Kim Harrison’s Burning Bunny

What the heck are burning bunnies?

Burning bunnies are how I think of ideas.  Soft cuddly ideas that seem so innocent and sweet.  I take them in and feed them carrots.  I pet them and talk to them.  They look so cute sitting on my desk.  Until they flame up and start procreating into more ideas, which I frantically chase about my office until I corral them with pen and ink, jam them in a box, and ship them off to New York.  I don’t know what New York does with them, but they end up proliferating even more until there is no choice but to bind them in paper and send them everywhere to get rid of them.  Unsuspecting people see them sitting on the shelf.  They look so sweet and innocent, and they’re taken home where, if they’re lucky, they’re fed carrots.  If luck stays with them, even more ideas are born.  And that’s pretty cool.Burning Bunny

In an effort to recognize readers and fans at conferences and signings, (and like-minded readers to find each other) I have created little lapel pins of metal and colored enamel in the image of my burning bunny.  They are small (less than an inch tall) and innocuous, but it always brings me a smile when I spot them in the crowd.