Personalized books for Christmas


Nicolas, my local store who has done such a great job in the past handling all the personalized orders, has agreed to help me make it possible for you to get a signed book for Christmas. But only for a short time.

Cut off is the Dec 13th to get it to you by the 25th, and though there are no guarantees, that is a decent amount of time for domestic shipments.

No promises for international orders, but hey, Nicolas does the best they can to get it to you in a timely fashion. To order, go to Nicolas and tell them who you want it signed to:

Click to order

Click to order your signed book


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A little B&N love for The Drafter

Thank you, B&N, for picking The Drafter as one of your top picks for Fantasy and Science Fiction in 2015. It is truly an honor, and I appreciate this down to the bottom of my little writer heart.

If you haven’t picked up The Drafter yet, it is on sale for Nook for 9.99. If you’re looking for something really special for your reader this holiday season, they still have signed copies at the end of the link.



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New Mass Market Cover for The Drafter is in the works

New cover for mass market is awesome!  But, I can not show you yet.  However, my publisher is likening Peri to Blindspot, Minority Report and the new Agent X TV shows. Very cool!  Oh, Tim and I will be coming up with a contest for the mass market release.  More later on that.Nook


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