The freebies for BLACK MAGIC SANCTION are in!!!  OMGosh, they are so friggen cool this year, I can hardly stand it.  Keeping in mind that Guy and I have been brainstorming, sketching, contacting, arranging, agreeing, tweaking, discarding, adjusting, pleading, and finally, dancing for about eight months to create these things from scratch, I am pleased to give you the BLACK MAGIC SANCTION freebie for the price of a Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope.  This one is kind of heavy, so it’s going to need 62 cents worth of stamps on the SASE to return it to you, but it’s a very cool stocking stuffer for less than a dollar.  (grin, grin, grin)  Can you tell I really like these?

Send your 62 cent return envelope to Guy at:

Freebies gone.
Sorry!! (2/17/10)

Non-US people need to do a little more than a SASE to get these, so please come over to the website for info on how to arrange it.

Guy is trying to dig himself out of real life right now, and orders are going out slowly, but I’ll help him with the keys so the turn around will be about two weeks.

Love, love, love these.  And, ah, no teasers other than what you can glean from the key.  (laugh)



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92 responses to “BLACK MAGIC SANCTION freebies

  1. emily

    hey omg! i love the keys!!!!! 🙂 they r so cool and the burning bunny is to cool! and i would love to have one of them and ur books r the best ever and i cant wait to own all 7 i have read them all but i just have to own them and every time i read the first 6 they get better and better.

  2. Lucy

    I would love to have one of your awesome keys. My brother is a big fan of your books too & I’m sure he’d be thrilled with a key as well. We live in Canada & when I checked with the post office, they said the International Reply Coupon is available only in $4 denomination. Is it possible for me to pay for 2 keys by PayPal instead? And how would the payment get to you? Or can I just send US$ coinage since it’s less than $1 each?

    • Jenn

      I have a potential solution as I am in Canada as well Lucy.
      Kim, would it be possible to send me 4 keys in one bubble envelope? Then Lucy could send her sase to me with Canadian postange & I could send her the 2 she wants?
      Please let us know!

    • You guys could do that, too, but that would be something you would have to arrange yourselves. But if you do, Jenn, be sure to include a note so Guy will give you enough keys.

    • Hi, Lucy. Wow. I just checked with Guy, and he says you’re absolutely right. Not that I doubted you, but I didn’t know they changed that last year. Go ahead and send your SASE without the postage, and pay pal Guy the rest. Be sure to include a note with your SASE telling him, and be sure to include the email that you used through pay pal so he can match it up. Guy’s email is vampcharms at comporium dot net. 😉

  3. NickinColoma

    Nice freebies Kim—Nick in Coloma

  4. lemonade

    Alcatraz?! Will this have anything to do with Robbie’s little airport luggage exchange in White Witch…?

    These look so great. I’m going to have to scramble to get one! Thanks so much.

  5. That key looks pretty neat. So my SASE must be on its way. I asked a bunch of people for favours yesterday, for an unlabeled envelope, for an IRC, for posting, etc… Now they are many curious people at work. How to appease them? 🙂

    You know are making my decision to reread *slowly* plan a lot harder. What a tease 😀

    • Hi, Ezgi. I think your SASE is sitting on my kitchen table with the thousand that came in last week. Dudes! This is totally cool.

      If it were me, I’d wear it for a day. Let them get a good look at what your favors bought. (grin)

  6. Smith

    Speaking of spying on other authors’ sites… any chance of a sneak-peak at the first chapter of BMS before the release date? A little bird told me that Harris is posting the first chapter of her next book on her site next month. Was wondering if that’s something you’ll do? I’m totally new here, whipped through all 7 Hollows, and the shorties, in the past week. Really looking forward to BMS, and patience is not one of my virtues, unfortunately!

    • Hi, Smith.

      There is a nice chunk of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION’s first chapter in the mass market of WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE, which is coming out next Tuesday, so I might be able to put it up very, very soon.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thank you! You even got the shorts!


  7. Phil

    Me too, Mud! 😀

  8. mudepoz

    Apropros of nothing.
    This blog makes me smile.

  9. Ohhh, shiny. I want one. 😀

  10. Marsha

    Oooh. I can really work that into a nice piece of jewelery. Then everyone will ask me what it means and I can sell more books for you! Works for me. I hope I get my SASE in before you run out.

    • Marsha, I was sitting here looking at it, wondering how many of these I was going to see while on tour hanging around reader’s necks. 😉 And what a grand idea! Wearing it to help spread the word. That would be too cool.


  11. Frotee

    Oooohhh this is SO cool!
    Would it be possible to have one of these ship alongside my signed cover flat? I’ll pay for it of course, but shipping is expensive enough – one package should be much more sensible 🙂
    It’ll also give me a reason to go to our post office and send these letters I was to lazy to send earlier…

    Greetings from Germany, Carina

    • Hi, Carina. Absolutely! Everything that goes out now will have a key with it, the cover flats included. No reason to send anything extra. It’s all included in the win. 😉


  12. Jeannie

    Love the keys, my sase is on its way. Hope a regular envelope is going to be strong enough. I’m already spinning with the ideas everyone has thought of already. Not long now til Feb, although it seems like forever. My mother always told me the older you get the quicker the time flies by-I found her to be exactly right until I had to start waiting on your next release. haha. Tell Guy hope the roughness he is encountering smooths out very soon. Oh I went to Bitten last night and voted and Piscary was in the lead for vileness(word?)… I also wanted to tell you I went to about 7 other author sites last night (couldn’t sleep and was in the office with the bookcases) and wanted to tell you two things I noticed. Now this is my personal opinion and not meant to offend. First, I found your blog site to be easy to read and use. Second, I found that you are very devoted to your readers as far as site interaction, responses, updates… Having said that, Thank you!!

    • Hi, Jeannie. A standard envelope should be okay. Let me know if it gets to you in less-than-desirable shape.

      Guy says thank you, and so do I. We’re okay, it’s just kind of rough right now.

      Ooooh, you went spying for me! (grin) Actually, thank you. I don’t have the time to go looking to see what other authors are doing and simply have to muddle on, trying to put stuff out there that I think you’ll like. I appreaciate knowing that what I’m doing is of some worth. _Thank you._


  13. Phil

    I’m guessing you really like the new freebie! *grin* Note to tiny village post office: Order stamps! My YA cousin might just find these in her stocking this x-mas along with ODTS. She’s probably too young for the Hollows, but in a few years…

    Mud, necklaceable may or may not be a word but i like it. Admittedly, i’ve used a few not-a-word words myself and i’m doing my masters in Eng. Lit. 😉

    Kim, i hope Guy rebounds quickly from those real life rough spots.

  14. lol, cool key… Let me guess, we’re going on a bit of a sight seeing tour? 😉
    For interst sake (and I’m sorry if I’m repeating a question that was already answered) – when you write about a real life place and your characters go there, do you go there personally if your time permits it? Like… let’s say… Alcatraz?

    It’s unseasonably cold here tonight. Has been all week but tonight’s the worst…

    NaNoWriMo status: 37880 words. Did below my personal average today, but I had a lot of RL things to catch up with. And, now that it’s cold and i’m snuggled in bed, I find myself feeling – bugger it, i’m going to sleep, it’s warmer there! lol.

    Good night Ms. Harrison.

    • Hi, Alyssa.

      Sight seeing tour? Ahh, not exactly. The road trip isn’t until the next book, but this is close.

      Good question. The answer is yes. I don’t like to write about a place unless I’ve been there, smelled the air, looked at the people, touched the dirt. I have been to Alcatraz. It feels okay there, but I will NOT go into the old fort area. Way too creepy for me.

      Nicely done on the NaNoWriMo. I’m at 22, 400 something, but I won’t be writing on the weekend, so I’m sure you’re going to keep your lead on me. 😉

    • *Alyss grins.*

      And, the tag match is still on and you is (are?) still it!

  15. Lurker

    Ya know, you hooked me as an author with The Hollows, but you really hooked me as a person with all the stuff and interaction you provide to your readers. I don’t know of anyone else who goes to the trouble of responding to each comment, and keeping in touch with their readers or fans. It may just be that I don’t follow many authors, but in my opinion, you go above and beyond and it’s appreciated at least by me, and I’m sure by a bunch others too.

    /toggle brown nosing off.

    Now I have wander around a find some stamps 🙂

  16. oh i like these, this is the sort of moment i sit back and think “its good having a boyfriend living in america” lol though i am suprised you didnt slip in a 666 though i am happy with a 13 my fave number 🙂

    btw 32,417 words and ahead of target, i’ve just explained what my title is to the readers (finally) its crucial to the story and still have 4 continents to visit so i think this is going to be bigger than 50k. not bad for a first attempt at nano i guess.

    Rachel-UK @}~

    • Hi, Rachel.

      Yup, he’ll be able to get you your freebie a lot easier than you. Are you refering to the cell number? That’s actually the ISBN number the book will be published under. I try to get them on the freebies when I can. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

      Nice on the word count! I’m hitting . . .22,400 something. Catching up fast! Very cool on your story progression. I like hopping from place to place. Jocelynn Drake does that in her books a lot.

    • mudepoz

      T W E N T Y T W O thousand, F O U R HUNDRED?
      *shakes head*

  17. becca

    ohhhhhhhhh these are just so pretty!!
    cant wait untill BMC not long cant belive really how quick the time is going.

    my sase is on its way to guy

    i do have a question/quiery but iam gonna save it up as its a serious one and kinda somber and with the freebies out i didnt wanna fetch you off your high!!
    hugs to the brood
    becca and gang

  18. Biggie McLarghuge

    I like that you made the ISBN the cell number. I got a good chuckle out of that.

  19. suzannelazear

    Very cool, so will you have key charms for the bracelets? Inquiring tots want to know when the next charm will come out. Most of her toys went to storage when we moved, but that charm bracelet was squirrled away with her “special things”. It’s one of her favorite possessions. (She refuses to use the stickers because they’re “special.”)

    I didn’t write anything last night, I was just too tired and has to wake up extra early today, so I have to place catch up. Sigh.

    Happy thursday!

    ~Suzi and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne.

      No keys for the charm bracelet, but we’ll have something. Not sure yet.

      That is so sweet she has her charms with her special things. She knows reading is important to you, I think.

      I got another 12 pages done Thursday. Right on schedule . . .


  20. Woohoo! The freebies look AWESOME- I def. want one! SASE heading your way 🙂 I’m so excited that this is the book they go to San Francisco!

  21. Oh gosh they’re gorgeous! Can you send me some and I pay the stamp via paypal? thx, aimée

    • Amy, because you’re in Germany, and I know what a pain it is, we can do that as long as you send me a SASE. Just don’t put any stamps on it. Address only, and a note reminding me that you’re paying for the stamps by paypal. 😉


  22. Jemma

    Wow, those are AWESOME! I’ll definitely have to get one.
    And now for The Random: I’ve been having some weird dreams lately, (maybe due to medication) and this morning I woke up from an epic dream that happened to involve both you and Guy. lol O_o
    I can’t remember much about the begining but I think we were all sitting on lawn chairs in some garden area talking and then I took you both to a huge indoor swimming pool and we were all wearing wetsuits because it looked like here the publlic were all swimming with killer-whales. There were some adventures there and I think something happened with someone being stupid and one whale going missing somehow. Then we seemed to end up at some small school theatre where I had to perform a few acting/dancing pieces and I must have said you can Guy could watch and you were sat at the back. I remember being in my Poison Ivy costume from DragonCon and that’s about it. lol
    Raaaaaaaandom. But it felt very real.

  23. Shannon

    You have out done yourself this year! Love it!

    • Hi, Shannon. Aren’t they fab! I agree. It was really hard to get to the price point we needed to be able to give them away, but we did it, thanks to the people we get the charms through.


  24. Sara

    I always manage to miss out on the freebies. But not this year! As soon as I find me some envelopes and stamps – I’m on it! They look awesome!

  25. Mira

    Do you recommend a bubble or standard envelope? I can get either around. These are amazing, I can’t pass up getting one.

  26. mudepoz

    Wish guy my best, please. Are those lovely keys necklaceable? My spell check insists that is not a word. Harumph.

  27. Jo Anthoni

    OOOOOOO, those are too freakin’ cool. I cannot wait, I have 3 pre-orders for this book already.
    So the all important question from me is… Since I’m living in Denmark, but am a born and bred Coloradoan, I’d have my dear mom send out the SASE. HOWEVER, since I’ve gotten her hooked on the Hollows she’ll steal mine unless I get her one. Plus I got a friend here hooked on them and he’d want one. So how does that work? Is it possible to get 3? If so do I need to do 3 SASE’s or just times the postage by 3? This international things sure is a pain.

    • Jeannie

      I have the same problem, my daughter would like a set too?? Same envelope, double postage or two seperate sase’s??

    • Hi, ladies. Because the keys are so heavy, they really need a single envelope unless you want to spring for a heaver weight, larger one that can take the abuse. (Think mini-bubble wrap envelopes) Another option would be to send two or three SASEs in the same envelope to me, which would save a bit on postage.

    • Jo Anthoni

      You’ve just succeeded in making my day/night. I’ll talk it over with my mom and find out what’s easier for her. She might include a envelop to her and a bubble envelope to DK.
      I got to looking at the IOU thingy for the post office and I don’t think $.64 is going to cut it for ya Kim. I’m guessing from the US postage rate that they weigh about 2 ounces, for a reg envelope to Denmark that’s $1.82, can’t have you shorting yourself on these babies *is going to end up like Sméagol*
      Thanks again!

  28. Heather from AZ

    I still have my tomatoes seeds! I didn’t want to plant them because I didn’t want to rip the package. With this one I won’t have to worry!! I was so happy when I got my little envelope I told my husband and he just laughed. I will show him this time!

  29. Antonio Rich

    Hmmm… a prison island surrounded by salt water…?

    Writing Question: The last 2 books i’ve read both had characters who would occasionally have “flashbacks” in memory. The first(Urban Fantasy), would indicate just such an occurrence in style(using script printing) as well as explaining to other characters where the lead character had “gone.” The second book(Supernatural Romance) did neither. One second, the lead is having a conversation with a friend, then she goes off on a 1,000+ word daydream, comes back to the present with no explanation. The latter seems wrong to me. How would you handle this ?

    • Hi, Antonio. Mmm, it would depend on the genre. I like tight writing, and I try to stay away from flashbacks, but I also enjoy writing the transition from one state of mind to the next. (Like when Rachel has the focus in her, and we go from Rachel’s thoughts to the beast’s?) That can be tricky without jarring the reader. If your audience is used to flashbacks, you can use them more and with a quicker transition. Personally, I like having flashbacks having their own chapters, but sometimes that’s not feasible, and watching someone slip into the past is very cool, disturbing, and eerie when it’s done right. Very effective–when handled properly.

  30. April W

    OH OH OH, those are fantastic! What could that mean? Does someone go back in time? Does someone have a checkered past? Are the numbers a code? Is Alcatraz the confining aspect of training with AL…AL-catraz? Is this book about unlocking potential? Oh, my mind is reeling.

    • Hi, April. i can answer one of your questions. The cell number is actually the ISBN number. I like getting it on the freebies when I can. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. 😉

  31. Jenn

    Oh! I am so excited!!!!!! I can’t wait to get they key!
    Hmmmm, I’m going to be dreaming up all kinds of things that Rachel & co might need a keep from the jail for! Somehow I think Al is involved (grin).

    By the way, I have some music that you might like to listen to…it’s a little lighter (or some of it is) than you normally listen to but for some reason they made me think of your characters.

    Here goes:
    -Mambo (English Version) by Elena Paparizou [Ivy about Rachel]
    -Head Like A Hole by NiN [Al being cocky]
    -Show Me The Money by Petey Pablo [Girls Night Out]
    -Pure Shores by All Saints [Rachel to Ivy]
    -If I Fall by Tara MacLean [Rachel on Life In General]
    -Shadows of the Night by Pat Benatar [Rachel & Ivy talking/singing about their relationship]
    -Don’t Stop The Music by Rihana [Ivy dancing]

    Thant’s it…lol…can you tell I’ve been collecting for a while?

    Hope you have a great day!


    • Hi, Jenn.

      Thanks for the music! I really like NIN, but the others are not familar. I’ll have to look them up.


    • Jenn

      If you get a chance, let me know what you think of the music!

      And apparently I need to re-read what I write before I post it (keep=key) lol!

      I have another question for you, if I send enough postage & a bubble wrap envelope, can I get 2 keys? Of course I want one but I’m thinking of a gift for my girlfriend Maria? Or would you prefer 2 seperate envelopes? I’m in Canada so I was just hoping to make it as easy as possible for both of us!

      Have a great day!

    • Hi, Jenn. I’d expect that the bubble folder can hold several keys. The only reason I have a one envelope, one key rule is because of the weight. If the envelope is sturdy enough, we can send more. 😉

      You have a great day, too!

  32. Kristin


  33. Kylie Ru

    I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!! I’ll see if I can manage to send the SASE thingy . . . We only have to wait three months! I’m so excited! Okay, I hope you have a wonderful and productive day, Kim-san!

    • Antonio Rich

      Kylie, did you see that Kim is jumping the story from early January to June(BMS)? What do you think about that? You think your boy Trent might step up and make an honest women out of Cerie and marry her? Publicly adopt her child? Kind of a “Royal Wedding” of sorts (transparent, but for appearances sake)

    • mudepoz

      MMmm, I didn’t think Trent was the papa.

    • Kylie Ru

      I did see the jumpyness, but it didn’t really click . . . What do i think about it? I guess I don’t really care . . . That’s were the story wanted to start so meh. About Trent. I don’t think he’ll marry her. It would seem like he had gotten her pregnant so he had to marry her. I doubt he’d tell everyone “I’m just doing this to make it look good, but she’s actually with a very a good friend of mine, so don’t give me that look.”

      Mud, Trent isn’t the daddy. We all thought that! But Quen’s the daddy.

      Kim, did you do that on purpose? Make us think Ceri was preggo with Trent’s baby?

    • Heather

      I thought Quinn was her elf? I don’t think that Cerie likes Trent very much. He treats her like she’s the plague!

    • Antonio Rich

      I like that there is 5, rather than 3 months, between the events in WWBC and BMS. More time for things to settle, Rachel to grow, Ivy to grow…AND, for R&I&Jenks to become aunts and uncles!

      Don’t be so quick to discount a T&C wedding…the Elves, and Trent in particular, have their own odd way of doing things…

    • Did I twist it so you thought Trent was the dad? He was going to be, but then Quen put his foot down and said he loved her, and, well . . . it made for a better story. (grin) I was surprised, too.

    • You know what, Antonio? I misspoke. BMS isn’t in June. The one after is in June. BMS is in April. I’m so embarrassed!

    • Antonio Rich

      As Gilda Radner would sweetly say:

      “Never mind.” (GRIN)

    • Hi, Kylie. 😉 I’ll look for your SASE! It’s really easy. You just fold it up and mail it to me, and Guy and I will do the rest! I hope you had a great day. Mine was productive.

  34. Lynette

    I so love all your books .. yeah a new one.. so sasa is on its way thank you so much ..