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There were far too many suggestions to keep listed on the front page, so here are the rest: 

You can add to the playlist below.  Please don’t post YouTubes or lyrics of copyrighted material.  I’ll just have to take them down.


Barry White: “Let’s Get It On”

Buck-Tick: “Dress”

Cat Power: “Wild is the Wind”

Coheed & Cambria: “Cuts Marked in the March of Men”

Conjure One: “Sleep”

Daniel Ash: “Fever”

Dead Can Dance: “Cardinal Sin”

Deftones; “Change”

Depeche Mode: “I Want You Now”

Duran Duran: “The Chauffer”

Elysian Fields: “Black Acres”

Enigma: MCMXC A.D. “principles of lust”

Fiona Apple: “Slow Like Honey”

Garbage: ” Milk”

God Smack; “Voodoo”

King Floyd: “Groove Me”

Les Nubians: “Sweetest Taboo”

Massive attack: “Angel”

Muse: “Endlessly”

NIN: “the fragile”

Portishead: “Glory Box”

Queen: “Get Down, Make Love”

Randy Newman: “You Can Leave Your Hat On”

Siouxsie and the Banshees: “Ornaments of Gold”

Sneaker Pimps: “6 Underground”

Suzanne Vega: “Caramel”

Synaesthesia: “Consciousness”

Trace of Mine: “Ascend”

76 responses to “Seduction

  1. Nancy Bailey

    Joe Cocker – You Can Leave Your Hat ON

  2. lavinia68

    Saving Able- Addicted

  3. Tia

    Try Bessie Smith – Need A Little Sugar in My Bowl
    She did it in the 20’s! Way before Nina Simone. Don’t get me wrong, I still like Nina’s version, but I love Bessie’s!

  4. Tia

    Too Hot for My Chinchilla – Tangerine Dream

    I really have to say anything by Tangerine Dream is seductive.
    I like some of Nina Simone too.

  5. SLynn

    Crushed by Collide
    The Sweetest drop by Peter Murphy
    Reptile by NIN

  6. After reading up through ‘A Perfect Blood’, including the chapter from Trent’s POV, there’s only one song that I keep hearing when I think about Trent and Rachel’s current relationship status: “Madness” by Muse.

  7. Eyrós Lena

    Slept So Long by Jay Gordon of Orgy.

  8. Poor Al….where’s his playlist itchy witch??

  9. John Holmes

    Bush – “Mouth”

  10. Nicole

    Type O Negative – Love You to Death

  11. Soundtrack to Paprika, Ghost in a Shell, and resident evil all have excellent seductive numbers, and sorry gotta do it… Marvin gaye- let’s get it on….

  12. Aerosmith – Pink
    Bryan Adams – Heaven
    Glenn Hughes – Love Communion
    Gackt & Hyde- Orenji no Taiyo (Not english I know but their voices are super sexy mmmm)

  13. Briana F.

    Erase/Rewind- The Cardigans
    Closer- Kings of Leon
    Money Can’t Buy It- Annie Lennox

  14. KW

    Evanesence Give Unto Me. Lots of great piano, and Amy Lee’s voice.

  15. Smashing Pumpkins- The beginning is the end is the beginning..
    the slow version, there are 4 of them, but the slowest one reminds me of rachel and kisten..

  16. Nancy Allard

    Etta James – At Last and Sunday Kind of Love

  17. Jen

    Grant Lee Buffalo – Honey Don’t Think

  18. Finley

    The Knife – Heartbeats….. Great song, great lyrics, makes me want to dance.

  19. Whitney

    I fell inlove with the TruBlood soundtrack and the one that just screams seduction to me is “Play with Fire” by Cobra Verde

  20. MichelleG

    Bon Jovi….(You Want To) Make a Memory

  21. Kari deSha

    I would recommend Feelin’ Love by Paula Cole (from the City of Angels soundtrack) – it doesn’t get much more sensous than that! Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game perfectly embues the term “complicated love life.” And, Jace Everett’s Bad Things is just a damn fine song – just try to listen to the lyrics and NOT think “TrueBlood.”

  22. Fnord

    Does someone here has a playlist for the series?

  23. Guendolen

    I’m actually going to be a bit odd here, and suggest a song from a musical. Specifically, “Dangerous Game,” from “Jekyll and Hyde.” It’s a song of pursued and pursuer, where the pursued is partially afraid of their hunter… and partly excited by them and what they do. It just seems to me that this might be indicative of the kind of dangerous relationships that can erupt in a setting like those, especially those involving vampires.

  24. Rio

    Sandpaper Kisses- Martina Topley-Bird

  25. carissa

    seductive: Roslyn Murphy’s, Night of the Dancing Flame.

  26. Sandra

    ‘Numb’ – Portishead. One of my fave bands in the world

  27. Sandra

    ‘If We Are To Survive’- Lila Liu. great kind of Indian themed groove. I just love this song.

  28. Amy

    “teeth” by lady gaga

  29. patricia

    I may be a little weird, but personally, I think NIN song closer, and the song used in the first highlander movie fit the seduction songs, as well as my immortal by evanescence, once in a blue moon off the simply irresistible sondtrack, put your arms around me off the ever after soundtrack, black velvet by alannah miles, ignition remix by r. kelly, temperature by sean paul, anything by enya..

  30. Mary K

    Meredyth Brooks = If We Kissed (Would be hot if Al or Trent hooked up with Rach)

  31. Crystal

    Lenny Kravitz – Take Time
    Zero 7 – Destiny
    Jason Mraz – Butterfly

  32. Shannon

    Color Blind- Counting Crows
    Everything- Lifehouse

  33. gwenyth

    Black Aria by Danzig….enough said.

  34. chantal from canada

    Collide – Euphoria is sooo seductive & haunting. Sounds like something a witch would sing! 🙂

  35. Emily

    Band of Skulls – Blood

  36. Sandra

    Portishead- “Scorn” it’s from The Craft’s soundtrack.

  37. Sandra

    Madonna or Peggy Lee or a whole bunch of other artist. seriously- everyone with a voice has remade this song- “Fever” it’s jusy nifty.

  38. Sandra

    311- ‘love song’ i frickin love that song!

  39. kat

    This makes me think of a song from Pierce to Rachel. Its “White Demon Love Song” by the Killers

  40. Jen B.

    “Cold”.. by Annie Lennox…

  41. Gillian

    Abby May’s “Do You Want To Go Dancin’?” sounds pretty darn sexy too.

  42. Julie

    Paula Cole: Feelin’ Love
    from the This Fire CD very sexy seductiove music

  43. Vin

    Puscifer – Rev 22:20
    Portishead – Humming

  44. Reds948

    One of my favorite is Air- Playground Love. The music is just haunting.

  45. Sadde

    Change (In the House of Flies) by Deftones has always had a hint of seductions, ever since I watched Queen of the Damned.

  46. Jamie

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Kashmir by Led Zeppelin yet LOL

  47. Sabrina

    “Stranger In A Strange Land” by 30 Seconds To Mars The lyrics aren’t really seductive but the music…hmmm, yes, definitely…

  48. Marleen M

    These are just a few you might like to add now or some time down the road…..Thanks for all you do and God Bless.

    Chris Isaak – Lady in Red__Chris Daughtry – What About Now__Bad Company – Cant Get Enough of Your Love__Rocked My World – raging angel__ Ambrosia – How Much I Feel__Andy Gibb – I Just Want To Be Your Everything__Association – Never My Love__Chris Isaak – I Like the Way She Moves Me__Frankie Vallie & the Four Seasons – Can’t take my eyes of off you

  49. Caitlin

    Oh this is an easy one. Morphine”Look Like Rain” Its something about the double sax and the low bass line that you could just see come hither looks and slowly dropped articles of clothing as you walk towards that someone. Sigh. Works everytime 😉

  50. Sabrina

    NineInchNails : Closer

  51. Wolfe

    Dead Can Dance: The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove

  52. Ember

    I’m not quite sure where to put this, but I love the song.

    The Hollowed Hills by Bauhaus

    It’s a little seductive, but may fit better with the “Ever After” list.

  53. Tiana

    Lick from the XXX soundtrack.

  54. Melissa

    Sara McLachlan’s “Possession” is a great Ivy/Rachel Seduction song the lyrcis below give chills!

    “And I would be the one
    to hold you down,
    kiss you so hard,
    I’ll take your breath away
    and after I’d wipe away the tears,
    Just close your eyes dear”

  55. Angela

    Halestorm’s Familiar taste of Poison I feel is seductive in that dangerous way that I would associate with vamps.

  56. Lauren

    1. “Digital Bath” – Deftones
    2. ” I Love You, I’ll Kill You” – Enigma
    3. “Ungod” – Stabbing Westward
    4. “Stay and Drown” – Finger Eleven
    5. “Hear Me Now” – Framing Hanley

  57. Celine

    Paramore- My heart, for when Ivy and Rachel bump nasties……lol

    • cookiemuncher

      haha i kinda wish that they would just do it and get it over with already you know? cuz i mean dont get me wrong i love the build up but this has been building up for 8 books now. 8 rather lengthy books. where they get right to the edge and your like “omigod they’re totally goin to do it-bite or bed in this case- and then nothing and now where all supossed to believe racheal has some sort of epihany and excuse me- “gets smart” with her life? the smart thing to do would be to slide next to ivy one night in bed for goodness sakes! *SPOLIER FOR BMS*not get freaky with pierce in a hole under ground!!! while theres DOGS HUNTING YOU, while recovering from HYPOTHERMIA!!!!! *SPOILER END* jeez racheal is an idiot sometimes……*sigh* but we love her anyways dont we?

  58. Wynn

    All of these are great little seduction numbers, in my opinion anyway. If you find them, I hope you enjoy.

    “Straight To Number One” by Touch And Go
    “Feelin’ Love” By Paula Cole
    “One Love” by Massive Attack
    “Is This Real” by Lisa Hall
    “Ooh La La” by Goldfrapp
    “I Want You Now” by Depeche Mode

  59. mmm

    depeche mode – ‘in your room’.

  60. Chrisy

    I think Stripped by Shiny Toy Guns is amazing and pretty seductive

    • cookiemuncher

      frikin love that song!!!! and its perfect because its stays in your head until you hear it again and you just feel mesmerized by the lyrics and music come together, its like it puts you in a trance.

  61. Tiffany

    Hi – a couple notes and revisions:
    TV on the Radio “halfway home” – I originally posted it elsewhere, but it really belongs here as track one.  Sort of a track about the turmoil of trying to figure things out.  I like the moment towards the end where you can almost hear the stone shattering the state of “halfway”.

    1000x: The intrumemtal part has an ecstatic sound, which is why i posted it – plus I thought you might like his sound as a Jeff Buckley fan. I was kind of thinking of it as an instumental track though, and when I listened to this playlist with headphones on this weekend and I caught the lyrics, which are all wrong for this catagory, so I’m nixing it from my suggestions.

    I don’t want to OD you on the Bjork songs, but her songs seem just so fitting to me – like they could be Takata’s vamp tracks.  I would also reccomend “come to me”, “joga”, and “arora”.

    Hope you had a nice holiday weeknd!

    • Juliet

      Björk is perfect…we should put her complete discography in here 😉

    • Tiffany

      I’m glad you think so too. I had to restrain myself (yes, really I was trying :-)) to pick out the ones that seem to fit particularly well IMO.

  62. Tiffany

    Bjork: “Charlene” (B-side of Isobel single), “The Pleasure Is All Mine”, “Hidden Place”, “Peagan Poetry”, “I See Who You Are”

    Heather Nova: “Doubled Up”

    Portishead: “It Could Be Sweet”

    Brian Borcherdt: “1000x”

  63. Juliet

    Moloko – Somebody Somewhere

  64. Chrisy

    Puscifer – The Undertaker ❤

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