Chapter Three–and tomorrow, The Drafter


Chapter three! You can’t get it at the back of Sideswiped, but you can read it now at RT Book reviews today. I’m thrilled to be sharing this with you today, right before the book becomes available so you don’t have to wait forever for the rest. Click to read Chapter Three

Looking for chapter one and two? It’s at my website.

I’ve also just found a great article I wrote for XOXO concerning inspiration. This divulging is kind of rare for me since I usually have no idea. How’d You Come Up With That?


Still on the fence? Amazon made a video of me talking about Peri while I was at BEA this spring, and you can see the floor behind me. (It’s the same venue they have NYCC at.)

Also, today and early tomorrow is the last chance to get a signed-to-you copy from Nicola’s without actually going to a signing. We’re going to cut it off Tuesday since I’ll be there to sign, and then I’m gone for a week. They will ship overseas, and if you’re west of the Mississippi, this might be the best shot of getting a signed/personalized first-edition copy. (The pearlized cover is beautiful!) B&N will probably still have signed copies available for a while, but I only signed a limited number, and they will run out.

Click to order

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Did FB deliver all this week’s stuff to you?

Did you get all my FB notices this week? I doubt it. They have dropped me down to an average of 4000 deliveries per post–and it’s stuff you’d probably want to see.

Stuff like chapters 1-2 at the website, and that chapter 3 will be released on Monday. (Yay! I like chapter three. If I’m remembering right, there’s a pool table involved.)

An Amazon non-spoiler, video interview (My favorite YA book, how hard was it to say good bye to The Hollows, etc. but you’d know that if you saw the good-bye Hollows short I wrote the week before.)

The B&N top picks for September. (Which included The Drafter!)

A Peri and Silas music video. (I can’t believe he walked away. Silas, get over your pride, because it’s all she has at this point.)

B&N Kim’s top ten SF (Whose shoulders I stand on)

Slipperywords Interview 

AMA (ask me anything) 8/21 No longer taking questions, but you can read my responses

Bull Spec interview 8/25 

And don’t forget my dragon poem! You know you want him! Save your Drafter receipt, even if it’s just a photo of it. If you are looking for the instructions, they are here: How to Knit Your Dragon

D1A new dragon in town,
has just settled down,
looking  sharp in his gold and orange wings.

With no name as of yet,
his destiny is set,
a gift with just one string.

To enter the fray,
and fight for the fae,
your Drafter receipt must be kept.

To submit at a date,
to win if it’s fate,
At a time that has yet to be set.





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Amazon video interview of Kim Harrison

Adrian at Amazon interviewed me while I was at BEA this year, and the video just went live this afternoon. I’m sporting my new style as I give a more detailed description of my inspirations behind the characters of The Drafter.  No spoilers, but rather what I was aiming for, and why.

Don’t be shy and leave a comment at Amazon if you like. I told you my favorite book when I was growing up. Tell me yours!



Oh! And I almost forgot! The Drafter made B&N’s September picks! That’s got me singing at my desk. Dude! Go see whose shoulders I’m rubbin’ (grin)



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Chapter three Monday/Peri and Silas

I just found out this morning that S&S will be releasing chapter three Monday on RT Book Reviews. I’m so jazzed. If you’re looking for chapters one and two, they are at the website, here.

But what has me excited today is that I found the perfect music video for Silas and Peri. I have been listening to Filous/James Hersey’s “How Hard I Try” for a couple of months, but today I looked up the music video, and just about lost it. The human condition truly is universal. I found myself bawling at the end when, after give and take, discord and syncronicity, anger and love, he just let her walk away. They both did. Come on, Silas. I know she’s proud, tough, and infuriating, but she’s vulnerable and fragile–and you need her as much as she needs you. How could you just . . . walk away!

Fortunately there’s more to the story than this. At least in my story.

This is why I adore music/preforming arts. They can do in in three minutes what takes me 450 pages.


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‘Cause that’s what we do around here

I truly love America, where we have so much that we can crash vehicles for entertainment. I’m going to cry when the big cars from the 70s and 80s can no longer be found to have these crash-em-up derbies with. We’re starting to feel the pinch already, down to two nights of derby instead of the three we had last year. (sigh) Or maybe it was four.

There was a film crew this year, for a reality TV show of some sort, and a drone was out there taking shots. It made me feel close to Peri. She likes crash-em-up derbies and drones, though she’d probably be driving the car, not watching.

Speaking of which, I’m starting to get ready for that tour bus, trying to figure out what to pack since I’m not limited by airplane restrictions. I’m kind of glad it’s going to be cooler than normal, because almost all my touring clothes are February weight. I need to take an afternoon and go through my closet, seeing what I have. People with short blond hair need different necklines and colors than people with long dark hair. Weird. (Where I’m going to be.)



I’ve got a couple of spoiler-free interviews that you might not know about, and pssst! though B&N has signed copies, Amazon has a much lower price. (14.84 HC, 12.99 ebook)

B&N Kim’s top ten SF (Whose shoulders I stand on)
Slipperywords — Five in five
AMA (ask me anything) 8/21
Bull Spec interview 8/25


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No-spoiler interview

I’ve got a great no-spoiler interview done in preparation for my visit to the Carolinas Quail Ridge Books and Park Road Books.


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One week out-first chapters

47917_Drafter_SharesB[2]_Page_5We’re one week out from publication, and that means sneak peek chapters!

I can’t put them here due to length, but you can pop on over to the website for additional content–a last teaser or taste for you to make a more informed decision on if you want to trust I’m going to give you a good story even if there are no vampires allowed. (grin)

The Drafter first looks



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