CW passes on Hollows for 2012-2013 season

Happy Memorial day!  Today is the day I traditionally wear Guy’s Dad’s old shirt in memory of him and all who served during war time.  The stuff you do so we can do what we do.  Thank you.

Also, I finally got notice Friday that CW has passed on moving forward on the Hollows for the 2012-2013 season.  The official word is that they will be making decisions in the next two weeks as what might happen to the projects they passed on, and I’m assuming that means they will be deciding whether to stick it on a back burner or simply toss it out the backdoor. I’ve not seen a pilot script, so I’ve no idea how far it got before it was dropped.  To be honest, I’m not looking for them to do anything with it in the time they have available before the rights revert back to me.


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  3. witchaddiction

    Like so many have said before sorry for you , happy for me. Even tho they were going to do the in between book stories. They would go for tv ratings and care less about character integrity.. I am so into these people in the books they are like good friends to me and look forward to each book to find out what has happened in their lives. Happy to look forward to Ever After for now. .

  4. Nicole

    Hi Kim,

    Sorry about the tv series. I had always hoped to see it produced as anime (“Trinity of Blood” style for example). When a door closes and window opens! Keep on writing!

  5. Gwen

    Hey Kim ,Sorry this question is from left field.Goodreads says you have a story called Pure Blood out in Feb.2012 ? . Where can I find this story?

  6. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren. Happy day after Memorial Day to you. I have been thinking more about the Hollows adapted to anything, and would point out that the only two things good about the adaption of True Blood are Anna Paquin’s boobs, and I don’t think thats quite what ms Harris had in mind.I know you don’t have alot of spare time,in fact I generally go with Vickie Beckham(Posh Spice her own self) who once remarked Ï am not sick,I am Not anorexic, I founded and run my own international business,I’m married and I have 4 children, the youngest of whom is still nursing, I am blank,blank,blank,blank,TIRED! Working mothers feel free to fill in the blanks.She is also proud of the fact she is a hands on mother who rarely uses nannies.Ányhoo if the rights come back to you, you might write up what you want from the show or something.Just sayin

  7. Todd G

    As much as I want to see something come of it for you, a) I am glad because CW would have likely butchered it like Vampire Diaries, and b) I think it would be better suited for the big screen IMHO. Can’t wait for the next books!

    • This was precisely my thought. I can’t imagine they’d have done a good job with it (unless maybe the folks who do Supernatural were involved). I would much rather see something like Showtime or Starz pick it up to compete with Trueblood.

  8. Pat .

    Send in the pixies to give them a damn good dusting of the bad stuff…

  9. Brenda Rorie-Baety

    Hi Kim, I had a feeling that was going to happen. I hope you find just the right fit for The Hallows. You will know when it is right, I have confidence in your ability and you have a lot of good people looking after your interests.
    On to another day with our favorite characters..

    All my best for you and our book friends,

  10. Maybe that is for the best. Perhaps they don’t have the “know how ” to make your fantastic books into something we fans will be happy with. I’m sure someone else can/will get the job done. It’s only a matter of time 🙂

  11. I have to agree with everyone else in that the CW would not have been the right venue for the Hollows. SyFy would be great! Lost Girl does well, and they have good effects, this is Eureka’s last season, so there would be room in the lineup.

  12. That sucks. I’d love to see The Hollows made into a show, however not everything is lost since we don’t know for sure yet what it will become of it. In any case, you’re the real deal and we still have some Hollows coming our way so I’m happy with that!
    Hope you had a nice weekend!

  13. Analia

    I agree with the comments that as neat as it would to see Rachel & Co. embodied on screen, it’s nice to keep the current characters intact in mind; they most likely will change drastically if a show picks it up.
    However, if Joss Whedon were interested, he would probably do it justice. 🙂

  14. Shanda

    Hey Kim. After thinking about it and the mature content that The Hollows represents, maybe the series would do better on HBO? I mean look at Game of Thrones and True Blood. Both have very popular followings with “subject matter” that would be impossible to produce on regular TV. Do u think this is a better option?

    • Michelle

      I agree! I do not think the CW could do this series justice, the have completely ruined The Vampire Diaries and went completely opposite how the books were written!

  15. Michelle

    That is too bad. Your books were made for TV and would fit well with CW. I firmly believe these books willake it to TV just matter of when. I just hope they stick close to the spice material because it’s brilliant

  16. After seeing what they did with True Blood I am rather glad this looks like it might not happen. I like the picture of Rachel et el that I have in my head and was afraid TV would ruin it for me.

  17. I hope HBO picks it up afterwards 🙂

  18. I’m sorry about the CW passing, Kim. It’s honestly their loss! While I would have loved to actually *see* Rachel’s world on screen, I think a part of me likes the way my imagination interprets it your material. I don’t know if any TV channel (even HBO) could really do justice to the awesome world of the Hollows! 😀

    Hope you and Guy had a good Memorial Day! We broke out the grill and had flank steak, baked potato wedges, and these delicious key lime melties. It’s officially summer here in DC — so long comfortable weather until about, oh, October!

  19. Whew! That is a blessing in disguise, truly. It would be excellent if a network like Sho or Starz picked it up…they would do it a lot more justice considering all of the CGI it will need.

  20. Akuro Bloodshadow.

    I love your books too much for the CW to come along and “improve” your characters and story. I love your books and I look forward to the next story.

  21. Angeliss

    To be perfectly honest, I think whatever the studios would come up with would be disappointing. In order to transfer mediums, things have to change to be successful. (Look at the Twilight movies if you want to see bad translations. Movies were never meant to be 90% narration. Although the poor source material may have had a little something to do with that.)

    For me to love a television show based on the Hollows, I would have to not be so much in love with the books in the first place. I would have to be able to accept the changes they made, and I’m too loyal of a fan to do that. I think a large part of your fanbase is in the same boat.

    That is not to say that if you ever retain the rights, and are really active in the creation of a TV show or movie, that I wouldn’t be interested. Quite the opposite.

  22. The Hollows has so far been a terrific read which has allowed so many of us to let our imaginations run wild. I believe we all know exactly what Rachel, Ivy and Jenks are like at this point. I’ve watched you talk about them and frankly I couldn’t see you turning them over to other’s to develop for TV or a movie format. I believe it can be done very successfully, but honestly Kim, I’d keep my finger in the pie if I were you.. I’m not saying you have to write every script, but perhaps you should have the luxury of working with the writers at your discretion, and to hell with what Hollywood would call artistic license.

  23. gemmabcc

    Well, though I’d love to see the hollows on screen, I hope the CW will pass on the project and you can shop elsewhere.

    Apart from Supernatural, the shows they have on there roster indicate that they wouldn’t do your booka justice. A cable network would know how to give your books the treatment they deserve

  24. Jeannette

    They are fools! And I’m a bit disappointed.

  25. I’m somewhat relived to be honest. I ❤ these books too much to let the CW change them. I do enjoy their other paranormal series, but I'd outgrown the books they were based on, and so the changes didn't bother me as much. Perhaps HBO or one of the other pay-for-cable networks would be a better fit?

  26. Nora

    well, they’re idiots, then. your stories set in the hollows are amazing, and your fan base is very large, and getting bigger, every day. when your stories finally do come to the screen, then your readership will explode! look at what happened to that “twilight” mess, after all. hang in there. someone with some sense, at one of those studios, will bring the hollows to the screen for you and all of your happy fans. 😀

  27. Shanna

    Wow. Well that would have been awesome but I agree with others about CW. I would hope perhaps for scyfy I think they could do a good job with it.

  28. Melenie

    Just shows you how uninformed and out of touch they are. Your books are extremely popular and almost a cult with me and
    my friends as well as many others. To heck with the CW. Hbo should pick it up and do it justice! You will have a rabid following!

  29. kelly

    I think it will be as good as true blood but not on this channel hope hbo will regonize your talent 😀 books are better then tv so whatever who needs it…

  30. dougdnd

    well now that Peter Jackson is finished up with all that Hobbit stuff… 😉

  31. Roy Greenhalgh

    Hey Kim!!! It’s Woffie! Long time no Howl! Hey- just saw the news. 😦 Sorry to hear- but maybe where a door is shut a summoning circle is open eh? Have you looked at I have been seeing some real great projects get fully funded by FANS. Hells Bells I helped fund a few of them myself. If you have not looked into it please at least take a look- being able to call your own shots just seems….right.

  32. lunacatkitten

    Would have love to watch this series on the tv and not just in my head but could be a good thing look at what CW has done to L.J.Smiths Vampire diaries and Secret Circle both charished series from when I was younger…the shows are good but other than character names they have pretty much rewritten the stories… I love your stories to much to see them rip them apart and rebuild them

  33. Lindsey LaVanway

    I hope ur not too bummed, I am a little but I think that a different station would be a better choice than the cw. Don’t be discouraged! All things happen for a reason and I think something better will come of it. 🙂

  34. Cecelia

    I would love to see the Hollows on screen. I have always imagined what it would be like with Trent and Morgan and Jinx. Part of me hopes to see this happen but I would rather it be on HBO (they seem to do better making books into shows) the other part however wants to keep my beloved characters in my heart and imagination.

  35. I’m somewhat relieved, however dismayed for you. But in truth, I really do enjoy books on their own. I would never be able to see the book as it is in my mind if a TV show were to be made. I like the imagination it leaves. It would have been cool to see the actors yes, but I think you make entertainment just by writing for us. Who needs television? 🙂

  36. Lindsey

    Whew! Im so relieved! The Hollow deserves soooo much better than the cw. You know they would’ve butchered it until it was unrecognizable and there would be a lot of pissed off/disappointed fans. If i were you I would hold off until something better comes along that can do the Hollows justice (premium cable channel/movies). And even then i would have to insist you be heavily involved in the screenwriting and character selection. Don’t settle Kim! The Hollows is an amazing series and the series/movies should be nothing less! You are sitting on a goldmine of a story. Please keep that in mind. And anybody who can’t see that doesnt deserve it. They are not doing you a favor by picking it up, you are giving them a huge priviledge to let them. And please for all of the Hollows fans and yourself be as picky as you will. They should be begging you for the rights, not the other way around. Ok.. I think i’m done ranting.

  37. dayton denise

    Darn…was really hoping….I am sure in the future it will be made!

  38. Berenda

    That really sucks! The hollows would make an awesome show! I would faithfully watch and so would all my friends. The people who decide have made a terrible error. They need to do what the people who support their stations want! I absolutely love the books and can’t wait for the next. I need my Rachel, Ivy and Jenks fix!

  39. Bummer, but I was terrified to see the Hollows end up as cheesy as Legend of the Seeker (or as my husband called it, Legend of the Pooper). I don’t think it’s a good fit for CW… my unsolicited opinion – hold out for HBO or Showtime! 😀

    • I agree! Or like what the syfy channel did with the Dresden Files (Jim Butcher’s Dresden series) they changed it soo much that it wasn’t even close!

  40. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    For what its worth.. I think everything happens for a reason. I hope ur not too disappointed though. Just remember exciting things can. happen at the drop of a hat.
    For some reason this reminds me of fishing. Sometimes you have to wait awhile just for a nibble or bite. Sometimes you catch them too small and throw em back in. And then sometimes, you catch a whopper of a fish to brag about. Just keep fishing Kim. No doubt you have many whoppers.. and many more to come.
    Thank you to those who have and/or do serve for our country. I hope you and yours had a wonderful weekend.

  41. Kaylin UK

    I have to say I’m glad they dropped it, I’ve always been a big fan of the hollows and couldnt bear to see it mangled in the exec’s warped persuit of maximum ratings. Last thing we’d want is for it to become some messed up hybrid between supernatural and csi. I’d also have to second James’ opinion and suggest trying sci-fi, they did well with lost girl and even their lower budget shows like a town called eureka and warehouse 13 were well rounded. special unit 2 also comes to mind, but that one sadly went before its time.
    Good luck with round 2 though, wherever it may take the tv adaptation, in the mean time I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next book 😉

    p.s. also want to be cheeky and echo some of the other fans on this side of the pond and say “get your witch loving butt over here, we want book sigings and to meet you too!” 😛

  42. Bad decision on CW’s part. The Hallows will leave other ‘Network’ series in the dust. Would have made CW holding the #1 most watched original series. Hallows will have a bigger, and more devoted following that Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Secret Circle combined

  43. I’m not as upset as some because I always thought The Hollows would be better as movies instead. I think they would surpass Twlight by more than double the box office. CW execs are haven’t made the greatest decisions in recent years so I’m not surprised they bombed on this one.

  44. Nicole

    I love these books and considering what floats through on the CW, I’d rather it go elsewhere channel-wise.

  45. Gidget808

    And there it is … bahhh! I am a bit dissapointed to say the least but after reading other comments, I can see how the small screen would have butchered your books. I still want to see it on screen though, lets make a MOVIE instead! 🙂 I wish the best to you and the Hollows in what the future holds and just remember that you have loyal fans everywhere! Love ya Kim!

  46. Christy

    What about HBO? they seem to be picking up quite a lot of Book series lately.

  47. Debbie Dunn

    I am so disappointed. I got a KindleFire for my birthday at the end of Feb and I’m finishing up the latest book. I’ve really enjoyed the Hollow series. Keep up the series and they will make a series out of the books..someday. it’s financial.those reality shows are cheap to make

  48. YR

    I hope that a cable network picks it up. That way they won’t soften the story too much to fit the 18-40 demographic. Plus, I hope they don’t funk with the story too much. Anyone remember the Dresden Files. Its like they took the story concept and went from there – hardcore Dresden fans were disappointing. Ms. Harrison is too good of an author to mess around with the core story. Look to True Blood and Dexter as an example. Although sticking with the core, they make their own world, almost an alternate universe with the same characters.

    • Mrs. Bryan Brewer

      I totally agree! I can’t watch true blood, its not the same as the books. I reread the hollows series until a worthy tv production is out. lol love the books!

  49. myshelleh19

    I don’t think the CW is a good match for this series and by putting it on hold proves that. HBO would be great. I love this series and True Blood is a my favorite show. I feel HBO could give the Hollows the adult edge it deserves and money wouldn’t be an issue. Without Jenks, the story would only be half as wonderful.

  50. Sher

    Guess I’m kinda behind – I wasn’t aware CW was offering to do The Hollows! But as so many others – I’m not sure that CW would be a good fit! CW is too “tween centric!” It is my humble opinion that The Hollows would be better suited to HBO or Showtime or perhaps FX! {afterall FX does SOA} As for seeing it an actual weekly TV Series? Oh – Hell Yeah! I would love seeing Ivy, Jenks and my fav Witch Rachel come to life – especially if it was cast well and the story told! {even if not perfectly page by page told} Its way too hard to do that! I am also a huge fan of Sookie Stackhouse Novels and the Show – True Blood and I love them both and if we “lovers” of good solid character driven novels like the The Hollows and Sookie could have BOTH – what a sweet deal that would be!! You hang in there, Ms. Harrison, make them do it right! :~) And thank you for honoring our Veterans! As a Vet’s daughter, and a Auntie to several Vets – it means a lot when others free acknowledge the sacrifices those Vets have made for ALL our Freedom! :~)

  51. Diva

    This is a bit disappointing as I too was looking forward to seeing which actors were selected. Changes made in the adaptation process generally don’t bother me as long as the tv show or movie are entertaining in their own right. Plus, it was Jim Butcher who I believe commented that even at the worst the tv show based on his work was a weekly commercial for his books. But all things for a reason I guess and hey, we still have three more awesome Hollows books to come! And that is a very fine thing indeed. 😉

  52. Ben

    Personally I think The Hallows deserves better than the CW anyways. This series can easily become one of the best on TV alongside the likes of The Walking Dead. It all depends on the quality of the screenwriting…if they follow the books it should be a great series. Best wishes for the future

  53. Im actually glad to here the the CW will not do it. I just dont think they are the right network to do it justice.

  54. Well the CW has Supernatural and Vampire Diaries on it books, it is trying Arrow this fall and gave up on the Secret Circle. Grimm and Once Upon a time caught footing while Alcatraz and Awake fizzled. Magic/other wordly series are very hit and miss if they don’t get the personality sides of the characters right. I think they were a bit skittish to try something as Ambitious as the Hollows right now. I think it would be better suited someplace like Showtime or pay per view station.

  55. What a shame for you, but was thinking CW wasnt the market for it. Would love to see it on the big screen!

  56. I’m done with the CW all their shows suck anyway, hopefully another BETTER network will pick it up… so its official I’m not watching the CW ever…

  57. TwyKye

    It needs to be on the big screen, a premium channel, or at the VERY least maybe FX? I personally like what the CW did with TVD series, but those are YA books and the subject matter lends itself much more to that network. Fingers crossed you get a deal you’re happy with when the rights revert back to you! 🙂

  58. JDooley

    Just leaves a chance for it to become a mojor motion picture. Skip the small screen and go straight to the big screen 🙂

  59. Rachel

    I would have loved to have seen your world come to life but not if they are gonna change it. Your world works like it is. Please don’t let them change anything. Someone will come along who sees your vision.

  60. CW is WAY to bubble gum / glossy for this type of material. I would hold out for a feature film with enough budget to do the “feel” correctly. and if you can’t veto actor selections DON’T DO IT! I watched them destroy Harry Dresden and Sookie Stackhouse on TV and Stephanie Plum on the big screen. Please don’t let that happen to Rachel. I would rather read a few more books and have the series end in my mind’s eye the way you and I want it than see one mediocre TV show / movie and ruin my memories of Rachel for forever.

  61. deborah mccord

    the hollows have been my fav books for so long and i cant exspress my dissapointment in the cw. All the stupid crap they have on you would think one decent show a week wouldnt be too much to ask! You have too much intelligence for them to understand the complex storylines because your characters are not bimbos or complete idiots! God forbid we have shows made with main characters with strong moral fibers! Good luck!

  62. Barry

    Your show would be a better fit on cable television, hbo or showtime…woud be awesome to see the characters in live action…the show should pick up where your book series ends so none of the books get downgraded to pg 13 blah…now u have a better chance to have creative control…and im very upset about secret circle lol

  63. Michelle

    Fooey on the. Rachel and Ivy and especially Jenks is completely different. TVD is going strong, but I wish they’d given the Secret Circle a little room to grow. But hey, maybe HBO will pick it up…then I could see Kisten’s bare tush!!!

  64. Kayleigh

    You should TOTALLY contact Joss Whedon for this. I don’t know if you can or whatever, but he’d be the best guy to have on this project.

  65. Tammy

    Well that’s disappointing. The hollows would make a great show! Hopefully a better opportunity will come along.

  66. Though I am sad for you, I have to say I am really glad that CW passed. I have not been impressed with the shows that they have done in the past few years (only made it through a few episodes of Supernatural before I gave up, didn’t make it through a whole episode of Vampire Diaries, and refuse to watch The Secret Circle–and also, all the shows that CW has had in the last few years that I’ve liked have gotten axed).

    To be perfectly blunt, I think you dodged a bullet. A TV show would be so much fun, but I don’t feel that CW is a good fit for it. Hopefully some other TV/film people will pick up on that there is a fan base for these getting turned into TV/film, and something will still happen. There is no urban fantasy I’d love to see more come to life–but it needs to be done right!

  67. Spencer Holloway

    I have to say the only people I would trust the Hollows with is HBO or Stars. Maybe Cinemax, but it has the rep for having… questionable programming. Sorry, but any one not of the big three companies will lower it to something we dont want. Game of thrones got a series for pete’s sake!
    Also enjoyed meeting you in Atlanta back in Feb.

  68. Stephanie C

    I´m disapointed and relieved since I don´t think The CW is the best fit for The Hollows, but I would have love to have seen actors playing the roles (mmmm especially the yummy guy they would have found for Trent). But this means someone else can still buy the rights and some day we might still see it on the small or big screen. If they had made it, then canceled it then that would have been it.

    • 100% agree with Stephanie. I don’t think the CW would have done a great job with the series. When I think of the CW, I think “teen angst”.

    • Thank Goodness. Kim and I had a spat on Facebook over this (the only time I ever had an author ever acknowledge something I posted). I thought CW was a horrible place for the show as well for reasons I did post on Facebook why. I hope someone may one day make a Hollows TV series and keep it in the spirit and understanding of the series. I don’t want to see it be like what happened in the infamous SyFy adaption of the Dresden Files.

    • Katy-Alice

      Wouldn’t it be great to have TNT, SyFy or A&E do it? Especially TNT

    • Spencer Holloway

      A&E might do it well since mad men and breaking bad where great hits, though SyFy would be the ones most likely to run. However.. I must say I never saw the Dresden Files but have read them, but I did see TNT do my fav comic book Witchblade. Was not what I was hoping for however it was not a insult to the comic.( grant Witchblade allows for more freedom than The Hollows since there is only one wear of the Witchblade

  69. Judi Spinetti

    not very bright are they ???

  70. flatu

    I’ve never been truly happy about this whole screen thing so I’m not really disappointed. Sorry for you though, Kim :-(.

  71. Kelly

    I think I have the same opinion as everyone else. I am a bit disappointed to not see it on the CW, but I agreed that the CW would probably not produce with the same value as the Hollows we love. One door closes and another opens. Maybe CW wasn’t the right fit to display the story on the small screen. Time will only tell. The CW just cancelled The Secret Circle after one season last week or so which was also based on a book series too I believe.

  72. cheri rouse

    In my opinion they or idjits. They do not care what the public wants. clr

  73. Just look what they did to The Vampire Diaries when they put it on TV. I enjoyed both the book and the show, but they are not the same by a long shot. Still would have been neat to have seen them give it a try!

  74. twiser

    Don’t get me wrong I would have loved to watch the Hollows every week, but was terrified it was ganna some horrible shadow of what the books really are. So I’m sorry they didn’t bite but relieved.

  75. Martin

    Hello Ms. Harrison,
    If I am interpreting your “fan fiction” from Friday correctly, the only way CW would have been willing to do the TV series was to change the Hollows drastically. No Jenks? Kisten a witch and still in love with Ivy? And the accountants shot you down because doing it “right” would be too expensive? Good Riddance!!! Wait for a better offer, some creative control, and someone who would give the stories and the world what it deserves.
    I am so slow, I missed what you were trying to say with your cute little story. It takes me a while to get to the deeper meanings.

    • Jennipah

      I completely agree with Martin! Don’t let them change something so great! We love the Hollows, keep it coming Kim. Besides, CW? Really? Something better will happen! 🙂

  76. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren-If they don’t ask you to write the outline and help w/ choosing actors, I don’t know how good it will be.So, I be just as glad if it went back to you.Also, it will give Ariany Celeste time to settle her problems from punching out her roommate(girlie didn’t keep her left up) and be in training to play Ivy. Arianny’s out on bail,but the roomie seems p.o.’d The weather here is wonderfull,with sunny,hot days and rainy nights. the giant mutant lillies are blooming and singing the theme from little “Shop of Horrors”. Have a fabulous picnic! And tell thing 1 he’s appreciated by me, as my son served 2 Army hitches.

  77. jkh

    I’m not really sad about this. For one thing, it’s only the first dance around the Maypole. And (my personal opinion only) I’ve seen only one TV show that was as good as the books. If they glammed it up we’d all be so disgusted.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi JKH-its Jim from Warren.You are so right.I would like to see Ms. Kim write the outline for the script dudes, and definitely have a consulting role in her copious spare time.of course. Also I got around to my gravitar.

    • Martin

      Hi Jim from Warren,
      Your gravitar looks just like you!!

    • jkh

      Sweetheart, you’re not THAT old!

  78. I had an offer on my book — followed by a long silence, then getting dropped. It happens a lot. They would probably have mangled your stories anyhow. I was looking forward to and dreading the show. I love your books too much to see them ruined. Rarely does an author have much influence on what happens to his or her book once it’s been sold. I had this same conversation with another author a few years ago. He’s got piles of Edgar awards and best sellers to his credit and though 4 of his books were used for TV or cinema movies, only 1 reached the level of “not too bad.” He was asking ME if I had any connections. I do – did – but my generation is at or near retirement, so our influence is gone. The children are in charge. Thus, I read.

    Please keep writing!! You are a bright light in a see of darkness!!

  79. James

    Happy Memorial Day to you and your family.
    It’s funny, I haven’t watched anything on the CW sence they took Smallville of the air. I guess I still don’t have a reason to.
    If you don’t mind a suggestion, If or when, you get your rights back try the SiFi channel. They have a show called “Lost Girl” that I think would be awesome if it ran back to back with the Hollows!

    Take care,

    • jkh

      Mmm, I like “Lost Girl.” Of course I never saw the first episode or so, that explained everything, but I still like it.

    • Alex

      I have been thinking the exact same thing. I’m not so sure any show or movie could catch the feelings and magic within the books though.

    • Tracy

      I do love the series “Lost Girl” but admit I would dread to see The hollows on sy-fy after what happened with “The Dresden Files” series they created that lasted for one season…i love these books too much to see hollywood’s influence in them…

    • Rebecca

      I agree! If the Hollows were to become aTV series I could see it best suited for the SiFi Channel. I love Lost Girl and Eureka and Warehouse 13 and I could definetly see the Hollows joining that bunch. But it also scares me when they start turning FABULOUS books into TV series.

    • JJ

      I agree…I think CW would mangle it horribly! BTW Lost Girl is on SyFy and it is great 🙂

  80. I was wondering if it was gonna happen or be delayed, because most fall shows start taping the season in June or July and the pilots are usually purchased or thrown to the side months before that. I’m really sorry that you got this news. Hopefully, the buzz that this got when it was announced that a pilot would be made, will attract the attention of other interested parties. I work in tv and as my director says It’s a crazy business. Hopefully something will turn up here soon.

  81. I must admit I am a bit worried that the screen won’t do The Hollows justice. I mean, how many movies-based-on-series are there that are spot on?

    I hope this all turns out well.

  82. Aw… I was looking forward to seeing how they did with the Hollows. Maybe they’ll shop it to another studio.

  83. Krista

    As much as I would love to see the Hallows turned into a TV series, I think the CW would have ruined it.

  84. David Imgrund

    Sad that they are passing, but really, sell it to Stars or HBO… someone that will do it right.

  85. I had mixed feelings too, wondering what CW would do to the Hollows. Hopefully, this change will be for the best in the end. Have a great Memorial Day!

  86. Being a fan of both the Hollows and the CW I was worried how they were going to translate the books. No one is in high school and it’s such acomplex world in your books that it would be hard to translate without just explaining and tnen you lose a lot of the subtle magic.
    I also just worry about watching the Hollows imstead of reading them because what I enjoy most about the novels is your writing. If they do decide to stick with it I hope it’s because they realized they needed to commit more time to make it good. But I won’t be in tears if your rights revert back to you and all our movie/tv talk reverts to fun speculation.

  87. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am

    It’s so disappointing and a bit of a relief too. The TV and movie people rarely ever do a book series any justice.

    Hopefully, the nibble you got from the CW will get the attention of some one that is even better suited for the project,

    For Memorial day, I usually drive up to KY. to decorate the graves of my family buried there. For health and financial reasons, I didn’t go.

    We’re getting a little wind and a lot of rain today so I’m staying in. I’m rereading A PERFECT BLOOD now.


  88. I’m kinda sad that they passed on The Hollows. I was curious to see what The Hollows would look like on TV. But since I still have Ever-After to look forward to I’m happy.

  89. Cathy Brockman

    Sorry to hear this Kim. Have a great Memorial Day!

  90. Tim Collins

    Dear Kim,
    You have, and will continue to write a great book series about the life of Rachel the Witch. I doubt the garish medium of Color TV will do it justice.
    The excellent book series “True Blood” is unreconizable in it’s TV form.
    So, consider yourself lucky. You have accrued so many nice fiends koff…koff…friends!

    Yours in Space and time.

    Tim & Karen. ❤

    ps: "They are all mad you know…" (The best ones are…) Alice in Wonderland.

  91. Patti

    CW bites. I’d much rather see a series on a premium cable channel. With you having final say on scripts!

  92. Cersie

    Not necessarily a bad thing. I dont think any movie or tv show could do the series justice. I
    dont think the real angst Rachel, Ivy and Jenks feel would ever do them justice. It will either be too porny like True Blood or not enough emotion like the Vampire Diaries. I would have watched it as I love the series but to be honest I would have been devestated if they
    destroyed it.

  93. Oh, Kim…that sucks 😦 I was really curious to see what it would have looked like. But at least I get to keep what my brain came up with lol

  94. Such a bummer. Oh well it was worth hoping for. Happy Memorial Day, it is a beautiful morning in Michigan! I hope you get outside to enjoy it!