Last day to register your vote to “MAKE KIM COME TO MY CITY”

Mid Michigan is getting snuffed by fog this morning, ruining Guy’s plans on getting out for one last bike ride as we hit almost 60 today. I so believe we’ll get that warm. Most of the homes on my street have their lights up already. It’s early, but I know it’s because of the warm weather we’ve been having. Sure, it’s 60 today, but tomorrow it could be 20 with a wind chill of zero, so get the lights up NOW! -grin-

I’ve been splurging to get some of those solar lights, a few sets every year since they don’t last long on the shelf despite the ouch price tag. After 20 years fighting cords and plugs and timers, they’re worth the extra effort for me. I’ve had one set that lasted two years of continual use until I accidentally cut the end off while vigorously weeding, but the sets that are only out for a few months of the year still look brand new.

Also, today is the last day to register your city in the “I WANT KIM TO COME TO MY CITY” contest. We’re going to tabulate the numbers tomorrow, narrowing the field to a couple of places and start a final round of voting. If you’ve missed this, here’s the link to the post that explains it, HERE, but the short and sweet of it is one person, one vote. Enter your city/store you want me to visit at the survey. And please feel free to share this with your reading group and other friends. 🙂


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12 responses to “Last day to register your vote to “MAKE KIM COME TO MY CITY”

  1. Colleen

    Solar Christmas lights or regular outdoors lights? Are they bright?

    • Solar Christmas lights. You have to search to find them. They are vivid. Regular outdoor lights are brighter, but these feel richer, especially the blue. I’m happy with them, but I still use the regular electric lights as well since you can’t string them together. They make great spots of color.

  2. vampyre

    I’m just looking forward part 2 of the process. 🙂

  3. Pat .

    I didn’t vote. I know that you won’t be coming to New Zealand… 😦

  4. I voted for Sheridan, Wyo. My home town (of course).

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