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Cover to Cover in Cincinnati

I’ve been home now for almost a week, and the first of the radio spots that I did while traveling from one side of the US to the other are starting to come in! The latest is Cover to Cover, which I did with Mark while in Cincinnati. This is the third time I interviewed with Mark, and it’s a real pleasure as he and his family actually read the series. (You don’t always get that kind of response, and it always surprises me when a reporter/interviewer is familiar with my work.) It is almost 30 minutes, so bookmark it if you can’t watch right away. I also have a list going of the archived media I did on the front page of the website.

Cover to Cover Mark Dewitt interviews Kim Harrison

Coand Company

But if you’re pinched for time, I’ve got a six minute live TV interview I did while in Denver. I really enjoyed talking to Denise on Colorado and Company. She hadn’t read the books, but she seemed genuinely interested in them, going outside and beyond the original “script.” I hope I can go back again next year.

Denise interviews Kim Harrison on Colorado and Company


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Kim’s spot on Colorado and Co and final tour stop?

EAhcCoverI’ll be signing tonight in snowy Michigan, more specifically Schulers Books and Music in Lansing from about 6-8 I’m guessing. We got about four inches last night, and with the salt trucks and plows, I don’t see a problem getting to the event, so if you’re in the area, come on in! We’re going to try to give away a few one-of-a-kind shirts, so sharpen up on your Hollows trivia.

Schulers Books and Music will be my last stop for a while, but I am going to get out a few more times before it’s all over. I’ve got a stop or two in Florida March 16 at the Southwest Florida Reading Festival in Fort Myers River District, and then another in Virginia, Charlottesville, for the Festival of the Book, March 22-23

The book festivals tend to be more intimate and relaxed, and it’s a great way to get your books signed and questions answered without the crush and rush of the regular tour, so if you’re in Florida or Virginia, this might be the closest I get to you for a while.

But if that’s still not your thing and you want a signed book, Nicola’s still has them. 🙂
order a signed book from Nicola’s

Also, just found the archived podcast of me on Colorado and Co that I did while in Denver. Yep, they got me on TV! Colorado and Co


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Joseph Beth event pictures

I’m traveling home today for one last event at Schulers Books and Music, so a quick update before I get in the air.

Last night’s pictures are up at the website! Click to check them out! Joseph Beth pictures


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Malaprops Books in Asheville

Malaprops! I’d never been to Asheville, so I didn’t know what to expect, especially on a chilly Monday. The back room was very cool with more pictures of critters. This guy was too cool to resist.

And when I got out to the event, it just got better! Most of the people in the crowd hadn’t been to one of my events before, so the Q&A was lively and the questions were great.

We even had more than a few tour shirts for the “family photo!” Thanks, Guys for coming out on a Monday. 🙂 It was a great event! If you’re looking for the higher resolution picture, or just the rest of the pictures, click: Malaprops Books, Asheville

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Quail Ridge Books

Despite having lived in South Carolina for over a decade, I’d never been to Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh. I knew it was a college town but I wasn’t sure if there was going to be 30 people or 100 at the event. Both me and the event’s manager were pleasantly surprised to find a rockin crowd waiting with people coming in from Tennessee and Minneapolis.

My Quail Ridge roadies, and there were a lot of them! Which sort of went along with the huge crowd.  Thanks guys! I’ve got tons more pictures including one of me and an orangutang, (No, not a real one!) at the website. Quail Ridge Photos

Tonight is Malaprops Books in Asheville NC. I’ve never been to this store either, and I’m looking forward to it!


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Interviews, pod casts for Kim Harrison’s Ever After

Super Bowl Weekend! I’ve got tomorrow off to watch the commercials, er, I mean, the game, but this afternoon is Quail Ridge books. I’ve never signed in Raleigh/Durham, and I don’t know if I’m going to have 35 people or 100. Especially dicey if it’s an afternoon event.

I spent last night finding a few interviews and podcasts that have been collecting as I move across the time zones, and if there isn’t a link, it’s because whatever we did hasn’t been archived yet. I’ll update as they become available. I’ll  keep this same list on the front page of the website, (far left) and update it more frequently. Most of them are spoiler free, but do not read the USA Today “What inspired the end of EVER AFTER” if you want to go into the last couple of chapters innocently. 🙂


The List 9 News Colorado 2/5

BookPeople Blog 1/31

Live video chat on Good Reads 1/30

WYSO-AM Book Nook Interview 1/30

Live 9 News Colorado and Co 1/28

Clear Channel Radio 1/28

Tulsa World review-EVER AFTER 1/27

Miami Herald-Toil and Trouble 1/27

Austin Statesman-Kirkus review 1/26

USAToday-What inspired EVER AFTER ending 1/22 (spoilers)

Ann Arbor News-Harrison signs at Nicolas 1/22

Non-Productive Interview 1/21 (Link Soon)

“tell-all” Interview at Harper 1/7

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Texas Tour.

Phew! I’ve been busy! Sorry for not posting since Wednesday. Lots going on.

Big news? EVER AFTER has come in at a respectable 5 on the New York Times hardcover list.  Whoo-hoo! Doing the happy dance!

I’ve got pictures up of the three events in Texas. Murder by the Book in Houston which I talked about Wednesday.


Austin! That means Book People, and it was a great event Wednesday night. This was the third time that I’d been to Book People, so it was wonderful seeing everyone again.



And the Book People roadies! Thanks for coming out to see me guys! It was a great event.  I’ve got tons more pictures at the website. Book People in Austin.


Thursday was a quick drive to Dallas, where I had a event before the event with the ladies of Fresh Fiction, where we had a light dinner and a private Q&A before moving over to Barnes and Noble for the regular event. If you’ve not heard of Fresh Fiction, check them out. As I understand it, they have events in cities other than Dallas. Fresh Fiction. Check ’em out!

BND2The signing was fab with lots of roadies, one even from the Pale Demon tour. The Fresh Fiction ladies all came over to get their books signed, and I was introduced by Shannon from WFAA 8, Dallas, Good Morning, Texas. -big smile- You can see her in the above photo with me at the Fresh Fiction event.

BandNDroadiesAnd who else should be in the audience, but Vicki Pettersson, author of the Signs of the Zodiac and the new series, Celestial Blues, that starts with The Taken.

BN5I’ve got all the photos from the event at the website. Kim signs at Dallas B & N.

The interviews and such are just now starting to come in. I’ll have a list for you tomorrow. 🙂










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Murder by the Book–it was a dark and stormy night. . . no really!

We had a line of storms cross through the midwest last night, and Houston was sort of on the tail end of it. We didn’t get a lot of rain, for once, but it was a dark and stormy night, fitting to be signing at Murder by the Book. If you’re in the area and have never been there, give it a look-see. The homey atmosphere is somewhat unique and totally inviting. This is the store that I signed at with Patricia Briggs a few years ago, and the crowd was just as friendly as last time!


Here I am with my Murder by the Book roadies! I’ve got a higher res photo at the website along with the rest of the photos. We’ve got scrap booking, glass art, and lots of shoes.  Kim at Murder by the Book

Tonight I’m at Bookpeople in Austin. Can’t wait to see the crowd! And as always, if you can’t make an event, I’ve got one UStreamed that you can pop on line and watch.
Kim Harrison UStreamed at University Bookstore in Seattle

I’ve been on the road now for about a week, leaving signed books where ever I stop. If I’m not coming to your city and you still want a signed book, we have some options yet.

West of the Mississippi is Mysterious Galaxy. I left tons of signed books, and they have a store you can buy them at right here. Kim Harrison’s EVER AFTER

East of the Mississippi is Nicola’s. I left a lot of signed books, but since it’s my local store, they will never run out. When you order, be sure to tell them in the comment box that you want a signed copy. You can get all the titles there signed as well, but give me a week to get back to do so. Kim’s books at Nicola’s

We are also working with Premier Collectables who will include a certificate of authenticity that it’s truly my signature, so there is that option as well. EVER AFTER at Premier Collectables. 🙂

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Tattered Cover was a little snowy, and tons of fun

The rain that hit us in Seattle chased us to Portland, which proceeded us to San Diego, which rained out the golf tournament but gave us a beautiful misty day at the zoo when the animals came out to play. But the rain was waiting for us at Phoenix–yes, Phoenix!–and when we landed in Denver it turned to snow.


I love snow. I really do. And so far, there is so little of it that it is still pretty and not a nuisance. And it didn’t stop anyone from coming out to Tattered Cover last night for a rocking event! We gave away two T shirts, took some Q&A, and closed the place down with the signing.

TCRoadiesI’ve got tons more photos at the website. Check it out! And I’ve gotten lots of boots, which I’ve been collecting at Pinterest.


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Phoenix pictures, and tonight’s signing in Denver

It had been a while, nearly two years, since I’d been to Phoenix, well, Tucson, actually, and I was floored at the people who came out for the event! Dude, it stretched back almost halfway to the door. Phew! It was a long wait for the last few people, but we were all still smiling since it was a rainy day, and where else is better for a rainy day then a bookstore!


I had a great batch of roadies, and even one from OUTLAW DEMON WAILS. I’ve got a low res picture here, but you can snag the high res one from the website.


Before the event I signed some extra stock in the back room. If you’re in the area and missed the signing, they will have a few until they run out. (And then you can still order them from either Mysterious Galaxy or  Nicola’s)



I found this in the way-back room. Didn’t I say that back rooms were cool?

BN1I’ve got the rest of the photos I took, plus the bunny cam shots at the website.

Tonight I’ll be at the Tattered Cover Bookstore, LoDo location.. Hope to see some of you there!

PHOENIX pictures.




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