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There were far too many suggestions to keep listed on the front page, so here are the rest: 

 You can add to Ivy’s playlist below.  Please don’t post YouTubes or lyrics of copyrighted material.  I’ll just have to take them down.


3 Doors Down: “Kryptonite”

3 Days Grace “Burn”  (to Piscary)

16 Volt: “Happy Pill” “Alkali”

Aerosmith: “Crazy” “Hole in my Soul” “Never Loved a Girl” “Temperature”

AFI: “Total Immortal” “Miseria Cantare” “Miss Murder”

Adema: “Giving In”

Alanis Morissette: “Ironic”

Alexandra Slate: “Bad Girl”

Alicia Keys ” No One” (with Rachel)

Alice Cooper: “Schools Out” “Cold Ethyl

Amber Benson: “Under Your Spell” (with Rachel)

Amy Winehouse – “Back to Black”

Angel Fish: “Suffocate Me”

Angels & Airways: “The Adventure”

Apocalyptic ft: “Bittersweet” (to Rachel)

Aracadia: “Lady Ice”

Atreyu: “Bleeding Mascara” “A Vampire’s Laments” “Love is Illness” “The Remembrance Ballad” “Corseting” “Her portrait in black”

Audioslave – “Show Me How To Live”

Avenged Sevenfold: “eternal rest”

Azam: “La Serena”

Backstreet Boys: “Incomplete”

Bauhaus: “The Passion of Lovers” “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”

Bayside: “Don’t Call Me Peanut”

Beck: “Missing”

Bif Naked:  “My Bike”

Billy Idol: “Catch My Fall”

Birthday Massacre (the): “To Die For”

Bjork: “Play Dead”

Black Label Society: “In This River Is A Song”

Blackmore’s : “Diamonds & Rust”

Black Tape for a Blue Girl: “Dagger”

Blink-182: “I Miss You”

Blue October: “A Quiet Mind” Hate Me”

Blue Oyster Cult: “The Reaper”

Bullet for my valentine: “tears dont fall”

Bob Dylan: “Knockin on Heaven’s Door”

Breaking Benjamin: “Until The End”

Britney Spears: “Oops, I Did it Again”

Bruce Springsteen: “Born To Run” “Dancing in the Dark”

Bush: “The Chemicals Between us” “Glycerine” “Mouth”

Carfax: “Cry Little Sister”

Chevelle: “The Red” “Vitamin R” “Emotional Drought” “Closure”

Chiasm: “‘Isolated”

Christina Aguilara: “Beautiful”  “Makeover” (with Piscary)

Cradle of Filth: “Nymphetamine”

Cranberries (the): “Ode to My Family”, “Zombie”

Creatures (the): “Slipping Away”

Crossfade: “Setta”

Cruxshadows: “Winterborn”  “Deception”

Crystal Method: “Jaded”

Concrete Blond: “Bloodletting” “Run”

Cult (the): “She Sells Sanctuary”

Cure (the): “Us or Them” (with Piscary)

Curve: “Chinese Burn” (with Rachel)

Daniel Bedingfi: “If Your Not The One”

Danzig: “Hint of her blood”

Dave Mathew’s Band: “The Space Between”

Dead Can Dance: “The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove” (after breaking up with Kisten)

Deftones: “Digital Bath” “hexagram”

Death Cab For Cutie: “Sound of Settling”  “someday you will be loved”

DeathStars: “Death In Vogue” “Virtue to Vice” (with Piscary)

Deborah Harry: “End of the Run”

Depeche Mode: “Sister of Night” “Sinner in Me” “Only When I Lose Myself” (with Rachel)  “Master and Servant” (with Piscary)

Dido: “Honestly” “Hunter”

Disengage: “So Sorry to Stay”

Disturbed: “Down with a sickness” “Prayer” “Pain redefined”

DJ Rap: “Good to be Alive”

Dollybraid: “Broken Like an Angel”

Doves (the): “One Of These Days”

Dream Evil: “Evilized”

Dresden Dolls (the): “Thirty Whacks”

Dropkick Murphy: “Dirty Glass”

Dry Cell: “Body Crumbles”

Duran Duran: “Save A Prayer”

Eisley: “Telescope Eyes”

Engima: Sadeness, Pt 1

Europe: “Stormwind”

Evanescence: “Away from me” “Bring Me to Life” “Haunted” “Lies” “Wash it all Away” “Thoughtless” “Lose Control” “All That I’m Living For” “Snow White Queen” “Good Enough” “Lithium”  

Everclear: “Amphetamine”

Faith & The Muse: “Vervain”

Fear Factory: “Bite The Hand That Bleeds”

Finger Eleven: “Sad Exchange”

Fiona Apple: “Paper Bag”  “Criminal”

Fleetwood Mac: “Gold Dust Woman”

Flyleaf:“Sick” “Sorrow” (with Kisten) “So I thought” (with Kisten) “Fully Alive”

Front 242: “Serial Killers Don’t Kill Their Girlfriend”

Future Leader’s of The World: “Let Me Out”

Gabriela Anders: “Wanting”

Garbage: “Wicked Ways” “Supervixen”  “Alice In Chains” “Got Me Wrong” “Trip My Wire” “I’d die for you” “Bleed Like Me”

Gary Numan: “Walking With Shadows”

Gatsby’s American Dream: “Theatre”

Gentle Giant: “Nothing at All”

Goo Goo Dolls (the) – Iris

Green Day: “Extraordinary Girl” “Boulvard of Broken Dreams”

Godhead: “Sinking”

Godsmack: “Voodoo” “Vampires”: “Keep Away” (with Piscary) “Asleep-Accoustic” (with Piscary)

Gorillaz (the): “Last Living Souls” (with Kisten)

Guns N’ Roses: “Black Leather”

Hawthorne Height: “My Heart is in Ohio”

HIM: “Vampire Heart” “Gone With The Sin” “Killing Loneliness”  “When Love and Death Embrace”

Hoobastank: “Crawling in the Dark” “The Reason”

Horror Pop’s (the): “Ghouls”

Hum: “Stars”

Incubus: “Make Yourself” (with Piscary) “Pardon Me”

Ingrid Michaelson: “Corner Of Your Heart”

Iron Butterfly: “Iron Butterfly Theme”

Iron Maiden: “Heaven can wait”

James Gang: “Walk Away”

Jill Sobule: “I kissed a girl”

Joe Satriani: “Flying In A Blue Dream”

Johnny Cash: “Hurt”

Joseph LoDuca: “Melt into Me”

Joy Division: “She’s Lost Control”

Judas Priest: “Leather Rebel”

K’s Choice: “I’m Not An Addict”

Kane: “Rattlesnake Smile”

k.d. lang: Constant Craving

Kelis: “My Milkshakes”

Kelly Clarkson: “Addicted” “Because of U”(relates to Rachel or Piscary- depending how you listen)  “Behind These Hazel Eyes”

Kidney Thieves: “Before I’m Dead” “Arsenal”  “Black Bullet”

Kill Hannnah: “Lips Like Morphine”

Kittie: “Into the Darkness”

Korn: “Trash” “Freak on a Leash” “Make Me Bad”  “Coming Undone”  ‘Got The Life’

KDMFDM: “Save Me” (with her mother)

Lacuna Coil: “Heavens a Lie” “Tight Rope” (with Piscary) “Dedicated” “Fragments of Faith”  “Enjoy The Silence”  “falling again” “Closer”  “Entwined” (with Piscary)

Ladytron: “Destroy Everything You Touch”

Laurie Anderson: “Speak My Language”

Leanne Rhime: “Can’t Fight the Moonlight”

Lennon: “Mother” (for Ivy’s relationship with her parents)

Leonard Cohen: “Dance me to the end of Love” “Joan of Arc” “Who by Fire”

Leveller: “Confess”

Limp Biztit: “Behind Blue Eyes”

Linkin Park: “Crawling” ‘breaking the habit’

Lit: “You Make Me Completely Miserable”

Lita Ford and Ozzy: “Close My Eyes Forever”

Live: “Where Fishes Go”

Local H: “That’s What they all say”

London After Midnight: ” Demon” ” Claire’s Horrors ” ” Spider and the Fly”

Lori Carson: “Fell Into Loneliness”

Love & Rockets: “Motorcycle”

Mandy Moore: “Only Hope” (with Rachel)

Marilyn Manson: “I Don’t Like The Drugs” “˜Tainted Love” (with Skipper)

Marisa Lauren: “Inside” “Ladylike”

Maroon 5 : “Harder to Breathe”

Martina McBride: ‘Concrete Angel’

Massive Attack: “Teardrop” “Dissolved Girl”

Matthew Good Band: “Weapon”

Maxwell: “This Woman’s work”

Metallica: “Until It Sleeps” “To Live Is To Die” “Bleeding Me” “Sad But True”

Meat Beat Manifesto: “She’s Unreal”

Meat Loaf: “Bat Out Of Hell”

Melissa Etheridge: “I’m the Only One” “Precious Pain” “Enough of Me” “Secret Agent”

Michelle Lewis: “Nowhere and Everywhere”

Midnight Syndicate: “Born of the Night”

Mindless Self Indulgence: “Bed of Roses”

Monster Magnet – “God Said No”

Morcheeba: “Blindfold”

Morphine: “Cure for Pain”

My Chemical Romance: “Helena” “I’m not okay (I Promise)” “house of wolves”

Nelly Furtado: “Afriad” “Maneater”

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: “Wonderful Life” “The One That I’ve Been Waiting For” “Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow “

Nickelback: “how you remind me” “Saving Me”

Nightwish:  “Nemo” “End of All Hope” “Romanticide” “Higher Than Hope” “dead to the world”

Nikki Sixx: “Life is Beautiful”

NIN: “Every Day is Exactly The Same” “Happiness in Slavery” “Becoming” “Right Where it Belongs” “Straight up”

Norah Jones: “Cold Cold Heart”

Offspring: “Race Against Myself”

One True Thing: “Monster”

Orgy: “Stitches” (with Piscary)

Otep Emtee: “My confession”

Ozzy Osborn: “Iron man” “Momma I’m Coming Home.”

Nox Arcana: “Beyond Midnight”

Pantera:“Message in Blood”

Papa Roach: “Scars”

Peter Gabriel: “Don’t give up”

Phil Collins: “You Can’t Hurry Love”

Pig: “Flesh Fest”

Pigface: “Ten Ground And Down”

Pink: “Don’t Let Me Get Me”

PJ Harvey – “Who Will Love Me Now”

Placebo: “Lady of the Flowers”

Planet Perfecto: “Get Out of My Life”

Plumb: “Damaged”

Poe: “Hey Pretty” “Angry Johnny” (with Piscary)

Poloroid: “So Damn Beautiful”

Portishead: “Sour Times” “It Could Be Sweet”

Placebo: “Pure Morning”

Poe: “Hey Pretty”

Portishead: “Sour Times”

Prodigy: “Breathe” (with Piscary)

Puscifer: “Revelation 22:20”

Queen: “March of the Black Queen”

Queens of the Stone Age: “Everybody Knows That You Are Insane”

Queensryche: “Thin Line” “No Sanctuary””I don’t believe in love” “Lady wore black “

Radiohead: “Creep”

Rammstein: “Mein Teil” (My Part), (Piscary)

Rasmus (the): “Immortal” (about Rachel)

Rasputin: “Transylvanian Concubine”

Razed in Black: “Erotica”

Rasputina: “Transylvanian Concubine”

Red Hot Chili Peppers:  “Otherside”

Remy Zero: “Save Me”

Ringside: “Tired of Being Sorry”

Rise Against: “Prayer for a refugee”

Rob Zombie: “Living Dead Girl”

Rolling Stones: “Can’t always get what you want” “Paint it Black”

Rush: “The Enemy Within” “Double Agent”

Sara Ayer: “Starless”

Sara Brightman: “Deliver Me”

Sarah McLachlan: “Fallen”  “Good Enough”

Savatage: “Sleep”

Saves The Day: “As Your Ghost Takes Flight”

Scarling: “Cant(Halloween Valentine)”

Seatbelts (the): “Rain”

Seether: “Fine Again”  “Eyes of the Devil”

Selena: “Somewhere over the rainbow”

Servant (the): “Cells”


Shawn Mulliens:e Wants Revenge: “I Want to Tear You Apart”

Shinedown: “Burning Bright” “Save Me”

Sia: “Breathe Me”

Sierina: “At Sixis and Sevens”

Simple Plan: “Me Against the World”

Sixx AM: “Girl with Golden Eyes” “Life Is Beautiful” “Accidents Can Happen”

Skinny Puppy: “Smothered Hope”

Slipknot: “Vermillion” “Duality”

Smile Empty Soul: “Silhouettes”

Smithereens (the): “Blood and Roses”

Souxsie & the Banshees: “Face to Face'”

Smashing Pumpkins: “In the Arms of Sleep”

Smile Empty Soul: “Silhouettes”

Smiths: “I Know its Over”

Snake River Conspiracy: “Vulcan”

Sneaker Pimps: “6 Underground” “Spin Spin Sugar”

Sonia Dada: “So Sad”

Snow Patrol: “Somewhere a Clock is Ticking”

Sow: “Blood Sucking Bitch”

Spineshank: “Smothered” (with Piscary)

Staind: “Right Here”

Static-X: “Not Meant For Me”

Stemm: “Monster”

Suzanne Vega:“Blood Makes Noise”

Submersed: “Hollow”

Switchfoot: “More Than Fine”; “This Is Your Life” “Dare you to move” “Learning to Breathe”

Taking Back Sunday: “Your Own Disaster” “Cute Without the E (Cut from the Team)”

Tapping the Vein: “Fingertips”

Tarja Turunen: “Calling Grace”

T.A.T.U.: “Craving” “Malchik Gay”

Tea Party: “Walking Wounded” “Temptation”

Temple of the Dog: “Say Hello 2 Heaven” “I’m Going Hungry”

Three Days Grace: “Born Like This” “Take Me Under” “Burn” “I hate everything about you” (for bloodlust), “Animal I have Become” ” Pain

Three Doors Down: “Be Like That” “Kryptonite” “When I’m Gone”

Tiamat: “Love in chains”

Tom Petty: “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”

Tool: “Sober”

Tori Amos: “Jackie’s Strength and Black Dove”

Trapt “These Walls”

Tricky: “She Makes Me Want to Die”

Tristania: “Deadlocked”

Trust Company: “Downfall”

Type “O” Negative: “Die With Me” “Burnt Flowers Falling” “Love You to Death” “Black No. 1” “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” “Bloody Kisses” “Baby, Baby”

Umbrellas: “Vampires”

Vanessa Carlton: “Pretty Baby”

Vast: “I’m dying”  “Touched By”(with Rachel) “Pretty When You Cry”  (Piscary)

Velvet Acid Christ: “The Darkness Inside Me”

Veruca Salt: “Loneliness is Worse”

Verve (the): “Bittersweet Symphony”

Vertical Horizon: “he’s everything you want”

Vienna Teng: “Harbor”

VnV Nation: “Dark Angel” “Beloved”

Voltaire: Ex-Lover’s lover” (with Kisten)

Walls of Jericho “no saving me”

Wasp: “Wild Child”

Waterproof Blond: “Just Close Your Eyes”

Within Temptation: “Ice Queen” “Restless” (with Piscary) “Angels” (with Piscary) “Stand My Ground” (with Rachel) “what have you done now”

Wolfsheim: “Heroin She Said”

Wolfs Rain soundtrack: “Requiem”

Year of the Rabbit: “Strange Eyes”

Yello: “Desire”

Zug Island: “Cry”

224 responses to “Ivy’s Music

  1. So this was a playlist I had created just for my own amusement but since I have found this thread I figured I’d share. Forgive the length. 😋

    Reel Big Fish – She Has A Girlfriend Now (Ivy just for fun)
    – All I Want Is More (Ivy to Rachel)

    Cake – Love You Madly (Ivy to Rachel)
    – Shirt Skirt Long Jacket (About Ivy)
    – Never There (Ivy to Rachel)

    Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride (Ivy to Rachel)

    Hozier – Arsonist’s Lullaby (About Ivy)
    – Take Me To Church ” ”


    Paul McCartney – Valentine (Ivy Meets Rachel)

    Ella Fitzgerald – Someone To Watch Over Me (Ivy to Rachel)
    – Dream A Little Dream Of Me ” ”
    – The Nearness Of You ” ”
    – ‘Round Midnight ” ”

    Etta James – Fool That I Am ” ”
    – Trust In Me ” ”
    – Sunday Kind Of Love ” ”

    Amy Winehouse – You Know That I’m No Good ” ”
    – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ” ”
    – Valerie ” ”

    Norah Jones – I’ve Got To See You Again ” ”
    – Come Away With Me ” ”

    Renee Olstead – A Love That Will Last ” ”

    Melody Gardot – Your Heart Is As Black As Night (Ivy to Piscary)

    (Bonus Track)

    Jeffrey Osbourne – Yes I’m Ready (Rachel to Ivy if I had things my way)


  2. All That Remains – This Calling
    Skillet – Surrender
    I think both of them fit very well with Ivy, and maybe “Passion” by All That Remains too.

  3. From left field here, dunno how you feel about pop music, but…
    Katy Perry – Dark Horse
    Seems to describe some of Rachel and Ivy’s relationship during some of the early to mid-series books, i.e., Every Which Way But Dead through The Outlaw Demon Wails

  4. old72jim

    HI Ms. Kim-How could I have forgotten Amy Winehouse “Tears dry on Their Own

  5. lavinia68

    The Pain- Lacuna Coil
    Let It Die- Ozzy

  6. SLynn

    Sister Of night by Depeche Mode
    Blue Monday New Order
    We stand alone by Covenant

  7. kel

    Tito and tarantula, song is called after dark I think….

  8. yvonne

    Emile Sandi read all about (part iii). Ivy to Rachel

  9. Shannon

    Hole: Doll Parts

  10. ‘Just Like You’ by Three Days Grace is a good fit for how Ivy views her relationship with Piscary.
    “I could be cold
    I could be ruthless
    You know I could be just like you”
    “You thought you were there to guide me
    You were only in my way
    You’re wrong if you think that I’ll be just like you”
    “On my own ’cause I can’t take livin’ with you
    I’m alone, so I won’t turn out like you want me to”

  11. Alyssa Danielle

    Victimized- Linkin Park, especially the line,
    “…I ain’t scared of your teeth, I admire what’s in ’em…” lol

  12. John Holmes

    Read the lyrics to “Snuff” by Slipknot. A very self-loathing love that can’t be kind of song. A couple of lines that stand out to me are “Come away with innocence and leave me with my sin,” and “It took the death of hope to let you go.”

  13. Sandypants

    This just struck me as Ivy. Her inner sadness.

  14. Angela

    I was recently listening to Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds and it really made me think of Ivy. Especially when she was still abstaining from blood and when she’s resisting Piscary’s programming.

  15. Lauren

    Anything and everything by Johnny Hollow reminds me of Ivy. There’s even one song titled, “This Hollow World.”

  16. AN

    Tata Young – “Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me”

  17. Poll

    Three posts in a row for Ivy’s song. Oh I do like Ivy….
    Depeche Mode’s Suffer Well from playing the Angel….This song is soooo bitter sweet.
    I hear this song in those moments when Ivy is silent and her inner strength is fractured by emotional hurt and the thought that she will not get Rachael, but is holding to vapours of hope…..this song rings in my head with the narrative… I feel like I want to give Ivy the living vampire a hug.

    Kim you write these type of feelings so well. Thank you for the entertainment of your stories….and please do listen to the song.. It is the finest sweetest melancholy.
    Melancholy, the emotion that best describes a vampire…happy and sad, alive and dead.

  18. Poll

    When Ivy looses control, there is on song by Bullet for my Valentine called Deliver us from Evil, that I find reflects the twin personalities of Ivy. The Ivy that wants to be a good friend, and the Ivy is driven by need and the lustful nature of vampires from the Hollows universes.
    Kim I do like Ivy, sometimes more than Rachael. If you do ever get bord of writing from THE Rachael POV, you could always start a series from Ivy’s Point Of View. You would of course have to switch from romantic to erotic style of writing. Lol. But seriously, please do keep that option open….

    Once again Kim I hope you do get to read this and I do think you will like the music from Bullet for My Valentine. The music is intense and full of emotion.

  19. Poll

    WIth regards to Ivy’s feelings for Rachel’s and the feelings that she must have , I always hear Tears don’t Fall by Bullet for my Valentine. Oh that song is laced with emotion.

    Kim I do hope you get to read this and listen to this awesome band.

  20. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-As I remarked elsewhere, Janis Joplin doing “Little Girl Blue”

  21. Rick

    Anders Manga – There Will Be Blood
    Anders Manga: “Heart of Black”

  22. Jenn S

    For Ivy: “Bloodletting” by Concrete Blonde. PERFECT with the right hint of sultry darkness which I associate with her character.

  23. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-No one has mentioned the classic so I guess I will
    “Get while you can” specially when she’s singing “Someone comes along,gonna give you some love and affection”

  24. Andarta Mathegan

    I’m shocked no one has suggested ‘The Hollow’ by A Perfect Circle. If Ivy was embodied in a song, I really believe she lives through this one!

  25. Robert L Marks

    Sing in Silence by Sonata Arctica fits Ivy well in the earlyer books

  26. I think these songs go with Ivy really well. Especially since they’re technically sung by a vampire.

    The Vampire Lestat-“System” “Redeemer” “Forsaken”

    Lestat Concert- “Not Meant For Me” “Slept So Long”

  27. I really think that Lithium by Evanescence really discribes Ivy’s pain and who she really wants to be. If you really read into the lyrics you can see how it suits her and it also kinda explaines how she feels toward Rachel.

  28. Catina Webb

    Wicked Game covered by HIM

  29. I knew the lyrics to this song before I even knew it existed and listening back on it, I can’t help but think of Ivy and her relationship with Rachel.

  30. Curry

    I think that Breaking Benjamin’s “Blow me away” is good for Trent trying to save the elves

  31. Tsuki Miller

    Hello Mrs. harrison (i hope that is right) i wanted to share a couple songs that i love to listen to when i am thinking of Ivy. the first song is always Skillets song ‘Hero’. as the last of the first part and the coris says,

  32. Ana Prieto

    Angel of mine by Amanda Somerville.
    I think it reflects Ivy’s love for Rachel.

  33. Jhen

    Florence and the Machine-Hardest of Hearts

  34. dimitri

    Elvis Presley – Fever

  35. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim,Jim from Warren here. It’s Amy Winehouse all the way. “You Know I’m No Good” when she writes and sings Ï cheated myself like I knew I would, and her quote from the same time. Where do you see yourself in ten years? I’ll be dead in a ditch. On fire.
    Oh Well She found her way home first.

  36. Kammy

    Stone Sour, “Say You’ll Haunt Me”

  37. Erica

    ‘The Story’ by Brandi Carlile
    ‘What you are’ by Drill
    ‘Perfect’ by Alanis Morissette

  38. For Ivy I like “This is why” by Late Night Alumni. She holds in so much emotion.

  39. how about
    pink – Runaway
    to me it sums up how ivy feels inside and how far she’d need to go to runaway from herself

  40. Danny Price

    truthfully I can only see one song playing in my mind as Ivy progresses in dealing with her vamipirism Disturbed “Stricken” this one line just rings to me ” you come on like a blood stained hurricane”

  41. april

    SKY Ferreira-obssesion for ivy and rachle

  42. Alex Sinclair

    Garbage ” Can’t seem to make you mine”. It seems to match Ivy’s feelings for Rachel Perfectly !

  43. Michael

    “Scream of the Butterfly” by Acid Bath

    This song really fits the moment in the second book where Ivy was… “comprimised.”

  44. Tara

    Sonic Syndicate Beauty and the Freak

    Describes Ivy’s indifference toward herself

  45. Tara

    Killswitch Engage The End of Heartache

  46. SJD :)

    Teeth, by Lady Gaga, although it suits the old Ivy more than the newer, more stable Ivy

  47. C. Green

    The Dresden Dolls: Coin-Operated Boy
    Particularly the desperate bridge and reference to destroying real people she loves, and the desire for someone to love her despite how difficult she makes it.

    Also, so glad to see Rasputina’s Transylvanian Concubine on the list!

  48. Jen

    Charlotte Martin – Every Time It Rains

  49. Tracy

    Limp Bizkit “No Sex”

  50. Damned And Divine & Die Alive by Tarja

  51. wuebbi

    “Help I’m alive” by Metric (acoustic version) reminds me a lot of
    Ivy’s internal struggles…

  52. Tom

    Sweet Soul Sister by the Cult. It just SOUNDS the way Ivy would MOVE.

  53. Rebecca

    I was thinking that maybe “Broken” by Seether featuring Amy Lee from Evanescence is a good song for Ivy to Rachel. I consider adding it to Ivy’s Playlist.

  54. Shandi

    For Ivy I found “Monster” by Skillet:

  55. jeff salas

    i think this is the perfect song for ivy when she bites rachel the first time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFKgAn6mVuA

  56. Yessenia Garcia

    “Field Of Innocence” by Evanescence
    Best fits Ivy when she almost kills Rachel in the back of Nick’s truck.
    How she feels that everything she touches she kills.

  57. Swan

    I don’t know if this has been suggested yet, and if it hasn’t, I’m shocked! This is my perfect Ivy (with Rachel) song. Especially the very first lyric of the song, and that one part in that one book…Ivy and Rachel’s relationship is so complex, so teetering on that very fine line.

    NIN – “Something I Can Never Have”

  58. Sandra

    aaand i think [ eminem – space bound ] fits very well with her charakter, her previous relationships (with kist and piscary) and now to her relationship with rachel

  59. daniela

    Lacuna Coil – Stars

    Tarja – until my last breath / i feel immortal / the archive of lost dreams

    Apocalyptica – i don´ t care (rachel too)

    Amorphis – i of crimson blood / her alone (rachel)

    Delain – the whole album lucidity

  60. Alex

    I think the song “Little House” by The Fray suits Ivy pretty well 😀

  61. jeff salas

    sorry for the vid but the song is good
    ash in a jar
    All Thieves

  62. Stephanie

    Nobody’s Wife – Anouk


  63. Priscilla

    “Beautifly Broken” by Ashlee Sipmson I think it relates to Ivy and Rachels relationship and what they see about one another they have seen each other at some really bad times and stayed by each other through it all.

  64. Sandra

    The Black Keys- “Your Touch” and “Psychotic Girl”

  65. Robin

    Drumming Song – Florence & The Machine

  66. Scout12295

    Blue October “Graceful Dancing” from Ivy to Rachel

  67. Scout12295

    Blue October “Clumsy Card House” and “Still Broken”

  68. gabehDuh

    This song i feel can go with so many characters in this series and I kind of feel saying just Ivy is a bit obvious but….Eels-Fresh Blood

    It makes me think of Trent, Al, Kirsten AND a few of the werewolves we’ve been introduced to (most pointedly the she wolf rachel fights in a fistful of charms)…but in the end Ivy just had the strongest imagery for this song.

  69. Jason

    “The Pills Won’t Help You Now” By the Chemical Brothers. Trust me, listen to the lyrics. It’s Ivy all over.

  70. Alex

    “Face Down” for Ivy and Piscary, and “Your Guardian Angel” for Ivy and Rachel or Jenks and Rachel. Both are by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 🙂

  71. Kevin

    Just heard a song I have not heard for a bit, “Not Enough” by Van Halen, Gets across Ivy’s unsatisfied Love/Lust for Rachel

  72. Ren

    Another cool song for Ivy, which I just heard recently, would probably be “Cut” by Plump.

  73. kim

    when i listen to NiN something I can never have and Within Tempation Frozen tears and caged, Ivy always comes to mind

  74. Gayle

    Sorry if it’s been suggested…but..

    Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

  75. SJD :)

    Skillet – monster. An Ivy song if ever I heard one 🙂

  76. Melissah

    Some songs from some awesome aussie rock bands:

    All The Same… Sick Puppies
    What Are You Looking For… Sick Puppies
    Tremmers… Dead Letter Circus

  77. Melissah


    All the Same

  78. Betti

    I don’t know if there are any Repo the Genetic Opera Fans out there but the song: Genetic Emancipation fits Ivy and Piscary to a t. For her and Racheal I hear Voltaire’s Underground.

  79. Sandra

    skillet – the thirst is taking over (with rachel)

    You alone are what my soul needs
    You know the thirst is taking over
    Hardly breathe, I’m in urgent need
    You know the thirst is taking over

    i think it’s the best part from the song 🙂

  80. cookiemuncher

    somehwere i belong-linkin park
    it fits her so much especially when she wants to fight all the bad things she thinks she is.

  81. Kelsie

    the song Last Night by Skillet i think fits Ivy and Rachel when their together.

  82. Sandra

    I think “Thirst Is Taking Over” from Skillet would be good, too.

  83. Kevin

    Savage by The Eurythmics Makes me think of Ivy

  84. VADIC


  85. VADIC

    Evanescence: Lies

  86. Aly

    Weight of the World by Evanescence fits sooo well. Especially considering her past

    “Feels like the weight of the world,
    Like God in heaven gave me a turn.
    Don’t cling to me, I swear I can’t fix you.
    Still in the dark, can you fix me?”

  87. Amber

    Also Nobodys Home by Avril Lavigne. Not a big fan of Avril but I think it fits Ivy.

  88. Amber

    I think Weathered by Creed fits Ivy nicely.

  89. Sabrina

    Black Lab “This Night”

  90. Jamie

    For Ivy and Rachel
    -The Brilliant Green – You and I

    For Ivy
    -Burn Halo – Save Me

  91. Janis

    Lenny Kravitz – “Black Velveteen”

  92. Marie

    I think:
    Silversun Pickups – It’s Nice To Know You Work Alone

    reminds me of Ivy pre-VC.

  93. jeff salas

    i’m not sure if this one would work
    for kistens death and ivy’s mourning but it sounds good

    black label society in this river http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HUr9UKAxiY

  94. Krista

    I am on a roll this evening!

    Ivy, to Rachel: I will possess your heart by Death Cab for Cutie

  95. VADIC

    Everytime I listen to this song it reminds me of the hardship Ivy goes thro living with Rachel. It’s an awesome song!

    The Chemicals Between Us

  96. F.I.T.L.D.

    wow it’s been a while since I was on here & checked out the playlists. my eyes were wandering over the Artists & Songs I Simply cant believe how long the playlists have become. I remember the half dozen or so songs I had for Ivy Rachel & Jenks back on the old site. But what really sparked the Nostalga was seeing The Crystal Method’s Jaded. I remembered the 1st time I read about Ivy in Dead witch walking, The way this song was playing and the way Ivy with her “Long Hair” and leather at the time just seemed to Ooze Sexy & Sultry almost in a sex-kitten Manner. The Reason why it struck me as Ivy’s song was the Chorus.

    Think about the Good Things That I Did to you
    And Think about the Bad Things That I Didn’t Do.
    That I Didn’t Do
    That I Didn’t Do

    Turn Your Head
    If It Don’t Feel Good
    Turn Your Head
    If You Don’t Want to take it.

  97. Nate

    Oh man, it’s been a long time since I’ve contributed to the playlists. I’ve gotta say that I like the new layout, Kim.

    1) I’m liking “Gods Of Second Chance” by Metal Church. Yeah, the main character in the song is a guy, but that’s beside the point. It’s what he’s saying a why. The desperation that Ivy goes through, all of the conflicting emotions that plague her very existence are spelled out in this song. The chorus lyrics alone gives us a window into the heart of what she wants.

    “God don’t you hear me? God don’t you care?
    Cause if you did, my friend, then you/
    Wouldn’t leave me hanging on this way!

    Somebody turn on the lights! Somebody give me some air!
    I’m in the middle of a nasty situation/
    That is leading me on nowhere!

    I gotta hear you tonight! I gotta know that you care.
    You got me down on my knees and I’m praying/
    And I gotta know that you’re really up there!”

    2) I’ve always admired how Kim has written Ivy’s character. She’s very aware of her nature, and she hates herself for it. Like her need to seek solitude, especially when she’s in the church. To me, it looks like she’s always battling with what her instincts tell her vs. what her soul begs her to do. I think Disturb’s new song “Asylum”, in particular when she’s around Rachel and Piscary is in her head. Everything about this song, from the deep, dramatic bass to the way David sings the song fits the triangle. Check it out to see what I mean. 😉

    3) This one’s kind of a gimme.”She’s A Vampire” by Xandria. A good gothic, techno/gothic rock song that just spells it out. You’re a vampire, Ivy, you know? Deal with it… sometimes I just wanna say that as I slap her upside the head, anyone else?

    4) Another good one that comes to mind is “Never Enough” by Five Finger Death Punch. Again this plays more at Ivy’s relationships with the Master Vampires, but Piscary mostly. The title itself spells it out. It was never enough, he just kept pushing and pushing; Rachel does it too, and I can almost see that thought running through her mind during one of her… fits.

    I guess that one can fall under the Rachel/Ivy category as well, in that instance.

    That’s all I got for now. I’m sure I’ll be back again. Great songs lists on here, btw. I love open forums, they just might point you towards something you like.

  98. Brady Borda

    I think that the song Coward by Black Light Burns really goes well with Ivy’s feelings concerning Rachel… It gets her wanting Rachel to stay away from her but also captures her confidence as a hunter and knowing Rachel will want to stay.

    It just fits so perfectly I think. 🙂

  99. cookiemuncher

    believe-the bravery-it describes ivy and all that she really wants
    save me-golden state-ivy’s beliefs in racheal about finding a way for her to keep her soul and a little bit about their odd relationship
    say it ain’t so-weezer-the chorus describes how ivy feels when racheal declines her invitation to become her scion and how she feels that her love ruins everything and hurts everyone

  100. Nikki

    S.O.S (Anything But Love) by Apocalyptica feat Cristina Scabbia reminds me a lot of Ivy’s fight against Piscary. I actually heard this song back when I first started reading the books and it seemed to strike a cord in me whenever I came to a scene where Piscary was screwing with Ivy.

  101. Soleil

    Sullen Girl by Fiona Apple

  102. Soleil

    Easier to Run by Linkin Park

  103. Madison

    I think Monster by Skillet and Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars fit Ivy perfectly. Monster describes how she feels about herself and her blood intake that she tries to keep a secret from Rachel. Beautiful Lie shows the side of her that wants everything to be okay, but she knows that if she thinks that it is then she’s only lying to herself. She is a very deep character and I think many songs could fit her.

  104. Onyx

    i thought that

    Linkin park’s Breaking the habit and Krawling suited her as does
    Evanescence’s Whisper from the older album

  105. Onyx

    I thought that…

    Linkin Park’s Crawling suited her as does
    Evanescence whisper the older version not trough the open door and
    linkin park’s breaking the habit

  106. Lindsey Hoffman

    I totally think “Free Me” by Emma Bunton is completely Ivy’s song to Rachel. The chorus sings for itself:

    “Free me
    Let me loose to love you
    How I long to seduce you.”

    Perfectly Ivy.

  107. Bill

    Here’s a song that I thought fit Ivy’s thoughts on Rachel from time to time.

    Anberlin – The Feel Good Drag

  108. HalenceMaria


  109. John P

    Disturbed – The Night

  110. I think That was just your life by Metallica fits well –deals with Ivy’s wanting to remain alive and etc, her endless fight against, well, herself.

  111. Dawn Jackson

    HIM~ the foreboding sense of impending happiness on the new album screamworks

  112. Frostflower

    This one is for Ivy

    Scary Bitches – I’m the woman that killed Jack the Ripper

    (drunk his Blood und throw him in the river…)

  113. Sandra

    FM Static – Sometimes you can’t forget who You are

  114. Sandra

    Kennedy- “Karate”

  115. Villanova – Hard To Be Around

  116. Candy

    “Paperdoll” by Kittie because of how Ivy acted with Piscary and what he did to her mind(soul).

  117. Chris

    A Perfect Circle’s 3 Libras from the album Mer de Noms

  118. Anna

    i think a song which shows perfect ivy`s feelings for rachel is “think twice (before you touch my girl) by eve 6”. everytime i listen to the song i must think on ivy and how jealous she can be if rachel dates other guys.
    i think think rachel and ivy would be such a sweet and hot couple ^-^

  119. Melissa

    Lady Gaga – Poker Face

    I can’t understand how this isn’t already on the list. It fits her perfectly, in my opinion. It’s all about how she keeps her emotions hidden, it references playing around with sexuality and being a bit of a mess when it comes to all that. It seems like an excellent fit.

  120. Alexandria

    she wil be loved by maroon 5 with rachel too

  121. Alexandria

    I think yellow by coldplay (with rachel) and white demon love song by the killers (with rachel).

  122. Rebecca

    Shawn Mullins – Lullaby

    “from the stage I can tell that
    she can’t let go and she can’t relax
    and just before
    she hangs her head to cry
    I sing to her a lullaby, I sing

    everything’s gonna be all right
    rockabye, rockabye
    everything’s gonna be all right
    rockabye, rockabye

    The softer side of Ivy, I think.

  123. Jessica

    Leonard Cohen: “This Waltz”

  124. Vic Graninger

    Original work by Vic Graninger


  125. Robyn

    Aiden – The Last Sunrise
    Rob Zombie – Spookshow Baby

  126. sean

    skillet- hero

    Twisted method- inside out
    This song i think hits how ivy feels most of the time

  127. A song that is perfect for any Vampyre would have to be “Love Song For A Vampire” by Annie Lennox.

  128. Kerry

    Lady GaGa,,,,”TEETH”

  129. Vic Graninger

    I have pondered this long and hard – first to post this or not because not only does it say a lot about Ivy and her love for Rachel and Rachel’s deep need for Ivy – it reveals something i me.

    I am referring to the Underworld Soundtrack track # 02 Rev 22-20 by Pucifer.

  130. Lori

    HIM – Poison Girl (for her relationship with Rachel)

    “I did it all just for her
    I did it all just for her
    And love’s heart is death
    For me and my poison girl

    A prey she was for the cruelty of love
    While its serpent inside crawled straight towards her heart
    The coldest kiss love ceased to exist
    While we grew apart like never before”

  131. melborousse

    Snow Patrol – The Lightning Strike

    “I want pinned down
    I want unsettled
    Rattle cage after cage
    Until my blood boils

    I want to see you
    As you are now
    Every single day
    That I am living”

    • melborousse

      because, it really fits the feelings she has for Rachel and this not only in the lyrics, but also (and maybe even more importantly) in the vibe, melody.
      it sure is some kinda dramatic, angsty, but also filled with all kinds of piled up feelings, just waiting to break free.

      (and I may be wrong about this, because I have yet to read the other books besides Dead Witch Walking, but for the beginning it fits, when it’s still all so raw, yet already oh so formidable)

  132. David Waddell

    Tarja Turunen – Die Alive.

  133. becks

    lady ga ga’s song teeth from her new album

  134. My Ivy Song –

    Blood roses by Tori Amos

  135. Jonathan in TN

    For Rachel: Yellowcard’s Five Becomes Four

  136. Emily

    I think that Emilie Autumn’s song I Want My Innocence Back is perfect for Ivy. Give it a listen.

  137. When I think of Ivy at the edge of vamping, I think of Portishead’s “Glory Box” or even Goldfrapp’s “Strict Machine.” Smoldering, sultry vocals with at times unrelenting rhythms sum up some aspects of Ivy’s amazingly complex character to me. 🙂

  138. Chrisy

    Yann Tiersen – Comptine D’un Autre Éte (means Rhyme Of Another Summer)
    This is a piano piece which I love very much. I totally can imagine Ivy playing it.

  139. Amanda

    Not sure if you still read this post…

    I found a song I feel expresses Ivy’s struggles and emotions with her and Rachels blood balance problem.

    The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars

    Both the radio and live version are so emotional, you can feel the frustration. I instantly thought of Ivy or Rachel, but more Ivy.

  140. Dezi

    Emilie Autumn – Opheliac

  141. Nikki

    Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl

  142. Quissivar

    Sorry ’bout the double post, but…
    Orgy: Stitches works for Ivy’s turmoil over Skimmer’s reappearance in her life and feeling herself being dragged back to the old Ivy.

  143. Quissivar

    Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad? & Two Steps Behind By Def Leppard

  144. Charlotte

    My Dying Bride – She is the dark
    My Dying Bride – For you

    And many more from My Dying Bride!

  145. “Help, I’m Alive” by Metric 🙂

  146. BloodyJinny

    Xandria- Vampire

  147. Mario

    Jay Chou – Huang Jia

  148. Shauna

    The absolute perfect song for Ivy is “Dancing Nancies” by Dave Matthews Band. I just finished reading the Hollows story in the Dates from Hell book, and there is a part where Ivy thinks “Twenty-three, and already tired of life”, just like in the song. And come on, I’m sure Ivy would think “Could I have been anyone other than me?” every single day of her life. I’m telling you, it’s perfect!

  149. faye

    I think Ivy’s song should be Lou Reed- take a walk on the wild side

  150. Sadde

    There’s an old Evanescence song that makes me think of Ivy and Rachel. Some of the lyrics don’t fit absolutely perfectly, but whe they do, it’s amazing.
    Anything For You by Evanescence

  151. Trish

    Xandia – Save My Life, Vampire

  152. Sonya

    Two songs I think of are:

  153. CJ

    I personally think the playlist is in large parts way too much lyrics-driven. While the lyrics might be fitting in themselves, the music often doesn’t quite – my opinion.
    Evanescence, fine, but

    Somebody try to listen to Steve Turre’s work, the album “Rhythm Within” springs to mind – that’s what I can hear when Ivy’s in the living room or otherwise brooding, trying to relax, seeking peace, you name it.

    Wordless, but the music outlines her, if you give it chance.

  154. Chrisy

    Oh. My. Good. Lord.
    I have found my personal and ultimative Ivy-Song.
    And of course I’ll share it with you guys. 😉

    Jenny Owen Youngs – Fuck Was I

    Hey Mrs H! Please listen to that one! Please?

  155. Amber

    I don’t believe there is a Nine Inch Nails song called “Straight Up”.

  156. Chrisy

    Lifehouse – Storm
    Ivy’s longing for Rache and her belief that Rache will save her soul

  157. For Ivy…and I can’t believe no one has said this one… What’s It Like by Everlast and let’s be honest…Type O Negative was a given along with Concrete Blonde The Bloodletting was a given as well LOL And WOW ZUG ISLAND??!! Thought I was the only person who would of thought of THAT one! (It’s a Juggalo thing…look it up LOL)

  158. Shaleace

    For Ivy:

    “Crawl” by Breaking Benjamin
    “Lights Out” by Breaking Benjamin
    “I Will Not Bow” by Breaking Benjamin
    “Into The Nothing” by Breaking Benjamin
    “Dear Agony” by Breaking Benjamin

    (As you can see, BB gets me in the mood for Ivy T! Really, their new album “Dear Agony” must have been written for and about Ivy Tamwood)

  159. Joel

    “Monster” by Skillet I can’t think of a better song about what Ivy thinks of herself

  160. Ken

    Atreyu Lip Gloss and Black

  161. Chrisy

    Lifehouse – The Joke
    When I first heard this, I thought about Ivy. The lyrics fit too.

  162. Tim from Glendale

    Three songs for Ivy, the tortured soul…

    Child in Time by Deep Purple, if just for the primal screaming.

    Swamped by Lacuna Coil

    Sea of Tranquility by ‘Rin, words I feel Ivy is singing to Rachel.

  163. megan

    Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin

  164. Momma Mystique

    There could be nothing more fitting for Ivy than the sentiments in the song ‘Hold on to My heart’ by Blackie Lawless on his ‘Crimson Idol’ concept album. ‘Hold on to my heart, for all that I am , you hold in your hands, so just hold on, hold on to my heart.’ I picture Ivy sank to her knees in self loathing pleading with Rachel to just ‘hold on.’ If you have never heard it… go find it… and listen to the whole track… you will see what I mean.

  165. Cookie

    Apocalyptica ft. Cristina Scabbia – S.O.S.

  166. Kenia

    I think shackled by Vertical Horizon fits Ivy too

  167. Marisa

    Evanescence- Tourniquet
    I think this song fits the “savior” complex Ivy has with Rachel

  168. Three Days Grace – Pain

    Pain- I can’t get enough
    Pain – I like it rough
    cause I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all…

  169. robin

    Gravity by Sara Bareilles. It reminds me of Ivy and Piscary’s relationship. Just the words of this song are amazing.

  170. CC in CA

    “Paralyzed” by the Cardigans. Fits Ivy and Piscary. It starts out:
    “This is where your sanity gives in /and love begins /never lose your grip /don’t trip/ don’t fall/you’ll lose it all/the sweetest way to die…”

  171. ChocolateCrumb

    Yellowcard – “Only One” “Everywhere” “You and me and one Spotlight”

  172. Jennie M

    I love Lacuna Coil’s song “SPELLBOUND”. It fit’s with Ivy. Down to the velvet drapes and glowing candles.

  173. c

    my imortal evanesence

  174. c

    pink please dont leave me

  175. c

    evanesence going under

  176. Melissa

    Audioslave’s “Like a Stone”

  177. Erin

    I think this song could work for Ivy to Rache or Kisten to Rache but I loved it for Ivy first so I’m putting it here I think it sounds like how she must be feeling all the time after what Piscary did to her and then how she feels about Rachel.
    It is Rob Thomas “Wonderful” and it’s just everything the strong beat and the great lyrics that just bring Ivy to my head everytime I hear it.-

  178. Melissa

    Fuel’s “Bad Day” is soooooooooo Ivy. It mirrors her person struggle with herself.

  179. Violatrix

    O Death – Jen Titus (for vamped out Ivy)
    I Want You (She’s so Heavy) – Dana Fuchs, Joe Anderson & T.V. Carpio (fromt he ‘Across the Universe’ soundtrack)
    Special Pets – Otep
    For What It’s Worth – Placebo
    Mama – My Chemical Romance
    Beautiful Girl – Broken Iris

  180. mizmoon

    Carfax Abbey “Cry Little Sister”

  181. hans-Christian Rieck

    Two songs for Ivy:
    Hotel Hell by Eric Burdon & the Animals for the feeling not to belong to anyplace


    Vollmond (full moon) by In Extremo for the lust for blood (try to watch the video clip and you understand what i mean)

  182. Valorie

    Smashing Pumpkins-“Rats”

  183. Sabrina

    “Dear Agony” by Breaking Benjamin for the times when she feels lost and hopeless.

  184. Angela

    Sorry about the double post but also Halestorm’s Innocence for Ivy as well

  185. Angela

    A great song to add wopuld be Familiar Taste Of Poison by Halestorm. If you like evanescence give this a listen

  186. Valorie

    The Police-Every Breath You Take(for Rachel)

  187. Adea

    The End of Heartache by Killswtich Engage (to Rachel) I think that the lyrics speak for themselves

  188. claudia

    i think “Autopsy Song” by otep describes how ivy feels inside. someone should check it out cus i fell in love with it when i heard it n i thought of her right away…

  189. CJ Easton

    OK so I am down the list a bit but “wither” by Dream Theater is the best/closest to how I feel Ivy exists both around Piscary and Rachael. her inner thoughts as it were.

  190. Sonjay

    Ivy’s ‘relationship’ with Rachel, especially in the first couple books fits “Strung Out” by Dana Fuchs sooo well I thought I was listening to Ivy.

  191. The Beatles, I Want you(She’s so heavy) for Rachel

  192. Be My Baby by the Ronettes.(for Rachel)

  193. Concrete Blonde, Waliking in London and an old blues song by Gary Moore called I still got the blues for you.

  194. Wynn

    Ooh! I found this song that seems perfect for Ivy and Rachel. The lyrics seem quite appropriate from Ivy’s perspective.

    “Let Me In” by Save Ferris

  195. Ava Arcane

    I really think that:
    Alice Cooper – Poison
    would really fit Ivy’s personality

  196. Wynn

    Forgot to include this one:

    “Blood Red” by The Rose Chronicles

  197. Wynn

    I just thing these songs suit Ivy’s character, not what she would listen to, perhaps.

    “Lose Control” by Evanescence
    “Pain” by Switchblade Symphony
    “Suffering” by Jay Jay Johanson
    “You’re Not Alone” by Olive
    “Into The Blue” by Moby

  198. Sandra Treadaway

    The Beatles- Please Please Me (with Rachel)

  199. w2

    Puddle of Mudd’s Blurry

  200. Sir Penguin

    Someone thought the same as me for Nightwish songs, but I think that “Beauty of the Beast” greatly fits Ivy’s character and how shes fighting the vampire blood lust.

  201. Lody

    That’s wicked cool you put music up! def gonna check them out 🙂

  202. shauna

    Fight inside by Red
    I think it fits with Ivy and her, um, fight inside..
    might be wrong though- havent read the last 3 books yet.

  203. Cass

    Bye Bye Blackbird by Diana Krall
    thought if fit when Rachel thought Ivy was dead.

  204. Juliet

    It´s his birthday today, so what about

    Michael Jackson – Dangerous 😉

  205. Chrisy

    Oh and Thousand Foot Krutch – New Drug

  206. Chrisy

    Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life ❤
    So cute song…

  207. John

    I fell the song Bittersweet by Apocalypotica would fit the relationship that Ivy and Rachel have, because of Ivy’s longing for Rachel.

  208. John

    I would like to Suggest the song Bittersweet by Apocalypotica for Ivy, because of her longing for Rachel.

  209. Chrisy

    Mr Hudson & The Library – Bread And Roses ❤

  210. Juliet

    New playlist…I´m in….let me see….I miss

    Robbie Williams – Feel 🙂

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