Cast call for Ivy!

Last week I asked who you saw for Rachel, and wow, did you answer. I love all your suggestions for who could convincingly play our itchy witch, and after a few days of sorting, I narrowed it down to a handful of actresses that you can give your yay or nay to for me to take to Dan! If your favorite isn’t there, it might be because she is too mature and world-wise (Remember Rachel is 24 when we start Dead Witch Walking.) Or the actress in question focuses on movies rather than series TV and wouldn’t even consider the role. It helps if the actress is well known, but not so expensive that we can’t afford to have her. It’s a balance, but all your suggestions are very appreciated because I can still go to Dan and say “someone like “XXX” even though XXX only does movies, and he will still get a feel for how you see Rachel in your mind’s eye.

Now, what do you think about Ivy?

Short recap, she’s far more world-wise than Rachel, closed, passionate, dangerous, loyal, good with her fists and feet…and is dangerous, even to her friends. She’s a living vampire, so she can go into the sun and won’t get her really long teeth until she dies. She likes high-quality leather and silk, dresses like a model and looks like one, too. Her heritage is half Anglo-Saxon and half Asian, but she clearly takes after her mother and her hair is long, straight, and black. She’s moody, smart, and her definition of broke means her bank account it down to five digits. Ivy is always in control except when her instincts get too much and then she’s still sort of in control, just willing to give in to her passions. She desperatly wants to find a way to like herself, and she sees Rachel as her way out of the vampiric trap she was born into. She is bi, and very comfortable with it.

So let me have it, keeping in mind she’s not much older than Rachel, svelte, and knows how to take a man down without a sound. We’re looking at 24-30, but suggestions of older actresses are helpful to get an idea of who you’d like to see.


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483 responses to “Cast call for Ivy!

  1. Melrose

    I’m soooo late to the game but I have to say I’ve always imagined someone like young Kelly Hu. She’s obviously aged out but when she was younger is how I picture Ivy.
    I can see Florence Faivre, she was in The Expanse

  2. Susan

    Rila Fukushima

  3. Keith Bagge

    My vote is for Jamie Chung. Young, exotic, but has proven that she can play a bad-ass!

  4. Blue Hour Tarot

    Malese Jow

  5. Barbara

    I don’t have a suggestion though I wish Claudia Black matched her features her acting is perfect. Maybe could find a place for her somewhere 🤔


    I think Ashley Green (the adorable little pixie face with exitic eyes from Twilight) could play Ivy to perfection.

  7. Melisa M

    Maggie Q is almost perfect. And for those who say she is too old…first of all, Kim said even if it is an older actress at least they have an idea of who we picture. Second, she could honestly pull off much younger than you think. Look at a recent pic of her.

  8. Dichen Lachman is perfect for Ivy.

  9. Samantha Lynn Colon

    Malese Jow as Ivy

  10. Jennifer

    Dichen Lachman!! She’s who i always had in my head when reading.

    • laila kudzin

      Shay Mitchell
      Kimiko Glenn
      Devon Aoki(older, but very babyfaced)

      I originally thought Olivia Munn, but she definitely falls into the older category.

      Height may be an issue

    • K. Ritchie

      Dichen Lachman DEFINITELY!!! Great Choice. Just my mental image too!

  11. Kathern Groulx

    Maybe a little to short, maybe a little old but, Ming-Na Wen

  12. Eric

    How about Emily Kaiho. Whoever is picked has to be badass and beautiful. She also needs to be able to pull off leather pants and a scary ass sexy vamp persona. Ivy is supposed to have long sleek black hair, Think Pantine Commercial. This is almost a hard as choosing Morgan.

  13. Diane Aitken

    Fan Bingbing for Ivy 😍

  14. Suzanne Richardson-White

    I thought of Summer Glau right away, but I’m guessing you’d want someone a little younger. I vote for Arden Cho!

  15. Twila Cotter

    If not for age, I’d love Ming-Na Wen, but maybe Jamie Chung or Arden Cho?

  16. Rachel Kula

    I know this isn’t ivy but James Bradley would be an amazing Kisten. Please check him out!

  17. Michele

    Jessica Green!

  18. Adren Chow! She is sophisticated and yet vulnerable.

  19. lorettamorrow

    I can see Ellen Wong and Michelle Selene Ang.

  20. Lisa B.

    Chantal Thuy, @ 5’8”, late 20’s

  21. Kimber Burks-Reece

    Oh I’ve been saving up for this one. This is what I got: Kristin Kreuk (though only 5’4″), Devon Aoki, Crystal Kay, or Shay Mitchell. The last two are my favorites. But top pick is still Hailee Steingeld!

  22. Velissa M.

    Sonoya Mizuno

    Incredibly attractive, height is 5’7” which can be helped with kick ass heels or boots. She’s exactly who I imagine Ivy to look like.

  23. Christine Hansen

    Fala Chen for Ivy!!

  24. Genevieve Common

    Hailee Steinfeld would also be a good Ivy. She’s 23.

  25. Theresa Abram-Craig

    Janina Gavankar 5’7″(40), Arden Cho 5’4″(35), Nathalie Kelley 5’7″(35), Gemma Chan 5’8″(38), Sophia Taylor Ali 5’8″(25), Paris Berelc 5’4″(21)

    Respectively their ages range from 40 to 21, but I strongly feel that the older actresses have in recent years played younger than their own ages. I also feel that the youngest one may be spot on for Ivy as far as looks, but question if she could portray her worldly demeanor and self torment. I’ve also been pairing ‘my Ivy’ with either Skyler Samuels or Eleanor Tomlinson, my two choices for Rachel Mariana Morgan ❤

  26. Anneli

    I would have named Lucy Liu but for the age thing …

  27. Ashley

    Dichen Lachman would be an amazing Ivy!

  28. Sam ann

    Karan Fukuhara plays a badass superstrength anti-hero in The Boys. She is Japanese-American , 28, and Beautiful, and clearly knows her way around a stunt fight Unfortunately she is 5’2, but if they can put Robert Downey Jr. in platform shoes to make him as tall as his fellow heroes in the avengers, they can probably do something similar for her

  29. Hennah Scilacci

    Stef Chang
    Samantha Win
    Chasty Ballesteros
    Yifei Liu
    Angela Zhou

    • Theresa Abram-Craig

      I like Chasty Ballesteros she’s 5’6″, also like Stef Chang – but there’s no info on her.

  30. Cindi Gustafson

    Jamie Chung or Arden Cho

    • Theresa Abram-Craig

      Arden Cho is one of my favorites. She’s 5’4″ though, she’ll need platform heeled boots.

  31. Roshel

    Paris Berelc or Jamie Chung me thinks.

  32. Christina Chong she is about 10 years to old but has the right look.

  33. Jenny

    If this isn’t ivy….
    Nicole scherzinger
    Also maybe?
    Kristin Kreuk

    • Jenny

      I’m taking back nicole. She is older then I thought. But I’ll stick with Kristin. Although, I think if you look at pics of nicole she has a lot of characteristics of ivy

    • Samantha

      I think Nicole Scherzinger is a good match for sure, regardless her age!

  34. Tasha Doty

    Li Jun Li

  35. candace Johnson

    Lucy Liu. I think she has that aloofness along with an elegance that I think of with Ivy.

  36. Der OrigamiMann

    For Ivy:
    Lucy Liu
    Madison Ivy

  37. Jennifer

    Olivia Munn

  38. Ellie Thompson

    Hope Elizabeth ” Liza ” Soberano

  39. Aaryn

    I saw it on a post from another fan, but fully support it. I think Arden Cho (Teen Wolf MTV series) would be a wonderful Ivy. She’s not a stranger to fantasy/sci-fi. I see Ivy as taking things a little too seriously at times but can throw a wise-crack with a straight face or a tiny smirk. Arden can do this and is extremely fierce.

  40. Shana

    What about Pom Klementieff, Kristin Kreuk, Katie Cockrell, Ashley Park, or Kaitlyn Leeb?

  41. Oliva Munn

    She recently played in X men Apocalypse
    She looks exactly how Ivy is depicted, she is tough and sexy, athletic, and gorgeous!

  42. Megan Russell

    Chloe Bennet

  43. traelynn9

    Chloe Bennet — Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Samantha Win — Mortal Kombat

  44. Jessica Wrzosek

    I think Gemma Chan has the right vibe. Elegant and fierce. She plays fighters often.

  45. Jeni Boerger

    If only Maggie Q were 10 yrs younger!

  46. Naida

    Sonoya Mizuno is an interesting option. Arden Cho is another person I like.

  47. Kitty

    Malese Jow, Phoebe Tonkin, or the incomparable Chloe Bennet would all be great as Ivy, I think. Jessica Henwick would also be a strong choice. I think that it would be worth considering if Ivy’s non-Asian family had to be white? There are a ton of younger multi-racial actresses would would kill the role if her dad were re-cast as Black, and there’s no real reason that they HAVE to be white, is there?

    • Velissa

      It’s said in the books that her other half is Anglo Saxon, and Ivys pale skin is a major physical feature about her that Rachel mentions numerous times.

      I do think though that they should add more color representations in the show because in the books almost everyone is white except for Ivy.

    • Anneli

      Great choices! And intriguing suggestion for adding more colour to the cast 🙂

    • Theresa Abram-Craig

      Jessica Henwick is a strong choice

  48. Velissa

    Karina Lombard

    A young Karina Lombard. When she played a seductive woman in The L Word I immediately thought of Ivy. She has this state that goes right into your soul. She’s very tall as well. Too bad she’s too old now but this is the type of person I see playing as Ivy.

  49. Tyler Michele Cody

    First of all, I AM SO EXCITED.
    Second, here are my picks.

    Top picka: Arden Cho from Teen Wolf and Kristin Kreuk
    Others: Gemma Chan, Christine Ko, Li Jun Li, and Smith Cho.

    Really seeing Kristin Kreuk with this Devianart piece here tho.

  50. Julia

    I recind my previous votes, and wholly throw my voice behind Fival Stewart. Not only is she an amazing actor, but she’s also a Karate World Champion.

  51. Rachel Engle

    Fivel Stewart from Atypical on Netflix

  52. Erin b

    MICHAELA CONLIN! all the way! She would be an awesome Ivy!!

  53. Shawn

    Yifei Liu, from Mulan

  54. Velissa

    Brigette Lundy-Paine

    A reference for Ivy. I know she’s a white actress, I’m not suggesting her specifically but something about her reminds me of Ivy. She gives me the feel of her, especially with her height and eyes.

  55. Velissa

    A young Katrina Lombard

    This is just a reference on how I view Ivy. She’s tall (5’8”) and has this sexy stare to her. She oozes sex appeal which is what Ivy embodies.

  56. Nicole

    Shay Mitchell, Arden Cho, Jamie Chung..If older is an option Summer Glau. Arden and Summer have had roles where their characters are pretty bada**. And Shay can pull off the aloof, moody, elite attitude.

  57. Debi Albright

    Another who likes Dichen Lachman here, though she may be on the older side. Loved her in Dollhouse. ♥️

  58. AB

    Liu Yifei! Did no one watch Mulan?!? Right age, can fight etc.

  59. Genevieve Common

    Chloe Bennet is 28 and was on Shield. She is half Chinese.

    Paris Berelc, she is 21 and an actress/gymnast and some of her pics on imdb look like she could be Ivy. She is half European Filipino.

    Jessica Henwick is 28 and was on Game of Thrones and Iron Fist, She is also half Chinese.

    As far as older actresses I do like Dichen Lachman. I think what I like most about her is that she has played a sultry vampire before and did it well.

  60. Ammi Duke

    I know you are looking for named actors, but in reality some cast will likely be unknowns ready to work to make a name for themselves. I have followed an actress trying to make a name for herself for years and she’s so Ivy, that I couldn’t think of anyone better for the role. She’s an Asian American actress who is tall, lean, worldly and is martial arts trained. I have never met or spoken to her before so this isn’t a plug for a friend. Just someone I truly think should be a consideration. Her Name is Jennifer Zhang and I can DM a link to her FB page if you would like to take a look.

  61. Velissa


    If you are a true fan of the series please stop suggesting these white actresses! Let’s keep it true to the books! Ivy is HALF ASIAN with Asian features, it’s literally in the first book. I had to say something after someone suggested Ruby Rose and others…I’m like wtf! Let’s stop whitewashing and support Asian actresses.

  62. Velissa

    Sonoya Mizuno

    This is the look that I think matches Ivy a lot. I’m always trying to find that “stare”, the one that pierces your soul and this girl has got it. The only factor is that she’s only 5’7”. It’s terribly hard to find a tall Asian actress. As long as Rachel is cast shorter than her I think it can pass.

  63. Dana

    Someone on Twitter suggested Arden Cho. I haven’t seen full body but her face gave me Ivy vibes.

  64. Marisela

    Jamie Chung may be a little old but I think she would be great or Shay Mitchell.

  65. Stacey

    Michelle Dockery or Gemma Chan

  66. Andrea

    Lyrica Okano

  67. Trashpanda

    Kelsey Chow

  68. Cindy Flores

    Jacky Lai she is a Canadian television actor, she would make a good I y

  69. Crystal Yvonne Seelig

    Gemma Chan

  70. Trish Bash

    Chloe Bennet

  71. Kimberly Doughty

    I always pictured Michaela Conlin (Angela in Bones) whenever I read the books. I know shes older than what you’re looking for, but shes sexy and smoky. And I can totally picture her in leathers and heeled boots.

  72. Alicia Nicole Andreatta

    Brenda Song?

  73. Shawna

    Kristin Kreuk

  74. Ange

    Gemma Chan is 5′ 9′ so she might be Ivy’s height with boots?

  75. Velissa

    Kelsey Asbille – Actress from ‘Wind River’. I was researching actresses based solely on Ivy’s “look”. I’ve never seen her act but the second I saw her she just screamed “Ivy”. It’s very hard to find someone to look like her in my opinion, she’s got to have a sexy, mature look about her. She can’t look younger than Rachel, it will throw off the whole dynamic. That’s why I chose this actress.

  76. Sydney

    Jessica Henwick for Ivy

  77. christinawb703

    Sonoya Mizuno. She is a movie actress, but honestly I think TV wouldn’t be out of the question for her.

  78. Julia

    For Ivy:
    Smith Chan
    Juju Cho
    Anna Akana

  79. Tracy

    1. Jessica Henwick
    2. Dichen Lachman

  80. Kim

    Kelsey Chow, Jamie Chung, Olivia Munn or Cloe Bennett

  81. EllaHaven

    I could see Arden Cho or Gemma Chan for Ivy for their physical features. They both have that model look though Gemma can be athletic as well given her Marvel role, but can be very poised like I think Ivy would be.

  82. Tina Carter

    Olivia Munn!!

  83. Nicki Osborn

    I really like Dichen Lachman and Jessica Henwick for Ivy.

  84. Amy

    Olivia Munn would be a good Ivy. I first saw her on Newsroom.

  85. Sara

    So I have always pictured Dichen Lachman as Ivy when reading. She just has that vibe I guess? Lol. But Sophie Wu would be great too!

  86. Sheena

    Kelsey Chow
    Christina Chong
    Paris Berelc – she’s 5ft 4inch but knows martial arts

  87. TaoTek

    I’ve always envisioned Dichen Lachman playing Ivy. She matches the picture I have in my head when I read about Ivy!!

  88. Leticia Valero

    Gemma Chan for Ivy

  89. Crystal

    Jamie Chung

  90. Kelsey Asbille, Sophia Ali, Naomi Scott, Shay Mitchell, Lyrica Omani, or Paris Berelc. Anyone would be great.

  91. Elissa

    Nana Komatsu
    She’s got the look….I forget how tall Ivy was…..but she’s actually 24, 5’6″….problem is I have no clue about how well her english is.currently progressing. But she’s stated in the past that she was trying to learn. So despite her good acting……she might not be a true option….option. But the Ivy I had in my head while reading was so similar to her, With the same smirk even.

  92. Michelle magnolia

    A younger version of Maggie Q or Pom klementieff

  93. Tiffany

    Arden Cho is a great choice. Shay Mitchell. Kelsey Asbille. Malese Jow

  94. Lisa Reynolds

    Arden Cho

  95. Tiffany

    Ivy – nicki reed / natalie emmanuel / Sophie turner / Ireland baldwin

    Kisten – nathan mcleod

    Trent – finn jones / alexander ludwig / Daniel sharman

    Siri – willow shields / mackenzie foy

    Al – iwan rheon

    Jinx – grant gustin

    Quin – Daniel Gillies

    Glen – Jesse Williams

    Newt – Tilda Swinton/ Amandla stenberg

  96. Kerri

    Chasty Bellasteros (sp?)

  97. Simone Ruf

    Noomi Rapace (girl with the dragon tatoo)

  98. Natisha

    Arden Cho is definitely Ivy

  99. Natisha

    Arden Cho for Ivy!!!

  100. Jace

    Jamie Chung I definitely think should be considered.

  101. Natasha

    Samantha Win

  102. Megan

    Jessica Henwick would be purfect!!! She is trained to fight so no extra training needed. She is absolutely gorgeous, is 5 foot 6 she’s at the right height and she is 28 so the right age as well!!!

  103. Tara Connolly

    The Actress who plays Maze on Lucifer.
    Again, the Ivy in my head doesn’t look like anyone real. But, I think that actress is pretty close.

  104. Jill Bryan

    Lucy Liu but younger
    or Brenda Song
    Shay Mitchell from Pretty little Liars

  105. Reinhard

    Chloe Bennet:
    has the fight acting and badass experience from aos
    heritage would be fitting too

    Dichen Lachman:
    maybe a little bit to old but really good at radiating that “danger” flair aka don’t mess with me or you gonna hurt… badly

  106. Ashley Crawford

    Michalea Conlin from the show “Bones” for Ivy.

  107. Rose

    Jamie Chung, Lyrica Okano or maybe Janel Parrish as she has that slight asian cast that Ivy is known for.

  108. Brianne Ogg

    Chloe Bennet

  109. Ruth S

    Constance Wu

  110. David A Wilson

    Dont have a well known actress do any of the roles,,, thats where they went wrong casting for the StephaniePlum movie, they casted a well known and killed it and I want the hollows to thrive.

  111. Branden

    nina dobrev vampire diaries. Shes 31 now so only a little order but still looks young

  112. adrie

    Pick 1: Karrueche Tran

    Pick 2: Sonoya Mizuno

  113. Ariana

    I always imagined Ivy looking somewhat like Dichen Lachman (Dollhouse) but she is a but older now (38)

  114. Robin S.

    Chasty Ballesteros, Samantha Win, Li Jun Li or Arden Cho

  115. Ivy is my favorite character in the Hollows and I still hold out hope for her and Rachel. 🙂 Pity that she/Rachel and a certain vamp didn’t form a trio.

    Leah Lewis.

  116. I think this actress could do well, from Dark Phoenix

    Sophie Turner

  117. Jaime Lam

    Liu Yifei, Arden Cho, Claudia Kim. As a biracial (half Chinese and half white) I think it’s super important to cast someone who is Asian. We don’t have any representation in the book series without Ivy, nearly everyone is white, so please cast someone of color.

    • Andrea

      Yes! A lot of white actresses are being suggested, nope.

    • Velissa

      Yes absolutely. It drives me crazy when I see people on here suggesting white actresses. I’m like…have you not read the books? Ivy is clearly mentioned as being half Asian. If they cast a white person I’ll be so upset

  118. Cassandra

    Liza Soberano, Kelsey Chow

  119. Cherl Hearon

    Kimiko Glenn from OITNB would make a great Ivy, she hasn’t been in much but she’s very talented.

  120. Heather

    Jamie Chung (The Gifted, Once Upon A Time)
    Lana Condor (Deadly Class)

  121. Oli H

    Hi! At the moment I can’t think of anyone spontaneously, but please remember my pictures of the little church and keep them in your mind when it comes to this topic. 😉😎 …”Some Hollows Love” (July8, 2015)…
    I’m really looking forward to the results. In any case, the template is brilliant!! 👍👍
    Greetings from Germany

  122. Megan Dotter

    Lyrica Okano is my ONLY vote for IVY… just looking through photos of previous roles and she is all I see now when thinking of Ivy. Some show the complete confidence and others show the moments of self doubt Ivy has and the sword play photos to the “sex appeal” … she is my IVY.

  123. Florence Pugh, Zoey Deutch, Elizabeth Debicki

    • Theresa Abram-Craig

      I can see where Florence Pugh might work, but she’s too Anglo. Paris Berelc has a similar feel and is actually Filipino/Anglo.

  124. Catherine Breckinridge

    Katrina Law should be considered, 🙂

  125. Raqiyah

    Arden Cho for Ivy

  126. Raqiyah

    Arden Cho for Ivy

  127. Tonya Harvey

    I know she may be too old for the role of Ivy but I see Gemma Chan in the role. She’s gorgeous and svelte, not sure how tall but she just fits for me.

  128. Vivian Bullion

    I immediately saw Dichen Lachman as Ivy. 100%!!

  129. Robin Gable

    For someone actually close to the age, I would say Liu Yifei. If going just as a base for type and finding a new face, base her on Lucy Liu.

  130. Kelly Young

    Olivia Munn could pull it off.

  131. Clara Huff

    Chloe Bennett (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
    Elizabeth Gillies (Victorious)
    Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead)

  132. Jacqueline Susanne Marie Blackburn

    I forgot to mention that Dianne and Olivia use martial arts in that Warrior TV show

  133. Jackie

    Arden Cho is my first choice, but also Kelsey Chow and
    Claudia Kim

  134. Michelle Dellascio

    Jarry Lee is my pick for Ivy.

  135. Jacqueline Susanne Marie Blackburn

    Dianne Doan or Olivia Cheng. Both are actors from the Warrior TV show about Chinese immigrants in San Francisco during 1800s. Both are the right age and Dianne uses a sword in the series.

  136. lana nancy owens

    ashley green or lily collins

  137. Okay, I know she’s supposed to be Asian but I always see her African-American and I think Sonequa Martin-Green would make an awesome Ivy.

  138. Amanda

    For Ivy I’d go with Kristin Kreuk , or Christina Chong. In that order.

  139. I think Kelsey Chow (29) would fit perfect. Dilraba Dilmurat (28) is also stunning.

  140. Kati

    Chiaki Kuriyama (Kill Bill and Battle Royale) would be such a great Ivy; she’s elegant but is also able to give off that air of danger with just a shift in body language in her roles.

  141. Kristen D

    Lyrica Okano (Marvel’s runaways), or my absolute favorite Janel Parrish (pretty little liars)!!!

  142. Susie Branum

    Karen Fukuhara, she is a martial artist who trained in Karate and sword fighting and is currently on The Boys. Or there is Chloe Bennet who played Quake on Agents of Shield. Ooo also Arden Cho who played a Kitsune on Teen Wolf, she is also a black belt martial artist.

  143. Gina Best

    Chloé Bennett or Arden Cho

  144. Autumn

    I think Gemma Chan would make a wonderful Ivy!

  145. Maryanne Burkitt

    The last time I reread the Hollows series (when American Demon came out), I was actually casting it with my husband…I picture Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey as Ivy. I know she’s not Asian, but I think she would be a good Ivy.

  146. Kaitlyn

    Chloe Bennett or Liza Soberano 😁

  147. Liz Kruse

    *Dichen Lachman – Dollhouse and Altered Carbon
    *Maggie Q – Nikita
    These ladies are both taller and what I would consider Svelte.
    Other ideas are –
    Constance Wu – Crazy Rich Asians
    Gemma Chan – Crazy Rich Asians

  148. Cheryl L Hopkins

    Jessica Henwick

  149. I’ve pictured different actresses back when the books first came out in the early 2000’s but now basically 20 years later I’d say either Gal Gadot for the height and badassery or Kelsey Asibelle

  150. Gina Louise Brown

    Jamie Chung

  151. Lee

    I know she doesn’t fit your age range but Summer Glau i think is perfect!!

  152. Billie Harvey

    Dichen Lachman

  153. Hi Kim, thanks for asking this is so exciting!

    Arden Cho
    Ksenia Solo

  154. Barbara Noel

    I like Maggie Q and Grace Park both are a little older but Grace doesn’t show her age.

  155. Velissa

    Shay Mitchell

    Being a huge fan of the Hollows series since I was in middle school (now 29 years old) I’ve always thought about who would make the best Ivy. Obviously who I thought before are too old now, but I keep going back to Shay Mitchell. She’s 33 years old now, a touch older than Ivy who is about 26-30 years old. But Shay still looks to be in her late 20’s so it can work.
    Another thing, Ivy has to have this irresistible magnetic draw to her that a lot of these baby faced actresses don’t have. I think Shay would bring a sex appeal to her character, plus she’s absolutely gorgeous.

  156. Jemma

    Firstly, thank you so much for giving us a say in this, Kim. I’m so glad that if this gets made you will be involved as it HAS to be right.

    My main suggestion for Ivy is sadly too old for the role (though ahe looks 20 years younger than she is) but to give you a feel, Ming-Na Wen. She kicks ass and does the moody but actually squishy on the inside, thing well.

    Someone who is up-and-coming in TV and the right playing age would be Ellen Wong.

  157. Midori Francis age 26 For Ivy

  158. Stephanie McCormack

    Elodie Yung from Netflix Daredevil!

  159. Aleisha

    Ksenia Solo (Kenzie from Lost girl) for Ivy

  160. Rachel

    Jenna Coleman

  161. Bettina

    Ksenia Solo From Lost Girl would be a perfect Ivy.

  162. Arma

    Lucy Liu is my fav

  163. Rayna Barnett

    Dichen Lachman

  164. Kerry-Ann

    Urassaya Sperbund- Thai Norwegian model turned actress in Thailand!
    Arden Cho.
    Jamie Chung.
    Alll great options!!

  165. Jennifer Rich

    She doesn’t have the right look, but the way Kelly Reilly plays the character Beth in Yellowstone is perfect for how I see Ivy’s personality and attitude.

  166. Linda Larsson

    Arden Cho for me =D

  167. Maggie Q would have been ideal for the role a decade ago; she is exactly how I visualise Ivy when I read your books. Today, however, the only viable candidate as far as I am concerned is Amanda Westlake. She is a Eurasian actress born and raised in Hong Kong. Check out her IMDb profile HERE.

  168. Denise

    Jamie Chung or Kelsey Asbille

  169. Larry

    Chloe Bennet or Melissa O’Neil

  170. Jodi Tegeler

    Arden Cho!

  171. Brandi

    Dichen Lachman would be a great choice here. Check out Dollhouse and Altered Carbon.

  172. Phillip Bond

    I know you are looking for someone who would be good for the role and that Kelly Hu or Ming-Na Weng are outside the age bracket. I think they have the presence to portray the character of Ivy, especially in the role of Runner.
    As actors of shows I have watched recently, whilst don’t fit the physical appearance exactly as described I feel that Hannah John-Kame of Killjoys or Jessica Green of the Outpost series would fit the character well. Especially Hannah John-Kamen who played the role of leader and organiser as Dutch and Aneela. Also she was good at showing vulnerability as Ghost in the second Ant-Man film at the end.
    I think someone like those two could do really well as Ivy, maybe even an unknown?
    As said, just ideas.

  173. Jennifer Whiteside

    Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, or Karen Fukuhara

  174. Brenda Rorie-Baety

    To me that sounds like Lisa Ling. I think she is svelte. Tough and can handle Rachael. By the way I think Brice Howard would be a great Rachael. Just my humble opinion!🔥🔥

  175. patricia murmann

    Lucy Liu for ivy

    • Matthew

      I don’t think she would fit because she has to be in her late forties by now at least

    • Denise L

      Actually, if we’re going concepts only to base a young new face on, Lucy works very well. Combine the martial arts capabilities with the look and that IS how I have seen Ivy as I have read her over the many years. This might sound silly, but just as Anita Blake is the heroine with two different genetic races–Hispanic and German and you get that gorgeous pale but heddy appearance that’s described in the books, Similarly, I see a pale woman with exotic set eyes and long silk hair, Lucy. I see Ivy as tall and wispy like a tendril of Ivy that can pull a Morticia’s Cleopatra and yank a man off their feet with a flick of the wrist and a sweep of the leg. Like drinking water. I can see Lucy doing this easily.

  176. Kira Jenson

    Summer glau

  177. Rey

    Nicole Sakura
    Li Jun Li

  178. Tiff

    Arden cho
    Rila Fukushima

  179. Kira Jenson

    Carmen Soo

  180. Marclyn

    Lyrica Okana

  181. Deanna Chappell

    Jaime Chung would make a great Ivy.

  182. Sella

    Karen Fukuhara

  183. Beka

    I would like to suggest film and television actress Katrina Law for Ivy. She is half Taiwanese (her mother’s side), half German/Italian. She is a little bit older at 35, but has been in many action roles and done f/f romance in her role as Nyssa al Ghul on Arrow, so I believe she could handle the role well and would not turn it down on the basis of Ivy’s sexuality (as much as I believe love is love, the reality is that it could be an issue for some).

  184. Marissa

    Arden cho or juju chan

  185. Amanda Westlake from Lethal Weapon and Jane the Virgin.

  186. Rachel M&M

    Lana Condor; Kelly Hu; Reshma Shetty; Amrita Rao; Tonkham Phonchanheuang. Jennie; LAUREN TSAI

  187. Cassandra Chwekun

    Dichen Lachman

  188. Msrgaret

    Lyrica Okano

  189. Justin

    Dichen Lachman all the way!

  190. Davina

    Jamie Chung
    Li Jun Li
    Nora Lum – professionally known Awkwafina

  191. Melissa biondo

    Claudia Kim for Ivy.

  192. ‪Have you considered @tonyakay ? Fierce and good.‬

  193. Beth

    Looked up Arden Cho based on others’ suggestions and it turns out she looks nearly identical to how I’ve imagined Ivy

    • Schuberg Laura

      I did the same and thought the same thing! I could very easily see her as Ivy. The only drawback is her height? I pictured Ivy as a bit taller than Arden’s 5′ 4″ …But otherwise really good pick!

    • Maryanne Burkitt

      Oooh, I like her for Ivy

  194. mfrentress

    Li Jun Li
    Juju Chan
    Arden Cho

  195. Kimberly Schwarz

    Chloe Bennet

  196. Gabriel

    Arden Cho! She used a katana in teen wolf too

  197. Ladyanachronism

    Bingbing fan….All the way!

    Brenda song
    Tao okamoto

    For older:
    Maggie Q

  198. Elizabeth

    Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black. She played multiple personalities of several different clones.

  199. Katie Morley

    Li Jun Li or Arden Cho

  200. Charlene Leader

    Jamie Chung or Arden Cho

  201. Jaime

    Li Jun Li
    Liu Yifei
    JuJu Chan

  202. Jenn

    Dichen Lachman from Dollhouse, The 100, and Altered Carbon! She is pure steel, elegance, power, lethality, and grace all in one!

  203. Michelle Mead

    Adeline Rudolf makes me think of Ivy.

  204. Me, Kim. I’m a fan and a career actress and for once I can speak directly to the creator!

  205. Me, Kim. I’m a fan and a career actress and for once I can speak directly to the creator!

  206. Marcia

    Karen Fukahara

  207. Dichen Lachman (Dollhouse, Altered Carbon)

    • I just want to throw a few other things about my choice/vote (Dichen) in here. Yes, she’s older, but she has that ageless look which is great for a vampire. Her time on Dollhouse proved that she can be anyone you want her to be: loyal friend, badass in leather, matter plotter, vulnerable/broken, sarcastic, will take you down without blinking and have a smile on her face like she did you a favor. To me, that screams Ivy.
      Plus, she does TV series and looks how I always imagined her 💕

      However, if you go younger, I’ve seen pictures of Arden Cho (I had to look her up since she kept coming up as suggestions here) with Katherine MacNamara (a Rachel option) they look like they’d easily be able to portray the amazing Ivy/Rachel chemistry/bond.

  208. Francesca

    Jessica Yu Li Henwick (Iron Fist)
    Malese Jow (Vampire Diaries)
    Arden Cho (Teen Wolf)
    Katrina Law (Arrow)
    Alycia Debnam-Carey (The 100)

  209. Tersia Beasley

    Maggie Q

  210. Jessica

    I think Arden Cho would be great!

  211. Janet

    Constance Wu

    She is a little older but she is absolutely perfect.

  212. Rich Slabbekoorn

    Gemma Chan

  213. Stephanie

    Arden cho, chloe Bennett, Kristin Kreuk or Kimiko Glenn

  214. Tammy Riddle

    Chloe Bennet

  215. Tammy Riddle

    Kaitlyn leeb

  216. Ashley

    Liu Yifei or Shay Mitchell are who come to mind for me!

  217. Tammy Riddle

    Emma Dumont
    Gemma Chan

  218. Tristyn

    Karen Fukuhara or Arden Cho
    Asian American women are underrepresented and undercast. Please consider this in your casting decision 🙂
    Thank you for hearing out your fans! ❤

  219. RoseAnne

    Brenda Song

  220. Elizabeth Dutrow

    It’s a shame that Gemma Chan is too old. She would have been perfect.

  221. Leisa

    Ivy – Kaitlyn Leeb

  222. Angela Yohe

    Michelle Yeoh Ivy’s Mom
    Gina Joy Carano Ivy

  223. Rebekah

    Katrina Law

  224. Nikki

    Shay Mitchell or Maggie Q.

  225. Rebecca Griffin

    Arden Cho or Claudia Kim

  226. Priscilla Quintana would rock! Between her and Chloe Bennett

  227. Christina

    Lyrica Okano
    Lana Condor
    Naomi Scott

  228. BRIAN

    Kristin Kruek

  229. Taylor

    Lyrica Okano
    Claudia Kim
    Jenna Ushkowitz
    Chloe Bennet
    Nikki SooHoo
    Jamie Chung

  230. Alysse

    Marie Avgeropoulos (the 100)

  231. Ashleigh

    Awkwafina haha
    Gemma chan
    Karen fukuhara
    Liu yifei

  232. Tish

    Chloe Bennet. She’s the right age and ethnicity.

  233. Tara

    Christina Chang from The Good Doctor (looks amazing in leather)

  234. Kimberly

    Katrina law
    This is how I see her

  235. Gildra

    Dichen Lachman. That’s who I always pictured as Ivy while reading the books.

  236. Arden Cho
    Jamie Chung
    Lyrica Onako was great as Nico is Runaways
    Chloe Bennett

  237. vincennespd

    Dichen Lachman!

  238. Donna M Schmidt

    Samantha Win, she has the martial arts training & experience. Stef Chang has that edgy look.

  239. Heather

    I tried to vote for Molly Quinn and Elanor Tomlinson but got a server error

  240. Jill

    Karen Fukuhara
    Malese Jow

  241. Terry Rioux

    Jackie Lai from Shadow Hunters

  242. Maria Simon

    Chloe Bennett

  243. Carmen

    Jamie Chung
    Maggie Q
    Nichole Sakura
    Shay Mitchell

  244. Sherri Moller

    Sophie Wu
    Jessica Henwick
    Lana Condor
    Shay Mitchell
    Lyrica Okano
    Kelsey Chow
    Arden Cho
    Chloe Bennet

    Jamie Chung

    These would all be great for Ivy!

  245. Terry Rioux

    Jackie Lai from Shadow Hunters, would be an awesome Ivy

  246. Kara

    Liza Soberano or Chasty Ballesteros

  247. Sydney

    Jessica Henwick would be a good option for personality portrayal and she is versatile in her roles. She was in Iron Fist and the Defenders so she would also be a good option for the fighting/sparring scenes.

  248. AK

    Sonoya Mizuno she doesn’t look her age, has experience of a dancer and can pull off the Grace that Livy possesses.

    Chloe Bennet (Wang) from Agents of Shield. She’s versatile, has the attitude and I think she’d be a great Ivy. (She’s of mixed heritage, like Ivy.)

  249. Ana B.

    Gemma Chan from Crazy Rich Asians.

  250. GERI STEENKAMP would be perfect

  251. KnitGreen

    Ivy needs to be taller than Rachel for the dynamic to work, especially in the later books when Rachel’s dominance is unexpected.

  252. Misti Jordan

    And because I was looking up some of the actresses for Rachel that I’m not familiar with, I ran across Emma Dumont. (Polaris in The Gifted, among a lot of other roles…) She’s beautiful, is familiar with physically demanding roles, and falls into your age range. 🙂

  253. Michelle Halpenny

    Arden Cho

  254. I always pictured Maggie Q, though she is probably too old now

  255. I think Kimiko Glenn would be a great Ivy

  256. Shawna Rebertz

    Chloe Bennet is perfect. Right age, sexy, sultry look, and she already proved she can kick ass on Marvel’s Agents of Shield

  257. Misti Jordan

    Honestly, Maggie Q has always been my mind’s eye Ivy, although I know she’s too old (I cast her as Ivy’s mom in my fancasting… ) Olivia Wilde has always been a close second, especially as she looked in Tron with the short black hair.

    Going with someone a little younger, I really like Marie Avergeropoulos (Olivia in The 100), and she’s shown that she can play the scary side of hard, dangerous, loyal, and kick-ass, as well as the vulnerable side when she allows herself. She’s not of Asian heritage, though, and it may be important to keep that representation, since that’s how you wrote the character. (I just checked… she’s 34?!?!)

    I also really like Luisa d’Oliveira, who played Emori in The 100. She’s also 34 (?!?!) But has some Indian/South Asian heritage, according to IMDB.

  258. Jenny

    Karen Fukunara from the boys. Strikingly beautiful, looks young enough and does some amazing fight work

  259. Monica

    Dichen Lachman would make an amazing Ivy ❤

  260. Shana

    Dichen Lachman is my first choice. Literally who I imagine when reading. She may be more mature than what you’re looking for though. Shay Mitchell has a very similar look though. Also Chloe Bennet because I love her so much

  261. Taylor

    Shay mitchell

  262. Nan

    Tamberla Perry
    Eliza Dushku

  263. Maili Rael

    Jamie Chung for Ivy

  264. Aimer

    Dichen Lachman or Krystal Vee

  265. Rebekah Mills

    Natasha Negovanlis for Ivy ♡

  266. Barb C

    Sophia Ali, Paris Berelc, Jamie Chung, Shay Mitchell

  267. Ck

    Lyrica Okano maybe? She is in the correct age range.

  268. Cale Heustin

    Ming na wen is the first actress that came to my mind when thinking of Ivy, um and Cara Gee from The Expanse

  269. Tanya Greene

    Ruby Rose

  270. Kaylie

    Id honestly have a look at Tao Okamoto. She is a badass actress who would play Ivy so well. She acted in Westworld, and wielded a sword with a snake tattoo on her face. I just feel she is right to play Ivy. 🙂 thanks. And im so happy this may become a tv show. I’ve loved the books at a very young teenager. So yay!

  271. Rachel Nolan

    Arden Cho

  272. Lillie Marshall

    Chantal Thuy?

  273. Amanda

    Arden Cho is a TV actress I think would be a great Ivy.

  274. Hope

    I always pictured Lucy Liu as Ivy. Not sure if there are younger actresses with the same look and vibe.

  275. Arden Cho she has the lethal look i associate with our lively Ivy

  276. Jaylee Conaway

    Lucy Liu

  277. Lillie Marshall

    Ok I could be persuaded by Jessica Henwick

  278. Emmy Goldby

    Perhaps Sonoya Mizuno? I don’t know if she’s out of reach or appropriate, but she just screams Ivy to me

  279. Jenny Simpson

    Jessica Henwick, Chloe Bennet, or Kiko Mizuhara

  280. Danielle Williams

    Jessica Henwick from the Iron Fist series. Looks and age match the description and she is can execute impressive choreography. She was the best part of her show and I would love to see her in a series again.

  281. Kelsey Myers

    I think Elodie Young or Olivia Munn would make a great Ivy, but they might be a little more mature that you were looking for. Karen Fukuhara would also make an awesome Ivy.

  282. Nadia Stewart

    I think Ivy should be polished but look like she can kick butt.

    Kellie Marie Tran
    Lana Candor
    Paris Barelc
    Kristene Ko
    Constance Wu

  283. Amanda Kimbrell

    Well this is disappointing.

  284. Sandra Torres

    Sofia Carson or Camila Mendez

  285. Jennifer Sellek

    Asian chinese? Liu Yifei though she’s borderline too old at 33yrs

    Asian Japanese? Karen Fukuhara, she’s trained in martial arts and swordfighting

    Celina Jade from Arrow

    Lyrica Okano is 26 and looks like she could be tough!

  286. Joyce

    Dichen Lachman

  287. Cindy Hewitt

    Margot Robbie

  288. Katja

    I can see Ivy in >

    Mai Duong Kieou!!!! She is a German actress, please look at her, she ist perfekt.

    Bae Doona…. I love her in sense8
    Tao Okamoto

  289. Linda

    Yifei Liu (Milan) or Gemma Chan

  290. pippakeeves

    Dichen Lachman

    (Altered Carbon)

  291. Christine

    Yifei Liu from Disney’s Moulan movie

  292. Janna Pyckevet

    Lana Condor for Ivy. She plays Saya Kuroki in Deadly Class.

  293. Cheryl

    All I can see for Ivy us Lucy Liu I know she is more mature but stillllll…….

  294. Tamara Webb

    Gemma Chan

  295. Angela Morgan

    Arden Cho, Kelley Marie Tran, Lana Condor, Karen Fukuhara, Awkwafina, Kimiko Glenn, Claudia Kim, Ally Maki, and Anna Akana are the best ones that come to mind.

  296. Carla Duncan

    Melise Jow, Sophie Oda, Jessica Henwick, or Karen Fukuhara. Possibly Camila Mendes?

  297. Suzanne Webster

    Arden Cho

  298. Emily K

    Adeline Rudolph? She was great in the Chilling Adventure of Sabrina being dangerous and alluring.

  299. M

    Jamie Chung
    Kelsey asbillie
    Sophia Ali
    Arden cho

  300. Samantha Win – she was even an Amazon in the Justice League movie! ♥️

  301. DL Shockley

    Elodie Yung; Anna Akana; Jamie Chung

  302. Fran Willet

    Li Jun Li would be perfect

  303. Sally Koetsveld

    Keiko Agena would be my top choice, but she is in another series right now. Lyrics Okano next.

  304. Rachel Morgan

    Both of my favourites are too old Elodie Yung (39) and Gemma Chan (38)
    However, they just seem to exude the sophistication, beauty, vulnerability and kick butness of Ivy! Both have played action roles (Elodie in Daredevil and Gemma in Captain Marvel). Ivy, to me, should always look as at home in a designer (hunting) dress as working leathers. She should also be traffic stopping beautiful, be able to fight but still seem vulnerable….I don’t want much 🤣

  305. Mel

    Jenna Chan ( externals) Katie Leung (Harry Potter)

  306. Anna

    Sofia Boutella and Jamie Chung and Gemma Chan

  307. Alyssa

    I know she’s older, but I agree Dichen Lachman would be awesome. She’s the actor I most associate with Ivy. Lyrica Okano (from Runaways) might be interesting.

  308. J

    Shay Mitchell
    Kristin Kreuk
    Anna akana.

  309. Megan

    Jamie Chung she’s amazing

  310. DL Shockley

    Chasty Ballesteros

  311. Yuh

    Dichen Lachmen, might fit:

    Maggie Q

    But I think they might be on the older age range.

    In the younger age range:

    Chole Bennet (saw her in Agents of Shield):

    Samantha Win (her imdb demo reel is pretty kick-ass):

  312. Jesse Wilkins

    Karen Fukuhara for sure.

  313. Sharon Meehan

    Hi Kim I’ve been thinking long and hard on this one since you announced suggestions for Rachel….I really like Cara Gee from ‘The Expanse’ she’s very striking looking and I can definitely picture her in my head as Ivy 🤔

  314. Amy Sappah

    Maggie Q
    Arden Cho
    Chloe Bennet
    Michelle Ang
    Christina Chong

  315. ashleykoberholtzer

    Gemma Chan or Arden Cho

  316. Craig Gill

    Personally, I think Grace Park would make a great Ivy

  317. I think Shay Mitchell looks like an Ivy.

  318. Becky Voegtlin

    I always picture Ming-Na Wen, but maybe too mature at the start.


    She’s probably too old, but I’ve always pictured Lucy Liu as Ivy while I’m reading.

  320. Anna Bandy

    Anna Akana
    Natasha Negovanlis
    Li Jun Li
    Natasha Liu Bordizzo

    Those are just a few with also trying to keep within the age range 26-30

  321. Anne Marie

    She’s too old based on your age range but I’ve always pictured Dichen Lachman.

  322. Kirsten

    Maggie Q would be amazing, but a bit old
    Arden Cho might be a good choice

  323. Tamara Alpuche

    Jessica Henwick

  324. Carrie

    Kristin Kreuk
    Shay Mitchell
    Kelsey Chow

  325. Barbara Cass

    or maybe Shay Mitchell

  326. Carly

    * not sure if my last comment posted*

    Shannyn Sossamon has always been Ivy in my mind. A bit old for the part, but might be able to pull it off.

  327. Stephen

    Dichen Lachman might be a good pick. Arden Cho as well.

  328. Catherine Friedman

    Someone with the beauty, grace, wisdom, and bad-assery of Michelle Yeoh. Devon Aoki or Elodie Yung.

  329. Ellie

    I would really love to have an asian actress for Ivy as they are severely underrepresentated! So my choices are:
    – Chelsea Zhang
    – Li Jun Li
    – Melissa O’Neil (though she is a bit short I think)
    – Kim Soo-hyun (Claudia Kim)
    – Arden Cho

  330. Charlotte Abbott

    Awkwafina or Jacky Lai. When I read the books I always picture Lucy Liu, but I think she might be a bit old for the part.

  331. William Wilbie

    Lesley-Ann Brandt (Maze / Lucifer)

  332. Renee Burton

    Someone said Kelsey Chow and I could see that. Lyrica Okano would be great too. I don’t think I ever had anyone definite in mind when I imagined Ivy. Just someone I made up! 😀

  333. Corbin Phelps

    Lyrica Okano!

  334. Barbara Michie Ryan

    Yangzom Brauen, probably too old but she has the Ivy vibe

  335. Shanda M

    Arden Cho for Ivy

  336. Heather Baxter

    Jamie Chung (Lovecraft Country)

  337. Carly

    In my mind, Ivy has always been Shannyn Sossamon.

  338. Shanda

    What about Arden Cho for Ivy?

  339. Alexandrea

    Kelsey Asbille from yellow stone.

  340. Jessica J

    Melise > Shannara Chronicles

  341. Teal

    Jamie Chung! She’s in her 30s but looks much younger and she can play a kick ass woman!

  342. Viktoria

    Dichen Lachman from Altered Carbon

  343. Lupini Martini

    Dichen Lachman would be an amazing Ivy.

  344. Karrie Leza

    Karen Fukuhara…she plays a strong anti hero with a good heart in Amazon’s series the Boys.

  345. Kelly Armstrong

    Olivia Munn is exactly how I’ve always pictured Ivy, but I believe she is too old. So, as a close second, I would say Kristin Kreuk.

  346. Josephine

    Lyrica Okano.

  347. Barbara Cass

    Liu Yifei!

  348. Shawna Hallworth

    She’s a little young but Paris Berelc. I hope this posts just once. It’s not loading.

  349. Hj

    Kristen Kreuk (Smallville) or Chloe Bennet (Agents of SHIELD)!!

  350. JK

    Gemma Chan or Maggie Q (I know they are older but Maggie kicks butt 😁)

  351. Stevi H

    Sonya Mizuno would make an amazing Ivy! She is a pretty intense actress which would work well for Ivy. Arden Cho would be a great choice as well, loved her in The Honor List.

  352. Rikki Chrisp

    Arden Cho or Claudia Kim both look the part.

  353. Shawna

    She’s a little young but Paris Berelc

  354. Lisa Ranklin

    Melise Jow from Vampire Diaries and Shanara Chronicles

  355. Shawna

    She’s a bit young but Paris Berelc?

  356. Lillie Marshall

    Nicole Kang
    Sofia Carson- I know not asian

  357. pippakeeves

    Gemma Chan


  358. Jodi

    Kelsey Chow or Arden Cho ?

  359. Leslie

    I had thought of Kristen Kreuk –

  360. Richard Nagy

    Lucy lu

  361. zieschlern

    after charlie’s angels strong lucy liu vibes!

  362. Kristy Verstraete

    Chloe Bennet from agents of shield!

  363. Alannah Larson Farrell

    Lyrica Okano (Marvel Runaways)

  364. KM

    Oh I like Maggie Q as Ivy, but thinking she might be a bit too old for the requirements. However I think she could pull it off.

  365. Deborah J Mitchell

    A young Lucy Liu

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