    I would suggest Feel again from One Republic 😀

  16. jess larlee

    Imogen heap- “bad body double” Rachel because of her witch/demon self and trying to stay good but trouble seems to follow her. And fo Ivy because she tries so hard to keep her humanity and fights her blood lust.

  17. Jade

    Madonna – Frozen !!!

  18. Cruz

    Linkin Park – Powerless

  19. Alyssa Danielle

    Roads Untraveled- Linkin Park. Not sure if it’s more Ivy to Rachel or Rachel to Ivy though…
    Weap not for roads untraveled, weap not for paths left alone,
    Cause beyond every bend, is a long blinding end,
    It’s the worst kind of pain I’ve known.

    Give up your heart left broken, and let that mistake pass on,
    Cause the love that you lost, wasn’t worth what it cost,
    And in time you’ll be glad it’s gone.

    Weap not for roads untaveled, weap not for sights unseen,
    May your love never end, and if you need a friend,
    There’s a seat here along side me.

  20. John Holmes

    The Pretty Reckless – “Make Me Wanna Die”

  21. Jeff

    Soilwork – Departure Plan
    Everytime I listen to it, it reminds me of them!

  22. Poll

    I am on Book 6 and I have added some song suggestions in the Ivy list,
    I was listening to my 80’s hits and The Thompson Twins, Hold me Now played, and I was flattened with emotions by the words of this song as it is about Rachael and Ivy’s relationship. You would think that Kim was listening to this song when writing Rachael and Ivy scenes.
    This song is especially relevant after reading a few books in the series, as you get a sense of the relationship, in the words of this song.

  23. vgutierrez

    Too close by Alex Clare – Ivy to rachel

  24. Jenn S

    “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith. All the conflicting emotions of Ivy – lust, guilt, remorse, uncertainy, loneliness and of Rachel…nervousness, lust bridled with resistance to Ivy, longing, fear. Combine them all together and you have a stew of “sweet emotions”.

  25. Colin

    Holy Weather – Civil Twilight

  26. Melissa

    For the girls i think:
    Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment
    Pink – Fuckin’ Perfect
    Simple Plan – Shut Up!
    Katy Perry – Firework
    Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

  27. Melyssia

    Ross Copperman’s “They’ll Never Know”

  28. I think that this song suits Rachel with her entire gang, they might not always be young but they will always be together.

    “We are Young” – Glee

  29. DeAtHsSwEeTKiSs

    Vanilla Twilight- Owl City

  30. Anne

    I am going to have to say Degrees of Sanity by Savatage off the album Edge of Thorns

  31. Lisa

    I was in the car the other day and when Reba’s song Take It Back came on, I just thought of Rache dedicating it to NicK.

  32. LP’s “Into the Wild”

    I see this song as one for Rachel, Ivy, & Jenks

  33. James R. Fox

    For Ivy
    (my) Tears Dry On Their Own
    Amy Winehouse

  34. V

    Melissa Ferrick – “Anything Anywhere”

  35. Ivy to Rachel obviously.
    Sohpie B Hawkins – Lose your way

  36. Amber

    what you want by evanescence reminds me of the past books when rachel would want to do something one way and ivy the other and one of them mostly gives into the other even though it doesnt make them happy.

  37. Daisy

    for Rach and Ivy,
    Shakespears Sister-Stay

  38. bratty

    i think that pain by three days grace is good for both of them

  39. You forgot to include Rob Zombie’s “LivingDead Girl”! I discovered that song thanks to your mentioning it in book 2 (?). It rocks!

  40. Whitney

    Artist: Seether ft Amy Lee
    Song: Broken

  41. I really like Slipknot – Duality for just Ivy…. but the Neus Remix of that song reminds me of what Ivy is with Rachael during a ‘normal’ day. A little slower and tantric, with the hints of bad-a just lurking in the background.

  42. Nicole

    Halou “I’ll Carry You” or “Today”(for Ivy when Rachel makes her feel happy as a friend)

  43. Ydi

    Prince – “If I Was Your Girlfriend”

  44. James R. Fox

    Ivy can’t be anything but “When Doves Cry”by Prince

  45. Lisa Mackey

    I think of Seal “Kiss From A Rose” when I think of Ivy with Rachel.

  46. James R. Fox

    “You Light Up My Life”
    Äin’tNo Mountain High Enough”
    “First time Ever I Saw Your Face”

  47. Auburney

    Lil Wayne- How to Love

    perfect conversation song between the two

  48. Auburney

    Drake- Trust Issues
    Drake- What if I Kissed You Right Now

  49. Kyndra Quiner

    for in a fistful of charms after rachel had ivy bite her for the first time, sad exchange by finger eleven. in ivy’s point of view.

  50. James R. Fox

    Amy Winehouse
    Checked out of here 7/23/11
    “You Know I’m No Good”

  51. Shy

    I’ve had “Undisclosed Desires” by The Muse on my playlist for a while, I was reading when it came on and I thought it was just perfect for Ivy and Rachel, or maybe even Rachel and Kist.

  52. Cerdiwen Ivy Morgan

    Selena Gomez ; love you like a love song

  53. Rayn

    Don’t know if anyone has said it but Shadows by Red could work for both Ivy and Rachel how I’m still working that out just hit while i was reading White Witch Black Curse

  54. Leila

    kidneythieves- “Before I’m Dead” from the Queen of the Damned soundtrack

  55. Darina

    The Pierces – Three Wishes. The lyrics in this song are just too perfect.

  56. I really think Mazzy Star’s ♪”Fade Into You”♫ is a good fit for Rach and Ivy.
    Love your website Kim. I’ve been a fan of your books for years and have just recently started to devote time to your cyber link as of last year. I think I’m gonna make me a hollows CD now 😉

  57. Three Days Grace – Lost in You

  58. Cindi

    Rumer-Saving Grace

  59. Ashley

    Florence and the Machine – Heavy in your arms

  60. Sue

    I think Floetry’s Imagination would fit Ivy and Rachel perfectly http://www.mp3ye.eu/277638_floetry-imagination-mp3-download.html.

    I also like Bathwater No Doubt for Rachel

    I hope you like them!

  61. Char

    Lydia – December

  62. sarah

    Buffalo Tom- Late at Night

  63. katie

    “Follow You Home” by Nickleback

  64. AKR (Trinidad)

    I thought this was quite fitting …. especially since the last Hollows installment.

    ARMS – Christinia Perri

  65. Concrete Blonde: Bloodletting
    Stone Sour: Your God, Socio, Zzyzx Rd., Made of Scars, Fruitcake, The Day I Let Go, Freeze Dry Seal

  66. Tara

    A song for Rachel from Ivy

    Don’t Leave Me Behind performed by We Are The Fallen

  67. lori

    stevie nicks ” sisters of the moon”

  68. Sina

    Roxette- I don’t want to get hurt

    fits the thoughts of ivy about rachel kinda, i guess 😉

  69. emily

    “the widow” by the Mars Volta

  70. Lex Black

    Deftones – Change

    That is the song I see playing when Ivy and her are in the Van…. in MI…..

  71. Ryan Driskell

    I think that “Come Together” would fit Racheal and Ivy by Aerosmith because thats what they do in the end they come together over some random guy that Racheal is with!

  72. Brittany

    I’m thinking “Help, I’m Alive” by Metric. There’s the one line I really like that reminds me of Rachel’s plight “if my life is mine what shouldn’t I do”. I feel it represents the fact that she’s remained unbound and she has struggled with what she should/shouldn’t do in terms of her and Ivy’s relationship. The two other main phrases I think help describe it are “hard to be soft, tough to be tender” and “if I stumble, they’re gonna eat me alive”. The first because it brings to mind the difficulty Ivy has in finding a blood balance with Rachel, and the second because of Rachel’s now hidden bite. 🙂

  73. Kate

    Florence + The Machine – Cosmic Love

  74. Soleil

    “Wrong Impression” and “Shiver” by Natalie Imbruglia

  75. Soleil

    She Is Love – Parachute

  76. Soleil

    Then Slowly Grows (Come to me) – Bethany Joy Galeotti

  77. Soleil

    Everly – Scheming Star

  78. Soleil

    Everly – Quicksand

  79. Jen

    Flogging Molly – If I Ever Leave This World Alive

  80. Soleil

    I need you – LeAnne Rimes

  81. Soleil

    Landslide(cover) – Dixie Chicks

  82. Sarah

    Neon trees – Animal

  83. Inak

    At lunch one day in a restaurant and part way through A Fistful of Charms, I heard The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony spilling out of a girl’s headphones. Pausing in my reading to listen a bit (I’ve liked the song since hearing it in Cruel Intentions), I started thinking about how the lyrics seemed to fit not only Rachel’s and Ivy’s lives but their relationship with each other as well. Both struggling with their feelings toward each other and with others, both knowing something needs to change but feeling they can’t make that change themselves.

  84. Stephanie

    Actually, for Pale Demon with Rachel and Ivy —
    Band Skillet, Song Say Goodbye
    Listen to the lyrics and you’ll see what I mean. Good luck and I’ll be waiting for the next book.

  85. Soleil

    Well recently I just downloaded Lights album The Listening and I totally say her song “Saviour” is so epic for these two.

  86. Soleil

    Placebo – Running Up That Hill

  87. Tiebaby

    Hi Kim, love your books, and just finished devouring Pale Demon, it was awesome! Anyway, I think Broken by Seether with Amy Lee (from Evanescence) is a perfect match for Ivy and Rachel’s early relationship, what with all the confusion and desires they both had, especially after Kisten died and they were both just trying to make it from day to day. Theres one verse in particular that I think captures their feelings-

    The worst is over now, and we can breathe again
    I wanna hold you high, you steal my pain away
    Theres so much left to learn and no one left to fight
    I wanna hold you high and steal your pain

    Anyways, take a listen and see if you like it!

  88. Ghost Love Score by Nightwish

  89. Erin Anderson

    “Gotten” by Slash (feat Adam Lavine ) this song is amazing and just screams Ivy and Rachel to me

  90. Karl

    The Best That I can

    It’s hard to say just how I feel
    Simple words do not reveal
    The strength of my emotion
    And the love that I feel

    I know that deep within
    Underneath your alabaster skin
    There is a hurt I cannot fathom
    A wound upon your soul

    While I cannot feel your pain
    My heart bleeds just the same
    Now I long to hold you tight
    Each and every night

    To heal what has been broken
    To erase the years of pain
    Ease the years of strain
    To make you whole again

    I know I have no power
    Over past or future things
    I tell you true upon my life
    I will do the best I can

    So call me what you will
    Naive child or foolish soul
    You are my beloved
    I will kiss your tears away

    Karl S Poff
    Copyright ©2009 Karl S Poff

  91. Karl

    You Hold Me Tight

    I dream of you each night
    You come and hold me tight
    My heart it feels less heavy
    Your love it protects me
    The darkness can’t close in
    From the demons that sleep within
    You are my shinning angel
    The love that saves my soul
    You have taught me so many things
    What it means to be a lover and a friend
    You’ve shown me what is best inside me
    Your the love light that wont let go
    Through your life you’ve been resilient
    Within you lies a brilliance
    You are a warm and loving soul
    You offer more than can be imagined
    You’ve asked nothing in return
    I pray that in the fertile soil of our love
    Our life together will begin to grow.

    Karl S Poff
    Copyright ©2009 Karl S Poff

  92. Falicia K.

    “Make Me Wanna Die” – The Pretty Reckless

  93. Shandi

    “I Walk Beside You” by Dream Theater.

  94. Raven

    Plumb: In My Arms

    I could see both of them feeling this way about the other — particularly the scene I just read in the fourth book (yes, I’m not through them yet) where Rachel finally lets Ivy bite her in order to show her friendship/trust/respect.

  95. Raien (pronounced Ryan)

    Halestorm- I get off
    Wicked Wisdom- Bleed all over Me
    A Perfect Circle- The Hollow
    Atmosphere- Your glass house (this one makes me think of how Ivy gets when she “slips” and goes on a blood splurge…)
    A Perfect Circle- 3 Libras (this one is because of how both Rachel and Ivy in their own way want to be together but in different ways)

  96. wleena

    Black Lab: “With or without you”

    hearing to the line “are you black eyes turning blue?….’cause I cannot live without you

    I couldn’t help of thinking of Rachel & Ivy :-))

  97. Shandi

    Another one that caught my attention was “Where Were You Last Night” by Nightwish, which reminds me of when Ivy goes missing:

    “I’m here all alone/Still wait by the phone/The hours go by/What else could I do but to cry/I call and I call/Just to make things right/Have I lost the fight/Where were you last night”.

  98. Ashley

    I feel that the song “Sound Of Madness” by Shinedown suit them well as well as Jenks in that picture.

  99. Ember

    Sirens By Angels & Airwaves fits on how Ivy feels about Rachel. Especially the line “I wanna taste you as you breathe.”

  100. Soleil

    Little House by Amanda Seyfried

  101. Crystal

    No Curtain Call by Maroon 5. Definitely 🙂

  102. Ren

    Tigerlily from La Roux.

  103. A.PENA

    katy perry – I kissed a girl

  104. “Fall to pieces” Avril lavigne

  105. Lindsay

    I had to look up the lyrics to this song and I love them. My favorite lines are “all my books are lying useless now. all my maps will only show me how to lose my way” and we all know how Ivy has maps out when searching for someone.

  106. Lindsay

    So I couldn’t decided who it fit more so I put it in with both. I like ‘Not Strong Enough’ by Apocalyptica featuring Brent Smith.

  107. Ember

    Listening to the new Muse Album(The Resistance)
    The song Undislcosed Desires stood out and reminded me of Ivy & Rachel

  108. Sandra

    Alex Parks- “Mad World”
    Katy Perry- “I Kissed A Girl”
    The Waitresses- “I Know What Boys Like””

  109. Soleil

    Oh and also Adore by Paramore

  110. soleil

    Trading Yesterday – She Is The Sunlight

  111. Jason

    Cake doing “Perhaps,Perhaps,Perhaps” and The Chemical Brothers “The State We Are In”

  112. jonthemutt

    Type O Negative – Love you to death
    fits both of them at differant moments

    Van Halen- When it’s love
    it seems to fit their relationship

  113. Nathan

    I think the song nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold fits the strange thinks that Rachel feels when it comes to Ivy

  114. Ember

    Breath Until Tomorrow by Paramore should be on this list

    • AKR

      I only just read book 8 of the series, when I hear the track
      Animal by Neon Trees it brings to mind the battle between Ivy and Rachel with their emotions and the need to love each other in the way they want.

      It also brought to mind Kisten’s love for Rachel (sorry you felt he had to die) ….
      Looking forward to the next installment …

  115. Brian

    Let’s Get Lost by Beck and Bat For Lashes(on Twilight Eclipse soundtrack)
    Beck’s line “Let me come closer, I’m not your shadow” screams Ivy and Rache

  116. Samantha Blaydes

    “I Hate Myself For Loving You” – Joan Jett

  117. NiNi

    “Tonight” by the Afghan Whigs. Music is seductive & jazzy — plus the Whigs are from Cincinnati. “Hey baby there’s a vampire moon…”

  118. jeff salas

    acidbaths scream of the butterflyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8f7-cRZgQk

  119. cookiemuncher

    im not over-by carolina liar

  120. cookiemuncher

    cover your eyes-by chilrdren 18:3

  121. Annonymous

    A good song for them could be Beyonce “Flaws and All”. I think it really matches these two because they accept each other, flaws and all ;).

  122. Krista

    Ivy and Rachel to Kisten: Gone Away by Offspring

  123. Artemis

    Until the day i die-Story of the year

  124. Amy

    “Bad Romance” by lady gaga. lyrics:

  125. Nate

    Wow. A lot of good stuff posted on here. I don’t have much on this category this morning–it’s 5 A.M. cut me some slack, lolz. I would like to thank Ms. Harrison for giving us such a great series and a place on the web to mingle.

    1) After I heard a shot list of songs by Five Finger Death Punch, the first thing I thought of was, “Wow, this has Ivy/Rachel/Piscary written all over it.” I’ve posted a couple on “Ivy’s Playlist”, but two more I’ll post here. The first one being “Hard To See”. The essence of the lyrics, and the way Ivan sings them, his voice filled with anger, frustration, and plea, could (for lack of a better phrase) be Rachel-and-Ivy’s theme song. They want to understand each other, but personal and societal barrier prevent that from happening.

    2) The other FFDP song I thought of was “Just Walk Away”. It’s pretty much a metal ballad about a couple who argues about who is the worse person. In the end, they decide it’s best to just part ways. That’s the exact message our two favorite females kept hearing from everyone, themselves included. There are even subtle hints that, even though many of their issues have been understood if not resolved, it still just might come to that.

    That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m sure I’ll be back, hopefully with more to contribute. Take care your selves, everyone.

  126. Hope

    Sarah Fimm – “Afraid”

  127. Crystal

    Poe – 5 & 1/2 Minute Hallway
    I hear this song & it perfectly describes the closeness/distance that goes on between Rachel and Ivy.

  128. becca

    i would say In For The Kill by La Roux
    it a new one and in a way i think it applies to them
    and MAYBE I Love The Way You Lie by Rihanna
    and Glitter in the Air by Pink

  129. Codex

    Definetly Closer by Nin
    Its Only Love Heather Nova
    Stand My Ground Within Temptation

  130. Joan Armatrading
    The Weakness in Me

    for Ivy and Rachel

  131. Soleil

    With or Without you by U2, Dilate by Four Star Mary, Learning to Breathe by Switchfoot…it culd go rite?? haha Sorrow by Flyleaf, and Wild Horses by The Sundays…would u color me corny if i said Dangerously in Love by Beyonce?? lol

  132. Falesia

    Sevendust-licking cream

  133. Soleil

    drive my soul by lights

  134. Soleil

    hmm i have a few songs in mind and I’ll start off with The song ‘still Alright’ by Adam MErrin, ‘Feeling a moment’ by feeder especially when it says “Don’t ever feel that you’re alone I’ll never let you down, I’ll never leave you dry Don’t fall apart, don’t let it go Carry the notion, carry the notion back to me, to me” This could be rachel to Ivy or vice versa…umm Alter Bridge ‘Shed my Skin’…As ‘Vampire Love’ oh! It Doesnt MAtter by Alison Krauss i love this one for them especially of course it would be like From Ivy to Rachel…hmm oh and Down by Jason Walker =]

  135. Kaz

    I don’t know how anyone else would feel about this song, but I feel like Missy Higgin’s song ‘Where I stood’ sorta of resembles how Rachel feels about Ivy when Skimmer comes along, because she knows that she can’t let herself go to give Ivy what she wants and knows that Skimmer could, but deep down Rachel seems to fight with being ok with Skimmer trying to move in to that spot and I just feel like in the chorus particularly this is summer up rather well.

    ‘Cos I dont know who I am, who I am without you
    All I know is that I should
    And I don’t know if I could stand another hand upon you
    All I know is that I should
    ‘Cos she will love you more than I could
    She who dares to stand where I stood

  136. John P

    Evan & Jaron – Crazy For This Girl

  137. John P

    Thousand Foot Krutch – Falls Apart

  138. Michaela

    “te amo” by Rihanna

  139. Manu

    “te amo” by rihanna

  140. Carmen K. R.

    Alien (english version) of Tokio Hotel

  141. A Perfect Circle’s “3 Libras”

  142. Soleil

    k so I was riding im my car yesterday after just re-reading BMS…ha its like my third time re-reading it and i love how i realize new revelations n like Omg moments after every time i do re-read it…gahhh but i digress i was listening to music and came along celine dion taking chances and i was like this is such a rachel ivy song so i felt compelled to post it here haha

  143. Danielle kobi

    I think “Fight Inside” by Red sums up Ivy’s feeling after every encounter with Rachel.

  144. TheLilBrownGirl

    “Undisclosed Desire” by Muse

    This song just is just Amazing, even the lyrics alone…

  145. SinsofMidnight

    Favorite Disease by Thousand Foot Crutch

    I donno why, but the lyrics strike me:
    “…I’m on my knees,
    your my favorite disease…”
    “…And I love the way you kill me,
    love the way you heal me…”

  146. James

    INXS – “Mystify Me” For as long as these two have been together, for all they’ve been through together, Rachel and Ivy still don’t seem to get it (yet). This song seems a prefect addition to their playlist.

  147. Soleil

    iris by the goo goo dolls…epic song for the epic duo that is Rachel and Ivy haha

  148. lainey

    maroon 5 – secret 🙂

    a foolish game those two play..

  149. Ali Roberts

    I think the song that best fits Ivy and Rachel’s relationship is “Damned If I Do Ya Damned If I Don’t” by All Time Low

  150. Lindsey Hoffman

    I was just listening to this song because i liked the band but I realised it was completely a Rachel song to Ivy if they ever got together.

    “For the Nights I Can’t Remember”- Hedley

  151. kayla

    i think the band metric would be awesome for rachel and ivy. The song is called Golden Gun. Totally fits them!!!!!

  152. Raven

    Joydrop – sometimes wanna die

  153. Raven

    Joydrop – beautiful.

    The Cure – High
    The Cure – mint car

  154. Sandra

    Rock Kills Kid- Paralyzed……. BLAM! i just blew your mind

  155. Soleil

    so Im back and with some Paramore suggestions haha I love them and I would say that the songs All I wanted and Turn It Off from their new album Brand New Eyes goes good with these two :] All I wanted goes well with Ivy and well basically how all she wants is rachel…in whatever form haha but yea love these two songs =]

  156. TheLilBrownGirl

    Tonic- “If You Could Only See”

  157. Cole

    I think NIN’s “Pretty Hate Machine” kinda sums it all up. Songs sound like thay could be from Rachel or Ivy’s perspective. Every song on the album can be applied to various situations the characters find themselves in.

  158. Jen B.

    “Numb” ~ Anik Jean

  159. Dave

    I don’t know where exactly to put this one. I’m tempted to add it for Rynn Cormel
    “Devour” by Disturbed,
    because of the vampire losing their souls once they die 2x.

  160. Robyn

    Placebo – Blind
    Slipknot – Vermillion Pt 2

  161. Jack

    The cave by Mumford & Sons

    I think it fit so well that I think every one should listen to it – It just works so well.

    Jack Bookworm/Hobo (xF my nicknames)

    • Jack

      Woops i forgot about

      King of Pain by the police/& sting
      Lipstick jungle by Newton Faulkner

      Dust Bowl Dance by Mumford & Sons
      This doesnt only fit here it makes sence for Trent, Jenks and Big Al

      Hope you like them

      Jack The Bookworm/Hobo (xF)

      P.S. I have only read the first 5 books so yeah (in 2 days i may add)

  162. Soleil

    Oh yes two posts in one day haha i think “This is for Keeps” by the spill canvas fits these two good as well im not gonna go into some big elaboration like i did with the last comment but yea haha

    • Soleil

      i recommend this one highly haha please please listen the lyrics are great especially the part…well i cant say haha but the moment i heard it i was like…IVY AND RACHEL haha

    • Desiree

      haha i heard it! you were right 🙂 ivy and rachel all the way…if i had a nail and you had the hammer, i swear you hit it on the head lol

    • Chrisy

      Agreed ;D

  163. Soleil

    Ms. Kim Harrison

    Ok so i am back and with more music…haha now im not sure if anyone has mentioned it and i looked in this rachel ivy playlist and didnt stumble upon it (its possible it might be in the individual ones lol) but im gonna say it…*drum roll please* Good Enough by Evanescence!! its on their “The open Door” album I love that song and I remember the first time i heard it i was reading fistful of charms and it just so happened to be playing when ivy first bit rachel and i thought it really fit…why? haha cuz i think in that moment ivy really felt good enough to let her self go and bite rachel she felt good enough to succumb to that damn bloodlust of hers and i think rachel, in a sense, felt good enough to be able to give her that sense of self fulfilment…before the whole carnage of ivy losing control lol n man im writing an essay here haha but yea i love that song i was even reminded of it in white witch, black curse as well when ivy bit rachel once again haha

  164. Soleil

    “your’e all i have” by snow patrol; “never enough” by 8mm; “Constant Knot” by city and colour; “Hopes Anchor” by The Color Morale; “Where did you Go?” by Valencia; and definately “Cut” by Plumb…im pretty sure someone has already said that lol

    • LilBrownGirl

      I love PLUMB?! Yes, I agree with you on “Cut” a few more good ones… “In My Arms” , “Blush”(Only You)

  165. Jennifer

    Need you now- Lady Antebellum

  166. Heather from AZ

    Got goosebumps with this one Ms.Harrison, I hope to see Ivy and Rachel find an even ground.

    • Vic Graninger

      Ms. Heather:

      I am always looking for music that hits me with an emotional one-two punch – which song are you referring to? The embedded video below?


  167. Shelby

    For Rachel and Ivy, Apocalyptica, “Bittersweet”. Listen to it, you’ll love it!

  168. LilBrownGirl


  169. Bruce

    Stabbing Westward – Breathe you In

  170. Will you be there – skillet

  171. Strange Relationship, Insatiable – Darran Hayes.

  172. Cold (but I am still here) – Evans Blue

  173. shane

    “out of body experience” by rabbit in the moon. this song reminds me of the first time rachel let ivy bite her 😛

  174. Vic Graninger

    Pursued by the Beast
    Vic Graninger

    [Lyrics removed. Sorry, but posting the entire song lyrics infringes on the artist’s rights, and I just can’t let it go through. However, I do want to say that I love this song–Kim]

    • Vic Graninger


      Actually this is a poem I wrote – not a song – my apologies for the confusion.

      I was inspired to write it after I finished Book 7


    • Vic Graninger

      Ms. harrison:

      I just realized I may have offended you with my reply, if I did I do apologize.

      I completely understand your rules of not posting lyrics – things can get very dicey with regards to the law.

      If I posted what I thought I posted, the words to “Pursued by the Beast” are original words to a poem I wrote – believe me I am no writer (artist) like yourself and will never pretend to be such.

      I woke up in the middle of the night not too long ago with my mind telling me, no compelling me to write down the poem. So I did. Then i posted here – as I said before I was inspired by Book 7.

      I just wanted to share it with you and your fans – if I offended you or your fans, I again apologize.


    • OMGosh, Vic. I’m so sorry. I completely missed that this is your original work. You are totally welcome to post your own work, and I invite you to do so. I won’t take them down again. -grin-

      Please re post them? I liked them a lot.


    • Vic Graninger

      Ms. Kim:

      Thank you with your words of encouragement and appreciation. Having such words said 9written) by an artist of your caliber is truly an honor.


      Pursued by the Beast
      Vic Graninger

      My body pains me
      My mind shackled by the fear
      My soul paralyzed by the lies
      My eyes run with the tears of the lies
      Being pursued with no end in sight
      I continue only to be lied to again

      Will I ever see
      Will I ever be
      Will I ever fight
      Will I struggle on and on
      Will I win

      It tells me I will never be strong enough
      It tells me I will never be good enough
      It tells me I will never rise above him
      It tells me I will never be free

      Will I ever see
      Will I ever be
      Will I ever fight
      Will I struggle on and on
      Will I win

      It feeds this hunger burning deep inside of me
      It pursues me for my body
      It pursues me for my mind
      It pursues my soul

      Will I ever see
      Will I ever be
      Will I ever fight
      Will I struggle on and on
      Will I win

      I run screaming
      It runs laughing
      I run to be free
      It pursues to deceive

      Will I ever see
      Will I ever be
      Will I ever fight
      Will I struggle on and on
      Will I win

      It taunts me
      It will comfort me
      It lives for me
      It dies for me
      It will never forsake me

      Will I ever see
      Will I ever be
      Will I ever fight
      Will I struggle on and on
      Will I win

      My flesh burns
      My mind turns
      My heart yearns
      My soul buries itself

      Will I ever see
      Will I ever be
      Will I ever fight
      Will I struggle on and on
      Will I win

      My body looses itself to the fight
      My mind screams for relief
      My heart dies
      My soul battles on

      Will I ever see
      Will I ever be
      Will I ever fight
      Will I struggle on and on
      Will I win

      My body dies
      My mind ends
      My heart falls
      My soul wins

    • Jack

      Nice great work xF

    • Vic Graninger


      Thank you very much. I appreciate your kind words.

      I am no artist and definitely no anywhere near Kim’s caliber.

      Kindest regards,

  175. Soleil

    just saw that your guardian angel was already on there haha so my other is rule the word by take that and Recognition by susie suh

  176. Soleil

    Your Guardian Angel by the red jumpsuit apparatus…i was listening to this song when reading one of ur books and i thought it fit pretty well for these two haha

  177. Andreas

    Ivy in thought to Rachel (because she would never say it loudly):

    Colbie Caillat (with Schiller) – “You”

    Songtext: http://www.magistrix.de/lyrics/Colbie%20Caillat/You-363003.html
    Video/Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVbU706Ygp4

  178. Andreas

    Ivy in thought over Rachel (because she would never say it loudly):

    Colbie Caillat – you

    ( Songtext: http://www.magistrix.de/lyrics/Colbie%20Caillat/You-363003.html )

    ( Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&v=UVbU706Ygp4 )

  179. Salvation by the Scanners.

  180. Melanie

    “Dance with the Devil” by Breaking Benjamin ——-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFVUe9QO62U

  181. Joel

    “One Thing” by Finger Eleven always did remind me of these two

  182. Joel

    “More Than Useless” by Relient K about how Rachel always tries to make Ivy relize she’s…yeah

  183. HeavensDust – Life To Dawn

  184. Hera5782

    I know that it probably has already been mentioned but “If I Was Your Vampire” by Maryilyn Manson. To me this oozes Ivy’s seductive nature towards Rachel.

  185. A song that makes me think of Ivy and Rachel,

    Winter by Tori Amos. 🙂 I’ve had this in mind for months, I just suddenly rememberd that I’ve never posted it.

  186. Desiree

    I would have to say “Witches’ Rave” by Jeff Buckley

  187. Ghost

    George Michael-Careless Whisper

  188. Ghost

    A Perfect Circle-“3 Libras”
    H.I.M.-“I Don’t Want to Lose You Tonight”

  189. Deana

    Found another one. Had to search my itunes and make sure I had the right one.
    Trans Siberian Orchestra- I’ll Keep Your Secrets Album Beethoven’s Last Night

  190. Deana

    Death Cab for Cutie- I Will Follow You Into the Dark

  191. fizzyb

    Sick Puppies – All the Same. I think this describes Rachel and Ivy’s relationship perfectly. 🙂

  192. Joe Blake

    Ty Herndon –

    Steam & Living in a moment

  193. Simply Lost

    anything from Blue October~Sound of Pulling Heaven Down~What If We Could~Angel~Into The Ocean~Hate Me, off of the Foiled and Teach Your Baby Well Live albums. Hate Me is perfect for the way they both feel sometimes…basically just listen to these two albums they are great. I love this series and can’t wait for the next one

  194. Nikki

    Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl

  195. Quissivar

    Lizzy Borden: Vampire’s Kiss
    Blue Oyster Cult: Burning for You

  196. Shawn

    PJ Harvey with John Parrish – Black Hearted Love – Also seems to work for Rachel and other characters, though I admit I’m a little too new to the series to know which yet.

    Do a search with the web address to watch on youtube. Sorry I haven’t a clue on how to embed the actual video.

  197. Te Amo from Rihanna
    (definitely Rachel to Ivy)

  198. eugene matthews

    i want you to want me – letters to cleo ( remake)

  199. “Kissing You” by Des’ree

  200. Ina

    Stabbing Westward – Save yourself
    “I know that you`ve been damaged
    Your soul has suffered such abuse
    But I am not your saviour
    I am just es f***ed as you”

    i think it fits.

  201. Sonya

    Everything I do I do it for you
    by Bryan Adams
    The song has Ivy all over it!

  202. Madi

    Hey Kim, I found a great song that I think is perfect for Rachel and Ivy. “Apologize” by One Republic

  203. Kelsie M

    tatu: Not gunna get us

  204. Kenny

    Evanescence “Good Enough”
    Lifehouse “Hanging By A Moment” and “You and Me”

  205. crystal

    depeche mode ‘blue dress’

  206. Chrisy

    Elisa – Rainbow
    (Cause it never began for us, it’ll never end for us)
    Still I would like to believe that things will begin for them. ^.-

  207. i so totally agree with u kevin, in case Ms.H has not let it happened as yet, she should!
    the thing is i live all the way in Jamaica where the books r kinda hard to get, i have to wait at least a year after one is published to get it!
    I still havnt got White Witch, Black Curse n the rest that comes after that one. It’s torture, i need them now!!!

  208. kevin

    I think that Ivy and Rachel mshould be togther. Every can see that they are in love with each other. they belong togther. they are soul maites. BUT it is like Ivy said that she is hiding from who she is, And what she is.

  209. i just think Rachel n Ivy should try the whole girlfriend thing, its the only way for them to see that they ought to try something else. i’m sure Kim will make it hottt!!!smile

  210. Chrisy

    Pyogenesis – Don’t you say maybe
    This is for Mrs H! Ivy & Rache! Please?

  211. Kerry

    “Closer” by NIN.
    “I kissed a girl” by Katy Perry…hehehe,,,just kidding!

  212. Shaleace

    Paramore: Decode
    Breaking Benjamin: Without You
    Breaking Benjamin: Diary of Jane
    10 Years: Wasteland
    10 Years: Just Can’t Win
    10 Years: Through The Iris
    Cascada: What Hurts The Most (Slow Piano Version)

  213. Renee

    My friend was playing this song just after I reread WWBC and I thought it went really well Rachel’s and Ivy’s developing relationship.

    “Beautiful Ending” by BarlowGirl

  214. Sabrina

    I’m not really a Muse fan but “Undisclosed Desires” is a perfect song for Rachels feelings towards Ivy. Just love it.

  215. K. Kat

    Bush: “Mouth”. You can find it on the soundtrack to “An American Werewolf in Paris. Great flick!

  216. Cassi

    Godsmack Serenity is definately a Rachel and Ivy song! It completely reminds me of everything they are.

  217. Stacy

    Bad Romance by Lady GaGa

  218. Francie Morris


  219. Hope

    Forgot to mention –

    Mono: “Life in Mono”

  220. Hope

    Bright Eyes: “First day of my life”
    Muse: “Unintended” “Sing for Absolution” “Feeling Good”

    A lot of Muse’s songs work for Rachel and Ivy and the rest of the aspects of the series (I think), and these three especially. And I know “Feeling Good” is only covered by Muse, but their version seems to fit the best…Thank you for writing! And for letting us give our input 🙂

  221. Susan

    Apocalyptica feat. Cristina scabbia – ‘S.O.S. (Anything but Love)

  222. Kenia

    Sleep Alone Bat for Lashes
    Teeth & Sea Song by Lisa Hannigan
    in a different vein My Boy Builds Coffins by Florence & The Machine reminds me of their relationship too

  223. agnes

    kidneythieves…..black bullet, zerospace, arsenal, and crazy. Those 4 songs fit both of them at one point or another in the novels. I can just imagine them playing in the background in so many places throughout the entire series. If there was ever a movie or series kidneythieves should do the soundtrack because so many of their songs fit so well. (to many to list)

    another great pick would be Black Light Burns. (they did some songs on the Underworld soundtracks) 4 walls and Lies just to name a couple of them. Although Lies fits a bit better with Trent it works for Rachel and Ivy too.

    oh and one more…. the mission by puscifer

  224. The White Stripes “Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground” “Fell in Love With a Girl”

  225. Kristin

    I think now that I heard this song again the other day it reminds me of Rach and Ivy Bush-Mouth

  226. Rebecca K

    The Call by regina spector

  227. Tiffany

    A Saturday Night Dance-Your-Ivy-and-Rachel-Blues-Away Mix 🙂
    Heavy Cross / Gossip
    I Feel It in My Bones / Tiesto (feat. Tegan and Sara)
    Together / The Presets
    Oh la la / Goldfrapp
    Here on Earth / Tiesto

    • Tiffany

      In case my title confused it, these are Rachel + Ivy songs lyrically…the dancing is optional, of course. 😉

  228. Jonathan E.

    i can’t believe no one has mentioned constant craving by k. d. lang.

    ‘if he tries anything’ by ani defranco works if u allow “he” to be fluidly applied to kist and piscary during the song.

    also, i wish ivy would figure out what she has been “shackeling” her hunger to is lust, not love. love is what rachel did when piscary’s goons dumped ivy after he made her his scion. if ivy could seperate love and lust in her mind, and really feel that love, perhaps she and rachel could find a blood balance after all. then again, maybe once the hunger is aroused it’s like trying to stop a glutton at a buffet, but i hope not. it would be intresting to find out how vampires see the sharing of blood. rachel’s side of it is so beautiful and compelling, i wonder how it is for ivy.

    • Marleen M

      You are so right about Ivy. Don’t forget that Ivy was sent away to skimmer tobe out of Piscarys reach and to learn about friendship and love. Only Skimmer didn’t save Ivy. She used and abused Ivy so badly,
      that Ivy almost went insane. Returning home only made things worse. Piscary could use her now as he sean fit. Ivy was very vulnerable. Piscary made her misery even grater. Rachel is the first person/witch to demonstrate affection of any kind, in any way. With out blood-letting. Rachel showed the ture kind of sisterly love/best friend. So now Ivy is confused and fails to distinguish between love/lust/friendship. Prior treatment associate with Skimmer & Piscary has made Ivys mind so mixed up that she beleives that giving, taking of blood and pain is what true love and friendship is all about. She is highly mistaking….. Don’t worrie, old dogs can be tought new tricks. Ray ray wont give up on Ivy and in time, even with headaches and heart acks she will learn. Thats what are friends for….***SMILE****

  229. Liz C.

    I think it really shows the dynamic of Ivy & Rachel’s relationship. That Piscary abused and warped Ivy at a young age and that Rachel is the only thing keeping Ivy from going back to that kind of life.

  230. Liz C.

    “Safe and Sound”, it’s a hidden track on Godsmack’s IV album.

  231. Jen B.

    Mmmm… a song called I Know… by Fiona Apple. The lyrics just blow me away and are so Ivy & Rachel.

  232. Becca

    For the Rachel and Ivy shippers:

    Undisclosed Desires by Muse

  233. Erin

    “Still Not Over You” -Rob Thomas I love this song and hear it as more Rachel to Ivy how she wants Ivy to bite her and find a blood balance and then freaks out and changes her mind and yet still in the back of her mind can’t let the thought of the Ivy biting her go.

  234. Angela

    Found another song I think fits Ivy and Rachel Battlefield By Jordin Sparks!

  235. Angela

    Two more Halestorm songs would work for Rachel and Ivy too, I’m Not An Angel and I Get Off

  236. Adea

    Enigma’s Principles of Lust,and Mel Culpa

  237. Thursday

    This is a really beautiful song that I think really fits with our two favorite girls!

    Forevermore By Adam Roth

    if you want to find it go here, http://www.myspace.com/adamrothproject , you’ll see it on the list! Give it a listen you will be amazed!

  238. Offspring – self esteem (Ivy to Rachel)

  239. An unbelievable song by David Bowie called Right. It starts out slow and builds and climaxes at the end, check it out, and don’t forget to listen to it at night and light a few candles.

  240. A very sexy, seductive song is Dancin by Chris Issack

  241. Hi, I picked up This Witch for hire, then Dead witch walking, then For a few demons more, then the outlaw demon wails, then white witch, black curse. they are all in hardcover. i am almost finished with for a few demons more. Please tell me i did not miss any. your books are like fantasy drugs, therefore, i am totally and completely addicted.I cant wait to read the next day. I feel like Rachel and Ivy and Jenks are my friends. Wish i had friend like them. you are truly amazing and gifted to keep all of us wanting and needing more. I am so happy i picked up this witch for hire. Thanks for having a mind and imagination like you do. I can’t get enough. Val

  242. vanessa

    fiona apple-first taste for ivy to reachel

  243. Wynn

    These are all songs about unrequited love, or the abandonment of the kind of love offered. These songs are probably more about Ivy’s emotions than Rachel’s.

    “Worry About You” by Ivy (Yes, Ivy is the name of the artist
    “Sexuality” by KD Lang
    “Love Show” by Skye
    “The Price Of Love” by The Client
    “It Doesn’t Matter” by Alison Krauss

  244. Kristin

    NIN–Something I can never have-Rachel&Ivy

  245. Sara Petersen

    U2 – With or without you

  246. Amanda

    Tattle Tale- Glass Case, Cello Vase
    Heather Nova- Papercup
    The Cure (Ft. Maynard James Keenan; Pusicfer and Milla)- Underneath the Stars (Renholder Mix)
    Puscifer- Rev 22:20

  247. Keely Miner

    I have two suggestions for Rachel and Ivy songs. The first one would be a song by candlebox called sometimes http://www.metrolyrics.com/sometimes-lyrics-candlebox.html I feel that it captures mostly how Ivy may view her relationship with Rachel at this point. And my other suggestion is Rise Against and their song Savior. http://www.plyrics.com/lyrics/riseagainst/savior.html . I love the series, and love the work you do. Keep it comming!

  248. Genn

    Garbage: “Drive You Home”

    The opening lines always get me “It’s funny how, even now, you still support me after all the things I have done. You’re so good to me, waiting patiently, and isn’t it sad that you still have to ask if I care…” The entire song applies to both of them equally.

  249. Samantha

    Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want — Muse
    every time i hear this song i picture Ivy on her knees bagging Rachel to give her what she has been wanted for so long but has never pushed Rachel for.

  250. shauna

    Your My Best Friend – Queen
    I know the songs not a perfect fit but i thought i’d put it in anyway
    its such a nice song, and its not entirely off.

  251. Jessi-poo Face

    “Voices” by Theatre of Tragedy and “The Promise” by Kypteria

    They’ve got a nice set of harmonies and totally make me think of Ivy and Rachel.

  252. Tiffany

    TV On the Radio: “Halfway Home”

  253. marcia

    Seal: Kissed by a Rose

  254. Chrisy

    Brad Sucks – Bad Attraction ❤
    I think you could put this on seduction too… maybe

  255. Juliet

    Razorlight – Wire to wire (such a beautiful song)

  256. Cheyanna

    Safetysuit-Find A Way

    Blink 182-I’m Lost Without You

  257. chris

    lacuna coil spellbound

  258. chris

    papa roach i almost told u i loved u

  259. Chrisy

    Lifehouse – Everything ❤

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