Relax-they-aren’t-going-to-make-it Hollows movie. Er, maybe they will?

This is a page for you guys!  Every so often, the question of who I might cast for the relax-they-aren’t-going-to-make-it Hollows movie.  I have a few picks, but I’d rather hear who you would like to see!  I won’t be answering the post here, but I will be reading them!  –Kim

Update 11/20: I’m closing the comments on this page. In the new possibility of Dan Angel finding a home for the Hollows, I have new, actor-oriented threads to take your suggestions. 🙂

Hollows on TV? I want your input on Rachel.

Cast call for Ivy!

590 responses to “Relax-they-aren’t-going-to-make-it Hollows movie. Er, maybe they will?

  1. Aoibh Wood

    I think Karen Gillen probably has the depth to play Rachel. It doesn’t hurt that she has naturally red hair and excellent comedic timing. Think “dance fighting”.

    Someone suggested Alexander Skärsgard as Trent. I don’t think I can argue with that. He’d be perfect. So would Tom Hiddleston though.

    Ivy is tough. Kara Wang, I think. Maybe?

    Jenks is tough too. He’s described by Rachel as a hunk when she finally sees him at scale when she’s a mink. I’m tempted to say Henry Cavill because his range is always surprising.

  2. Cody

    I grew up in the Cincy area my whole life! And these books are amazing. I am on book 6 finally! I was reading some of these post and realized there are spoilers but I skipped really quick! Netflix or Hulu should 1000000% pick this up as a series NOT a movie. There is waayyyyy to much going on to fit one book into a movie. Maybe 1 book a season.

    Rachel Should be played by Elisa Donovan
    Ivy Soleil Moon Frye
    Jenks Lucas Gabriel
    Kisten Alexander Skarsgard

  3. SE Gass

    If only…
    Rachel: Ariane Labed
    Ivy: Ming-Na Wen
    Jenks: Dominic Sherwood
    Trent: Cam Gigandet
    Al: Wentworth Miller
    Glenn: Michael Ealy
    Edden: Idris Elba
    Kistin: Any of the Hemsworth brothers
    Nick: Nick Robinson
    Piscary: Khalid Abdalla

  4. Rachel CS

    Anthony Stewart Head was who I always pictured for Takata but as I got to thinking about it Hugh Laurie would also be fantastic. Most everyone has covered my other choices.

    Love me some anime, I’d rather see that well done than a poorly executed live action adaptation.

  5. Meg

    Dead witch walking(season 1):
    Rachel Morgan=Anya Taylor-Joy
    Ivy Tamwood=Sonoya Mizuno
    Jenks=Caleb Landry Jones
    Trent Kalamack=Colton Haynes
    Al=Aaron Taylor-Johnson

    I think a series would be much better over movie!!

  6. Gwen

    I see Cara Delevingne as Rachel. With the right shade of red. Hope to see this soon. We neen something fresh after this covid nightmare.

  7. Roger

    Jon Bon Jovi as Takata!
    I’m sure he could get his hair wild again

  8. Melissa J Jones

    I love this series! I so hope there would be a movie/series. I think that Bella Thorne should play Rachel. Or The Actress that plays Nancy Drew on the CW.There is so much to play with. Anime. Live. CGI. I’ve always dreamed of helping you select the right cast! Much love and Happiness to you and yours! Love this series

  9. Ann

    After watching The Witcher on Netflix, I would love to see The Hollows come to life in the same way. I mean, then I’d bitch about all the important stuff they left out, having read the books, oh, approximately 50 times!
    However, I think a relatively unknown cast would be the way to go, keeping them true to the way the characters are written as much as possible.

    • I think the Hollows would make a great Netflix-like tv series. A movie wouldn’t be able to capture it all. The people behind the book to tv series A Discovery of Witches did an amazing job of keeping the author’s vision (I believe she had say so creatively).

    • Raven A.

      Agreed with everything above. I continue to re-read the series. I can’t get enough. I just finished reading American Demon. I shed some tears. There was a moment at some point in the book (not going to spoil it for those that haven’t read it yet) but it got me. That’s what I love about this series, true to life (emotions) than other series. For A Few Demons More was great because it hit really close to home and I think many people can relate to that. For this reason, I continue to read this series over and over again.
      I also agree, I think an unknown cast (maybe not completely unknown, tiny bit known) would be the best way to portray the characters that everyone loves.

  10. John

    Just saw Katee Sackhoff on Blackman beyond she reminds me of your strong characters. I would go for a stream service as your universe is so rich it be a better medium and you could really develop your characters and stories. Please note that I know nothing about media or production but I would love to see the hallow universe on screen

  11. Arlene

    Skip reality. How about animation ? It would be fascinating to see the Hollows and the Ever After and everything magical unfettered from the limits of live action.. ……and we might get to hear Marguerite Gavin’s voice.

  12. Devine

    Jeff Goldblum is who I think of when I think of Rynn Cormel.

    • Jeremy J Broennimann

      These would be an awesome movie series if it followed the books as much as possible definitely could be a Harry Potter type series that I know would be a hit if you had the right direction and actors/actresses and producers and it would be something different than the usually superhero cliche and remake crap nowadays

  13. Cheryl-ann Downey

    Brigid Brannagh as Rachel!!!

  14. Sallie

    I would love if Netflix or Amazon Prime (or anyone who would do it justice) made The Hollows into a TV show.
    My cast picks are:
    Rose Leslie as Rachel Morgan
    Alexander Skarsgard as Trent
    Austin Butler as Jenks
    Dichen Lachman as Ivy
    Evan Peters as Al
    Caleb Ruminer as Kistien
    Matt Lanter as Nick

  15. Frank

    Wow. What an awesome series. I drive alot so I listened to these wonderful stories. I’ve never listened to anything that has taken me through such a number of emotions. Jenx is hilarious. Thank you

  16. Mark Smith

    I don’t know if getting the books filmed would be feasible, but I WOULD love to see Miss Harrison an Mr. Butcher collaborate on a Morgan/Dresden crossover. With them working TOGETHER, not opposed.

    Look out supernatural world!

    • Devine

      I was literally thinking of this. They would get into so much crap together and I would love to see the parallels of Ivy and Murphy. Bob and Jenks would be hysterical as well.

    • Yes!! I would love to see this made! Harry and Rachel would make a formidable and unstoppable team! Please make it happen! Oh, and you’re right, Bob and Jenks would be hilarious.

  17. Chelsea J Adams

    I’ve put in a suggestion to netflix to create a hollows series. Lets flood they’re inbox everyone! Prime too! I’ve read the series over and would love to see a tv or movie become of it. Jenks would add the perfect level of comedy. It was so hard to read anything else after finishing the books. Great job Kim!

  18. Samantha JBruzan

    Olivia Munn would be the best Ivy

  19. I think Sophie Skelton would be perfect as Rachel since she has the right combination of strong and brash along with situational victim.

  20. Jeremie Hoffart

    Tilda Swinton could be Newt.

  21. T.J. Love

    I’d always thought Mary-Louise Parker would be a good Rachel. She can play the adrenaline junkie and the makes seemingly stupid divisions well.

  22. Brittany Zobrist

    I saw Billy Brown in a movie the other night and I had to stop and look up his name because as soon as I saw him, I couldn’t let go of the thought that he would be a spot on, excellent Glenn. And I’ve always thought that the guy who played Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, Tom Felton, would be an amazing Trent.

  23. Hi Kim,
    I’ve just finished “ The Hollows” series, and yes, I only stumbled upon them by accident upon buying the first book at the local, “Habitat for Humanity,” outlet. ( Dead Witch Walking was the best gem I’ve found there, so far) So, naturally over 13 books later,( read twice over) I was hoping to find a continuation to Rachel, Jenx and Ivy’s story. Did Rachel and Trent had a child? Did Al find love after his held in check emotions for Rachel? Where’s Bell, Jenks and Bis? Now as you can’t imagine, I’m not your typical book club fan member but somethiing clicked upon read the first book and I was “ hooked!” Yet, I dread the thought whereas any Hollywood executive and his production staff attempting to recreate any aspect of the Hollows series! I can’t believe they could do your series the justice it deserves….Yes, I’ve allowed myself to slip down a slippery slope but at age 53, 118 lbs. and a newbie, I’ve reclaimed the cushy couch spot, turned off the TV and allowed myself to pour through the wonderfully articulated and detailed characters and scenes from your fabulous books. Thank you for giving me a chance to access my own imagination as I tapped into the collective “You” alone created to share and pleasure each reader. PS, ???Anyone else hope Rachel and Al get together?

    • Wow, thank you, Bobbi. I appreciate everything you said. I’m still hopeful that “Hollywood” falls in love with the Hollows and we can make something come alive together. The hard part is done, after all.

  24. Tina Salinas

    Man, as much as I would love it…it terrifies me. I just do not know if any producer or venue can do it justice. There are just so many tiny details that could not be done nor left out.

  25. A. Jackson

    Honestly, I do not believe that there are many (producers/actors/executives) out there that could do this series justice. I agree that Netfilx would be the best place to start with this series, but I hope you don’t allow anyone to take complete control of this series Ms. Harrison. I love these books and would hate to see someone deviate from the beautiful world you created. I’ve read the books each about ten times or more. I don’t actually like it when people make books into movies because those creating the movie lose the essence of the books. The actors are rarely a good fit and the story line gets too mucked up. The last movie I felt really did a book justice was Interview with the Vampire, and I’ve seen Twilight, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and all the other more recent adaptations and am not impressed. These books deserve something special. Thank you Ms. Harrison for these books. I can not express how impressed I am with them, and wish that you could continue writing the series forever even though I understand that all good (wonderful) things must come to an end. They are my favorite books. I’ve wanted to tell you that for a long time and hope you get to read this post. I would love to ask you 101 questions about this series, but most of all I want to thank you for creating these books.

  26. Mirla

    he leído toda la serie y espero hace mucho ver la adaptación a la pantalla, sin quitarle su esencia, la saga me atrapo desde el primer momento 🙂

  27. Emmie

    Oh please, please, please make this happen. I have deeply loved this series and it’s characters. I thinks this would be a fantastic venue for a Netflix series as long as Kim has control of the script so it doesn’t go way off script. I don’t know who I would put in what role but I so hope this comes together.

  28. Gareth

    Theme tune?

  29. Felicity Woodcraft

    I binge read all of The Hollows books and am eager to read The Turn after discovering its exsistance today.

    I truly hope this gets turned into a series. As someone else pointed out, great things were done with Outlander, And although I’ve not read the graphic novels I’ve heard Preacher is done very well, and I think a Netflix or Amazon Original pickup would be good.

    Going to start my re-read now x

  30. Bri

    I completely agree with my fellow readers who say UNKNOWN or “UP & COMING” actors ought to be cast in a TV SERIES. This show would demand talent and money to be done right! I mean, crap on toast! Otherwise DON’T even bother.

  31. Marni McClune

    Rachel Morgan- Sophie Skelton (Outlander)
    Ivy- Maggie Q (Divergent, Live Free or Die Hard,
    Trent Kalamak- Zac Efron (Baywatch)
    Jenks- Lucas Till (XMen)
    Glen- Lance Gross (Sleepy Hollow)

  32. Sara

    Trent…Misha Collins

  33. Micheala

    I’m a little late to the party, but Elanor Tomlinson would be an almost perfect Rachel in my mind. She’s got the Rachel hair naturally, plus is young enough to actually play her! Elanor could definitely act out a well rounded Rachel, boosting her snark and having her lower moments be realistic.

    (Also, a song that always reminded me of Nick is Briefing the Sexy- Slaves to the Trade. The perfect amount of slinky and that cool thief that I hated to love about Nick.)

  34. Ashley

    Rachel- Katie Cassidy or Evan Rachel  Woods
    Nick- Jake Johnson
    Marshal- Wentworth  Miller
    Witch Ghost- Justin Kirk
    Al – Paul Amos or Keith Allan
    Glen- Damon Waynes Jr.
    Ivy- Yangzom Brauen, Cassie Steele
    Jenks -Sterling Knight
    Trent- Steven Amell (arrow)
    Ceri -Kistien Bell or Anna Paquin 
    Quen- Nathan Parsons 
    Kistien- Alexander Skarsgård

    • Katie

      I agree, Alexander Skarsgård would be a great Kisten! If he’d play another vampire role…

  35. AmberMcC

    This is a series where i would like to see a lot of the cast have newer faces in the acting scene. This series would be a great story for some up and coming stars. And there is such a variety in the cast,it’s just amazing. I love this series so much. I just want to see justice done to it. I started reading it as a teenager and i picked it back up to finally reread it and finish it and I’m bout to be 24 now. I regret not reading it sooner! I could see this more as a show then a movie and mean that in a good way! Maybe Netflix but I’m feeling HBO!

    • Rebecca S Allen

      Netflix would allow the author to have a larger say, (netflix tends to be more fringe-ier, and out-side-the-box thinkers.) While HBO would be a cash cow for the author. It depends on what the author would want to get out of it, imo.

      I’ve started working on a wish list myself on the cast. So far, all I have is Michele Wolf (comedian) as Rachael. She’s got the hair ALREADY, and she’s a sassy stick of dynamite just waiting to blow up. She’d be amazing.

      I always envision Big Al as Gary Oldman circa Bram Stroker’s Dracula. He pulled the 19th century British guy so good, what’s another century? Unfortunately, I’m not sure he can pull it off anymore with the passage of years. I’ll keep plugging away at it. I’ve only got one or two books left, so I’m already looking for my next Hallows fix.

  36. Krystina

    For me, “Maggie Q” from Nikita would be Ivy!

  37. yankeegrey

    I think this wonderful world needs to be brought to life through Netflix. A single film could never do these books justice.

    • I totally agree, yakeegreay. But timing is everything.

    • sdubell

      Yankeegrey, Capital idea! 😂😂😂 Seriously netflix needs to hop on this hollows train like yesterday. To see the characters of these book come to life would be absolutely stupendous.. I really hope they come around.. These Rachel withdrawls are really crampin my style 😭😭😭💔

  38. Cglas

    Hmm. Trent is the one character that I haven’t seen a name for that fits how I picture him. If we’re shooting for someone that can be intense as well as relaxed and insufferable all at the same time I’d have to go with Chris Pine. He and Emma Stone would nail it together with her as Rache. Throw in Ryan Gosling as Kist and Elodie Yung as Ivy. Considering how he handled Spider-Man Tom Holland could be a good fit as Jenks.

    Just my .02

    PS – Love the series Ma’am. I typically read 3-4 books a week so when I run out of new material The Hollows is always good for a re-read.

    • Cglas

      Almost forgot. Ian McShane for Al. 😉

    • Katie

      Emma Stone is NOT RACHEL. And Trent is handsome, and a trim physique, he’s not a hulk. Look up this gal for Rachel, Syd Wilder. She could do bad ass and vulnerable.

  39. Linda

    What about Zach McGowan as Al? You know, Charles Vane from Black Sails? He’s got the voice, the sense of menace, and the style from 18th century!

  40. Joey

    Music for Al; A Demon’s Fate by Within Temptation 🙂

  41. Wayne

    As a new “universe” I think mostly unknowns, like Star Wars in 1978.

  42. Lisa B

    I hate series shows but would love to see them in movies!Maybe I will suggest it to netflix! 🙂

  43. Jeremy

    Rachel Rose Leslie
    Ivy Anna Akana
    Jenks Sam Claflin
    Nick Ansel Elgort
    Algaliarept Ian Bohen
    Newt Laura Prepon
    Ceridwen Emilia Clarke
    Tom Banson/Pierce Douglas Booth
    Ku-Sox Dane DeHaan
    Trent Phillip Winchester
    Kisten Pete Ploszek
    Jax Brenton Thwaites
    David Tyler Hoechlin
    Saladin Daniel Henney

  44. Anna FG

    I love everyone’s suggestions. I hope it gets picked up as a show. I’m happy to have just hooked my sister-in-law on Rachel. 🙂

  45. GCross

    Have Starz pick it up. See how well they’ve done with the Outlander series.

  46. Dave

    Rachel – Emma Stone OR Felicia Day
    Ivy – Aubrey Plaza
    Jenks – Chris Hemsworth
    Al – Jude Law
    Newt – Tilda Swinton
    Piscary – Ben Kingsley
    Kisten – Charlie Hunnam
    Trent – Having a hard time with this one, Tom Hiddleston maybe?
    Glenn – Idris Elba
    Nick – Nathan Fillion
    Quen – Javier Bardem
    Ku-Sox – Benedict Cumberbatch
    Ceri – Natalie Dormer
    Pierce – Luke Evans

  47. Flex

    Rachel- Rachel Lefevre
    Ivy- Kristin Kreuk
    Al- alexander skasgard ( only because he can be so evil at times and i geel he needs a certain amount of sex appeal.
    Trent- danny smith
    Jenks- Jeremy Sumpter
    Kisten- Charlie Hunnam
    These are my personal favourites and i tried to look for people who do tv shows since it would be perfect as one! I really hope we do get a good tv show soon! I want to be able to see the hollows come to life.

  48. Holly

    I have always pictured Ivy as Gemma Chan from Humans, Ivy’s vamp grace and quickness strikes me as kinda synth-y.

  49. Marina

    Rachel: Bryce Dallas Howard
    Ivy: Juju Chan
    Trent: Gabriel Aubry

  50. Sarah

    This is my favourite series ever and I have thought long and hard about this!

    I would love to see Kristin Kreuk play
    Ivy. I think she’s perfect for it!!
    Rose Leslie or Emma Stone for Rachel
    Ian Somerhalder as Kisten
    Liam Hemsworth as Jenks
    Tilda Swinton or Milla Jovavich as Newt
    Cilian Murphy as Al
    Elle Fanning as Ceri
    Candice Accola as Matalina

    • Sarah

      But I only want to see this as a tv series, a movie would ruin it!!!

    • Marisa

      The only thing that would throw me off is seeing Ian Somerhalder as a blonde lol. I know he’s had lighter hair but not as light as I picture Kisten’s. He does have the bad boy vibe down though.

  51. Night Bites

    This is why no casting director material in this bunch of postings. Actors that refuse to do TV, are too expensive, or are already tied to something similar. Casting is not about the face- it’s the attitude. It’s also about budget. Anything done WILL have stars based out of the U.K. or Aussies. Relative unknowns here- but with an overseas following as it’s easier to sell to the rest of the world. Casting includes:Wigs, make-up appliances, ease of clothing, ease of working with multiple directors, ease of working with others. It’s great to wish- but most of these “picks” are just that- wishes.
    You only get a “big star” if they are trying to re-brand, reintroduce, or are holding out for a retirement payday. Don’t think I’m correct? I guess working in the film and music industry for years means squat. Also- the music will be all original, written FOR the show-or licensed by a indie broker. There will be little to no “radio standards” for most shows. Exception: Supernatural. Why? McG,AKA Joseph McGinty Nichol,( Producer and I believe show runner for first four or five seasons) had a big backing of the then WB-and had a definite feel for the show that included a retro 80’s soundtrack.It was extremely important to the overall feel of the show, Dean’s character, as well as a bad ass attitude. It wasn’t cheap, but effective. Shows usually only have a pilot to 1/2 season booked. It also depends on Fall/Winter premiere (for shows the network has high hopes for,) or Summer premiere, (fillers, tests, and shows the network may not have any skin in.) A season can vary from 10 epi’s (Basic cable-HBO-Mini Series Cable) to “First Four”- ABC, NBC, CBS, and later Fox- that schedule up to 23 episodes per season. If a show does under 4 million in premiere- it’s history. Ratings deem if you get more than the contracted four episodes. Great shows get the can after one short season, (Dracula, The Gates, Eastwick, etc.) Much depends on WHO produces the show- the network almost NEVER does. They license the already filmed shows. Great shows- the networks will eventually come on as a production Co. Jordan Hawley, who wrote the pilot, was on for executive producer, according to some industry peeps, the CW was basing this on his Smallville run. But his other production credits aren’t that great.
    You NEED and exec producer/production co that has money for all this stuff, and someone who can run three shows at a time- he does not have the experience for that. I love the series- and would hate it if it became “something else”. I don’t think Kim is writing in order to get a TV/Film deal- everyone hopes that will happen, but you don’t write with the intent of getting picked up. It’s great if someone “buys the rights” but- it can be anyone who does, not a big co or a network. Looking forward to “The Turn”, and I’ll tell you- from a story idea/production POV- that lone book has more of a chance to become a show than the Hollows series. And, sad to say, they wouldn’t even need to use Rachel & Co.

  52. Tracy Hall

    I started the series a couple months ago and I am absolutely obsessed! I have my fingers crossed that it will become a tv series so I can relive it again!
    I don”t have my dream cast completely figured out yet, but here are my thoughts so far-

    Rachel- Rachelle Lefevre
    Ivy- Dichen Lachman
    Jenks- Jeremy Sumpter (I saw that in a previous post on here and I think hes perfect)
    Newt- Tilda Swinton
    Quen- Luke Evans

  53. Jenks – Kellan Lutz

  54. Ivy: Liv Tyler or Eva Green
    Rachel: Emma Stone
    Kisten: Travis Fimmel or Chris Hemsworth or Jason Lewis or Ben Barnes
    Trent: Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer
    Jenks: Robert Sheehan or Ryan Reynolds

    So kim there isn’t any hope for Hollows to became a movie or TV series? 😦

  55. Kim L

    Rachel – Rachel Lefevre
    Ivy – Olivia Munn
    Trent – James Scott

  56. Amy Terrell

    I just read the first book in the series and I’m hooked. It would be great as a tv series. Anything new updates on that?

    • No. The option with CW has long since lapsed, and I do believe the option with Sony for The Drafter has lapsed as well. (Can you hear me screaming?)

    • shayne

      i have always hoped that it would be a tv series (a season a book) rather than a movie. there is to much happening in each book to put into a movie

  57. maria cook

    I think Rose Leslie would be the perfect Rachel.

  58. Maer

    Evanna Lynch for Ceri; Chloe Bennet for Ivy

  59. jskbest

    If Taylor Swift had long straight black hair, she would fit Ivy’s description perfectly…

  60. Christina Ricci as Rachel Morgan

  61. Michelle

    Just saw the last Witch hunter. This actress Rose Leslie who played Chloe was exactly the Rachel I always pictured. Not so glamorous or
    Perfect like most lead actresses. She was the exact description of Rachel.

  62. Sara

    Rose Leslie As Rachel

  63. Terry

    Colin O’Donoghue as Pierce

  64. Well here is my choices
    Rachel – Rachel Lefevre her hair and attitude
    Ivy – Julia Ling Just the way Ivy looks to me
    Jenks – Jensen Ackles I see all kinds of mischief
    Kisten – Ryan Reynolds going on
    Trent – Liam Helmsworth Drools and drools some more
    Glenn – Micheal B. Jordan has a cop look
    Ceri – Scarlett Johansson she has the elfin face
    Keasley –Danny Glover this is the wise old runner
    Nick – Chris Pine yep naughty
    Al – Oded Fehr Demon is their ever was one
    Captain Edden- Jeff Bridges Screams cop
    David Hue- Robert Downey Jr. Confidence rolls off him
    Quen-Christopher Meloni Looks like I see Quen and old enough to have raised Trent

    Well I could keep going with every one on the books and all the little roles but I would be here for hours

  65. ashley

    Rachel- Rachelle Lefevre or Katee Sackhoff
    Ivy- Shannyn Sossamon

    Jenx- Derek Houg
    Matalina- Candice Accola

    Kisten- Tom Mison
    Nick- Jay Baruchel
    Marshal- Matthew Davis

    Al- Crispin Glover
    Newt- Idina Menzel

    Alice- Kata Dobo or Raelee Hill
    Takata- Danny Bonaduce

    Edden- Gary Cole
    Glen- Michael B. Jordan
    David- Jensen Ackles

    Trent- Chris Pine
    Jonathan- Patrick Wilson
    Quen- Simon Baker
    Ellasbeth- Maggie Grace
    Ceri- Julianne Hough

  66. afrye01

    The Hollows Series would make a fabulous TV series. Each season would cover a book or maybe two. I understand TV adaptations usually deviate from the original story, but I think every fan of the books would love to see this story and their favorite characters told through a visual and aural medium like television. If I ever find the time, I want to try to develop the first part of Dead Witch Walking into a Pilot. Maybe Netflix would produce it. Anyway, thanks for this rad series I’ve been reading since I was too young to be reading it!

    • afrye01

      I forgot to mention, I would, of course, not do anything with the script without your express permission. I think I would have fun writing it.

    • delyla

      That is a brilliant idea!!! I would get my DVR set for that!!!

  67. Tracy Jansen

    I think Emma Stone would be awesome as Rachel Morgan. I haven’t given much thought into who would be right in other roles. But for some reason she keeps popping to mind for Rachel.

  68. Romina


    Molly C. Quinn AS Rachel.. she is young but she has something…
    Alexander Skarsgard AS Trent


  69. Jessica

    Rachel: I’m torn…Emma Stone or Amy Adams, either would make an excellent Rachel!
    Ivy: Maggie Q would be my first choice…although Arden Cho is lovely as well

    I don’t care who he plays…but Matt Bomer should totally have a male lead. Trent or Kist?! The man is delicious!

  70. Trista

    Kristin Kreuk- Ivy, vulnerable yet strong perfect portrayal for Ivy
    Christina Hendricks- Rachel, spunky sexual and predatory perfect for Rachel
    Jensen Ackles- Jenks, smart mouth and good looking and funny
    Gerard Butler- Trent, deadly and intelligent
    Viggo Mortensen- Quen, no explanation necessary
    Emilie De Ravin- Ceri
    Bill Skarsgard- Jonathan
    Eric Dane- Nick Sparagamos
    Miranda Otto- Matalina
    Shemar Moore- Kisten
    Taylor Kitsch- Algaliarept
    Morgan Freeman- Keasley
    Josh Duhamel- Eddens
    Matt Bomer- Glenn
    Seth Green- Takata
    Charlize Theron- Newt
    Triple H- Denon
    Lance Gross- David Hue

    • As much as I love Christina Hendricks and wish that I had her body, she is not the right body type for Rachel, as per the books. And Rachel is a bit more fiery than I can see her pulling off. I absolutely cannot see Gerard Butler as Trent. He is not young enough or Elfin-looking enough. Morgan Freeman as Keasley would be perfect, though, and Charlize Theron would be perfect as Newt. I can kind of see Emilie de Ravin as Ceri. I’ve never seen her play any character other than Belle.

  71. Sarah

    Katia Winter!! She would just need to lose the accent. But she is beautiful and would make and awesome Rachel.

  72. Cheryl

    Kisten – Charlie Hunnam

  73. Natilee rasmussen

    Bridget regan as Rachel Morgan! She isn’t too sexy but very pretty and down to earth like the character. Please DONT cast any of the main actors from the twilight movies (they ruined the movie)!! Pick actors with personality and some spunk 🙂

  74. Valerie

    Lots of good picks here, but of course the most important thing would be to pull off the intriguing personalities of the characters as they come across in the books. I would sooo love to see The Hollows as a TV show, but they tend to ruin stuff when they make books into shows. Sword of Truth novels are great…Legend of the Seeker TV show, not so much, though it had it’s moments and Bridget Regan captured and portrayed Kahlan flawlessly IMO. The writing faltered though and the show suffered. As movies, the Hollows would be great too, but then condensing such complex stories into 2-3 hours might be tricky to pull off without losing something in translation. Would looove to see it in some form, but would hope that they could pull it off without losing the feel of the books.

  75. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    I don’t think about this often, but I came across the perfect David: Christian Kane. Looks good in a suit, looks good with his shirt off (!), has acting chops, and the guy can move, does his own fight scene stuff… and his voice is purrrfect.

  76. Zuri Trammell

    Emma Stone!! She’s the perfect Rachel. 🙂 BTW, please don’t let them make a movie… it HAS to be a series… one season per book… otherwise there is NO WAY they can do it justice 🙂

  77. Sydney S

    I feel that Elodie Yung would make a good Ivy. She has that exotic look and her acting skills show she can be a diverse actress in her roles

  78. SJD :)

    Rhys Ifans would make the PERFECT Al, he’s just so good at eccentric baddies. Plus he’s blond which helps 🙂

  79. Narya

    sorry for my bad english, it’s only school english…

    i’m a big fan of rachel but ivy is my favorite. i just read the 4 book because to much of my friends spoilered… i hope there will be many movies. can’t get enough! *-*
    i think
    – Chasty Ballesteros (maaaybeeee… *grin*)
    – Sienna Guillory (long black hair and a bit make up… :D)
    – Megan Fox (a bit unnatural but she looks hot and ivy is hot!)
    – Maggie Q (mabye she’s a bit too old..?)
    – Anna Silk (with black hair and some make up for her eyes she would be perfect too)
    – Moon Bloodgood (
    – Karen Cliche (maybee… but i don’t know… ^^)
    – Kate Beckinsale
    would be good ivys but it’s really to diffcult to find the perfect ivy. ;(

    i really like the picture, don’t know if you know them already… but i just love them… *_*

    but please no Elrond for Piscary… it would ruin my world… Elrond *-*

    lovley greets. germany loves you bookes too! 🙂

  80. Gerry Sheldon

    The things people suffer for their art!

    I just found out that my favourite for the part of Rachel, Milla Jovovich, when she was playing Leeloo in “The Fifth Element”, suffered hair loss from the orange hair colour treatment they used on her, so they had to make her a wig instead!

  81. Jackie

    Jessica Chastian for Rachel

    Jensen Ackels for Trent

    Okay so I can’t process further than that right now because I’m still in shock/bliss from The Undead Pool. 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤ Feelings too much feels right now!!!

  82. mila

    Perfect Trent? Gerard Way of course… Although his hair could be a bit longer than it was in the good old Black Parade days.

  83. I hope they would make a Rachel Morgan movie, with Emma Stone as Rachel. Emma looks how I imagine Rachel would look, and sounds alot like Marguerite Gavin, the performer in the audiobooks.

  84. Kara

    I was reading an article about how Netflix and now Amazon are in the “Original Series” gig. I think The Hollows would be perfect for Netflix to pick up. Not sure about Amazon as I havent seen any of their original series. This way it wouldn’t have to be PG-13. I personally think Netflix and HBO have way better showws then the major networks!

  85. Loretta Misura

    No comment on who should play the roles,, but musically, the perfect Rachael song is the song Demons b y Imagine Dragons.

  86. Rossy

    How about Kristin Kreuk for Ivy? I think she can pull off the look, I saw her the Beauty and the Beast series. Joseph Morgan as Al, I think he was born for the role =D

  87. John S.

    oh I was thinking maybe Jamie Campbell Bower (The guy from Mortal Instruments: City of Bones) for Jenks maybe…

  88. Kiraglade

    Rachel – Julie McNiven (Anna Supernatural)
    Jenks – Can’t think of anyone who could pull off his look
    Trent – Jensen Ackles (Supernatural – he’s so pretty)
    Al – Daniel Giles (Saving Hope)
    Ivy – Maggie Q or Madchen Amick
    Kisten – Justin Hartley
    Ceri – Zooey Deschanel (super cute & quirky)
    Nick – Callum Blue (Tudors)
    Newt – Tilda Swinton
    Matalina – Amy Adams
    Belle – Rooney Mara

    • You’re a big SPN fan *high fives* NIce.

      I agree about Nick and Newt they’d be fabulous but I’m still trying to cast my own main characters. I used to watch Callum in Dead Like Me …loved it so much. I want Jensen somewhere in there though since he can easily play a main or a supporting character. I’m trying to remember if there’s any psychologically disturbed characters in it.

      Also Al kept reminding me of the YED from SPN.

    • The guy who plays klaus on the Originals would be a great Al

  89. Marcia Siehr

    I’m kind of a newbie in The Hollows world. I just started book 5, and I just love them! I love picturing the cast in my head when I read, and this is who I see:
    Ivy- Ellen Wong (Scott Pilgrim v. the World)
    Rachel- Kat Dennings (with red hair obviously)
    Jenks- Zach Roerig (Vampire Diaries) or Jason Stackhouse from HBO True Blood
    Ceri- Evanna Lynch (Luna from Harry Potter)
    Trent- Kellen Lutz
    Kisten- I always picture Jason Lewis but I realize he is too old now… so next I guess Cam Gigandet or I picture the actor from CHUCK who played “Awesome, ” Chuck’s brother in law.
    Nick- Penn Badgley
    Al- Simon Baker
    Keasley- John Amos

  90. Alice

    Jenks – Adam Campbell
    Kisten – Henry Cavill
    Rachel – Izabela von Landsberg
    Trent – Alexander Skarsgard
    David – Ola Rapace
    Minias – Kostja Ullmann
    Newt – Tilda Swinton
    Al – Jared Leto
    Francis Percy – Adrian Brody
    Matalina – Emma Stone
    Glenn – Terrence Jenkins
    Johnatan – Carlos Leal
    Denon – Idris Elba
    Ceri- Diane Kruger

  91. lvlocalgirl

    OK Kim. There’s a new show on called ‘Betrayal’. The show itself is only so-so but the daughter of the lead (red head) and the young female computer hacker at the office (dark hair slightly asian) she is sort of dating are awesome together and I was surprised how perfect they would be.

  92. Sandy Pants

    Michael Fassbender were be peeeerfect for Al. His smile is quite mischevious.

    Rachel- Deborah Ann Woll
    Ivy- Olivia Munn
    Trent- Cillian Murphy circa 2009

  93. Jen

    I forgot Jenks!!! Simon Baker

  94. Jen

    Rachel: Laura Prepon
    Ivy: Lucy Lu, but she is too old so maybe Megan Fox even though she isn’t Asian
    Al: Johnny Depp
    Nick: John Krasinski
    Trent: David Beckham (who cares if he can act or not)
    Ceri: Cate Blanchett
    Glenn: The Rock
    Quen: Edward James Olmos

  95. Lisa

    What about Tom Hiddleston as AL, Ian Somerhalder as Trent, Scarlett Johansson as Ceri, Imogen Poots as Rachael, Grace Park as Ivy, Dustin Clare as Quen, Alexander Skarsgard as Jenks, and Henry Cavill as Kisten. I wish they would make a movie. I love this series so much.

  96. I’ve been picturing Al as Eddie Izzard. And, I know it’s a little too easy, but I picture Ivy as Lucy Lu. I have never been able to come up with a good Rachel, but I saw someone said either Kate Winslet or Jennifer Garner, and I’d be cool with either one of those. I’d lean more toward Jennifer Garner, though. MAYBE Kate Beckinsdale (sp?).

    • John S.

      Satoshi Tsumabuki for Takata (star from the J-drama Orange Days), or Takuya Kimura (played in the J-Drama Pride)

      Cillian Murphy or David Tennant as Al
      Emma Stone as Rachel
      Ziyi Zhang as Ivy
      Seth Green as Jenks
      Brandon Routh or Matt Bomer as Trent
      Jack Black as Piscary
      Ken Watanabe as Quen
      Josh Hutcherson as Nick
      Scarlett Johansson as Ceri
      Chris Pine as Kisten

      That’s just a short list off the top of my head for a beginning movie before Piscary bites it

    • Becca

      “Piscary bites it”

      (Drums) Bah dum bum tsssss!!!

  97. Lauri

    I can see Deborah Ann Woll as Rachel. She has the youthfulness and the intensity and the vulnerability.
    And Alexander Skarsgard could make a charming Trent or Kisten.

  98. Erin

    Maggie Q would definitely fit for the lovely (and lethal) Ivy

  99. Tracey Gillham

    Totally just watched lost girl and thought Anna Silk (Bo) would make a hot Ivy

  100. Tracey Gillham

    Rachel Nichols or BrittneySnow for Rachel and either Sienna Miller or Maggie Q for Ivy.

  101. When reading the book I always picture Al as Julian McMahon.

  102. I envision Isla Fisher or Amy Adams as Rachel; and Ming-Na Wen, Lucy Liu, or (my favorite!) Grace Park as Ivy.
    As I understand that Trent looks like a blonde version of Vlad Tepes, I have no Earthly Idea what actor to assign yet, lol.

  103. There’s an actress on Camp (the summer series on NBC) that immediately made me think of Ivy when I saw her: Charlotte Nicdao. She looks young, but Ivy is young, and she can be very intense, which is definitely Ivy.

    The trouble with Rachel is that she’s not drop dead gorgeous. She’s the girl next door you take for granted until she does something that stuns you and makes you see her, the real her. Imogen Poots is a great, pretty, girl next door type, and she could crush it as Rachel.

    Alex Pettyfer would be perfect for Kisten, especially with the accent.

    Ryan Gosling looks the part of Trent, but he has that mumbly speech pattern (is it an impediment?) that doesn’t fit. Trent is very careful about how he presents himself, and his speech would be very precise.

    I always picture a Raiders of the Lost Ark era John Rhys-Davies when reading about Al. There must be a younger version of John out there. Or a younger version of Ian McShane.

    Jeremy Renner as Quen. He has that rough but competent look.

    Amanda Seyfried as Ceri. She has a fey look with those amazing eyes.

    Andrew Lee Potts as Pierce. I wonder if he could do Al, though.

    Oh, well. I’ll enjoy the books while they last, and hope they decide to do a series or mini-series.

  104. SK

    I can’t help… I think Orlando Bloom (his look in “Lord of the Rings”) would fit perfectly for Trent.

  105. old72jim

    Hi Ms Kim-I can’t see anyone as Rachel but Mila Jovovitch.Morgan Freeman is keasley hands down. And ariany Celeste (Lopez) as Ivy of course..

  106. Becca

    Here’s why I imagine when I read the books:

    Rachel – I can’t think of an actress that fits her well enough. I always imagine the girl on the front of ever after but with curly hair
    Ivy – this one is hard for me to pin down in my head. But I see Maggie Q
    Al – Tom hiddleston. Hands down. Perfect.
    Trent – Ryan gosling. Crazy stupid love did it for me. Ryan in those suits?? Holy crap..
    Jenks – the guy who played Peter Pan. Idk his name
    Kisten – I always think of Shane west even though he’s not blonde idk why
    Wayde – Tom hardy. Yum.

  107. Kat

    Ian McShane as Al, he would be wonderful!

  108. Samantha Gilmore

    Jessica Chastain as Rachel
    Johnny Depp as Al while I was reading ever after when Al was drunk he just immediately shifted from what I was picturing to Johnny Depp

  109. Thank you for a wonderfull series 🙂 I would love to see Emma Stone as Rachel. Rachel has a great sence of humor and so does Emma 🙂

    And also it would be awesome to see Matt Bomet as Kiston 🙂 drop dead gorgeous!

  110. Megan

    So I’m currently reading “Ever After,” and I was shocked to realize that all of a sudden I’m picturing MICHAEL FASSBENDER as Trent!! I’m not sure where that came from, but I could totally see it!

  111. Kathy Meeks

    And for casting.. I say definitely some really talented unknowns who truly fit the part not only physically but in spirit.

  112. Kathy Meeks

    Please make The Hollows series into a movie! I think with all of the characters it would work much better as a movie instead of a tv series. We are seriously lacking in good movies & I think The Hollows would be great! I read about 4 books a month & The Hollows has by far been my favorite series to date. Just got Ever After today & can’t tell you how happy I am to have another book in the series. I was so sad when I finshed the last book. Again, please make the movie!

    • It could be a great movie, but only if they repect Kim’s writing. Look what they did with the Dresden’s Files. Peter Jackson should make it.

    • I’d rather see a HBO or Netflix/etc series than a movie. There’s too much to happen for it to be a movie that may or may not make it.

  113. I think it needs to be new, unknown actors. No one I can think of currently manages to fit how I see the characters in my mind.

  114. Maria kilpatrick

    Or Debra Ann Woll could be good for Rachel she’s got that bad ass/klutz thing going and that how I picture Rachel

  115. Maria kilpatrick

    Alexander skarsgard for Trent

    • OMG thats exactly what I thought but then I thought, maybe that would be too much since he already plays a character from a fantasy series of novels. I can just picture it though and he would be PERFECT.

    • Sara

      I think of Alexander for kist. I know he already plays a vampire but he’s soo sexy and so is kist.

  116. angel

    Woo! it would be sooo great.. well mm… i have a crazy list of beautiful actors who i want to share …
    -Rachel: Scarlett Johansson (really petite one) or Olivia Wilde (beauties)
    -Ivy: Maggie Q (fits perfect for me) or Devon Aoki
    -Jenks: Chord Overstreet (a youg men of course)
    -Trent: Channing Tatum (yummi) or Alex Pettyfer (ohmy!)
    -Ceri: Sara paxton or lena kaligaris
    -Kisten: Wenthworth Miller or Justin Hartley (justin!!)
    -Quen: Lenny Kravits!

    well hope you like it and get fun of it =D!
    thanks for the amazing books!!!!!

  117. Geoff keller

    Did some thinking. Leo Decaprio for either Kisten or Trent; I’ve envisioned both being blondes. Piper Perabo (from Covert Affairs) for Rachel; she’s got this innocent girl look in her eyes, but a good fighter. They could pick up unknowns I think for Ivy and Jenks..

  118. Geoff keller

    I watched an episode of Criminal Minds entitled “Masterpiece”, which had Jason Alexander with long blond hair and a goatee. That look is how I’ve always envisioned Trent Kalamack. Pauly Perette would be intriguing as Ivy I think, or Cote DePablo as Rachel. I happen to agree with Kim Harrison that Piscary would be best played by Arnold Vosloo or some other bald white guy.

  119. Kelly Hu is Ivy…all the way.
    Alicia Witt for Rachel…

    Since I love these two the best…I don’t really have an opinion about the others. =)


  120. brenda

    I definitely see Matt Lanter as Kisten. Tom Felton would be a great jenks, as he can do the attitude! As Rachel, I see the actress who plays Rizzoli in Rizzola and Isles, she’s not a redhead but that can be dealt with!

  121. Sandz

    can we take Tom Felton for Trent? aaand Johnny Depp for Al? They fit so perfectly!

  122. OK. So I’ve been picking these out on and off for over a year. I had picks for many, but some, when I googled the name others had come up with—were too perfect! So I had to steal them for my list.
    Here are the stolen ones: Tilda Swanson for Newt. Hugh Jackman for David. Devon Aoki for Ceri. Mark Valley for Rynn Cormel.

    Rachel- Amanda Righetti
    Ivy- Olivia Wilde (I was concrete on the Idea of Olivia Wilde, until I saw someone pair her as Maggie Q with Jamie Chung as Erica. -love love love, but will put my originals on here too)
    Al- Michael Fassbender
    Jenks- Alex Pettyfer
    Kisten- Matt Bomer
    Ceri- Devon Aoki
    Nick- Milo Ventimiglia
    David- Hugh Jackman!
    Keasley- Michael Caine
    Trent- Justin Hartley
    Newt- Tilda Swanson
    Matalina- Laura Vandervoort
    Edden- Dwayne Johnson
    Marshal- Coby Bell
    Alice (Rachel’s Mom)- Julie Walters (The Weasley’s mother in HP)
    Piscary- Paul Sorvino
    Erica- Bella Thorn (Or Jamie Chung)
    Leprechaun- Kiernan Shipka
    Skimmer- Kristen Bell
    Pierce- Sebastian Stan (plays Mad Hatter in Once Upon A Time)
    Mia- Allison Mack
    Rynn Cormel- Mark Valley
    Minias- James Frain
    Quen- Liam Neeson
    Glenn- James Rhodes
    Stan Lee- Simon Baker
    Ku’Sox- Paul Bettany
    Belle- Leelee Sobieski
    Tom Banson- Adrian Grenier
    Ford- Richard Speight Jr

  123. Oiver

    I always see Lucy Lui as Ivy.and Hudson Leick as Ceri. The others I’m kind of wishy washy on. I do like the idea of Mr Depp as Al and Morgan Freeman as Keasly though.

  124. Ashland

    I was watching Law & Order and I saw this chick and I thought “Dude, she might be a neato Rachel if they actually went through with this.”

    What do ya’ll think? Her name is Christiane Seidel (Apparently was in Boardwalk Empire) and she is VERY ginger.

    There’s a specific picture on this website where she’s in a black gothic like outfit.

  125. I’m thinking Maggie Q for Ivy. She has the elegance to pull off the roll. Rachel LeFevre or Emma Stone are both decent choices for our twitchy witch. And Fassbender for Al would be great!

  126. melissa

    I like Joaquin Phoenix for al.

  127. Thirza

    for me, probably Jessica Alba as Rachel. I loved her in Dark Angel. It`s her favourite character, too. Maybe, she hasn`t got the same humour like Rachel (??!). But she`s got definitly something, that Rachel Morgan has: she`s tough, kind of feministe, and I think, she would never put something on her, by a man. She`s not a bitch ;P
    The actresses on imdb: Maggie Q?! Maybe “kind of”, I see Ivy. Maybe Jill Hennessy (Crossing Jordan) could be Rachel`s mom?! 😉 She`s also kinda crazy, `don`t mean that insulting!! Ha, I don`t know, just a thought.



  128. Hi Ms. Kim-I nominate Morgan Freeman for Keasly-I see him everytime Keasley is mentioned,-and definitely Jaclyn Swedborg for Ivy(She’s Playmate of the Year and rides a hog), and there is only one Rachel- Milla Jovovitch!

    • Gerry Sheldon

      I’m none too sure about Jaclyn Swedberg as Ivy but I thoroughly agree with Milla Jovovitch as Rachel — I thought of her as I read other suggestions, and she’s even a kick ass martial artist in her own right!

  129. For al, I have to put in alan tudyk, he is brilliant, and can play so many different roles, the one I am thinking of is alpha from dollhouse.

  130. Steve Garris

    These would be my casting picks Shay Mitchell as Ivy 
    Emma Stone as Rachel
    Chris Pine as Trent
    Johnny Depp as Al
    Andrew Garfeild as Jenks

    Im willing to compermise on Jenks and Ivys casting but the other for me are hard set.

  131. In my mind I always picture Johnny Depp as Al. Johnny Depp himself is an interesting character and would fully emerge into his role. For the role of Rachel I honestly don’t mind any red head buuut the one that sticks out to me is Deborah Ann Woll from true blood she is bad to the bone. For Ceri I do like Anne Hathaway.

    • Megan

      Ali Larter-Rachel
      Alt Rachels:
      Milla Jovovich
      Pauley Perrette
      Cote De Paublo or Daniela Ruah-Ivy

      I felt all 3 girls are highly talented actors who well look like adults. I loved watching Paublo and Ruah on NCIS and NCIS:LA where they’re definitely crowd favorites. And Ali Larter did an amazing job as Claire Redfield in Resident Evil, and has played in Heroes and Legally Blonde, which tells me she’s got the strength to carry a film.

      As far as alternates Jovovich carried the Resident Evil franchise easily. And Perrette who plays Abby in NCIS is definitely a favorite. More of a gothic look for Rachel she’s still got a cute vibe to her, which would offset the more dangerous one of Ivy and others.

  132. Blake

    I picture Rachel with much wilder hair. Like Rachele Lafevre. Maybe redder hair and I think it’s almost spot on.

  133. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-its Jim from Warren. I think Ariany Celeste (really Ariany Lopez) is out of the running-punched out her room mate. She made bail, but roomie is threatening all kinds of stuff so far, so Ariany might not be available. In her place I nominate Jaclyn Swedborg, Playmate of the year for 2012. She is dark,rides a hog,does lots of physical stuff.(The girls boss Dana White of the UFC says roomie was warned before about not keeping her left up)

  134. Sandypants

    Michael Fassbender would be an awesome Al. He’s so schmexy!

    • Audra

      Totally agree! He is who I’ve pictured as Al and didn’t even know it until I Googled Fassbender’s name.

    • candy

      i agree with you about fassbender playing Al. a lot of different websites keep saying johnny depp but i really don’t see it

  135. Speedi

    I find it extraordinarily difficult to find the perfect actors for the Hollows cast. Uh! So hard. I have to say that I did see a few actors from other people’s lists that I agree with. This is what I have come up with: Hugh Jackman for David, Tilda Swinton for Newt, Morgan Freeman for Keasley and Johnny Depp for Al. The rest of the characters would have to cast with new, unknown actors, since the Hollows would be a fresh new series of movies. It would work the best I think.

  136. Jams R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren. Why has no-one mentioned Taryn Manning from Hawaii 5-0 for Rachel?. She’s got the slender build. And another vote for Ariany Celeste for Ivy,she has the talents(Can’t get the image of Ivy in Blood Work out of my mind sorry) and talent sells! I think Johnny Depp is perfect for Al.

    • Jams R. Fox

      Hi Ms. Kim-as long as we are putting out the best people for a part,the best Newt would be Jaye Davidson.You know played Dil in the Crying Game, and Ra in Stargate.He has gone back to his job at the day spa as he hates drag, but he might come out of retirement for a good part.

  137. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren. How about Leryn Franco from Paraguy for Ivy? She is a world champion athlete going for the Olympic gold this summer(she already has World Games gold)in the javelin throw, and is widely known for her incredible beauty as well as her ability to spear things. you know,Ivy brings down a fleeing villan with a perfectly thrown pool cue or something.

  138. Tara

    I’m not sure about the other characters yet, but I picture Lindsay Price as Ivy 🙂

  139. Zoe


    Back again… I had to come back after watching Howling Reborn to say…

    What about Landon Liboiron for Jenks? Sorry if anyone has suggested him already! He’s rather tasty, looks young enough to pull it off, has rather nice legs 😀 (unless that was a stunt double) and the guy has the most beautiful eyes that I have seen in a while!

    (forgive the link but I couldn’t decide from the google images which one to put on here!)

  140. Katie

    I love reading all the comments and suggestions for whom should play who (or who should play whom or whatever :))…but I really want to know, are they moving forward on this? I would LOVE an update.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Katie-its Jim from Warren-on her last post on the subject.I believe Ms. Kim said that she will hear in July if CW has picked it up. She said CW is notoriously slow about notifications.

  141. annapiendl

    A friend pointed out someone that would make a perfect Kisten….William Levy. Done and done!

  142. Zoe


    What about Benedict Cumberbatch for Al?
    I think he could be a good Al 🙂

  143. Nick- Grant Gustin
    Ivy- Dichen Lachman or Grace Park
    Rachel- Emma Stone or Allison Scagliotti
    Kisten- Ryan Kwanten
    Jenks- Thomas Dekker
    Matalina- Amy Acker
    Quen- Harry Lennix or The Rock
    Trent- Jamie Bamber
    Al- James Callis

  144. I’m for Johnny Depp as Al. While I think there are some very good choices here, I can’t help but wonder why most people think of an older actor for Al. Anyway, it’s fun to think about and I can’t wait to hear more about the upcoming tv show.

  145. Al – Jonathan Rhys Meyers or James Marsters
    Rachel – Jane Levy or Allison Scagliotti
    Kisten – Taylor Kitsch, maybe. I’m still undecided
    Ivy – Kate Beckinsale

    • Talulah

      i love the idea of jonathan rhys meyers as al.. he’s so hot! *-* but i think kate beckinsale is too old for ivy. she’s almost 40..

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Talula its Jim from warren Unfortunately you are right. That is why us males are cheering for Arrany Celeste or Gina Carrano. Both are models,both are MMA,(Gina held a belt at one point and has a wicked right, and Arrany has modeled for Playboy and is a playmate.) Arrany is a good all-in fighter.punches,kicks knees etc,and can do arm curls with 50 lb in each hand. Also both have acting experience.

  146. Shantil

    Why, hello there, Trent (Wilson Bethel).

  147. as for Ivy—lucy liu cristoper walken as al betty white as rachels mom when i have coffe ill post more

  148. oooook…I’ve read through everything and here are my thoughts:

    Maggie Q – IVY
    Alexander Skarsgaard – KISTIN
    Jackson Rathbone – JENKS
    Ginnifer Goodwin – MATALINA
    Christopher B Duncan – GLENN
    William Forsyth – EDDEN
    Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson – DENON
    Morgan Freeman – KEASLEY (c’mon, aren’t we all picturing him 😉
    Miranda Otto – CERI (after seeing her in LOTR I can’t picture anyone else)
    Julian McMahan – TRENT (yes, he’s too old, and too un-blonde. I can’t help it- that’s who I picture. I know it’s wrong, lol!)
    Jared Padalecki – NICK (someone mentioned Tom Welling, which would work too)
    Kenneth Branaugh – AL (this is who I pictured when Kim describes the British gentleman get-up) <–though I also like the idea of Gary Oldman bc he's so insanely versatile!
    Tilda Swinton – NEWT
    aaaaaaand RACHEL…. when I first started reading these books, I was picturing someone resembling Alyssa Milano (w/red hair of course), but after getting through them all, well… I want to play Rachel Morgan, LOL!!!!! I even just did a photo shoot in honor of the series. BUT if the case cannot be made for a relatively unknown actress (me, lol), then I would be happy with Rachele Lafevre or Alicia Witt.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Camille-its Jim from Warren.Have you ever thought of Lindsey Lohan for Rachel. She is a natural redhead when sober-we’d have to keep her away from adult beverages and those funny pills, and any cute girls(she is out of the closet,unfortunately her girlfriend beats her like her dad did) but she is a good actress and very good at sarcasm (see Mean Girls). Since she fits the bill except for the chest department(But she can use gaffer tape like Carrie Fisher did in Star Wars) I think it might work.

    • Jim – no. absolutely not. that makes me die inside just thinking about it. She would ruin Rachel. No offense meant to you, as you are entitled to your opinion…if that is how you envision Rachel, far be it from me to tear down you interpretation. But for me? NO. No. A thousand times, NO.

    • I did, however, like your previous suggestion of Arianny Celeste for Ivy…she would work just as well as Maggie Q 🙂

  149. Anima Wittum

    Just a few people I thought of after going through the suggestions above:

    Ivy: Liv Taylor (not that I am a fan of her, but she’s got the oval face …)
    Trent: Alex Pettyfer (don’t know Trents a hard one to choose o.O)
    Kisten: Ian Sommerhalder (with blond hair^^)

    wasn’t able to find ‘my’ Rachel yet … still looking for her =)

  150. ann

    Rachel – Alicia Witt (she’s already in a series but her looks are perfect) OR
    Lyndsy Fonseca
    Ivy – Mylene Jampanoi
    Jenks – Alex Pettyfer

    • Kara

      OMG…you are so on point. I googled all 4 you have listed and you are spot on about Ivy & Jenks and Lyndsy as Rachel. Totally what I had in my head!!!

  151. kim

    Since it is going to tv, i’m totally thinking that i love the idea of these guys:
    Rachel: Amanda Righetti
    Ivy: Maggie Q
    Jenks: Alex Pettyfer
    Trent: Simon Baker
    AL: Kim Coates
    Ceri: Dianna Agron
    Nick: Jared Padalecki

    • kim

      Almost forgot poor Kisten i believe Taylor Kitsch would be just the right hottie for the job.

    • Nicole

      Ok, so have been–obviously–out of the loop for awhile! They’re doing your book as a TV show?!! Who has it? I liked True Blood for awhile, but I’m now starting to dislike it with capitals–don’t like how they’ve really got her as someone weak. They better not do that to Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shannon

      Simon Baker as Trent?!?!? no way. not at all as gorgeous as I picture that man. I always think of Gabriel Aubry when I read about Trent. mmm mm. Now he is the elf of my dreams.
      My perfect Rachel is Rachel Nichols (look up the pics of her as a redhead). She seems to have the perfect amount of spunk!
      And Tom Hiddleston would make a perfect Al.

      Kim, I know you thought up these people in your mind but you’re just casting them all wrong!! 😉

    • kim

      I will take your Trent but thats just because i found it soooo hard to cast him and Gabriel (YUMMY) yeah he could be Trent 😉
      I love that were both going for that weird, strange (but kinda sexy) looking guys for Al 😉 I do hope they pick the right girl for Rachel as your right she will need the right amount of spunk but without totally annoying us.

  152. Chrisy

    How about Marián Aguilera for Rachel?

  153. hopnholla

    I know this has nothing to do with casting actors, but I REALLY think Celebrity Skin by Hole should somehow be included in the series. Just saying.

  154. Staci

    I know outta everyone I’ve thought of for Al, Johnny Depp ONLY person that could pull off that kind of character and crazy for the role.

  155. Amy

    After watching several episodes of Lost girl on SyFy I could see the guy who plays Dyson(Kris Holden-Ried) as either Kisten or David and then the girl who plays Kenzi (Kseni Solo) as Ceri. I am still not sure of who would play some of the others but still thinking on it.

  156. MARCUS

    Don’t know her name. but I believe the woman that plays Abby on NCIS , with red hair, would be perfect for Rachel Morgan. My favorite fictional character…

  157. S heger

    It may seem strange, but my friends and I agree that Al would be masterfully played by Marilyn Manson.

    • Karl Poff

      Sorry to disagree while I like his music cant picture him as Al, the only person I could see playing Al is Johnny Depp.

  158. Aaron

    Mylène Jampanoï is the perfect Ivy. I can’t imagine anyone could be better.

    As an added bonus, she’s in TV.

  159. James R. Fox

    I have two for Ivy Gina Carrano, who is a model,aMMA women’s fighter, and has a Movie”Hardwired” coming out this spring I think it is. I also nominate Arianny Celeste, who is in MMA,looks vaguely Asian,is a model,has her own t.v. show, and did a spread in the Nov 2010 Playboy so you can check out her talents(BOTH of them). She can do arm curls with 50 lb in each hand,slender as she is

  160. Katie

    I have MY perfect Rachel and have thought so since I first saw her: Allison Scagliotti. Look her up!

  161. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-Definitely Jessie Gomez Maxim Mag’s bikini champ of the year. She’s tall,vaguely asian(chinese mom) and wins full shirt contests like Ivy.and she doesnt even wear a shirt(Or bikini)

  162. Ginger

    Don’t know her name but the woman off Hawaii 5-0 would be a good Ivy

  163. SSJ

    Jane Levy (red read from the new show Suburgatory) is definitely Rachel I think…and if not her then an older version of her.

    BTW, am I the only one who visualizes Anderson Cooper as Trent?

  164. Lindsay H

    I’ve been thinking on Al for a really long time (bouncing back and forth between a young Gary Oldman and Johnny Depp) but I think I found the perfect match:
    Al = Jonathan Rhys Meyers (aka Henry VIII from the Tudors; has the english accent and everything! And can be plenty scary when need be)

  165. Raffaela Wais for Ivy. No asian influence there, she’s not even an actress, just a competitor in a German version of American Idol, but she kind of fits my own personal image of Ivy.

  166. James R. Fox

    Hi Yelsha-its Jim from Warren. You are so right! I never thought of her.

  167. Yelhsa

    You guys, there is no perfect Ivy. However, there is a kick ass, dark haired, tough as they come beauty who is out there. I’m talking about the face of women’s MMA! Crush from American Gladiators, you can’t forget that booty shake! Not to mention she was placed at #16 in Maxim’s Hot 100 list! Her latest achievement being the lead role as female, bad ass, whip everyone’s butts in Haywire to come out in theaters January 20th. I’m talking about none other than Gina Carano.
    I know her personality isn’t the same. I know she doesn’t look even a little asian, but you’ve got to give that girl some credit. She knows how to kick ass, and look good doing it! She’s getting some acting under her belt, and if The Hollows were to be made into a movie, she could pull it off!
    Besides, look in her purse. She may have a bag full of makeup in there, but she only uses about three things. Can’t come much closer to natural beauty with celebrities these days!

  168. May

    Fiona Xie Wan Yu for Ivy. I just think her looks suit who Ivy is 🙂 and she doesn’t look too pretty to kick ass 😛

  169. Kaitlyn

    I think Candice Accola with red hair would be a great Rachel.

    Jamie Chung for Ivy.

    Jeremy Sumpter for Jenks, since Jenks is supposed to look young.

  170. Martin

    In my mind:
    Rachel – Emma Stone or Deborah Ann Woll its hard i like both but to stay realistic, i dont think emma stone would do a tv show so i prefer Deborah Ann Woll
    Ivy – Michaela Conlin the first time i was reading of Ivy she was my Ivy … ( and she did a great job by the way ;D)
    Jenks – Jackson Rathbone
    Al – Johnny Depp ( im not sure why so much people use Johnny Depp for all ^^ )

  171. SandyPants

    Rachel- Deborah Ann Moll

    Nick- Zachary Quinto

    Al- Christopher Meloni

    Trent- Jared Padalecki

    Jenks- Chad Michael Murray

    Matalina- Hayden Panetierre

    Ceri – Evan Rachel Wood

    Ivy- Davon Akoi

    These are a few of my picks. It’s kinda what I see in my head when reading, I just change hair and eye color, and sometime height mentally of course. =)

  172. Sandy Pants

    Davon Akoi for Ivy =)

  173. ioskjf

    Olivia Wilde for Ivy!!!!!

  174. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-That sounds good.I don,t Follow T.V. all that much,,but if you don’t want has-been movie guys,we might look at the soaps,they always have people looking to move to bigger parts.

  175. Diva

    Time to revive this page, or what?

    Looking back through past posts it seems that a good many suggestions are for movie actors/actresses. I don’t see any of them taking on tv parts at this time, especially not the bigger name folks. So, with a look to actors/actresses who mostly work in tv already (or have in the past), what are some good candidates for our fave Hollows residents?

    I think Bridget Regan (formerly of Legend of the Seeker) would make a good Rachel. She was a brunette with chemically straightened hair for LOTS but she’s a naturally curly haired redhead from what I understand.

  176. Jessica

    Danneel Harris as Rachel
    Kevin Zegers as Trent
    Kyle Schmid as Kisten

    That’s all I got.

  177. Amanda_K

    I saw this picture and just had to share it with you. Tilda Swinton makes perfect Newt!

  178. Kobie


    David: Hugh Jackman

  179. Kobie

    First: People you have to consider AGE. I love Jennifer Connely as Ivy…in 1992. Jennifer is 40 years old!! Michelle Pfeifer as Rachel….Really? Michelle’s gonna be collecting Social Security in a few years!! Come on. These are 20 or early 30 something year olds with a some exceptions…

    Rachel – First name that came to mind was Isla Fisher. But she just wouldn’t stick. The I saw ‘Zombieland’ with Emma Stone and she did. (no doubt about it. you don’t get her, you don’t have a movie)

    Ivy – Megan Fox (I know she’s supposed to have asian features but everything else screams Megan!!) I thought about Kristen Kreuk. She definitely has the look but not the physical or sexual presence that Megan brings to the table.

    Jenks – Gerard Butler (The only guy the comes to mind that can be intimidating at 4″ tall)

    Matalina – Nichole Kidman

    Kisten – Chris Pine or Alex Pettyfer

    David – Zack Galifianakas

    Piscary – James Gandolfini

    Skimmer – Kristen Bell

    Keasley – Morgan Freeman. Came to mind first moment.

    Trent – Very hard call. At first I saw Mathew Mcconaughey. Then I saw Tom Cruise. Then I saw Orlando Bloom (but then isn’t he just Legolas in a different movie?) Then I saw Hugo Weaving (too old and same as Orlando) I say go with Mathew.

    Quinn – Jimmy Jean-Louis (The Haitian from ‘Heroes’)

    Al – I’ve never seen anyone but Paul Bettany as AL. Same as Emma, perfect.

    Newt – Had no idea at all. Then I saw someone mention Tilda Swinton. Golden.

    Minias – It’s a bit role and doesn’t really matter. Though Johnny Depp would be cinema gold it would be a waste of 10 minutes of screen time and he would absolutely steal the whole movie. Use the director or Kim.

    Ceri – Melissa Rauch “Big Bang Theory”

    Nick – Jessie Eisenberg (nothing wrong with a little “Zombieland” subtext)

    Glen – Morris Chestnut

    Edden – Stephen Lang “Avatar”

  180. Shae

    For some odd reason, when I first read about Trent, I pictured a much younger version of Anderson Cooper. The blue eyes, pale hair…AC’s ears even look a little elf-like.

    Alicia Witt sort of resembles the Rachel I picture.

  181. Carolyn Peabody

    okay people! i have a LOT of free time! i made a video on youtube of a cast list that i think fits the characters descriptions! some people i skipped because i couldnbt think of anybody for them and other stuffs like that! if u wanna check it out my username is ThatsWhatHeSays and if u search that in the searchbar it should come up! please leave a commment on it too please 🙂

  182. izzybella

    Someone upthread mentioned Paul Bettany for Trent. I like the idea of him better as Al. I think he could really pull that off. Agreed with Emma Stone as Rachel-she’d be fantastic. And I like the Ivy Aaron picked Mylene something? Fantastic from the photographs anyway.

  183. James R. Fox

    I say that if you want live actors for the cgi,go with:
    Gong Li -Ivy’s mom
    Megan Fox-Ivy (We want a hottie here)
    Milla Jovovitch – Rachel (She can really get her demon on)
    Brad Pitt – Jenks (we Know he’s a lover)


    Maybe I’m gettin’ older but when I read a Hallows book I see Billy Zane as Trent Kalamack – beautiful, aloof and superior but damaged. The ghost boyfriend (sorry I have a mental block right now-3rd 12hour midnight!!) I always pictured him as Ryan Cartwright from Alphas/Bones. Al, I always thought of someone very big and overweight. And, next definitely Jensen Ackles for Nick. No matter how old you are, you can always recognize the bad boy. Rachael should be someone new, young, beautiful and tough.

  185. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-Its Jim from Warren-I say AGAIN-make the Hollows Series a set of video games. Better yet,have James Cameron do it like he did Avatar.In either case, have your pencilists supervise the cels. Since they do your GN’s they know what you want, and they have a body if work published here in the States to give them chops.They will do you proud,and you can sit back and let Alex and Zander count the cash.

  186. Carolyn Peabody

    okay I’m pretty good at coming up with cast ideas haha

    Rachel: mila kunis
    ivy:jamie chung
    trent:jensen ackles
    jenks:jackson rathbone
    al:mark sheppard

    these were the only characters i thought of……..

  187. I’ve noticed a couple of mine match some others but this would be my line up… I wanted to post picture links as to how I would see them looking in their roll but couldn’t figure out how >_<. Anyway enjoy and let me know what you think ^_^ ~~Lynda

    Rachel – Rachelle Lefevre
    Ivy – Shu Qi
    Jenks – Alex Pettyfer
    Kisten – Kellan Lutz
    Trent -Jared Padalecki
    Al – Dustin Clare
    Newt – Tilda Swinton

  188. LauraM

    Big Al = Michael Fassbender

    Just played as Magneto in the recent Xmen: First Class movie

  189. I haven’t got everyone, as my visions for these characters are really specific, but I do have some that I would like to share, haha!

    Rachel – Rachel Lefevre
    Ivy – Jeon Ji-Hyun
    Jenks – Dane Cook
    Newt – Tilda Swinton
    Trent – Chris Pine
    Al – Luke Goss

  190. I can’t help it, every time I think of Kisten I see Kiefer Sutherland from his “Lost Boys” and “Stand By Me” days.

  191. JoshH22

    I would have to remind everyone that jenks could just be CGI or costume effected and voiced who i would pick Damon Wayans he has that
    small stature yet deaming voice.
    As for big Al remember they would most likely do the first two books together and he just transforms himself into different people so it be hard to pick an actor for him.
    Rachel-Emma Stone or Ashley Greene
    Ivy-Megan Fox or Famke Janessen
    Nick-Hands down Jared Leto
    Trent-I imagine him being Shane McMahon (WWE)
    Kisten-Cody Rhodes (WWE)
    Piscary-Giles Marini
    Eden- The Guy played the Captain on Monk
    Glenn-Chace Crawford

  192. Antonio

    Back in September, I put together a casting of 25 characters with 2 pictures each, and a short video of the top 5 characters and put it on one of my blog pages…WOW! I’ve had over 2,500 views since then. I cleaned it up a bit and added two more characters:

    Ku’Sox 😈
    Vivian 😀

  193. Holly

    Bridget Regan – Rachel
    Oliva Munn- Ivy
    Cristina Cox- Vivian
    Hayden Christensen- Jenks
    Gerard Butler- David
    Ryan Phillipe- Kisten
    Johnny Depp- Al
    Jude Law- Trent

  194. Misha

    I’m sure some of these people have already been mentioned, but –

    Rachel – Annalynne McCord or Lyndsy Fonseca (obviously you would have to imagine them with red hair…at one point i was thinking Bridget Regan for Rachel…But Annalynne has the hair that can be wild at one point and sleek the next)

    Ivy – Sandrine Holt

    Trent – Trevor Donovan
    (find a picture with him in a suit and that’s close to how I picture Trent. Ha! Did it for you. lol.)

    Jenks – Kellan Lutz

    Ceri – Adrianne Policki

    Nick – Justin Bartha or Chase Crawford

    Kisten – Cam Gigandet? (I don’t know…what do you think?)

    Al – Jason Isaacs or Julian McMahon (was the way i was leaning, but someone mentioned Alan Tudyk and I can see him as Al also…)

    If I come up with more, I guess I’ll post them up…for now *shrug* … it is what it is.

  195. Jethro

    Rachael- Amanda Righetti or Paget Brewster
    Ivy- Cote De Pablo
    Jenks- Jensen Ackles
    Matalina- Alona Tal
    Ceri- AJ Cook
    Algaliarept- Mark Sheppard
    Newt- Beth Riesgraf
    Minias- Richard Speight Jr
    Piscary- Julian Richings
    Glenn- Mark Harmon (maybe)

    Thats what I could think of off the top of my head. I think it wouldd make for an interesting cast. Ill add more when I think of them.

  196. Romeomffn

    Maggie Q as Ivy, Lyndsey Fonseca as Rachel, Evana Lynch as Ceri, and Kristen Stewart as Skimmer.

  197. Teri

    Emma Stone for Rachel
    Kristen Kreuk for Ivy
    Jeremy Sumpter for Jenks
    Tom Welling for Nick
    Johnny Depp for Al
    Hilary Duff for Skimmer
    Chad Michael Murry for Kisten
    Mark Harmon for Captain Edden
    Penn Badgley for Glenn
    Morgan Freeman for Keasley
    Hugh Jackman as David

  198. Josephine

    Kim Harrison is a genious I love her books. If The Hollows was ever made for TV or the big screen then you would need a pretty young cast. I bet Kim Harrison has a lot more tales to tell in the series.

    This is who I would like to cast in the roles:

    IVY -I quite like megan fox for Ivy she is so sultry and sexy.

    RACHEL – Lindsey Lohan. If she cleaned herself and her behavior up she
    would make a pretty good Rachel. She would probably give Ivy
    exactly what she wants too LOL. Leighton Meester could probably
    pull it off but she is a bit on the short side or Evan Rachel Wood.

    Nick – Shia LaBeouf

    Trent – Ed Westwick. His Chuck Bass character on Gossip Girl has all the
    arrogance of trent. I think he would look weird though with blonde

    AL – Ed Westwick. Could excel in the smug department. (I need
    another Trent)

    CERI – Kristen Bell (quite sassy). Or Dianna Agron from Glee.

    TRISTEN – Chace Crawford.

    JENKS – Chris Lowell/ No im stuck i have no idea

    NEWT – Joan Cusack. (easy)

    DAVID – Hugh Jackman or Mark Salling (Puck Off Glee)

    GOOD GOD! Its so hard …….I give Up LOL

  199. Amanda

    Maggie Q = The perfect Ivy. I’ve thought so ever since I started watching Nikita.

  200. kelly

    I always think of Ivy as Michaela Conlin bc I had trouble creating an image of her in my mind I think my subconscious just picked her bc her fictional character Angela on Bones is bisexual, half asian/white, somewhat similar features and frame to Ivy (hopefully my html skills don’t suck to much and the pics post here)

  201. MK

    I’m not sure if I missed it but Emma Stone as Rachel is hands down the best person. Everyone keeps trying to cast people that are way too old for her role. and too sultry/sexy. Emma Stone is the perfect mix of kick ass/clumsy and cute that Rachel’s character requires.. Plus we already know she can do redhair… I don’t know, she might be a lil too tall though… You need to be able to picture the character smiling and simultaneously calling some one a “freaking bastard” (like Jonathan in book three) not a lot of actresses can pull of Rachel’s quirks but I think Emma stone could.

  202. Tiffany

    I believe Neil Patrick Harris would make a perfect Trent.

  203. Tora

    Shantel Van Santen as Rachel.
    Myléne Jampanoï as Ivy.
    Tom Felton for Jenks, maybe.
    Dominic Purcell as Al, definitely.
    Emily de Ravin for Ceri
    Neil Jackson as Trent
    Ben Barnes as Minias
    Tyrese Gibson for Glenn
    Kevin Zegers as Pierce
    Dakota Fanning for Mattie
    Viggo Morgensen as David?

    I’m sure all of these have been said before, but just puttin’ my two cents in. ::)

  204. Shandi

    I would love to see Helena Bonham Carter as Alice 😀

  205. Stephanie

    I know if the Hollows were ever made into a movie it would never match up but, I would love to see the characters on screen. These are the people I can picture playing some of the roles.

    Rachel- Emma Stone or Bonnie Wright(Ginny Weasely. As long as she gets some acting lessons! lol)

    Kisten-Chord Overstreet ( Sam from Glee. Give him a few years and a haircut. lol)

    Ivy- Megan Fox (cliche maybe but I think she could pull off the attitude)

    Trent- Neil Jackson ( think someone else put this but I completely agree)

    Jenks- Toby Hemingway (from Covenant)

    Nick- Tom Welling could pull off that jackass

    Ceri – Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood HP)

    • Teri

      I agree with you about Tom Welling as Nick and Emma Stone as Rachel, but I think Kristen Kreuk for Ivy. I don’t know who the people you choose are.

  206. Aaron Irwin

    Hi guys

    I had kind of pictured Jenks as Owen Wilson, and hes played small before in Night at the Museum

  207. Amanda_K

    What about Neil Jackson as Al? He’s good actor, young enough, with beautiful voice and british accent. He played evil characters (as Marcus Van Sciver in Blade: The Series) and he’s good at it. If not Al, maybe Trent then. His hair colour would match and he looks good in suit.

    I don’t like this idea about the movie. These books are soo great and I love them to death. I have a feeling that film would spoil everything I had imagined. Anyway it’s impossible to find actors that would match them wholly.
    But that’s irrelevant, there’s some pics of this actor: (second one from left)

    *And sorry for my english, I still practice. Alas in my country there are only three books from Hollows series translated and I’m not a patient person, so I read them in original version. But at least it’s a very strong motivation to learn english 😀 and to be honest I found reading them in english more entertaining than reading them in my native tongue. Love you Kim

  208. Jenhifer

    And Marshall Allman would make a good Nick.

  209. Jenhifer

    I think that Al should be played by MarK Sheppard. He does sexy demon so well.

  210. Sandra

    Hey, I watched a Terrible movie last night on HBO- “The Final Destination.” It was god awful…but there is an actress in it that could TOTALLY be Rachel. Her name is Shantel VanSanten. This is completely how Rachel looks in my mind’s eye.

  211. shayne

    im not sure she could pull it off but debra messing has the perfect look for rachel in my opinion

  212. Grace

    Wow guys, the biggest thing that bugs me about this list is that Al is NOT supposed to appear old. Johny Depp is 47. While Al does change shape, he is supposed to appear YOUNG most of the time. NOT 47. Dx

  213. Gwendylan

    I always pictured Victor Raider-Wexler as piscary and if anyone was into the Angel series and remembers when Angel took over Wolfram and Hart. Episode 2 of Season 5 Victor Raider-Wexler is the necromancer spike and Angel fight Hansley. After reading the hollows series I couldn’t get him as Piscary out of my head.

  214. Rachel

    Well, A TV show would be a great idea, honestly, I think Kim should just throw out a few auditions and hire new talent, people who fit the characters. Even though Johnny Depp is prolly the only person I can think of for playing Al. Just because Depp is a GREAT actor, no matter what people say about him being only Jack Sparrow. He is a genius and plays all his roles to the full extent. Algaliarept played by Depp would be wondrous. I think I could only trust him t play favorite fictional character ever… but that’s just me o.o;

    • BadGirlChels

      I totally agree, a show sounds better than a movie. That way you don’t run into the issue of “I loved the book, but the movie changed/cut out too much of the story”. With a show, there’s more opportunity to show more of the little details that movies cut. Johnny Depp would make the BEST Al! He can definitely pull off the many sides of all (angry, passionate, sarcastic, haunted, moody, sexy, ect)

  215. Aaron

    I was completely unconvinced by the choices for Ivy until I saw Mylène Jampanoï — she is PERFECT!

  216. The biggest problem with getting the right actors is the height issue, no pun intended. Most actors are actually on the short side so that narrows the choices when you’re going for vertical accuracy. Milla Jovovich is tall enough to be Rachel (5’8″) and could certainly pull of that roll. Jenks when he was big was 6’4″ – the only actor that big is Goran Visnjic and he’s already got the role of Al (after all, remember the amazing job he did in Practical Magic). Jude Law, at 5’11” is almost tall enough to play 6′ Kisten. As a tall person, it always bugs me when they have short actors play characters who are supposed to be tall.

  217. Newport Girl

    I think Wes Ramsey would make a great Kisten.
    Drew Fuller would make a great Al or a full size Jenks

  218. Sheila R.

    Oops! That should be Daniel Dae Kim instead of Casey Affleck in Saladan’s role.

  219. Sheila R.

    This was my weekend project. I really had fun with the name and character associations. Yes, I did pick Tilly for Ivy’s mom. After a bit of research, I found that she is of Asian descent. Quite interesting!

    Rachel – Laura Prepon

    Ivy – Moon Bloodgood

    Jenks – Mitch Hewer

    Matalina – Rachael Taylor

    Keasley – James Earl Jones

    Ceri – Abbie Cornish

    Alice Morgan – Gates McFadden

    Robbie Morgan – Matthew Jaeger

    Takata – David Wenham

    Nick Sparagmos – Jesse Eisenberg

    Skimmer – Kelly Carlson

    Erica Randal – Kim Hidalgo

    Ivy’s dad – Ken Watanabe

    Ivy’s mom – Jennifer Tilly

    Al – Rodrigo Santoro

    Newt – Tilda Swinton

    Minias – Jonathan Rhys Meyers

    Trent – Chad Michael Murray

    Quen – Joseph Fiennes

    Jonathan – Sam Rockwell

    Sara Jane – Reese Witherspoon

    Ellasbeth Withon – Katherine Heigl

    Denon – Idris Elba

    Francis – Michael Emerson

    Piscary – Jackie Earle Haley

    Kisten Felps – Chris Carmack

    Rynn Cormel – Brendan Fraser

    Peter – Keanu Reeves

    Captain Edden – Viggo Mortensen -OR- Richard Gere

    Glenn Edden – Columbus Short

    Ford – Adrien Brody

    Tom Bansen – Jamie Bell

    David Hue – James McAvoy

    Marshal – Jason Statham

    Walter Vincent – Benicio Del Toro

    Brett – Josh Holloway

    Dr. Anders – Emma Caulfield

    Pierce – Vincent Kartheiser

    Saladan – Casey Affleck

    Mia Harbor – Thora Birch

    Remus – Tom Hollander


    I could really see them in supporting roles, too.

    Willem Dafoe; Pierce Brosnan; Hugh Laurie; Olivier Martinez; Kristen Bell; Robert Prescott; Richard Griffiths; James Franco; Hayden Christensen; Enrico Colantoni; Audrey Marnay

  220. Rose Sutton

    Since the Twilight movies came out I have been seeing a lot of Kristen stewart. I think she would make a great Rachel. Red hair, skinny, and tough. Oh, hell yeah!!

    • Jim

      She seems weak, clumsy, and insecure. Rachel is more confident than Kristen Stewart. Rachel has clutsy moments, but is over-all well-handled.

    • Antonio

      That’s a good pick, Rose. 😉 She meets my personal criteria: 1)matches physical description;2)good actor;3)age appropriate;4)and most importantly, is hot in Hollywood NOW–an up-and-comer or a bankable star. Personally, i tried to avoid those actors who were already famous for a “supernatural” role(Twilight,Supernatural,TrueBlood,Harry Potter,Underworld,etc), but still–I like Kristen Stewart. She’s very hot right now! 😎

  221. Maryellen

    I still think Jude Law would make a great Al.

    • Jim

      He lacks a toughness required for the role. He didn’t even have me convinced after Repo Men.

    • Maryellen

      Okay, I see your point, but… he could totally pull off the supercilious British lord whose mood changes instantaneously. I’m just sayin…

    • Antonio

      I LIKE Jude Law, Maryellen! Nice pick. He DID play a bad guy in ‘Road To Perdition’ and was excellent in the role. He might make a good Rynn Cormel as well.

  222. Sabrina

    Saw “A Knight’s Tale” yesterday. Pretty old, this one, and I totally forgot about this incredibly sexy actress playing the role of Jocelyn. Shannyn Sossamon. She might become my pick for Ivy. Maybe. Still have to think about it…

    • Antonio

      She is sexy! But as you said yourself, it’s(the movie) a “pretty old one.” Finding a chinese actress who is a “name” actress NOW isn’t easy…If you get a chance to check out the new NIKITA TV series, there’s a terrifc actress named Maggie Q. It’s eery how perfect she would be for IVY. She’s THAT good.

  223. Antonio

    I always wanted to cast the “relax-someday” Hollow’s movie, but I always had a hard time finding just the right actor/actresses, ESPECIALLY ones to play Rachel and Ivy. I cast 25 parts and tried to include 2 pictures of each and a short sample video for the main characters/actors. I put it all on one of my blog pages so i wouldn’t “clog” up this page.

  224. DeAtHsSwEeTKiSs

    I think Katherine Moennig could be Ivy or Skimmer…

  225. Krista

    Deborah Ann Woll is SO Rachel! frizz the hair and its totally her. Fantastic actress, can kick ass yet still show her feelings, funny, energetic….its a shoe in!

  226. Amanda

    I would rather see The Rachel Morgan Series as a Television show, maybe Showtime, but not as a movie series. A television show could delve more into the story, but a movie would chop it to pieces. Anyway, here’s my list.

    Rachel- Lake Bell

    Ivy- Devon Aoki

    Jenks- Hunter Parrish

    Kisten- Ryan Goslin

    Nick- Ben Whishaw

    Trent- Chris Pine

    Al- Johnny Depp

    Newt- Eva Green

    Piscary- Ben Kingsley

    Skimmer- Abbie Cornish

    David- James Marsden

    Ceri- Emily Blunt

    Keasly- Morgan Freeman

    • Jim

      I totally agree with it being a TV series vice a bunch of movies. I am sooo with you on Ivy’s character. She has attitude and appearance. She’s not that tall, but everything elses matches. I’d stick with the rest of my original picks for the rest though, and add John Beasley as Keasley. He seems like a sweet old man that will do good and may have a shadowed past. I’d think there could be someone elses better for Ceri too, like Cate Blanchett I’m not sure, she’s not exactly who I imageined in the role either, but a little closer.

    • Amanda

      I like your choice for Keasley. Some of the other roles like Ceri, I think I would prefer to see new actors and actresses fill the roles, or at least less known ones.

    • Nikkie

      Love Lake Bell for Rachel! I saw her in over her dead body and thought she would be perfect for Rachel! I too think the TV series would be great

  227. Sandra

    I am super suprised about the suggestions on this list. Is it just me, or are ALOT of people forgetting that Jenks is supossed to look like an 18 year old? That Ivy, Rachel, and Trent are ALL in their 20’s. They look like they’re in their 20’s. I don’t want to call some of these actors and actresses ‘old’ ….but…. some os these suggestions are WAAAY off the mark. Just saying.

  228. Willow

    Okay, I’ve gone through this entire list checking out the possible Ivy Tamwood suggestions… and honestly, people? I love Olivia Wilde, Milla Jovovich, Angelina Jolie and Kate Beckinsale as much as the next lesbian but, Ivy? I think I am going to have to say my number one non-asian mix suggestion is Catherine Zeta Jones. Mostly because she has the charisma for the part if not the exact look. It’s a tough look to articulate since Ivy doesn’t necessarily have Asian features predominantly, but she does have some Asian characteristics. This would be a hard role to cast right. I picture her beauty to be so naturally captivating, that it is actually rather simplistically winsome.

    • Jim

      She’s gorgeous, but not angry enough. Her personality is not quite as strong as necessary. A prime example is the movie Entrapment. She does the whole damaged goods thing well, but makes her way too vulnerable for the role of Ivy I think.

    • Willow

      Yes, I can see what you say Jim. I’m afraid I am just grasping at straws there. I’m not sure an appropriate Ivy has emerged among us yet… Well, not a real life person representation anyway. *smile* I rather like Kim’s version.

    • Willow

      Update: This woman, a fan of The Hollows, is now my official “Relax-they-aren’t-going-to-make-it Hollow’s movie” pick for Ivy Tamwood.

      Carolyn Veronica Busby is quite a dead ringer for the living vamp, in my opinion.

    • John

      I think Mylène Jampanoï would be the perfect Ivy. I especially like that she has this intense look in her eyes…she’s also a good of asian and french so she doesn’t look too Asian but still enough that you can tell…

    • Sandra

      Weeeeell, I don’t know about that. She doesn’t strike me as Ivy. Ivy is willowy….and in her 20’s.

    • Sandra

      By the way, I’m talking about Catherine Zeta Jones right there. Not Carolyn Busby. Catherine is the one that is not a good fit.

    • Willow

      Yes, as previously conceded, she (Catherine Zeta Jones)is not actually the best choice… my point here is that at the moment, I really just don’t see any established actor as Ivy. Hence, my vote now lies with fan, Carolyn Busby.

    • Nikkie

      Check out Maggie Q from the new Nikita TV series. She’s very kick butt! I think you might like her. She was also in the new die hard movie. Shes my official pick for Ivy.

    • Leslie

      I keep thinking of Shannen Doherty as Ivy…..

  229. Beth

    Felicia Day without a doubt should be Rachel. The only other one I could imagine is Sam Rockwell as Jenks.

  230. Deana

    I always pictured a young and more understandable Ozzy Osbourne as Al. Must have been the glasses.

  231. Mandy

    ; 3;

    Why does everyone keep saying actors who look like drug addicts should be Al?? He’s a handsome demon, not a crack head!

    Oh, if only, if only Alan Rickman were younger, he would be the perfect actor for Al.

    And likewise, is Debra Messing (from Will & Grace) were younger, she’d be perfect for Rachel.

    I also think Sienna Guillory would be awesome as Ivy (similar to her Resident Evil: Apocalypse role).

  232. Micki

    I am having fun looking at all the suggested actors for the Hollows characters!! I wasn’t totally convinced of an actress for Rachel until I checked out the recommended German actress Franka Potente about a third of the way through.Her eyes have the look of having seen some very crazy scary shit and she looks like she could kick some serious ass!

  233. Courtney

    Alexander Skarsgard for Kisten! I think he would fit that role perfectly!

  234. Jim

    Rachel – Brigid Brannagh She looked perfect for the role in the part she had in the tv series Angel.

    Piscary – Bob Hoskins I think he has the proper look and has shown hisself to be viscious and nice enough in some of his parts that he would fit.

    Kisten – Alan Ritchson He hass the right look; he might serve better as Jenks. Philip Winchester also has the right looks, and demonstrated the right attitude in “Alice”

    Ivy – Kristin Kreuk has the right appearance, minus the height, but not exactly the right attitude. Kate Beckinsale has the obvious going for her. I really don’t know on this one.

  235. cattopia

    im always disappointed by books made into movies. theres a good chance I won’t go. Love the hollows books and don’t want to ruin my perception of the characters. Jenks and Bis are awesome and its great how Al’s character has been developing. Can’t even think who would play Rachel, Ivy or Ceri well. Not to mention Trent. I love all the characters! Please keep on writing more books, this series is awesome! It’s hands down my favorite!

  236. I finally decided to put in my 2 cents about this :). I agree with many of you (thanks for such great ideas!).

    Some aren’t actors/actresses but how I envision the characters when I’m reading the books:

    Rachel – Mini Anden or Bryce Dallas Howard

    Ivy – Mylene Jampanoi or Moon Bloodgood or Lynn collins

    Al – Gary Oldman (As in Dracula) or Alan Tudyk, but I can agree with many and say Johnny Depp would work (I’d watch just about anything with him in it!) 🙂

    Pierce – Orlando Bloom or Milo Ventimiglia

    Trent – Paul Bettany

    Nick – Eric Balfour (first guy that popped into my head for him and he just stuck)

    Kisten – Taylor Kitsch or Jude Law

    Ceri – Kirsten Dunst

    Newt – Tilda Swinton (This is how I always thought of Newt)

    David – Liev Schreiber

    Piscary – Ben Kingsley

    • Amy

      If he wasnt so old hed be the perfect trent, the blonde the tan and if anyone ever saw him on Desperate Housewives he can portray messed up and evil well but can also play the nice guy.

    • Amy

      sorry this is the link i forgot to send in the comment above.

    • Amy

      Also as for Rachel isnt she supposed to be very slim, small chested and boyish figured, so a lot of the hot hollywood stars suggested by people are too curvy , need someone tall slim and athletic to be rachel.

  237. Sandra


    Trent- Cillian Murphy ( this I am firm on)
    Keasley- Morgan Freeman
    Ivy- Kristin Kreuk
    Rachel- Laura Prepon ( this was not my first thought, I stole it from someone else here- GREAT suggestion)
    Big Al- Gary Oldman
    Nick- Ashton Kutcher
    Jenks- Sean William Scott
    Kisten- Taylor Kitsch

  238. Michelle

    The only actor in my mind when I read this series is Mark Sheppard as Al – I always picture him in a crushed velvet suit the smoke colored glasses and hear his voice. He has always had the right balance of disarming charm with an edge of true danger under it all. I would personaly love to see a movie or TV series of these books – for know I am completely content to build the world in my head. Thank You for writing these books –

    I will now here Sigourney Weaver in my mind whenever I read Newt

    • Kristi

      Michelle, I was thinking Gavin Rosdale as Al probably only because he was a demon in “Constantine”, and it stuck in my mind! BUT….YES I can totally see Mark Sheppard! Good idea. And yes, Sigourney Weaver was my vision when reading about Newt, because she is gracefully aged, with an air of brilliance behind those eyes. She would also be capable of going from innocently curious to scary and all powerful in a New York minute! She would be perfect for that role!

    • Michelle

      Once I read your suggestion of Sigourney – it was perfect! Brilliant – she has that androgynous look to her face – especially with no hair (Aliens 3 I think it was) And her curious to scary in the blink of an eye genius!

  239. Kristi

    Rachel- Alicia Witt
    Ivy – Olivia Wilde
    Jenks – Seann Thomas Scott
    Matilda – Kate Bosworth
    Jax – Tom Felton
    Kistin – Jensen Ackles
    Nick – Matthew Goode
    Pierce – Robert Pattinson
    Marshall – Bradley Cooper
    Al – Gavin Rosdale
    Newt – Sigourney Weaver
    Ceri – Heather Graham
    Trent – Jude Law
    Johnathan – David Morse
    Quen – Tommy Lee Jones
    David – Breckin Meyer
    Glenn – Shemar Moore
    Edden – Joe Pantoliano
    Piscary – Al Pacino
    Rynn – Kevin Spacey
    Keasly – Robert Guillaume
    Lee Saladan – Lambert Wilson
    Francis – Doug Hutchinson
    Skimmer – Ali Larter
    Takata – John Corbett

  240. Brittany

    Al- Antonio Banderas
    Kisten- Alexander Skarsgard (eric of trueblood)
    Jinks- Seth Green!!! Hes so cute and short already 🙂
    Matalina – Drew Barrymore
    Nick- ugh. someone evil looking…
    Trent- the guy who plays malfoy in harry potter…Tom Felton
    Ivy- Jeon Ji-Hyun or Megan Fox
    Piscary- Johnny Depp
    Rachel- Laura Prepon (off of that seventy’s show)
    Ceri- Scarlett johansson
    Newt- Bette Midler
    Glenn- Will Smith (yum)
    David- Brendan Fraser
    Pierce- Gerard Butler (yummmmm)
    Edden- Robin Williams

  241. Shana

    Am I the only one who sees Rose McGowan? She could so rock Rachel!

  242. Megan

    Jason Isaacs as Al! Did anyone see him as “Captain Hook” in Peter Pan? Yeah, Al all the way…only without the hook of course. 😉

    Plus, Jason is superb at playing villains. Colonel Tavington in “The Patriot”, Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter, Captain Hook in Peter Pan….Yeah, definitely think he could pull off big Al! Plus the man is supremely sexy, so that’s a huge plus. 🙂

    And for Rachel, Scarlett Johansson is definitely at the top of my list! When I was “Ironman 2” and saw her as Black Widow, I immediately thought, “Wow…Rachel Morgan!” Haha!

    Those are really the only two that i have strong opinions about. 🙂

    • Holly J.

      Every single time I “see” Big Al I think of Jason Issacs; scary evil but supremely sexy. You want to, but you know he’s naughty. (Perhaps that’s the whole problem right there…)

  243. Danielle

    Karen Gillian would be perfect for Rachel, I think, if she could do an American accent. She’s a redhead, just under six feet tall, and completely mad. She’s been brilliant in the new season of doctor who as the companion.

  244. Gen

    Rachel Lefevre as Rachel Morgan. Seriously.

  245. Zach

    I think of Newt and I think of Annie Lennox. She’s just got…kind of a demonic thing going, and a powerful voice. I think she could really pull it off. Or maybe she could have at one point.

  246. Lindsey

    Ok, so I totally envision Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars as Jenks. He can dance really good which would be good for the athleticism needed to play that part. Plus, he already looks like a pixie!

  247. Sabrina

    Found my Piscary. Don’t know if this one has been already mentioned by someone, but Mark Strong really works for me. Saw him in “Robin Hood” as Godfrey. Really liked his big bad ugly attitude :-).

  248. Jen

    Rachel: Rachelle Lefevre

    Ivy: Kristin Kreuk

    Kisten: Jason Lewis

    Jenks: Jamie Johnston

    I have vision of Trent with his white-blonde hair and business suit but I can’t quite match him up with a real person. I’ll keep working on it.

  249. Trish

    Ok a lot of these are great picks, but the one character (Al) where I kind of imagine in my head as reading, the craziest thing–is a cartoon character. The warden in Superjail.
    From wiki about the warden: “The Warden (David Wain) is the proprietor of Superjail. Clad in a purple tailcoat, gloves, a purple top hat, red cummerbund, and yellow-tinted glasses, the Warden has been described as a “sadistic Willy Wonka”. Despite his seemingly happy and carefree demeanor, he is unmistakably an evil and selfish man, as one possible future depicts him ruthlessly subjugating the entire human race and turning the whole world into a single prison state..”
    So I guess this isn’t really an actor pick afterall…lol. But yeah…XD

  250. Ali Roberts

    I think

    Ivy- Kristen Kruek or Olivia Wilde

    Rachel- Angie Everhart or Alicia Witt

    Jenks- Should definitely be Casey James from American Idol!

    Nick- Tom Welling from smallville

    Kisten- Paul Wesley (vampire diaries on the cw)

    David- It would be easy to say hugh Jackman but NAH! Peter Stebbings

    Piscary- Martin Short

    Ceri- Gwen Paltrow

    Keasley- Morgan Freeman

    Big Al- Ian Somerhalder

    Newt- Kiera Knightley

    Trent- Jackson Rathbone

  251. Off the Top of my head.

    Ivy – Selma Blair — she has the hair and the body.
    Nick – Joel Moore from Avatar, Bones and Medium
    Kisten _ SImon Baker, although, in my head he has the face of a young Robert CUlp.

    Edden — Glenn Morshower the good Secret Service Agent on 24.

    Ceri an actress who can manage great vulnerability and strength at the same time — Keira Knightly, Kate Bekinsale, Kate HUdson (Physical Type)
    Piscary – Bill Nighe

    Marshall __ Matthew McConaughey

    Rachel – Scarlett Johanssen.

  252. Tena

    Jason Behr would be a good Minias. He’s very hot.

  253. Karl

    What do you think about this list of actors for the Hollows:

    Al – Hugh Laurie (He is English and has the accent for Al ) but Johnny Depp would make and interesting Al as well or even Robert Downey Jr.

    Kisten: Clive Owen

    Jinks : Zac Efron? really couldn’t come up with anyone

    Keasley: Morgan Freeman

    Nick: Edward Norton

    Trent: Leonardo DiCaprio

    Ivy: JAMIE CHUNG, I think Olivia Wilde who play’s 13 on House has a good look for Ivy

    Piscary: Ben Kinglsey works for me

    Rachael: Kate Winslet, Jennifer Garner, Laura Prepon (that 70′s show)

    Ceri: Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett

    Newt: Helen Bonham Carter, Kathy Bates

    Glenn: Terrance Howard (maybe) or Taye Diggs

    David; Hugh Jackman

    Pierce; Jude Law, Orlando Bloom

    Lee: Hugo Weaving

    Ryan: Robert DeNiro

    • cristina

      I do love these picks! Jenks is the hardest, it would probably have to be an unknown actor:) But Hugh Jackman, perfect!

    • Nicole Stevenson

      I could totally see 13 as Ivy, and Laura Prepon as Rachel

  254. Maria (Germany)

    I don’t know if you guys know “snooker” (its something like pool and very popular in Europe) but there’s a player from australia and he is everything I ever thougt of TRENT (well he’s not an actor but hey, he’s hot!)

    It’s Neil Robertson
    and he doesn’t even have to change his hair 😉

  255. Amy

    OK… I’m going to hate myself for actually assigning people to the fantasy world in my mind….but here we go.

    Al- Hugh Laurie (Dr. House)
    Kisten- Taylor Kitsch (Gambit in Wolverine)
    Jinks- Orlando Bloom
    Nick- Jude Law
    Trent- Alexander Skarsgard (don’t wanna see him as another vamp!)
    Ivy- Kate Beckinsale
    Piscary- Ben Kingsley
    Rachel- Anne Hathaway
    Ceri- Kate Blanchett definitely
    Newt- Meryl Streep
    Glenn- Benicio Del Toro
    David- Christian Bale (minus the weird Batman voice)
    Pierce-Viggo Mortensen

    • Karl

      I agree with you in hating to assign people to certain roles as I always picture them in my head differently, that said I agree with many of your choices,

      Al – Hugh Laurie (He is English as the accent for All) but Johnny Depp would make and interesting Al as well or even Robert Downey Jr.

      Kisten: Clive Owen

      Jinks : Zac Efron?

      Keasley: Morgan Freeman

      Nick: Edward Norton

      Trent: Leonardo DiCaprio

      Ivy: JAMIE CHUNG, Angelina Jolie? (cant see Kate Beckinsale in this as she is described in the books as having an oriental cast) I did think the girl who play’s 13 on House has a good look for Ivy not sure she fits though) and definitely not Milla Jovovich.

      Piscary: Ben Kinglsey works for me

      Rachael: Kate Winslet, Jennifer Garner,

      Ceri: Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett

      Newt: Helen Bonham Carter, Kathy Bates

      Glenn: Terrance Howard (maybe) or Taye Diggs

      David; Hugh Jackman

      Pierce; Jude Law, Orlando Bloom

    • Karl

      What about Hugo Weaving as Lee

  256. Angelika

    Hi I´m from germany so i would prefer some german actors i.e

    Jenks – Til Schweiger
    Denon – Jürgen Vogel
    Kisten – David Winter
    Ivy – Franka Potente or Caroline Herford
    Skimmer – Cosma Shiva Hagen

    But ther are some characters who can´t be played by german actors like

    Piscary Danny DeVito
    Nick – Matthey McConaughey

    and there ist a mus for Hugh Jackman as David

  257. Dave

    ivy -> Grace park (Boomer from New BSG on SciFi) or yes I love Underworld so Kate Beckinsale (Oh the skin tight black leather outfits)
    Rachel -> Scarlett Johansson (Think redheaded Black Widow / Natasha Romanoff in iron man 2)
    Trent -> Julian McMahon
    Big Al -> Cary Elwes (Princess bride is a classic) or Bill Nighy (Underworld)
    Jenks -> Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness is all time fave cult classic)
    Ceri -> Monica Bellucci (Persephone in Matrix reloaded) or Cate Blanchett as many others said before
    Kisten -> Alexander Skarsgård (From True Blood on HBO)
    Det. Glenn -> Kevin Grevioux (Werewolf in underworld) or Richard T. Jones (From Terminator TV series)
    Edden -> Has to be R. Lee Ermey. He is the only one I can picture (Just like in Seven with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman)
    Piscary -> Arnold Vosloo ( High Priest Imhotep in the Mummy)
    Denin -> Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister (President Lindberg from the fifth element)

  258. Peggy

    Jenks: Sean Patrick Flannery or Craig Horner
    Rachel: Rachel Lefevre or Scarlett Pomers
    Ivy: Olivia Wilde or Summer Glau. Milla Jovavich? (Think Ultraviolet)
    Ceri: Charlize Theron or Dakota Fanning
    Kisten: Taylor Kitsch or Charlie Hunnam
    Trent: Johnny Depp, possibily (maybe) Cillian Murphy?
    Glenn: Bryton McClure
    Piscary: Julian McMahon
    David: Hugh Jackman
    Nick: Kyle Schmid, Hugh Grant
    Matalina: Mila Kunis

  259. Sabrina

    Found my Jenks while watching the TV series “Wire in the Blood”: Mark Letheren. Think he’s a pretty good fit.

  260. caleb

    srry about the one in ur drama box didnt see this page yet.
    edden-clint eastwood
    keasley- morgan freeman
    those 2 for sure id pick the other ones i dont know yet

  261. My pics are here I made this (Fake) Trailer for the Hollows. Hope you all like it!!!!! Jen

  262. Chris

    Ok…as of today…right now:
    Rachael-Bridget Regan(Legend of the Seeker)
    Ivy-Zoe Saldana(Star Trek/Avatar)
    Piscary-Ben Kingsley
    AL-Gary Oldman
    Glenn-Shemar Moore(Criminal Minds)
    Keasley-Bill Cobb
    Trent-stretching here but the guy who plays the thief on White Collar
    Ceri-I just love Kate Blanchett for this
    Jenks-stumped right now
    Kisten-blond guy from supernatural

    • Chris

      I agree with Andrew that Meagen Fox would make a smokin’ Skimmer but Jenks needs to be heroic and snarky and try as I may I really think James Marsters that keeps coming to mind.

  263. AndrewIslay

    The way I picture them in my head:

    Rachel – Keira Knightley
    Ivy – Olivia Wilde
    Ceri – Mila Kunis
    Jenks – Jesse Spencer
    Trent – Johnny Depp
    David – Hugh Jackman
    Keasley – Samuel L Jackson
    Al – Hugh Laurie
    Skimmer – Megan Fox
    Piscary – Brad Pitt
    Nick – Hugh Grant – don’t know why???

  264. Jan

    Rachel-Holly Hunter
    Ivy-Kate Beckinsale
    Nick-Ryan Reynolds
    Kisten-Josh Holloway
    Trent-Chris Pine
    Ceri-Charlize Theron
    Rynn-Robert Deniro
    Al-Ralph Fiennes

  265. Sarah

    David–Hugh Jackman
    Kisten–James Marsters (I mean, come on, people!)
    Al–Hugo Weaving or Mark Strong
    Ceri– Clare Danes
    Ivy–Lynn Collins
    Rachel–Alicia Witt

  266. dana g

    rachel- bryce dallas howard.

    ivy–> rachel evan woods….just dye her black. or Evangeline lilly (LOST)…maybe also check olivia wilde.

    KISTIN—> jesse spencer (dr. chase on HOUSE)

    NICK—> joshua jackson, kyle schmid, noah segan (brick)

    PIERCE–> Joseph Gordon Levitt (500 days of summer, MANIC) or James McAvoy (wanted, attonement)

    Marshall–> matthew fox (LOST)

    JENKS–>hunter perrish (Silas on Weeds)
    MATILDA—>Mia Wasikowska (alice in the new alice in wonderland)

    AL–>billy cudrup, Michael C Hall (dexter), johnathan rhys meyers (tudors)

    NEWT—> maggie gylenhall.

    CERI–> claire danes. especially now that she is a blonde or zooey deschanel.

    Elizabeth(trents ex fiance)—> anna torv (fringe)

    • Just Me

      I love this list. Especially Michael C. Hall as Al. Brilliant!

    • Trish

      It never occurred to me before, but I also agree that Michael C. Hall would be a brilliant Al. But it feels like typecasting since Dexter the character himself seems like a good Al (just that he has a higher moral and actually listens to harry) Al sometimes listens to Rachel. haha.

  267. LoveBis

    how about Rachel Lefevre as Rachel?

  268. Joe Blake

    Jason Carter – Marcus from Babylon 5 as AL
    Jason Akles as Nick
    Dakota Fanning as Ceri
    India de Beaufort as Rachel
    Ben Kingsly as Piscary
    Clive Owen as David
    Devon Akoi as Matty
    Elijah Wood as Jenks
    Jessica Alba as Ivy

  269. Allie

    Based on what I read above, and also knowing that no one will ever be able to look exactly like any of the characters the way I imagine them (they are all unique, and I do prefer the way I see them, but obviously, no one is going to picture them the same way!), here is what I think :

    Rachel : Bryce Dallas Howard
    Ivy : Megan Fox
    Ceri : Anna Walton
    Kisten : Chris Pine
    Trent : Channing Tatum
    Jenks : Jeremy Sumpter
    Matalina : Saoirse Ronan
    Keasley : Morgan Freeman
    Skimmer : Evan Rachel Wood
    Edden : Julian Sands
    Nick : Ben Whishaw / Jake Gyllenhaal
    Al : Stuart Townsend / Johnny Depp
    Newt : Hilary Swank
    David : Hugh Jackman
    Piscary : Patrick Stewart / James Marsters
    Rynn Cormel : Alan Rickman
    Minias : Ryan Phillippe

    Some of them may or may not really match their descriptions in the books but I like to let my own imagination go so I can actually put a face that I like and think would match their personality myself. I try not to go too far, though… !! I also think that depending on wether we think so and so is cute or not, that’s going to influence what we think the characters look like. So here are some of the people I think would do even though I prefer the ones in my head ! 🙂

    • Jin

      not sure about the megan fox or evan rachel wood thing but the rest of the list is killer….I so think that Johnny Depp could pull off Al. Channing Tatuam as Trent. Never thought of it but yeah it definately works.

  270. Jessie

    A friend just got me started on this series and so I’ve just finished the first book. I’m not far enough into it to know all the characters but I’m excited.

    Rachel: Jennifer Garner or Jessica Biel
    Ivy: Angelina Jolie
    Keasley: Morgan Freeman
    Francis: Andy Dick

    Not sure about the others though….thought about Simon Baker for Jenks but he’s not young enough.

  271. Scott

    I’ve only recently fallen in love with the Hollows having picked up White Witch, Black Curse and have had to read them in reverse order but having finished them all I have a few meager ideas so here goes…

    Ivy : Kristin Kruek this choice is based almost entirely on the one episode of Smallville where Lana was turned into a vampire she looked good with fangs and even better in tight leather need I say more? lol

    Ceri : Anna Walton who already played a shy semi naive elven princess in Hellboy II as Princess Nuala and from the moment I “met” Ceri Nuala is how I kinda envision ceri sans the freaky contacts and 6 inches of white makeup

    David: I totally gotta agree with one of the previous poster Hugh Jackman would be an AWESOME David

    Al: this was a another tough one but assuming he would be spending most of his time in his favorite british aristocrat I’d have to go with either Alan Cumming (nightcrawler in x-ment 2) or Malcom McDowell.

    and with that I’m tapped out I really wanted to suggest a rachel but I can’t for the life of me think of any actress that would do her justice.

    Jenks is another one I couldn’t decide on I just can’t think of any actors who could pull of a pixy.

    and with that I’m done I might come back if I get any new idea but till then I’m done and in closing I’d like to say I can hardly wait for Black Magic Sanction to be release I even have it preordered 🙂

  272. Demons:
    Algaliarept- John Malkovich
    Newt- Hilary Swank

    Nick Sparagmos- Ben Whishaw
    Detective Edden- Harvey Keitel

    Skimmer- Evan Rachel Wood

    Jon- Daniel Craig

    Jenks- Jeremy Sumpter
    Matalina- Saoirse Ronan

    Keasley- Morgan Freeman
    Marshall- Andy Whitfield

  273. Erin

    I*’ve picked a couple of Rachel’s but I think they should do open casting calls and see if someone new could portray Rachel.

    • Erin

      I just can’t really think of anyone from hollywood that would portray her so if they did make a movie that would be my choice

  274. Corey

    Cast ideas for first book ONLY:

    Rachel: Bryce Dallas Howard
    Ivy: Jamie Chung
    Jenks: Zac Efron (Jenks IS only 18)
    Denon: Dwayne Johnson
    Kisten: Chris Pine
    Trent: Ben Foster

    Still thinking of other actors for the rest of the major roles.

  275. Amanda

    For a while I thought it would be cool to see a Rachel Morgan movie made, but I talked it over with my friends and we decided that any attempt will never do the books justice. Too much would be cut out, and Hollywood might squash the sometimes off the wall humor that we love-mostly pertaining to Jenks. You guys know what I mean I hope. They’ll take the books and level it out to make it suitable for the majority. The only way I can see justice be done is if it’s turned into a short series, so that all the major points can be worked in, but even then we could lose alot. Sorry for the ramble, but I had to get that out. Horay for the upcoming graphic novels!

    • Chrisy

      I so agree with you. Exept maybe for Lord Of The Rings I was alsways disappointed in the movies after reading the books. But it’s Kims choice anyways.

  276. Jim

    Piscary: Patrick Stewart
    Rynn Cormel: Bill Clinton!

    Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I read Jenk’s dialog, I hear it in a broad New Jersey accent! I am from Jersey, but still, the attitude Jenks has is perfectly from Jersey.

  277. Rachel

    ok I love this series, and I know actors so heres my shot….. I liked a lot of the people previously mentioned… but here I go…
    Rachel- Milla jovovich (that woman kicks ass!)
    Kisten- I liked jensen Ackles, although kist would be hard to place, the face I see in my head…well i cant really think of an actor good enough, but Jenson is good at being a dick, but due to his time on days of our lives, I know he can do uber sensitive. James Marsters wouldnt be bad either, after his stint in buffy and angel as the vampire spike…with the dyed blonde hair and accent…. i dont imagine hed want another vamp gig though…. but hes got all the experiance. being good and bad.
    Keesly- I liked Morgan freeman
    David- I really liked hugh jackman and he did play van helsing, hes good in long hair.
    Jenks- Ryan renolds is good at sarcastic so I think hes good for the part.
    Ivy- i agree megan fox would be ok, she looks the part but shes not the most talented…but probably best for the part as she is pretty sexy.
    minias- I agree antonio banderas…if he could get rid of his spanish accent.
    denon- I dont know his name, but the guy that played biff in back to the future, I always see his face in my head when I read about denon.
    al-Gavin rossdale would be good in the part, hed look good in the clothes and glasses, also hes already played a demon and has the accent!!!!
    Minias- Tom cruise might be better as minias….or not. Jerry o connoll.
    Nick-Jake gyllenhaal.

  278. jeff forbes

    So many choices as to who plays who.And many i agree with,so here’s my contribution.
    Rachael Morgan-Jennifer Garner
    Ivy Tamwood-Megan Fox
    Jenks-Thomas Dekker
    Keasley-Morgan Freeman
    Ceri-Cameron Diaz
    Trent-Aaron Eckhart
    Piscary-Julian Sands
    Kisten-Chris Jerhico
    Al-Stuart Townsend
    Rynn Cormel-Ben Cross

  279. Jimbo

    I really think the books would do better as a series on HBO or Showtime. Somehow, I can’t see any of the Hollows books as a 2-hour movie; there is too much in them.

  280. Nick

    Simone Simons would make an awesome Rachel although her hair would need to be curled for the part xD

  281. Sandra

    Kisten – Channing Tatum or Cam Gigandet
    Ivy – Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox
    Rachel – Taylor Momsen
    Trent – I would agree with Tom Felton, but I think he might be too young. Better Bradley Cooper or Daniel Craig.
    Nick – Ashton Kutcher, maybe?
    David – don’t really know who.. somehow I can’t imagine Hugh Jackman as David
    Piscary – I always imagine someone who looks a bit like Mahatma Ghandi, don’t know why. :DD
    Matalina – Cameron Diaz or something..
    Al – Johnny Depp, definitely! But maybe Alan Rickman would be a good choice, too. ^^
    Jenks – Jared Padalecki
    Ceri – Evan Rachel Wood

    yeah.. just my ideas 😀

  282. shayne

    ivy= koyuki (blood-the last vampire,the last samuri)
    david=hugh jackman
    keesley=morgan freeman
    denon=dwight johnson
    alice morgan=margareet gavin (audio book voice)
    al=sean connery
    ceri-liv tyler
    kist=Jensen Ackles

  283. Crystal

    Rachel-Amy Sloan
    Ivy -Kristin Kreuk or Elisha Cuthbert
    Jenks -Kyle Schmid
    Trent – Hayden Christensen
    Ceri-Elisha Cuthbert or Laura Vandervoort
    Al- Antonio
    Kisten-Brian Van Holt
    David-Hugh Jackman

    • Antonio Rich

      HEY! I resemble that remark! (Grin)

    • ashley

      I think Hayden Christenson is a wonderful choice 🙂
      I love Trents character and I think that Chris Pine would also make a good trent. I like your Hugh Jackman idea as well. 🙂

  284. Caroline S

    Rachel-Katee Sackhoff would play Rachel perfectly even if she isn’t a natural redhead..her acting skills are amazing
    Ivy-Grace Park…not to dip into the battlestar pool too much but this girl can act predatory and she’s 5’9″ which I think is essential to Ivy’s character
    Jenks-Hunter Parrish
    Nick-Topher Grace or Jared Padalecki
    Trent-Aaron Eckhart
    Kiston-Jensen Ackles
    Ceri-Jayne Wisener..Johanna from Sweeny Todd, she’s kind of ethereal like I imagine Ceri would be
    Keasly-Morgan Freeman obviously
    Skinner-Kristen Bell
    David-Misha collins…his voice as castiel on supernatural sounds just like i think david would sound

  285. Stephenie

    Ok, so I haven’t found ANYONE to play most of the characters, but the ONE I have found is Trent.

    I think in a few years Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter) would be perfect. He pulls off rich, amoral, and (in the 6th movie) morally torn; very well. Give him some prosthetic ears, a little bit of self tanner, and a few years and you have a Trent.

  286. JB

    Rachel-Katee Sackhoff (Dye her hair obviously) (Battlestar Galactica)
    Ivy-Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds)
    Jenks-Justin Kirk (Weeds)
    Trent-Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars)
    Al-Gavin Rossdale
    Nick-Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters)
    Kist-Jason Lewis (someone else mentioned him, and I like it) (Sex and the City)

  287. Beth

    Here is who I see in my head when I read, not necessarily good casting for a movie:

    Trent: Anderson Cooper
    Rachel: Alicia Witt (looks a little like Kim)
    Ivy: Cathrine Zeta Jones
    Al: Gary Oldman (ala Dracula 1992)

    • Victoria

      Anderson Cooper! Oh god, I can see it! If it weren’t for the fact that he’s, you know, a CNN journalist. The man was doing Katrina coverage in a suit and tie.

      This would be an awesome tv show…if it were to stay true to the books and film in Cinci. (I grew up there and would be pissed if it were set anywhere else).

    • Circe

      Oh my god he even has pointy ears! I think he would be better as Kalamack Senior.

  288. Roberto

    How about this?
    Rachel – Isla Fisher
    Ivey – Olivia Wilde
    Kisten – Ryan Reynolds
    Nick – Micheal Imperioli
    Trent – Julian McMahon
    Jenks – Woody Harrelson
    Keasly – Danny Glover
    Big Al – Mickey Rourke
    Piscari – Al Pacino

    • Antonio Rich

      You know, I see Julian McHahon as a really good Rynn Cormel. A bit too old for Trent…

    • Roberto

      I guess I always pictured him a bit older than Rachel. I think Eric Dane would be a great Rynn also

    • Rachel

      ya know what i totally agree…julian macmhan would be a good trent….he could also pull off minias.

    • Darren

      I for real see Olivia Wilde playing Ivy shes sexy and thats how i imagine her =] and Isla Fisher tas Rachel there both very beautiful women so its perfect

  289. Douglas

    Ivy = Milla Jovavich

    • Antonio Rich

      I’ve alwyays like Alicia Witt…she is 34 though…Mylene – pretty woman…although i don’t know if she speaks english…Tilda Swinton – that IS a perfect casting!

    • Caitlin

      Yeah, I’m not sure that Mylene speaks english, either. But to me, her look is perfect. Half French, half Chinese. She should learn English just to play Ivy!

  290. Flintsteak

    rachel-rose mcgowan ivy-kate beckinsale eden-kieth david jenks-tom jane al-stewart townsend nick-topher grace kisten-david boreanaz david-michael sheen trent- cillian murphy dali-jonathon hyde newt-robin williams(some explanation needed i know)- at first it was unclear that she was female, if you remember, so she cant be beautiful… Or even pretty… Or feminine. I imagine a demonic doubtfire-esque robin.

    • Antonio Rich

      You know, I’ve always had David Boreanez as Glenn. I know he’s white, but i think he’s great.

      Newt-Robin Williams? wow, that IS bold. My leading Newt for now: Shirley Mansion (tv’s terminator:Sarah Connor/music:lead singer–Garbage)

  291. Sarah

    Sorry if this message shows up twice. I try it a second time because nothing happend when I sumit my comment before.
    I think Gary Oldman is the perfect cast for Al ^_~: (original pic:

  292. Sarah

    *g* I found this pic of Gary Oldman:
    I changed some details and now I’m sure he is the perfect cast for Al:

  293. Sinn

    OK, the ultimate pick for Trent is Hugo Weaving from Matrix… Mmmrs, Mmmorrgann…. (mmmr. Annndersonnn… get it!??)

  294. William C

    i think Robert Forster aka Arthur Petrelli from heroes would make a good Eden. plus Cristina Ricci would be a good choice for Ceri.

  295. Chrisy

    I watched Blade Trinity lately and thought that Jessica Biel kinda looked like I imagine Rachel to look…

  296. Antonio Rich

    I like E Lilly. Yes, i’m having a little trouble w/Rachel…right now i’ve got Amy Adams, Deborah Ann Woll, Anna Torv in that order. I like that Emile de Ravin…I was thinking Miranda Otto, Diane Kruger, Malin Akerman for Cerie right now. There are SO MANY characters! I’m going to tackle the Witches next week. Did you watch that Jamie Chung(Erica) video as she’s blabbering on and on…LOL it’s too perfect.

  297. Tiffany

    How about Evangiline Lilly (Kate aka “Freckles” from Lost) for Rachel.  For example, this scene is so Rachel IMO 🙂

    …and this one too – it totally makes me think of the scene where Rachel is in the everafter with Trent:

    Now that I think about Lost… 
    Emilie de Ravin (Claire) would be a good Ceri
    Matthew Fox (Jack) might make a good Rynn Cormel
    And Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) has that wispy blonde hair that lifts in a slight wind 🙂 …if you make him clean-shaven he is pretty much how Trent looks in my mind.

  298. Antonio Rich

    Wow! There are SO many memorable characters to cast, especially when you don’t know how the movie script is going to look. I mean, will it concentrate on the “vampire storyline” that dominates much of the first 6 books? Or, will it start with Fistful of Charms(Kim’s favorite)? Or, will it be based on R&I First Year Graphic Novel? I researched everyone’s suggestions(they are REALLY good! But, try to include a picture/video) I decided to start with casting the Vampires. Here goes…

    IVY__To be honest, I haven’t really found the perfect Ivy, but I tried.

    1)Olivia Wilde(tv’s House)

    2)Zoe Saldana(movie:Star Trek)

    3)Grace Park(tv’s Battlestar Gallactica)

    4)Summer Glau(tv’s Firefly/Sarah Conner Chronicles)

    5)Crystal Liu Yifei(movie:Forbidden Kingdom)

    KISTEN__I was stumped for the longest time, but i think i got the guy.

    1)Matt Bomer(tv’s White Collar)

    2)Chris Pine(movie:Star Trek),,20008779_20172008_20172914,,00.html

    3)Taylor Kitsch(tv’s Friday Night Lights/movie:Wolverine)

    PISCARRY__Ben Kingsley(movie:Sexy Beast/House of Sand and Fog)

    ART__Stephen Dorff(movie:Blade/Public Enemies)

    DENON__Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje(tv’s Lost/Oz)


    1)David Tennant(tv:Dr Who/movie:Harry Potter)

    2)Jason Isaacs(movie:Harry Potter)

    PETER__Zachary Levi(tv’s Chuck)

    IVY’S MOM__Michelle Yeoh(movie:The Mummy-3/Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) She’s just freaking awesome.

    IVY’S DAD__

    1)Chris Cooper(movie:American Beauty/Adaptation)

    2)John Corbett(tv’s Sex&the City)

    ERICA__Jamie Chung(movie:Sorority Row)

    SKIMMER__Kristen Bell


    1)Mark Valley(tv’s Fringe/Boston Legal)

    2)Aaron Eckhart(movie:Thank You for Smoking)

    • Chrisy

      Woo! You’re crazy! 😀 For Ivy, I vote for Summer Glau now. She kicks ass. 😀

    • Antonio Rich

      Chrisy. I LOVE Summer too, i just wonder if she’s a movie star, you know…? What did you think of the Matt Bomer video? He’s starring in a USA Ntwk show starting tomorrow(oct 23rd)…

    • Kylie Ru

      Summer is absolutely amazing, and I really love her, but I can’t see her as Ivy. Olivia Wilde, though, I could see that.

    • Chrisy

      Antonio: Again I didn’t see any of Summer’s acting – I even didn’t know her at all. But she seems very… refreshing? Same thing with Mr. Bomer. Has to dye his hair blonde though. 🙂 And since I am from Germany, I am not able to watch this show. Darn it.

    • Chrisy

      Kylie Ru: Hm. But Olivia has no asian eyes, no olive-touch skin… and I think she looks too much like all the beautful fake chicks you can get anywhere. Her attitude is wrong. Maybe she could change that. But.. I dunno. I don’t like her

    • Tiffany

      Hi Antonio!  Great ideas!  I love your choices for Kisten – this is how he looks in my mind too.
      OK Ivy…while I have to say I definitely became an Olivia Wilde fan after watching that video, I have to agree with Chrisie, she dosn’t have that “slightly Oriental cast” (which is also why in my mind at least, Ivy also doesn’t look entirely Asian either).  But also, if this makes any sense, she seems too whole and fun-loving, more of the prey than the predator, so to speak. Maybe we could cast her as Rachel…I think there is a moment in that video where she is feeling her new caps on her teeth ;).

      I have to say I haven’t found the Ivy in my head either, but so far I still like Jaime Murray for Ivy.  I can imagine her as having a “slightly Asian” look, plus I think she carries off both dangerous and sophisticated.  Here is a video link:

      I love that you put ideas out for so many characters.  Ben Kingsley as Piscary … I like that.  In my mind Piscary looks like Dio 🙂  I like your Skimmer also.  And Zach Levi as Peter is perfect! 

    • Tiffany

      Ok – coincidentally I watched Olivia Wilde in Year One right after posting this, not even knowing she would be in it. An I take it back – she definitely has that predator vibe going on ;). Just maybe not the self-tortured predator, though I think she could act it.

      So are you having trouble picturing the right Rachel too?

    • Antonio Rich

      It’s great to see these actors actually “act” before making decisions…I had only seen Jaime Murray in an interview before. I liked her although she may be a little too old for the part. You know who i thought of as i watched the clip? Ms Walker, the scary banshee from WWBC…

    • Tiffany

      I think she would be a great Mia also – the character Lila she played is full of that deviousness Mia has, so no doubt she’d be great. But too old to play Ivy? Woot?? She’s pretty much exactly Ivy’s age.

    • luxom

      I don’t know. I’d rather read than watch a movie. If a movie was created maybe it could depict when the characters were younger? It would be interesting to see how Jenks steals Matalina or how Rachel was in the make-a-wish camp before her memory is forgotten. Can’t wait till the next book after reading some clever cliff hangers…

  299. Samantha

    I totally love Kim Harrison. SO These are my picks so far.
    Rachel- Scarlett Pomers
    Ivy- Olivia Wilde
    Trent- Chris Pine
    Kist- Taylor Kitsch
    Nick- Nick D’ Agosto
    Minias- Johnny Depp
    Al- Stuart Townsend
    Quen- Alexander Skarsgaurd
    Keasley- Morgan Freeman

  300. Becca

    I always picture Jenks as a miniature Alan Tudyk. I’ve loved him since he played Steve the Pirate in Dodgeball. He was great in Firefly, Death at Funeral, etc. He’s funny, cute, and a fantastic actor.

    Anna Walton played Princess Nuala in Hell Boy 2. I picture Ceri like that character without the white skin and weird eyes.

  301. Raistlan

    And for Mineas Tim Omundson from Psych. (Lassiter)

  302. Raistlan

    Kim, I love your books. My dad was just browsing the web and found the first Hollows book on audio so he got it. We had to go to Nevada to visit his parents and listened to it the whole way there and back. Amazing books. My dad and I love them.

    Rachel – I dont know… My dad says Claire from Heroes…
    Ivy – Kate Beckinsale (KICK BUTT VAMP! Underworld says so)
    David – Hugh Jackman (With the Van Helsing look)
    Keasley – Hugh Laurie (I have no idea why… But I can just imagine him as Keasley)
    Nick – Ryan Reynolds?
    Trent – Matt Damon
    Al – Johnny Depp
    Ceri – I think that Miranda Otto would be a good Ceri (From LOTR)
    Newt – Halle Berry? Like in X-Men 3 as Storm.

  303. Teresa

    Ceri – Miranda Otto (she played Eowyn from LOTR2)

  304. John Herald

    Kim, my wife, Valerie, amd I listen to a lot of audio books and found you first with your, go figure, your last book, White Whitch Black Curse. We were hooked. We went back and ran the series. We are almost finished with The Outlaw Demon Wails and we want to make one request, loose the reader! Gigi may be great at other things, but after 6 editions by Marguerite, we can barely handle her bad vocial and mis-pronunciations. Now that I’ve vented, are you working Rachel’s next adventure? We are waiting with “brimstone” baited breath. Thanks for many a great laugh and time very well spent.

  305. Todd

    Being a movie buff & a writer, Every time I read (and re-read) the Hollows books, it would run as a movie in my head.

    So my two cents ~

    IVY – First choice: Famke Jansen – though she would probably be too old to play it by the time it got to production. Jeanette Lee (pro pool player) would be a close second.
    Rachel – Scarlett Pomers. I wish I could send a photo, because she is an actress and looks the part to a tee!

  306. Jamie MN

    Okay I just surfed this while checking something else out, but if anyone has seen Sons of Anarchy, check out Charlie Hunnam & see if he would make a great Kisten! He’s totally got the look, but I haven’t seen the show to see how he acts, what his voice is like! This is my new pick for Kisten!

    • Antonio Rich

      I was researching him myself last night for my own list(he was also on a show called Undeclared when he was younger), and i really like him, but if anything, i see him more as Lee…He CAN act by the way.

  307. Chelsea

    Scratch that. Definitely Luke Goss for Piscary.

  308. Chelsea

    I always imagined Ceri as Anna Walton’s character (Princess Nuala) in Hellboy II. I think that’s exactly how she’s described, but without the lines on her face and the yellow eyes 😛
    And for Piscary, I was thinking Tom Colicchio. I know he isn’t technically an actor, but he is sort of in the business.. and I know he looks happy when he smiles, but he can look pretty mean on the show Top Chef. That’s another plus! He’s already a chef! haha 🙂

  309. Jamie MN

    Wow, lots of good choices & I have done way too much research for this fun! But I love casting books while I read ’em! My choices:

    Rachel – Rachel Lefevre or maybe Jena Malone
    Ivy – Devon Aoki is totally my Ivy or maybe Kristin Kreuk
    Jenks – Hunter Parrish, but the last episode of Bones had Reidar Larsen & he could be Jenks or even Jax

    Kisten – Alexander Skarsgard or Jensen Ackles
    Trent – I totally see Julian McMahon, but Jason Lewis could be good too
    Glenn – Dorian Gregory has always been my idea of him
    Ceri – Kristin Chenoweth or maybe Kirsten Dunst
    Keasley – Morgan Freeman, good choice
    Nick – I can’t quite find the right guy, but maybe Ryan Kwanten
    Al – Gary Oldman or maybe Ewan MacGregor

    • Robert

      Charlize Theron as Rachel or Ceri
      Ryan Reynolds as Kistin, or Jenks
      Got to go with Morgan freeman as Keasley
      and Gary Oldman as Al
      Chris Pine as Trent
      Gerard Butler as Minias, well, he has to be here somewhere.
      Natassia Malthe from Bloodrayne 2, would be a good choice for Ivy.

  310. Melissa

    Stuart Townsend is Al!!!

  311. Tzigane

    Just had to add I reakon Jena Malone would make a brillent Rachel not sure about any one else though 🙂

  312. Monique

    I think the Jensen Ackles scruffed up would makw a great Kisten. He’s got that cheeky attitude and he’s sexy.

  313. Maria

    OMG! I totally agree with you Chelsea! Chris Pine would be just perfect for Trent. Well I can’t imagine him look anything but stunning with white-blond hair *wohoo*

    As for Rachel – I think they should cast someone new or rather unknown, I don’t come up with someone suitable..

  314. Chrisy

    Johnny Depp for Big Al…

  315. Olivia Wilde for Ivy…

  316. Chelsea

    I think Chris Pine would make a PERFECT Trent Kalamack. I mean, just look at him. He looks wealthy and smug, much like Trent. I think he would be great.

  317. shauna

    I reckon The Hollows would be pretty good as a TV series, more time for characters and story, someone could even get a spin off series…
    ‘Nick: life as a crap for brains’ I’d watch it – if he died in the end…

    • LOL….

      and I agree with you…it´s obvious that tv shows are the new movies 😉

    • Heh heh heh Nick is an ass. I still remember reading that whole ‘just up and leaving’ saga and then having to go to sleep and I actually ground my teeth in my sleep I was so mad at him! And yea, they would have to make it into like a mini series or a proper tv series because making nooks into movies never works! It’s all good for the people who haven’t read the books because they don’t know what they’re missing. But they always miss big chunks out of them and swap bits around (i.e Twilight, Harry Potter) and it annoys the hell out of book fans. Although with True Blood they pretty much rearranged half the books lol.

      I was thinking, I really don’t like High school musical, but that guy whats his name? You know, the main singing guy… anyway, bleach his hair, spoon feed him some attitude and life experience, and he could make a good Jenks.

  318. Juliet

    All these actors and actresses, but who is going to direct???

    I vote for:

    Baz Luhrmann…yay, applaus, applaus 🙂

  319. Piscary-Robert Denero- Trent-Mat Damon-Ivy-Angelina Jolie-Al-Jonny Depp-Ceri-Michele Phiffer- Rachel- Kate Beckinsale –

    • Erin

      I think Michele would be to old for Ceri but Robert I could see as Piscary and Kate looks more like an Ivy especially from underworld black hair looks fierce on her

    • Lyra Nicole

      I am soooo with you that Johnny Depp would be perfect for Al… I love the way he can play a character that is evil yet still lovable at the same time. I think that he would be able to pull off the complexities that make up Al’s persona in a way that no other could!!!

  320. shauna

    Oh yeah, i forgot about her (Jaime Murray) she would be good, wouldnt she- i hope theyed let her keep the accent.
    I cant think of anyone for Nick, i can never picture him well….maybe Jake Gyllenhaal (hope i spelt that right)

  321. Tiffany

    I was thinking of a character from Dexter for Ivy too – but I was thinking of Jaime Murray who played Lila in season 2 – she has those almond shaped eyes and exotic look. Mmmm. God save me from myself, as a favorite author might say 😉

    How about Minnie Driver with her hair dyed red for Rachel? Nice square jaw, strong and venerable at once…I like it.

    Also, how about Hayden Christensen for Jenks?

    • Antonio Rich

      I really like Minnie Driver, but by the time they make this film i think she might be better as Rachel’s mother…

    • Tiffany

      LOL – I don’t know about Rachel’s *mom* (Rachel is 27-30, Minnie is 39), but you’re right. Damn…how long ago was Good Will Hunting anyway?!?

  322. shauna

    I think Jennifer Carpenter (From Dexter) could play Ivy.
    I had an idea for Rachel, but i saw Sues comment up there and I changed my mind. Rachelle Lefevre would be pretty good.

  323. AJ

    IVY – Karen Cliche

  324. Stacie

    What about Joanne Kelly for Ivy? She played the vampire Bianca on The Dresden Files, though mentioning that show makes me think that Paul Blackthorn would make a great David as well. I could see either Alyson Hannigan or Amy Adams as Rachel, and I could definitely see Topher Grace as Nick and Allyn Hyde as Jenks…

  325. Juliet

    We have the perfect Rachel here in Germany…but she is an author (one of the best) and not an actress so….relax 🙂

    @sabrina: Eva is great, but I stay with Jennifer 😉

  326. Sabrina

    What about Eva Green for Ivy? I think this woman is sexy as hell.

    • Erin

      HELL YES!!!! That is all I have to say, she is sexy and gives off the perfect vibe just in her pictures alone and in Casino Royale she is confident and seems safe with just enough hint of danger lurking underneath to make you think twice about crossing her path. Yess yess yes and again yes she is absolutely PERFECT!!!

  327. Juliet

    Glenn: Bryton McClure
    Ivy: Jennifer Connelly
    Rachel: Anna Torv
    Trent: Patrick Wilson
    Jenks: Hunter Parrish

    Just like they look in my head 😉

  328. Chrisy

    I love Bryan Greenberg… maybe he could be Glenn… or someone… anyone.

    • Chrisy

      I found my perfect Kisten! Jensen Ackles! This video convinced me that he’s the perfect choice.
      He is a play-child (does this word exist in english? …) just like Kist. And he acts like he’s the man…. man.

    • Natalie

      OMG!!! YES!!! Jensen Ackles would be the perfect Kisten!!! I totally agree!!
      mh another opportunity would be Jason Dohring … but he could be Al aswell

      and … as Minias XD JOHNNY DEPP …

    • Antonio Rich

      Chrisy. I like J Ackles too and have watched his tv show Supernatural…but, i gather you haven’t seen the show, because if you did you’d see that his acting & speaking mannerisms closely resemble Sylvester Stallone! I could see him starring in the next Martin Scorcese film before i could see him play the gentlemanly part of Kisten. I could see him as Art or maybe David maybe…

    • Chrisy

      Hmm.. you’re right Antonio Rich, I didn’t see anything with him. I just liked his attitude in the video. ^^

  329. Cuthien Moonleaf

    After months of searching, we’ve finally found the perfect Jenks. Allan Hyde is almost unknown. He has the body build necessary and would look good as a blond with green eyes.

    Gary Oldman would make the perfect Al. As seen in Bram Stoker’s Dracula,

  330. Rob

    Kisten- Alexander Skaarsgard (Eric from True Blood)
    Trent- Chris Evans (Push, Fantastic Four)
    Ivy- Kate Beckinsale (Underworld)
    Nick- Nick D’Agosto (Fired Up)
    Rachel- Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica from True Blood)
    Jenks- Topher Grace (That 70’s Show, Spiderman 3)

  331. Jamie MN

    I have one suggestion to add, which is Cary Elwes for Jenks. I can totally see his style, a la Princess Bride, with that mix of humor from Hot Shots! He’s probably getting a little old (they all want the characters to be so young these days!) but I still think he’s got that roguish look that Jenks definitely should have!

    I can only imagine Kim Harrison playing Rachel Morgan!

  332. Sue, Chicago

    I’m still sticking to my pick for Kisten. He’s a canadian actor named David Paetkau. He’s currently on the show Flashpoint. If you look him up on, they even have a picture of him with the beard stubble. Since seeing that picture, no one else comes close!

    My pick for Rachel would be Rachel Lefevre. I know she’s in Twilight, but she’s still the closest I’ve seen to my idea of Rachel.

  333. Fan(g)girl

    My personal favorite choice for Trent would have to be Aaron Eckhart.
    I think Lucy Liu would be my choice for Ivy.

    • Abrelle Poole

      Lucy Liu would make a smoldering Ivy… she can definitely do kick ass and attitude; toss up between her and Angelina Jolie?

  334. Angel

    Oh and Mika Boorem for Rachel

  335. Angel

    I think Kristin Kreuk from Smallville would do a good Ivy.

  336. Chantal

    Even though she is too young right now, I think Alia Shawkat would make an excellent Rachel Morgan. I’ve only seen this actress in Arrested Development, but the spunk, attitude, and looks are pretty good 🙂

    Not sure about the other ones yet…

  337. Angelique

    Hmmm…who to cast…

    David…Hugh Jackman (After the Van Helsing ref, who else could he be really?)
    Al……Ewan Mcgregor.
    Jenks……Peter Sumpter (kid who played Peter Pan in the 2003 film…not such a little kid anymore)
    Nick….Topher Grace
    Ceri-Anne Hathaway but blonde like in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland
    Keasly….Morgan Freeman
    Glenn…..Dwayne Johnson

    Trent….(Maybe Ryan Philippe still thinking about how to cast for Trent)
    Still puzzling out Rachel and Ivy….I looked up Sabrina’s pick for Kisten, I could go for him.

    • Celina

      I agree with all your picks! Trent I’m stumped. Rachel I first thought maybe someone like Milla Jovovich and Ivy would be played nicely by Angelina Jolie when she was in the tomb raider movies or Kristen Kreuk would work for Ivy as well. But Angelina holds more of the forbidden sexual energy that Ivy gives off I think.

    • Celina

      Kate Beckinsale I can also see playing Ivy as well!

    • Melissa

      I always see the guy who played Smith on Sex in the City as Trent. His name is Jason Lewis, I think.

    • Melissa

      Opps, I forgot to say Topher Grace as Nick, PURE GENUIS!!!!

    • Haha Ewan McGregor would make such a good Al. I don’t think it’s possible to find someone good enough to play Trent, he is way too..hmm whats the word? Unique? Something like that. Not saying that the other characters aren’t, but that I dunno, I find Trent very out-of-this-world if you get me. It would be hard to find someone magnetic enough to play him.

    • Sinn

      OK, the ultimate pick for Trent is Hugo Weaving from Matrix… Mmmrs, Mmmorrgann…. (mmmr. Annndersonnn… get it!??)

    • Janis

      In reference to what Sinn said, I can’t picture Hugo Weaving as Trent, mostly because he’s a little too old, but I could definitely see him as Al.

    • Jude Law for Trent. I had thought Kisten before but he’s probably too old.

    • Antonio Rich

      Topher Grace is inspired! That’s the one that’s perfect.

    • Jenks……Peter Sumpter (kid who played Peter Pan in the 2003 film…not such a little kid anymore) <— Just yesterday a friend and I were talking about what a perfect Jenks he'd be!

  338. Sabrina

    I’ve never really thought about which actor I would like to see as someone from the Hollows but when I watched “Wolverine” at the cinema and Taylor Kitsch made his first appearance all I could think of was: He would be a fantastic Kisten! So, yes, he’s my Kist.

    • Chrisy

      I totally agree!

    • Nynaeve

      Today I found a picture of a German actress – her name is Milena Karas and I think she’d do an acceptable Ivy…

      @ Sabrina: I’m right there with you – Taylor Kitsch is my Kisten, too!

    • Celina

      OMG!!! I totally agree with you but I also thought of James Marsters for Kisten. But now I”m not sure anymore! Ahhh!i like ’em both!!