Hollows on TV? Input wanted!

It’s been a few weeks since I broke the news that the amazingly talented Dan Angel has picked up the rights to the Hollows, and whereas I’m onboard as consultant, there’s a lot of stuff that that I will have no control of. that said, there is still something you and I can do to help push this forward as we try to find a good home for the Hollows. If we can nail down talent, the chance to nail down a home increases dramatically.

We’ve already gotten a lot of great suggestions for Rachel. ( Cast call for Rachel. ) Ivy, too, has some great ideas. (Cast call for Ivy! ) Today, though, I’m asking for your ideas for the third leg of the Vampiric Charms Inc. And, so we don’t lose your good ideas and to make it easier for you to discuss with each other in a threaded format, I’d like to ask you to drop your suggestions here at the blog instead of FB or twitter. (Though if you drop them there as well, they will be seen twice as often!)

I usually focus on how a character reacts more than their physical characteristics, so my ideas are usually way off from everyone else’s. Hence, me really wanting to know who you see. A few things to keep in mind. Though Jenks is married and has a passel of kids, he’s only eighteen, so if you have an idea for an older actor or one who has aged out of his original role, I will know what you’re looking for if you preface your pick with, “I see someone like X in the show Y.”

With that in mind, a short summation of Jenks.

Jenks and dashboard dancer by Mark Rude

Jenks is a pixy, four inches tall, strong shoulders, blond hair, green eyes, dragonfly wings. He wears a red bandanna when he’s off the church’s grounds to keep other pixies from trying to kill him. His color-changing pixy dust gives away his mood, an as he gets older, it becomes more complex. He’s married, and his naturally large persona is tempered by his even larger family to provide for. He’s unique among pixies, being forward thinking and willing to break hard-core pixy traditions to better the lives of his family and especially his wife, Matalina.

Jenk is a smart dresser with elaborately detailed clothes that his wife makes him. He has a smart, almost crass mouth, often taking Tinkerbell’s name in vain as he tries to be taken seriously by those who don’t know him. He’s fast in flight, and very good with a sword, seeing as he has had to fight for everything he has, including his next meal–until he agrees to work as Ivy and Rachel’s backup and exchanges security detail for the rights to forage in their garden. He’s good with looping cameras, finding danger, spying, and especially talented at tactical defense as he marshals his kids into protecting the church and garden from big and small threats. Like most pixies, Jenks is surprisingly lethal when cornered, but he is loyal to a fault to who he trusts. Good soul, warrior poet, young, vulnerable, smart-ass. Definitely not comic relief, Jenks is the wise old man in an 18 year old body, often knowing what Rachel needs to hear to get her motivated again. He’s the glue that keeps them all together, having known great loss and the strength found in surmounting it.

So, your picks?


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362 responses to “Hollows on TV? Input wanted!

  1. K. Ritchie

    Octacvian Kaul was born in 2003 and it is IMBd.Here is the link—


  2. Sarah

    Jamie Campbell Bower!

  3. Michael Pearce

    When Jenks speaks, I always hear Saverio Guerra (who played Bob on Becker).

  4. Megan B

    ROSS LYNCH from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina would be great!


  5. K. Ritchie

    OCTAVIAN KAUL I can’t get the jpeg inserted but here is his IMB information.

    Octavian Kaul is an actor. He portrayed a young Hunter Zolomon in The Flash, and Luke in Supergirl.

  6. Jordan

    Asa Butterfield
    Aiden Gallagher
    Jeremy Sumpter
    Robert Sheehan

    They’re not super big names and I think they’ve got the right mix of looks and attitude

  7. Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Jenks, we have had older actors play “young characters” think Spike in Buffy. ( I’m sure when the special effects are done for the wings and flying, any odd wrinkle could be smoothed away.) 🙂

    Alexander Skarsgard is too old unfortunately, but could completely see him as AL.

    Aidan Gallagher is the right age but better as Jenk’s dark haired son, I think.

  8. Brenda

    I’ve been catching up on Riviera and I think Franco Masini could be a contender. He is young enough, has the looks, a tenor voice and is not so well known in the US that he would be out of the question.

  9. Jacquelyn

    Honestly I think you are going to have to do an open casting call, or hit the beaches in LA! I don’t think a known actor should play him, Jenks is out there, we just haven’t seen him yet. Some where there is a young blonde hunk, we haven’t seen yet, and he IS our Jenks. I went back to the story line when he was made big, and while Dawn had created a perfect detailed physical picture in my mind, he remained faceless. I think that’s because we haven’t seen him yet

  10. Kelly Finnegan

    Aidan Gallagher!

  11. Kelly Finnegan

    Aidan Gallagher!

  12. Mary Burt

    If not Tom Holland then Sam Corlett!!!

  13. Mary Burt

    Tom Holland would make a bad ass Jenks.

  14. Duncan - Digital Reincarnated Technologies

    So Im just starting book 3, so limited knowledge here….

    Rachel: Abigail Cowen (She did a good job with Winx Saga IMO)
    Ivy: Summer Glau
    Jenks: I’m sorry, All I can picture is Ryan Reynolds with pixy wings and swearing at everything.

  15. Bekahboo

    Ughhhh so tough because he needs to look pretty young! I would say Jake Manley from The Order would be a really good choice!

  16. Christina

    What about tom holland?

  17. Ruth

    I know he is aged out of the role, but I have always seen Jenks and Kist in my mind as Channing Tatum type. Sexy, funny, and can definitely play serious.

  18. Audie

    Jeremy Sumpter might be a good choice. He would be worth an audition.

  19. Liakela

    100% I see Asa Butterfield in this role.

  20. adrie

    Definitely Sam Corlett! He has the curly hair and elfin features as well as being young enough.

  21. Megan HEALY

    Major characters
    Rachel Mariana Morgan. – Scarlett Johansson
    Ivy Alisha Tamwood. – Gemma Chan
    Jenks.- Chris Hemsworth
    Algaliarept “Al” – Penn Badgley
    Captain S. Edden. – Aidan Quinn
    Ceridwen “Ceri” Merriam Dulciate.- Jennifer Lawrence
    David Hue.- Jason Statham
    Detective Mathew Glenn – Anthony Mackie

  22. Tiff terrion

    I know it’s late to the party but check out Danny Griffin. He is on the Netflix Fate Winx saga series
    Youthful, blonde, in shape, floppy hair, fighting skills and can hold a sword. Build could handle the cgi for wings. Most importantly he can act.

  23. Gina Walls

    I’m adding Tom Hardy! I know probably no one else will like him for it but oh well.

  24. Dianna Ulmo

    I’m adding in Aidan Gallagher

  25. Marissa

    Jonathan lipnicki for jenks (you remember the cute kid from jerry McGuire)

  26. Keshia

    Jonathan Lipnicki!!!

  27. Michaela

    Toby Regbo from Reign fits Jenks’s description I think.

  28. Nadia Stewart

    Jenks should be someone funny, sensitive, and willing to kick butt.

    Billy Unger from Lab Rats
    Jace Norman – Henry Danger
    Gianni Paolo – Ma

  29. Paul Bettany when he was young would have been perfect.

  30. Rosa Flores

    It would just be amazing to see on tv.
    What about Charlie Plummer or Austin Abrams?

  31. Laura

    Jacob Bertrand recently in Cobrai Kai

  32. Lynn Brown

    Either Scott Evans or John Barrowman

  33. Annette Marie

    Charlie Hunam!

  34. Michele

    Kenton Duty

  35. Michele

    Arthur Harshagen

  36. Sarah

    Austin Butler

  37. Jennifer

    I was thinking Alexander Calvert who played Jack on Supernatural! Fantastic young actor and I think he has the look of Jenks and could play him really well!

  38. Amber Pendley

    Evan Peters would be amazing as Jenks!

  39. Katha

    Evan Peters or Jeremy sumpter (When he was a little younger)- let him look really young.. peter pan like when he’s alone – and then boooom all the kids – would love that

  40. Carla Duncan

    Chase Stokes or Rudy Pankow from the show Outerbanks could possibly work.

  41. Lunadee Lovegood

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster from Game of Thrones. I think he would make a great Jenks.

  42. Jaclyn

    Sam Corlett, he’d be great and is around Jenks actual age in the series…has the hair and the talent 😁

    Dominic Anthony Sherwood
    or possibly;
    William James Sibree Tudor

  43. Lindsey

    I have always thought Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars looks like he would make a great Jenks! I think he looks like Peter Pan anyways. However, with his ability to dance and move his body he could embody pixy movements so successfully!

  44. lorettamorrow

    I can definitely see someone like a young Alex Pettyfer.

  45. So I saw someone mention Robert Sheehan earlier… I’ve struggled so hard to get a good picture of a celebrity outside of the person I’ve created in my head to play Jenks and I absolutely agree that Robert Sheehan would be a perfect fit for the character. He’s sarcastic, funny, sassy, and has that young but old/wise appearance at the same time!

    • Dianna

      I absolutely love Robert Sheehan, but I don’t know if I see it. But if he was cast I would still be happy because I love him. That being said, I picked Aidan Gallagher lol

  46. Danielle

    Justin Timberlake

  47. Mikela Smith

    Ryan Reynolds

  48. Jackie

    Sam Corbett from Sabrina would be great!

  49. Mira

    Let’s not forget to suggest
    Tilda Swinton as Newt!

  50. Mira

    For my taste J. has a gender fluid look. I could imagine Kristen Stewart or someone with this look.

  51. Rachel

    Tim Boardman

  52. Mirtala

    Honestly I’m with most people on the post about the guy from criminal.minds who plays Reid. Other than that my mind instantly goes to Johhny Depp for the sass but he doesnt have the looks.

  53. Ruth

    I have to agree with Aidan Gallagher

  54. Velissa

    The amount of people who are suggesting actors like Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth (not even just suggesting their looks, no no, the actual actors) makes me shake my head and think they’ve never read the books. And also…do you guys honestly think giant movie stars are going to star in a tv show? Come on people

  55. Tanner Buchanan (Cobra Kai) or Austin Butler (Shannara Chronicles)

  56. Jennie Malone

    Thomas Brodie Sangster

  57. A young David Niven–gallant, intelligent,sassy as well as skilled in fighting if necessary. Also vain. . .

  58. Robert Lott

    Someone like Ponyboy in Outsiders, C Thomas Howl?

  59. mfrentress

    Jesse Kove

  60. Cassandra

    Robert Sheehan

  61. Jonathan Keck

    I could be wrong, but I’m thinking Channing Tatum for Jenks?

  62. Bradley James would be a nice addition to it.

  63. Kelly Young

    I’m thinking someone along the lines of Chris Pratt or Ryan Reynolds.

    • Jenks is an 18 year old pixie; albeit. A mature 18. As much as I love Ryan Reynolds, Jensen Akles, Chris Pratt, etc, they are too old. Gorgeous, but not appropriate.

  64. NeilM

    Just watch The Watch and see an example of casting that isn’t right where the script is weak, in the wrong setting and basically getting the wrong vibe.

  65. James N

    Maybe Cameron Bright

  66. Frances Sturgess

    Sudden thought.
    Slight but muscular.
    Bleached blonde/very fair
    Teenybopper appeal/mass market already out there. (Mass txt/tweet campaign overwhelmed some right wing group as I recall)
    Confident and some teen arrogance.

    What if all pixys were Kpop? BTS/boy band Girl bands

    Some wild tailoring and colored hair and agility and seeming agelessnrss.

    Crosses the ethnic bar (hey Mr Sulu where are u)

  67. Jenny

    Jake t austin

  68. Deacon Philippe, son of Reese Witherspoon, and Ryan Philippe.

  69. Jade Lancaster

    Even Peters would be an awesome choice for Jenks, if its at all possible.

  70. Christina Hobson

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster

  71. Manuela

    Tom Felton or the young Justin Timberlake

  72. Lupe Saldivar

    This one’s hard for me. Jenks is only 18, and I’m at an age where I don’t pay much mine to boys that age. I think Timothee Chalamet did good in “Call me by your name” but he is also a rising star who may not want to play a pixie.

  73. PJ Gutentag

    I think Milo Manheim might be the right combo; if there were a time machine, christian slater back when he was starting; needs the combination of almost manic energy with fierceness for that protective streak, but also the acting chops to handle making one snot face cry when Matalina passes

  74. Kristie Callihan

    Evan Peters of American horror story and xmen. He would be an amazing jenks

  75. Shawna Rebertz

    Someone with the look of Chord Overstreet, but the expressions and snarkiness of Thomas Brodie-Sangster

  76. Shawna Rebertz

    Sam Corlett

  77. Jensen Ackles.

    Have you seen him in a suit?

  78. Brian

    Aiden Gallagher almost exactly what I had pictured in my head while reading the books.

  79. Jenny

    I am not sure the actors name, but the guy that plays Calaban in season 3 of Netflixs Sabrina series. Hes pixy looking, can be playful, but also the reasonable voice, would look dashing in black tights…and can do a great peter pan pose

    • Missy Moo

      A bunch of Sabrina actors come to mind here.
      One of the 3 dark witchy “sisters”. The one with the long dark hair.
      She would be perfect for Ivy
      Kiernan could be Rachel I think.
      And Gavin Leatherwood, why… Any role at all. Just put him in there.

  80. Velissa

    Aiden Gallagher

    First of all, he is a fantastic actor. Watching him on The Umbrella Academy, it’s hard to believe someone as young as him (17) is so skilled. He literally plays an old man in a young body in that show (just like Jenks) and pulls it off beautifully! Dye his hair blonde and you have your Jenks.

  81. Rebecca Navarro

    I see a younger Chris Pine. Jamie Campbell Bower maybe?

  82. Anneke

    David mazouz. He is 19 years old. Hair can be dyed.

  83. Adam G Sevani (Moose from step up) big personality and comedic timing

  84. Kelly

    Aidan Gallagher!
    He is amazing at playing an older strong willed character in a teens body on umbrella academy. I already know he will be great!

  85. Jeanel Walker

    Eddie Redmayne is my pick he would have to die his hair but his eyes are so striking and green green. Personally he is the only actor who could pull it off, but i dont think he would be willing unless he read the story.

    • Misti Jordan

      I absolutely adore Eddie Redmayne, but I find him a little too “quirky” to be Jenks. To me, Jenks has always been more of a classic jock hunk… he’s just too small for anyone to really notice it (other than Matalina LOL!) I don’t necessarily want someone who “looks like a pixie”, or who has some kind of quirky weird quality (no matter how adorable it might be). But that’s just me. 🙂 And honestly, I’d be fine with colorblind casting (you want to cast the Duke from Bridgerton as Jenks? That’s just FINE with me!) but the blonde-ness of pixies is a pretty significant characteristic of their race, and those who are dark-haired are shunned. So there would have to be something else inserted to explain the divisions between the Pixie clans, i any of that comes into play.

  86. Lynn Payton

    KJ Apa = Jenks
    Alexander Skarsgård = Trenton Kalamack
    Johnny Depp = Al
    Elizabeth Olsen = Rachel
    Samantha Barks = Ivy

  87. Samantha Lynn Colon

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Jenks
    Chloë Grace Moretz or Elle Fanning as Matalina
    Timothée Chalamet as Al’s brother
    Aidan Gallagher as Jumoke

    I thought I posted it already but now I don’t see it so maybe I made a mistake.

  88. Christine nolan

    Elliot Page

  89. angela

    i don’t know who would play each character but would LOVE to see the books in a tv/ movie

  90. Samantha Lynn Colon

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Jenks
    Timothée Chalamet as Al’s brother
    Aidan Gallagher as Jenks dark haired son, Jumoke
    Chloe Grace Moretz or Elle Fanning as Matalina

  91. Laura Morgan

    Jackson Rathbone, Matt Czuchy or Thomas Brodie-Sangster

    • ashleykoberholtzer

      Ryan Kwanten

    • Melisa M

      Matt Czuchy is a great choice for Jenks or better yet Kisten. A lot of ppl like Brodie-Sangster (and his face def has traditional pixie vibes) but Jenks is described as muscular and broad shouldered with a super handsome face in the book. I agree w one of the other posters who said he needs to have a little more of a handsome jock vibe but someone who can also play fun and serious. That’s why I like Czuchy or Ackles type casting more. I know Ackles is too old but I just mean more along those lines.

  92. Cia

    Ryan Kwanten would be perfect for Jenks!

  93. Shawna

    He’s a bit older but Thomas Brodie-Sangster would be another pick

  94. Steph

    Jensen Ackles!!! Let’s face it, they are already a dead ob match for humor 🤣

  95. Shawna

    Someone kinda lanky/fit like Tom Holland

  96. Rebekah L Cummins

    KJ Apa
    Tom Holland
    Taron Edgerton
    Nicholas Hoult

  97. Lita

    Dylan O’Brien would be perfect!

  98. Erica

    Dylan O’Brian could be a good choice. The guy in Maze runner.

  99. Carrie

    Ben Hardy! Thought so ever since seeing him in 6 Underground!

  100. Amelia

    Someone like TJ Thyne
    He has the look and the personality

    Or Bradley James
    Again the look, but also the skill to be serious and silly as shown by his turn as King Arthur in Merlin

    Dustin Milligan is a pretty versatile actor as well
    A little older but he can pass for a teenager

  101. Debbie Nelson

    Tom Huddleston, he did such a great job as Loki! Would make a great Jenks

  102. Robert W. Smith

    Finn Wolfhard or Milo Parker. For me it comes down to who I can “hear” exclaiming “Tinks Panties.”

  103. Maryann

    Kellon Lutz.

  104. Jackie

    I don’t know who would be best but I always picture someone who if he was normal sized would be very tall, like 6ft plus. Maybe Austin Butler or yen guys who plays young Kevin on This is Us, Logan Shroyer. Maybe Ansel Elgort.

  105. Michele

    Ryan Reynolds!!! If you’ve seen Deadpool 1 or 2, you can see his wit, humor & acting chops would match well. In addition, he’s handsomely adorable & sexy smooshed together. Reynolds isn’t 18 but there’s an eternal youth about him.

  106. Amanda

    Callum Turner for Jenks!!

  107. Diana Thomas

    I like Aidan Gallagher who plays Number 5 in The Umbrella Academy. He plays a 50 year old in a 14 year old’s body and he does it brilliantly.

    • Margie Frentress

      My suggestions for Jinx:
      Ross Lynch
      Dominic Sherwood
      Jake T.Austin
      William Brent
      Charlie Heaton

  108. Abby

    Thomas Brody-Sangster.

  109. Jill Bryan

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster from The Maze runner. I think he would be perfect.

  110. Thomas Brodie-Sangster or Sterling Knight

  111. Sharon Meehan

    This is a tough one and I know the actor I’m suggesting is older but I keep picturing his face as Jenks…I was leaning towards Alexander Skarsgard.
    To recap on my previous suggestions…
    I chose Rachelle Lefevre or Genevieve Angelson for Rachel and Cara Gee for Ivy.

  112. Suzy

    Jenks! My phone and it’s autocorrect.

  113. Suzy

    I think a young relatively unknown actor would be best. Has to be old enough to be as sexy as Jenna when he was big for that short time. Maybe look at some of the young adult actors from Netflix series.

  114. Nicky

    Jordan Gavaris from Orphan Black he played Felix

  115. Leisa D

    Mitchell Kummen aka Jenks
    Kaitlyn Leeb aka Ivy
    Cobie Smulders aka Rachel
    I don’t judge them from looks pure talent!

  116. Michelle Spencer

    Jamie Campbell Bower!!
    He’s my top pick 🙂 Other honorable mentions are:
    Thomas Elms
    Jake Manley
    Patrick Schwarzenegger
    Asa Butterfield
    Thomas Doherty
    Colin Ford
    Cody Christian
    Alex Saxon
    Jordan Oosterhof

  117. Hannah

    Ryan Reynolds or Evan Peters if he can do Jenks’ personality!!

  118. darn it..i think i hit something before adding the video of phekan patric riley in choir
    he is one in center, taller, who introduces the song

  119. I want to nominate my son… OK well that’s a longshot so first I want to nominate mos DEF…
    But when I was answering the post on Facebook I suggested That an unknown actor that needs work gets a job… And then I realized I have a gorgeous son who is an amazing actor he even has an IMDb page he’s in college now and he hasn’t done machete in college but in high school he was in every play and his school did a lot of places like three or more a year and he was always a lead role he was always a lead role since first grade in Waldorf school where they did a plate every year he even was in short films and has an IMDb page when we lived in upstate New York…

    But I think the main thing about my son besides the fact that he’s gorgeous andA really good actor is that he is so perfect for Jake’s

    He’s such a trickster but I think the main thing, you’re not gonna believe this but I swear it’s true, he was taken by the fairies when he was little and only because I am crazy mom did I get him back… I have a story if I tell it to you you will believe me because it’s true… Basically he disappeared in a field During a hand fasting and he was found in an impossible place impossibly far away and said he flew… And just prior to that, The high priestess had told us that the place was inhabited by fairies…
    I’m telling you this young man is perfect for drinks and the fact that he looks older than he is I think it’s a really great thing… He is only 21 and looks super fit in all that but he looks older than 21 and I think Jenks isn’t is a man that’s older not some young 18-year-old…

    So I nominate Phelan Patric Riley
    he’s a mench & such a good son & totally deserves to be Jenks…

  120. KayB

    That 18 will mean he has to be an amazing actor to pull off the family part. Because his kids will be in it and can’t be all looking the same age.
    Truthfully I always saw Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries as a Jenks. I never thought of hair color being an issue as much as mannerisms, ability to pull off a great snarky line, lovable while being a jerk and all around impish essentials. Bummer he’s in his 40s cause I think he’d kill it.

  121. Tiffany terrion

    Sterling knight
    I don’t see him currently on any projects. Which is a big thing because many actors listed are TOO big meaning they have things in the works such as other series or movies. He is about the correct age and build and to me he has the impish look and nature of jenks.

  122. Vasiliy Stepanov he is a Russian actor that I feel could definitely do the role of Jenks

  123. Anna

    Thomas Doherty for Jenks!

  124. Selena stottlemire

    Jared Leto has been my Jinks since day one 🖤

  125. KM

    I think it would be nice to see Elliot Page in this role.

  126. Clint Berry

    How about Thomas Brodie-Sangster or Nico Ford? They both have the broad range, the look, and the energy level. Also worthy of consideration would be Kodi Smit-McPhee but I’m not sure about his energy level.

  127. maryjeanemerson

    Robert Sheehan

  128. Sinead Judge

    Jensen Ackles as Jenks

  129. Tara Cunningham

    Jensen Ackles, please!

  130. Gina Brown

    I’m also in favour of Chord Overstreet

  131. Jess

    Tom Holland or Booboo Stewart as Jenks

  132. Jess

    Or Booboo Stewart

  133. Deanna Hiles

    Aidan Gallagher

  134. Jess

    Tom Holland as Jenks

  135. Phillip Bond

    Dan Stevens, he has that handsome face. His turn on Downton Abbey proves he’s a gentleman. Whilst his turn in Legion shows he is quite a versatile actor and a fighter.

    • Maryanne

      I absolutely agree with Dan Stevens! Last time I reread the series, I was casting it in my head (and out-loud with my husband…lol) and Dan Stevens was my choice for Jenks. I also think he could be a good Trent too.

    • Candice

      I like this suggestion!!! I thinknhe would be a good fit

  136. E

    Thomas Brody-Sangster. He’d have to lift a little, but he’s got undeniably pixie like features. He did great most recently in queens gambit minus the ugly mustache , and holy cow he’s 30 but looks 16.

  137. Amy

    So he is supposed to be a young old person, right? That makes me think of Aidan Gallagher, who plays Five on Umbrella Academy. He is excellent at that combination.

  138. Doreen

    Asa Butterfield.
    Cara Gee for ivy (she is currently in the Expanse)

  139. Natina Singh

    Alex Pettyfer …. especially when he get human form

  140. Carla Duncan

    I think that Rupert Grint would have been great because he has the range to go from fun loving goof to kick ass, but he might already be considered too old. Although, I think with Jenks being a fairy age can be looked at differently not to mention Jenks is a battle hardened 18 not a fresh faced 18. I know the physical description isn’t spot on but that is changed easily enough in the entertainment world, the personality and acting range are more important. I will also say that when I first started reading the series, in my minds eye, Chris Hemsworth was also pictured as Jenks. That being said some younger options are : Dylan Sprouse, Jacob Elordi, Tanner Buchanan, Lucas Hedges, and Joel Courtney. I think a lot of it will depend on the chemistry with the actresses playing Rachel and Ivy.

  141. Eric

    How about Tonnocus Maclain, Uniformed Cop #1 on Lucifer. Yes he’s african american, but there’s nothing in your book stating what race he was except for the time he got big, but it was much more about his cut physique than that. But really, Tonnocus is a little older, (early 30’s) but younger looking, Which is fine, since Pixies have such short lifespans, he could be about any age looking. Being funny and adlib’ing is part of acting, but it’s also being the character. So being athletic and any race should be open requirements since what does a Pixie look like? Wings, ears? The hard part will be integrating the character with the rest without looking hokey. CGI is expensive even for little things, so that would need to be planned out.

  142. Frances Sturgess

    If Tom Felton were younger…

  143. Jasmine

    Douglas booth. I didn’t have anyone off the top of my head, but looking online a bit, I thought he’d work well 🙂

  144. Matt

    This is a bit of an odd one, but Shayne Topp. He’s on The Goldberg’s and is part of Smosh and he has amazing comedic timing, Jenks is a comic relief character, and Shayne is also surprisingly well built, so he’d fulfill the sex appeal aspect as well.

  145. Tonya

    how about some swedish hotties like Alexander Skarsgård, just a little younger? sry, can‘t remember names

  146. Lúcia

    I can see Chris Colfer as Jenks. The difference in actual age and Jenks’s teenager looks can be overlooked or disguise.

  147. Kerry

    Thomas doherty from descendants 2.

  148. Kristine Teets

    Thomas Brodie-Sangaster

    • Kristine Teets

      He’s always reminded me of Peter Pan. Maze Runner, Nanny McFee (when he was younger), Game of Thrones. He’s thirty but he played a teenager in Maze Runner. I never watched Fame of Thrones though.

  149. Velissa

    Aiden Gallagher

    First of all, he is a fantastic actor. Watching him on The Umbrella Academy, it’s hard to believe someone as young as him (17) is so skilled. He literally plays an old man in a young body in that show (just like Jenks) and pulls it off beautifully! Dye his hair blonde and you have your Jenks.


  150. Diane

    Ben Hardy of Bohemian Rhapsody fame (Roger), does Parkour in Underground 6, flew in X-men. I see Jenks as an attractive man with a sense of humor. Ben is youthful in appearance with a child-like aspect

  151. traelynn9

    Ty Simpkins!

  152. Brittany

    Robert Sheehan from umbrella academy. He can capture Jenks irreverent behavior, his maturity beyond his youth, the youthful looks and he has a lithe and acrobatic range of motion that I feel is important as well.

  153. Lauren Zorn

    I like Timothée Chalamet. He’s talented, plus he’s got a great look. Great cheek bones & jaw that will translate well to a pixy look, imho.

  154. Kristina Salmon-White

    Plays Henry Danger on Nickelodeon. He’s tall and slender with blond hair, a contagious smile and he’s pretty funny!

  155. Chris Brochu, Colton Hayes, Liam Hemsworth, Ross Lynch, Chord Overstreet. Any of the names would be good.

  156. Velissa

    Cole Sprouse

    He was one of the first faces I thought of for Jenks. Although he is 27 years old, he has a remarkably youthful look to his face. He has a very boyish smile and charm about him, and as many people know he has played rambunctious characters in the past that lets me know he can pull off a hyper little pixy.

  157. Heidi Rasberry

    Ryan Kwanten! Aka Jason Stackhouse from TruBlood. He would be epic!

  158. Alitza Leventhal

    I see Derek Hough when I read about Jenks and his antics. He can totally maneuver like Pixie.

    • Misti Jordan

      Derek is one of my Kisten/Trent choices. 🙂 (I can’t decide, but I’m leaning towards Trent 🙂 )

  159. Terry Gill

    Ryan Reynolds would be so perfect! I don’t care if you have to CGI it to look right he’s perfect

  160. Velissa

    Chandler Riggs

    You may know him as “Carl” from The Walking Dead. At only 21, he’s built a pretty impressive acting resume. He has a very youthful face that would be great for Jenks, he just needs a blonde hair dye. Very handsome and beautiful baby blues.

  161. Veerle

    Thomas Doherty, Ezra miller or Ross Lynch, someone crazy enough for the part…

  162. CourtneyJo Alisa Vossen

    Harry Styles… The guy wants to do more acting and Jenks is also a good singer right? Talk about tapping into a fan base lol

  163. Velissa

    Aiden Gallagher

    First of all, he is a fantastic actor. Watching him on The Umbrella Academy, it’s hard to believe someone as young as him (17) is so skilled. He literally plays an old man in a young body in that show (just like Jenks) and pulls it off beautifully! Dye his hair blonde and you have your Jenks.

  164. Tara

    Jason Memoa
    Dwayne Johnson
    Chris Evans
    Chris Pratt
    Ryan Reynolds (he could totally pull off the smart ass of Jenks)
    Charlie Hunnam

  165. Lelania

    Robert Sheehan. He’s a fun actor and would be an amazing sassy Jenks! He’s youthful and fit as a pixie would appear and has the look of an old soul in his eyes. Perfection.

  166. Emmy Goldby

    I would say Austin Butler from the Shannarah Chronicles – he says Jenna every which way to me.

  167. Amanda Brianne

    Going off someone else above, would appreciate seeing more diversity in the cast so someone like Robert Ri’chard, Michael Ealy, or Jesse Williams. They might not be in their 20s, but they have a youthful appearance along with what could be expected from someone who is the parent of how many kids?!?!

  168. Kendra phillips

    Zach Roerig. He has that boy next door yet very handsome look. Could be a family man or a play boy. Lol

  169. geminimama3x

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster. Bleach his hair, boom! Jenks!

  170. Stephen

    This one stumped me a bit. Personality vs looks really conflicted when I tried to picture an actor as Jenks. But then I saw someone say Tim Holland and I jumped at it! Dye his hair blonde and hair personality fits. Cole Sprouse could also work (again with some dye).

  171. Velissa

    Chris Colfer

    He is my “idea” of what Jenks would look like, he also has that sassy personality. I say “idea” because unfortunately Chris is 30 years old (although he doesn’t look it). His face screams pixy! He has the green eyes and just dye his hair blonder and boom! That’s Jenks.

  172. Amanda Brianne

    Robert Ri’chard or Jesse Williams – they have the combination of wise but youthful with a lean muscular body type.

  173. Katie Morse

    Here are a few ideas,
    Tom Taylor, Brandon Spark, Gaitlin Griffith, Gage Monroe, Karan Brar, Luke Newton, Michael Evans Behling.
    Just some actors worth looking at. Different looks and ethnicity in each.

  174. Charlena

    Andrew Dismukes from SNL, he looks young and does well on SNL. He might have to use some hair dye/contacts though

  175. Janine King

    Robert Sheehan would be a great Jenks, he looks strong, wears clothes well and looks old enough to have children but still has a youthful look that Jenks has, after all pixies don’t live as long as Witches.

  176. Athena Rodriguez

    I think either of the Sprouse brothers or Nicholas Hoult. I’d say Chris Pine, because he plays cocky and cheeky well, but he’s too old. Tanner Buchanan would be good too. Chandler Riggs wouldn’t be bad either. Logan Lerman has the eyes.

  177. Deb

    Chris Hemsworth

  178. Pauline Nichol

    What about Lukas Gage that actor that recently was dissed by that director who thought he was on mute. He looks the part to me when he’s blonde.

  179. Sara

    I think Jeremy Sumpter could be good as Jenks. He already played Peter Pan so the pose shouldn’t be a Problem. But mostly I would vote for Sam Claflin. He has the type of Body I imagine for Jenks and this Badass but super sweet at the same time charisma Jenks is known for.

  180. Katherine

    Ross Lynch. ❤
    Mostly of Disney Channel fame, but has also been in some darker stuff.

  181. krystale

    dylan sprouse

  182. Jenny

    Ty Simpkins would be a good fit for Jenks I think.

  183. Tara Keegan

    Toby Regbo! His blond curls made me think of Jenks the first time I saw him!

  184. Melanie

    Hi! I’ve always pictured someone like Corey Feldman from when he was in lost boys for Jenks. He even wears a red bandana in the movie!!

  185. Anne

    Okay, I totally wish Seth Green fit the age range.

    Also, I really like seeing diversity (think The Good Place) even when it is totally outside “reality” (think Hamilton or Bridgerton). I mean, we are already in an alternate universe and I would really enjoy seeing main characters who are distinctly different from each other, Asian, Black, Latinx, Native American.

    • Athena Rodriguez

      Have you read the books?

    • Amanda Brianne

      Agree! This is why I suggested Robert Ri’chard and Jesse Williams – they certainly have the acting chops to pull off a character who is old/wise but also youthful/mischievous.

  186. Calli Hoffman

    Inalways pictured him as Jamie Campbell from The Mortal Instruments Movie. Handsome and cheeky.

  187. Steph

    Gage Munroe from brotherhood

    David Mazouz from Gotham

    Froy Gutierrez from Teen Wolf

    Gianni Paolo from Ma

  188. Gabe

    James Daly!!

    Check out his role in Letterkenny, he could totally pull off Jenks personality

  189. Ross Lynch!
    I feel he could fill out the character very well.

    • Velissa

      Meh, I feel he has a very blah personality. I’ve seen him act and he’s super calm. Jenks is practically hyperactive

  190. Cindy Flores

    Ross Lynch, Brady Tutton, William Brent, Aramis Knight,
    Ethan Cutkosky, Gus Kamp, Ed Oxenbould, Lukas Gage,
    Gianni Paolo, Tim Boardman, Andrew Matarazzo,
    Brennan Bailey Gage Munroe.
    All age appropriate television actors. Not all blonds but look at Orlando Bloom in LOTR hair dye and contacts and they’re all set.

  191. Ty Simpkins from Jurassic World is 19, I think he could carry off Jenk’s swagger.

  192. Ross Lynch!
    I feel he could fill out the character of Jenks very well

  193. Marissa

    Even peters

  194. Robin S.

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster

  195. Sonya

    Orlando Bloom…he already has experience playing mythical characters.

  196. Mary

    So he’s not blond and I’m not sure the personality fits, but he’s only 23 and has a really good look…Hero Fiennes Tiffin

  197. Wanda J Hall

    David Spade!

  198. Kristina Salmon-White

    Jace Norman

    • Kristina Salmon-White

      Plays Henry Danger on Nickelodeon. He’s tall and slender with blond hair, a contagious smile and he’s pretty funny!

  199. Scott Evans (Chris Evans’ brother) for Jenkd

  200. Rachel

    Jewel Staite

  201. Kimberly Matheny

    Colin Ford forJenks

  202. Raqiyah Waajid

    Cody Christian, dyed blonde. Since Jinx looks like a teenager…

  203. Sarah

    Alex Pettyfer

  204. Crystal

    Sam cornette

  205. Clara Huff

    Tom Holland (Spiderman) would be amazing in this role

  206. Megan

    Matt Lintz. He is 18, was Henry from The Walking Dead. So he is familiar with doing TV series and can we know he can be serious, also he has already been trained to fight.

  207. Diane Gauvin

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster. He’s 30, but has a certain ageless quality. He can also do sass and attitude. Between his looks and his ability, I easily picture him as Jenks.

  208. Crish Cottrill

    Rachel—-Holland Roden (from Teen Wolf series) & Katherine Grace McNamara (from Shadow Hunters)

    Ivy— Arden Cho (from Teen Wolf series)

    Jenks– Dylan Muse Sprayberry (from Teen Wolf series)

  209. Charlotte Abbott

    Tom Holland, Keegan Allen, Sam Corlet, Lue Stephan St. Laurent, Dean Geyer, Jay Alvarrez, Christian Jorgensen for Jenks

  210. Rachel

    Ryan Reynolds

  211. I think Tom Holland would be awesome

  212. chellypike

    Ryan Kwanten (he was on True Blood)

    • Krystin Davis

      It would be amazing if Thomas Brodie Sangster and Will Poulter could merge together, and you’d have the perfect sweet, cocky, mature young smart mouthed Jenks.

  213. Vikki

    I think Will Tudor would do a great job Jenks!

    • Kaytie

      I always pictured someone like Jackson Rathbone. He has the wispy slender pixy thing going. Jenks is supposed to look around 18 though since pixies age so differently. I can’t nail down a perfect match for Jenks

  214. Megan Sens

    Thomas Doherty from Descendants 2 could totally pull off the cursing and Jenk’s wit, but he is 25.

    Jace Norman from Henry Danger has more of the look I see when I think of Jenks, but so do any of the three guys from Julie and the Phantoms … but mostly Charlie Gillepsie. He is charming.

    I have young girls- hence so many kid show recommendations.

  215. Yvette N

    Love the Michael Dameski suggestion above.
    I could see Tom Holland in the role but seems like a long shot.

  216. I think Colin Ford should be considered. Someone young for sure since Jenks is only supposed to look around 18 years old.

  217. Noelle Eassom

    Jenks is going to be tricky. I might get a little hate for this but I think Jacob Hopkins might be a good pick. He’s young and he’s got the look and the energy. Similarly Thimothee Chalamet could also work. He’s on SNL and seems to have a good Jenks energy. He’s a little older but can still pull off 18

  218. Shawn

    I think someone who can pull off a Bruce Campbell smartass vibe, but, you know, has to be younger.

  219. Nett1978

    Dylan O’Brian or Tyler Posey

  220. Jace

    I think Colin Ford should be considered. I definitely think someone older since Jenks only looks around 18.

  221. Lynne

    My first thought was Chord Overstreet. I thought of him as Sam Evans in Glee.. Then Taron Egerton. I think of him as Eggsy in the Kingsman movies. I just looked at a newer photo of him, and I am not sure about him now.

  222. Shannon

    How about Peter Dinklage. He’s super funny and a great actor. Or Tom Ellis from Lucifer. He’s versatile and has that suave flirtyness.

  223. I think the best bet would be a new and fresh actor that fit the characteristics of Jenks. If you wanted an experience actor then maybe one of the Sprouse twins, Ross Lynch, or Robbie Kay!

  224. Suzanne Richardson-White

    Kenton Duty! He definitely has down the impish look I associate with Jenks when he’s being deliberately irritating. 😀

  225. I think of Jenks as a visual effect most of the time: as a birds eye view as he’s running with the action (whisp of Rachel’s hair lifting into the frame, slightly out of focus), a colored dust as he flies of in a puff of emotion, etc….would be cool to have his appearance be a surprise when, well, you know when. Which make his voice very important…..Theo James to high of a reach? He has great as Hector in Castlevania. Not sure how he’d look as a blonde though. Cool be ethereal, could be bad. 🙂

  226. Jackson Rathbone (I’m picturing specifically when he was in the second Twilight movie)

  227. Cheryl

    Justin Bieber as Jenks

  228. Missy Moo

    This is going to sound weird.. He’s not an actor, but a Rockstar.. I don’t know why he popper into my head the minute I read this , but Satchel, the guitarist from Steel Panther…
    He wears a wig onstage, so he can do any hair you want.
    How old we Talkin…
    Hugh Laurie might be interesting.
    Kiernan Shipka is no stranger to being a witch.
    Red hair… I could see it.

    What about Trent?!?

  229. Andrew Torn

    Harry Styles he has that Pixie look

  230. Susan

    Bruce Langley is a great idea. His work on American Gods is Jenkins-like.

  231. Nellie

    Ryan Reynolds

  232. Springmom345

    I would love someone like Neil Patrick Harris.

    Adan Gallagher from Umbrella Academy would be amazing.

  233. Sarah

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster or Tom Holland

  234. Sam Corlett
    Tanner Buchanan
    Felix Mallard

  235. Jess Cook

    My first thought when I think of Jenks is from the 2003 Peter Pan version played by Jeremy Sumpter. I think he is 30 now. Is that too old?

    Other suggestions are Noah Centenio, Max Loyd Jones and oddly enough Michael Dameski. I know Michael is a dancer and not an actor that I am aware of, BUT I feel like he would make a perfectly Jenks with his hair dyed blonde. Maybe some blue contacts. He’s graceful, magestic and built. Not to mention attractive which is how Jenks is described.

  236. James Welch

    I know I’m dating myself, but someonewith the mouth/attitude of Joe Pesci or Danny DeVito would be perfect. And somehow, whenever I read Jenk’s dialog, I hear a Jersey/Brooklyn accent! Just goes with the attitude.

  237. Sarah Listerud

    Lucas Till

  238. amberraeh

    How about Bradley James.

  239. Margaret Jurgens

    Sam Cornett from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

  240. Twila Cotter

    I may be crazy, but I feel Tom Felton could do it.

  241. Diane Aitken

    I could see Bradley James do it. Handsome and funny 👌

  242. Taron egerton would be great or cole sprouted

  243. Julie

    Ben Hardy
    Levi Miller

  244. Cindy Hunt

    Keegan Allen for Jenks

  245. pippakeeves

    3 suggestions

    1# Tom Holland

    2# Robbie Kay

    3# Bruce Langley

  246. Sonja

    Fin Argus from Clouds!

  247. Nikki Blair

    Seth Green who always seems to look 18 or
    Thomas Brodie-Sangste

  248. Lisa Parriott

    Sam Corlett (Caliban from Netflix’s Sabrina) or Ellar Coltrane (from Boyhood and The Good Lord Bird).

  249. Rikki Chrisp

    I’m not up to date on the younger actors. But if you can find someone with the looks and chemistry of Colton Haynes and Taron Egerton I think it would be a good fit.

  250. Jackie Fletcher

    Ryan Reynolds 😂

  251. Natalie Edwards

    Gage Monroe

  252. Kathy Villagomez

    You guys should try to get Peter Dinklage. I know he’s a very popular actor. But I think Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones and Jenks would be best friends. They’re both witty and very intelligent. They’re both underestimated. They both have huge personalities and are brutally honest. Plus hearing Peter Dinklage say, “Tink is a Disney Whore” would be most excellent.

  253. Charlie

    Dominic Sherwood (plays Jace in shadow hunters)
    He’s cute, funny and has gorgeous eyes!!

  254. LeAnn Powell

    I can totally picture Alexander Ludwig in the role as Jenks after watching him on Vikings.

  255. Jessicia

    David Anders Holt seems to be good

  256. Jenevra Azzopardi

    Harry Styles
    Tom Holland
    Jesse McCartney

  257. Heather Kongira

    Justin Hartley

  258. missy K



  259. Alan Tudyk, who played Walsh in Firefly and Serenity.

  260. Rhonda Conley

    Jenks is an “older” pixie, their lifeline, according to your world building expertise is much less than a regular human. The actor who portrays him must be mature, not necessarily old, but not a teenager either.
    Someone like Eric Christian Olsen, from NCIS Los Angeles. Not overly muscle bound, not old, still gives off the “mischief” vibe.

    • Carla Duncan

      I could definitely get onboard with Eric Christian Olsen as Jenks, never even thought of him in that role before. He might be a good Kisten as well.

  261. Cat Powers

    Nick Carter

  262. Mandy Girtman

    Tom Holland

  263. Misti Jordan

    For some reason, I’ve always pictured Chord Overstreet.

    • Jen Hodges

      Thomas Brody-Sangster would be great! Just saw him on the queens gambit and was floored when I read he was 30. I think he is perfect for the part. But I could agree to Aiden Gallagher as well.

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