Android users, heads up!

TroubleonReserve 1A few weeks ago I told you about a Trent and Rachel story that was preloaded into the Sony e-reader app. (Which is free, by the way) I promised that it was going to be more widely available, and we’ve taken the first step there with the availability of Android users having access to the app as well. If you don’t have an Android or an Apple device, don’t fret! The rights revert back to me very quickly in comparison to a lot of things, and you know I love to share.

The link below is for the Sony app.

This one should be the one for the Droid users. (Thanks, Victoria!)

Or this one:


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23 responses to “Android users, heads up!

  1. Elaine carass

    When is trouble on reserve out in uk store?

  2. Courtney Sloan

    I downloaded the reader, but it was not pre-loaded, and when I search for it, Sony says it doesn’t exist. Can anyone help?

  3. donna wendt

    Ur book not on google books so very upset why help

    • I’m sorry, Donna, but the way I understand it, Google books can’t show books that are still under copyright, which mine are. You have to get them from a retailer.

    • donna wendt

      My daughter jessica s states u have a 14 page that can b downloaded but I can not seem to find it. Help me please.

  4. donna wendt

    Ok I have google books the app of ur book does not show up am trying to get for my daughter. Trouble on reserve so now what help asap .so why ur book not here baaaa

  5. Donna Patten

    OK, so I good with technology, but somehow on my droid phone and lab top I have Google play and this book does not exist on Google play. I am dying here! I even click on the above link and it just tells me that Google Play is already installed, so why can’t I find this book??? Bwaaaa . . . . 😦

  6. I shall patiently wait until there is a non-device/phone format readily available. 🙂

  7. Nadija

    Neither the Apple nor Google apps are available from Sri Lanka. Will you be able to make the story available on your website at all? or on Amazon?

  8. Gennie

    Got it – for my Google Nexus. Thank you!!!!

  9. Chris

    If you make an account on the app called “Reader – eBooks from Sony,” on either Apple or Android, you will find this book already loaded into your “Books” section on the homescreen of the app.

  10. Can’t wait until you can share 🙂

  11. michael andrew long


  12. Stormie

    Either I must be slow or really stupid. I got the app for Droid no problem there, thank you for the links, but I can’t find the book. 😦

    • Debbie

      The way it worked for me was bypassing the google play store and using Ms. harrison’s link to install Sony App. Then I opened app and clicked to just try (did not want a Sony account, just to read the story).

  13. mngirltx

    Thanks, Kim! I just downloaded the app to my phone…and can’t wait to read this chapter in The Hollows saga!

  14. Hi Ms. Kim- If the Android was not programmed with Asimov’s 3 laws, you are gonna have trouble every time.

  15. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Do you have a link for the Android version? I’ve Googled it six ways to Sunday and can’t find it.

    In the mean time I have found a fun series to read and I’d like to share it The first book is. “Opal Fire (A Reluctant Witch Mystery: Stacy Justice Book One)” by Barbra Annino.

    The series is about a young reporter that is raised to be a pagan witch but doesn’t fully embrace it until events happen and leave her little choice.

    It’s kooky, fun, a fast read and pretty cheap(opn Kindles)


  16. jo

    I have loved The Hollows from the beginning and I am becoming obssessed with trying to read this story. Despite owning an ipad, I cannot download Sony Reader from the UK. Will the story be available before Ever After is published?

    • Nici

      Hi Kim,
      the Sony Read App for Apple is as well not accessible for the German market. What way will you be publishing the story, once you get your publishing rights for it back?

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