Kisten’s Music

Rachel : Ivy : Kisten : Jenks : Nick : Piscary : Trent : Rachel and Ivy : Seduction :


There were far too many suggestions to keep listed on the front page, so here are the rest: 

 You can add to Kisten’s playlist below.  Please don’t post YouTubes or lyrics of copyrighted material.  I’ll just have to take them down.


Adam Ant: “Whip in My Valise”

Alannah Myles: “Black Velvet”

Alan Parsons: “I Wouldn’t Want to be Like You.”

Alice Cooper: “Poison” (Rachel)

Atreyu: “The Crimson”

Bad Religion: “Infected” (with Ivy)

Big Mick and the Boys: “Dancing with Mr D”

Blackmore’s Night: “Cartouche” (with Rachel)

Blink 182: “Always”

Bob Dillan: “Lay Lady Lay”

bon jovi: “blaze of glory”

Buckcherry: “Next 2 You” (with Rachel)

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: “I’ll Never Tell” (with Rachel)

Bugs: “About You”

Butthole Surfers: “Shame of Life”

Buzzcocks (The): “Sixteen again”

Cake: “I Want to Love You Madly” (with Rachel)

Carly Simon: “You’re So Vain” “Mockingbird”‘ “Give Me All Night”

Cheaters Club (the): “Anthony”

Cody Chesnutt: “Look Good in Leather”

Cold: “Cure My Tragedy” (with Rachel) “Wasted Years”  “Check Please”

Corrs (the): “Hopelessly Addicted” (with Rachel)

Covenant: “Like Tears in the Rain”

Cradle of Filth: “Temptation” (with Rachel)

Cranberries :”electric blue eyes”

Cris Issak: “Wicked Games”

Dave Baerwald: “Secret Silken World”

Dengo Jones: “The Lover Call”

Depeche Mode: “I want you now”  “World in my eyes”

Dream Theater: “Pull Me Under” (with Rachel)

Drowning Pool: “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”

Elvis: “Little Less Conversation”

Evanescence: “Surrender” (with Rachel) “Before the dawn” (with Rachel)

Evans Blue: “Cold” (with Rachel) “Possesion”

Fenix TX: “Threesome”

Finger Eleven “Paralyzer” (with Rachel)

Firescape: “Erase This”

Garbage: “Vow”

Gentle Giant: “Funny Ways”

Godsmack: “Awake”

Guns ‘n Roses: “Hair of the Dog”

Gwen Stefani: “Crash” (with Rachel)

HIM: “Vampire Heart” “Kiss of Dawn”  “Song or Suicide”

Hoobastank: “Inside Of You” (with Rachel)

Hot Action Cop: “Feva for tha Flava”

Incubus: “Crowded Elevator”

Jem: “Come on Closer” “Falling for you” (with Rachel)

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: “Fetish”

Joe Cocker: “You can leave your hat on” (with Rachel)

Johnny Lang; “Lie to Me” (with Rachel)

Johnny Reznik: “I’m Still Here”

Judas Priest: “A Touch Of Evil” (With Rachel)

Jordin Sparks: “Tattoo” (with Rachel)

Kid Rock: “So Hot”

Kiss: “King of the Nighttime World”

korn: “I cant remember” “Coming Undone” (with Rachel)

K.T. Tunstall: “Another Place to Fall” “Universe and U” “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” “Sex on Wheelz” “Sex and Candy”

Limp Bizkit: “Behind Blue Eyes”

Linkin Park: “Leave Out All the Rest”

Lizzy Borden: “There Will Be Blood Tonight”

London After Midnight: “Your Best Nightmare” This Paradise” ” The Black Cat” ” The Bondage Song “

Lorna Valling: “Taste”

Loverboy: “The Kid is Hot Tonight”

Love & Rockets: “So Alive” (dance club)

Marcy Playground: “Sex and Candy”

Marylin Manson: “This is New Shit” (with Rachel)

Metallica: “Of wolf and man”

Mika : ‘Happy Ending’ (with Rachel)

Mix-a-lot;:“I Like Big Butts”

Madonna: “Beautiful Stranger” (with Rachel)

Moby: “Porclien” (Rachel)

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult: “Sex On Wheelz”

Nelly Furtado: “Promiscuous” (with Rachel)

Ne-Yo’s: “Say It”

Nickelback: “Savin’ Me”,  “Animals” “You Remind Me”

Nightwish: “while your lips are still red”  “I Wish I Had An Angel” “Romanticide”

NiN: “Head Like a Hole” “The Had That Feeds” “Last” “Closer” “Perfect Prug” “I want to F#$k you Like an Animal” (with Rachel)

One Tree Hill: “Collide” (with Rachel)

Panic: “Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off” (with Rachel)

Pat Benetar: “Heartbreaker” “Fire and Ice” (both with Rachel)

PJ Harvey– “Garden”

Plasmatics: “Black Leather Monster”

Prince: “International Lover”

Pussycat Dolls: “Don’t Cha” (with Rachel)

Queen: “Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy”

Rammstein: “Du Hast” (dance club)

Red Hot Chili Peppers: “Sir Psycho Sexy”

Rihanna: “There’s a Thug in my Life”

Rolling Stones: “Start Me Up

Sarah McLachlan: “Fallen”

Saving Abel: “Addicted” (Rachel)

Seether: “Never Leave”

Selena: “Dreaming of you/I could fall in love”  (with Rachel)

Shania Twain and Bryan White: “From This Moment” (with Rachel)

Sixx:AM: “Life is Beautiful” (Ivy)

Skillet: “Under my skin” (with Rachel)

Skindive-“No more good guys” (with Ivy)

smashing pumpkins– “drown” (with Rachel)

Smiths (the): “How Soon is Now?”

Spindle: “Rebirth”

Static-X: “New Pain”

Stray Cats: “Stray Cat Strut”

Ten Years: “The Recipe,”

Three Days Grace: “Let you down” and “Take me under” (with Rachel) “Pain” (with Rachel)  “Animal I have become”

Toadies (the): “Possum Kingdom”

Toby Keith: “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This”  “He Aint Worth Missing”

Tori Amos– “a sorta fairytale” (with Rachel)

Trapt: “Head Strong”

T Rex: “life’s a gas”

Twisted Method: “Shine”

Type0Negative: “Love you to Death” (with Rachel)

U2: “Even Better Than the Real Thing”

Vast: “Touched” (with Rachel)  “Three Doors”

Verve Pipe: “I Want All of You”, ” Wonderful Waste”

VNV Nation: “My Beloved” (Rachel)

We Are Scientists: “Nobody move, Nobody get hurt”

White Stripes: “I’m Finding it Harder to be a Gentleman”

Who (The)-“Behind Blue Eyes”

74 responses to “Kisten’s Music

  1. Bill

    Kiss – I was made for Lovin’ You
    If there is any song that would’ve sugared Rachel’s blood faster, especially with Kisten leading a floor full of living Vamps to a line dance… Search I was made for Lovin’ you – Just Dance 3 on You tube and you can even get a look into what Rachel was seeing that night… *L*

  2. The Light Behind Your Eyes – My Chemical Romance. I think of Kisten dying and telling Rachel to tell Ivy that they keep their soul’s after all when I hear this… It’s a beautiful song and I always think of that scene when Rachel’s holding him.

  3. alicean

    Snuff by slipknot reminds me of kisten, don’t know why

  4. lavinia68

    Alice in Chains- Black gives way to blue from Rachel to Kisten

  5. SLynn

    For Kisten afterwards: Dust in the Wind by kansas

  6. Jo

    for Kisten and Rachel, when they are in the club and she gets blood drunk…Maroon 5 “Moves like Jagger”

  7. Michelle B.

    For Kisten have “Fall Into Me” by Emerson Drive; “If I Was You Man” by Blake Shelton; and “Never Gonna Be Alone” by Nickleback for a few conversations he had with Rachel. Then a song from Rachel after his death…”When I Think About Angels” by Jamie O’Neal.

  8. Hi Ms. Kim-Queen Äll Right Now” Professor Brian May can really play the guitar for a astrophysicist too! And Freddie is doing his best(The vid I have was done not long before he went to the hospice)-he was still the best,

  9. Margaret Feightner

    Audioslave’s – Show Me How To Live makes me think of Kristen. Also, Bush’s Mouth.

  10. Dawn

    For Kisten w/ Rachel..this song comes to mind every time she touches the pooltable
    Aerosmith – Painted On My Heart

  11. Rick

    I happen to think that the Nine Inch Nails son 5in (sin) seems pretty good for Kisten

  12. Melissa

    (at the moment i’m only on book three but this song came to me after the dance floor in book 3 and the elevator in book 2)
    Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off by Panic! At The Disco (i don’t know why just does)

  13. Not REALLY Kisten, but Piscary’s when Kisten was looking after it while Piscary was in prison – the upper dance floor.

    Faderhead – Burning Dancing

  14. “Pink” by Aerosmith
    “Sir Psyco Sexy” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is perfect, I laughed and nodded my head when I saw it.

  15. Michaela

    I don’t know if someone said it before but
    “As the rush comes” by motorcycle

  16. Bailey

    Bullets in the gun by toby keith (with rachel) it fits he is one bad boy XD

  17. “In the End” by Pickering Pick
    4 Rachel & Kristens final good-bye

  18. Smashing Pumpkins- The Beginning is the end is the beginning.
    The slow version, its sexy just like his character.

  19. Cerdiwen Ivy Morgan

    fireework by katy perry

  20. Ryan Driskell

    The song “dream on” by Aerosmith would fit kisten perfectly because he is like a ghost or otherwise a dream!

  21. Felps

    Devil’s Dance Floor by Flogging Molly makes me think of Kisten and Rachel

  22. Deborah

    Crystalline Green by Goldfrapp
    Crazy, sexy song with dangerous sound. … yet still light. Perfect for Kisten —

  23. Mae

    It could honestly be for any of them! LOL! But to me its more Kisten then anything….I can imagine him singing this.

    Bush – Mouth (The Stingray Mix)

  24. Tom

    Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground. There could be no other song that fits Kisten better.

  25. Nina

    “Don’t Let Them Throw Me Away” by Korn fits Kisten pretty well I think.

  26. Deanna

    So, I posted this under the front page of the music section without realizing there was a separate one for Kisten. Anyway, he’s not my favorite character, but this song really goes well with how Rachel might have felt when he died and it chokes me up a little 😦

    It’s the synthrock band Birthday Massacre, called “To Die For” and has a female lead singer.

  27. Amber

    The Black Keys-Sinister Kid

  28. Scout12295

    Blue October “Mountain” from Kisten to Rachel just before his death.

  29. gabehDuh

    Misery Loves Company-Emilie Autumn

    ….totally makes me think of kisten and his vulnerability for Ivy and Rachel ❤

  30. Rowena Abercrombie

    Crossfires by Brandon Flowers. This should probably be under both Kisten and Rachel but I see it as how Kisten felt inside or talking to Rachel. It also would make a good flashback song if a movie were ever made reflecting them both. Sit back and close your eyes to hear it. All the books and parts of them come to life. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  31. F.I.T.L.D.

    You know i’ve looked up and down this list and have yet to find any Monks. And since I ACTUALLY listen to Gregorian Chanting & Enjoy the Spiritual High It brings me & i’m sure that It Gave Kisten, Here are a few For you guys to relax, take in & enjoy.

    Gregorian Chanting Track 18: Dominus Exsultemus

    18 Gregorian Chants – Dominus Exsultemus downloadfound at bomb-mp3 search engine

    Enigma-Mea Culpa

  32. Banshee

    hi kim
    this is my sugestions:.

    devils – the 69 eyes but with rachel
    you listen please

  33. Within Temptation – The Promise; just perfect, the whole song through!

  34. Robyn

    Jump, Little Children – “Darkest Love”

  35. John P

    Disturbed – Indestructible (when the hunger takes over)

  36. Jennifer

    Shiney Toy Pistols- Stripped, the song is just so alluring and sexual and commanding all at the same time. After I read the books I thought of Kisten but even before that it was the theme song(at least in my head) to George Orwell’s 1984.

  37. SinsofMidnight

    God, this character ends up with the *sexiest* playlist.

    I think that “Falls Appart” by Thousand Foot Krutch suits him, though.

    Don’t ask me why… XD

  38. Heather from AZ

    Just wanted to let you know that you forgot the “n” in NIN The Hand That Feeds, Also “p” is suppose to “D” for Perfect Drug and I am not sure if you meant Closer (From Downward Spiral) by Nine Inch Nails instead of “I wanna F*ck you like an animal”

  39. Jack

    King of Pain by The police/ & sting

    Lipstick Jungle by Newton Faulkner

    Give them a listen – im sure you’ll love them xF

  40. Vale

    Hi there. I’ve found a song that suits Kist … mmm, perfectly. It’s Monster by The Gathering. Good lyrics reflect his vampiric nature and this song sounds really fantastic and intriguing.

    P.S. Just sorry for my English (not my native language 😉

  41. Cadence

    from 2 min 45 sec to 3 min 45 the song Possibility by lykke li reminds me of kisten to rachel when he dies. Tear worthy

  42. Jessica

    Jonny Lang “Touch” (with Rachel)

  43. Robin

    Bon Jovi’s Wanted Dead or Alive

  44. onetree hill is my favorite tv show

  45. sharon

    nickleback’s something in your mouth

  46. Petra

    “Salt” by Madrugada

  47. Ghost


  48. Ghost

    Malice Mizer-“Regret” (w/Rachel)

  49. Joe Blake

    Ty Herdon – It must be love

    rachel after Kisten – Jim Croche “Photographs and Memories”

  50. mandik

    just what i needed – the cars (with rachel and ivy)

  51. uapeople

    Skid Row – I Remember You

  52. uapeople

    Aerosmith – “Love in an Elevator” (for that 1st scene between Rachael and Kisten)

  53. mel

    stone sour – bedanya (at the end with piscary)
    stone sour – reborn
    stone sour – bother

  54. Sonya

    A few songs that brought Kisten to mind:
    Pour some sugar on me (w/t Rachel)
    I’ll make love to you (w/t Rachel)
    Candy Shop (w/t Rachel)
    Man to Man ( to Nick about Rachel)
    I’m too sexy (himself)

  55. “Down By The River” by Dave Matthews. It reminds me of when Rachel and Kisten try to escape and Kisten dies. The lyrics “I shot my baby” interpreted that Kisten’s death hurt Rachel and killed a part of her.

  56. Kate N

    JUST SAY YES – by snow patrol – just listened to it for the first time and it just brought up kisten and rachel – as i was taking a reading break 😀

  57. Joel

    “sugar we’re going down swinging” by fallout boy is an accurate descipsion about the fight scene on the boat

  58. Joel

    “when i’m gone” by emmien (w/ Rachel) I hate rap but this is a rare gem

  59. slayer

    i think “bring me to life” would go well with the part when her and kisten get together on his boat for her birthday

  60. Marleen M

    Im posting this agian, because I didnt relize I was at Rachels songs.

    After the run from Makinac was done and they all retruned back home to the church….Kisten and Ivy Both had a discussion about the blood passion they each wish to share with Rachel. I think the song by, ‘”” Michael Jackson & Paul Mcartney__The Girl Is Mine__“”‘….that would fit well with there fighting for Rachels Love.

  61. Marisa

    Avenged Sevenfold- Dear God (with Rachel)
    the chorus says it all.

    Dear God the only thing is ask of you
    is to hold her when i’m not around
    when i’m much to far away
    we all need that person who can be true to you
    i left her when i found her
    and now i wished i’d stayed
    cuz i’m lonely and i’m tired
    and i’m missin you again, oh no
    once again

  62. robin

    Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood. When I first heard it I thought of Kisten and his whole bad boy persona.

  63. Jen B.

    Kisten (with Rachel) – “I Want You To” by Weezer.

  64. Melissa

    Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose”, it reminds me of Kisten & Rachel

  65. Maria

    *New Born* by MUSE

    I just love this one 😉

  66. Aenne


    Def Leppard – Love Bites

  67. Wynn

    These are just for Kisten:

    “Sexy Boy” by Air (Many Different versions of this song)
    “Dusting Down The Stars” by Mobile

  68. Sandra Treadaway

    ok, so this is kinda lame, but it is appropriate. Usher- U make me Wanna (with Rachel and Ivy)

  69. Tas

    Hey again~ This one whiffs of both Kisten and Trent, in their own ways.

    Mighty Might Bosstones- The Rascal King

  70. Dawn

    Jay Gordon “Slept so long” (with Rachel)

  71. John

    ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man

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