Weekends are for finishing projects

I did more than watch the Superbowl this last weekend, and I took some time out to finish out a couple of projects that had been sitting around waiting to be finished. I couldn’t tell you why I didn’t spend an hour to finish them when they were fresh. I think in the case of the Monarch it was that I just didn’t want to be done. But the Monarch is by far one of my favorite pieces. It’s my own pattern, and I’d post it, but it uses a lot of my own shorthand, and I don’t know how to really put it out there so someone else could duplicate it. In any case, it’s done and gracing my mantle next to the lead soldier we found tucked into the floorboards and marbles I’ve found on the grounds while gardening. I’ll probably make a second Monarch next fall when I start to see them–if I see them.





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31 responses to “Weekends are for finishing projects

  1. Mo

    If you ever come up with a pattern, please let us know! If you need someone to help figure out your short hand and replicate this, I’m willing to give it a go. This is so so beautiful!

  2. Have you seen the Club Geluk—- Darn! Men in Yarn Calendar? It has many knitted items that are unusual.

  3. David Rheuark


  4. jenah

    Simply stunning. Did you repeat the pttern on the back as well?

  5. Love the monarch butterfly! 🙂

  6. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    Can’t add anything that hasn’t been said already. It’s magnificent.

  7. Well done! That’s gorgeous!!!

  8. Vampyre

    I know you’re done with the Hollows but have you ever thought of making a Jenks?

    The Monarch looks great.

  9. Stacy

    Love the Monarch! I, too, hope you see them this fall.

  10. Laura K Thorpe

    Wow, that is really lovely! I crochet but am not the greatest at intricate designs. I have no idea how you did this, so kudos to you on this original piece. 🙂

  11. Amazing work love the dramatic colors……you must be so pleased with it, it’s obvious you have a great love of the craft.

  12. Lisa

    Beautiful butterfly.

  13. Your monarch brings a touch of summer to a winter’s day.

  14. silvermitt

    That’s really nice.

  15. Seeing your posts makes me really want to learn how to do this. 🙂

  16. Victoria Herencia

    What an amazing piece! You really have a talent for this. And here I thought you were only an amazing author!!

  17. It’s gorgeous and looks so lovely next to the toy soldier and marbles. You are indeed multi-talented. Love your books!

  18. Martin

    Oh, that is stunning! 🙂

  19. Laura J

    Could you please post the directions anyway? Maybe one of us could translate and make the pattern make sense.

  20. Linda Craft.

    how large is it? I can’t tell the scale. it looks huge

  21. Claudia D.

    Stunning, a true beauty.

  22. That’s a pretty piece of your own personal artwork.

  23. Dot Little

    It is just beautiful ! So life like 🙂

  24. kathy in b.c. canada

    That is a lovely Monarch, well done!

  25. Mandi

    That is beautiful!

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