Out of Jenks’s mouth

As some of you might know, I’ve been working on a new title this winter, starting at NaNoWriMo and just continuing on after that 50,000 mark.  I don’t know if it will ever see the light of day, but it feels good writing it, and by the time I’m done, I’ll be ready and willing to write the last Hollows.  But as I’m working along, I’m able to step back from the usual and compare this with that and see my own personal quirks in a bright light.  Small things that sit on your shoulder and guide you like Jimmy Cricket are almost irresistible.  Two love interests are not unusual, and of course, the core of the story centered around a strong-willed woman, who may or may not be the most interesting character in the bunch.

Jenks, in particular, has been popping into my mind lately, even though I’ve not worked with him for months.  I like his smart-mouthed character who gets all the lines, even if they are a tad raunchy.  He’s physically untouchable, but vulnerable emotionally if you know what buttons to push.  Ruthless, honest, and willing to kill to save those he loves if necessary.  And I’m trying very hard to keep him out of the next book while keeping the character traits I love so much around, trying to get them to show up in other characters instead of bunched up in one.  I find I’m reaching into my past works to see what I’ve done before.  It’s been an interesting exercise, and I’ve been kicking around a lot of ideas of how to shift personality traits to make things more interesting.

However . . .

That has nothing to do with today’s post.  🙂  If you have The Hollows Insider, or have been lurking around the drama box for over a year, you might have seen the pixy-modified carol,The 12 Days of Pixy Christmas that I started in White Witch, Black Curse. Here it is in its entirety, just in time for your caroling parties.  I wouldn’t advice singing it, though.  It loses much of its charm when you’re not four inches tall.

On the 12 day of Christmas, my true love gave to me . . .
12 Humans Hiding,
11 Tinks a Tinkling
10 Porno flicks
 9 Pole Dancers
8 Pixies Partying
7 Karma Sutras
6 Fairies Farting
5 Trolls in Drag
4 Purple Condoms
3 French Ticklers
2 Horny Vamps
And a Sucubus in the Snow
–Kim Harrison  Dec 15, 2009


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27 responses to “Out of Jenks’s mouth

  1. “Last Hollows…” I’m only on book 3 and that makes me sad… 😦

    On the plus side, I got a copy of The Hollows Insider today. I had to travel several hundred miles and hunt through one of the most opaque bookshops in London to find it, but I got one!

  2. I’m hoping to get some Christmas money or book store gift cards from relatives this season so I may purchase the Hollows Insider, because unfortunately I don’t have enough haha. I did spend an extended period of time simply reading everything in the bookstore though!
    I am as well reading Unbound right now, because I ,too, have been in a Jenks mood : )

  3. Heya Kim!
    Jenks is great fun, as always 🙂 BUT: only 12 Hollows books? Didn’t you say you planned on 13? *puppy eyes*
    Hope you have a great erm Midweek? Yule? 🙂

  4. I hate spoilers but please tell me Jenks will be in the next two Hollows books!! Okay, don’t tell me. I’ll just pretend you’re talking about keeping his type of character alive in the NaNo non-Hollows book 🙂 That’s what it sounded like to everyone else too, right guys?!

  5. Kim said, “Here it is in its entirety, just in time for your caroling parties. I wouldn’t advice singing it, though. It loses much of its charm when you’re not four inches tall.”

    Unless you can talk in pixie voice

  6. OMG Jenks makes me laugh out load. I absolutely adore him and his sense of humor. However I Cannot imagine a book without him, I think I’d miss him. it would definitely not be the same without him.

    And last but not least, if you include Jenks’s mannerisms you could include some of his favorites cuss words… xD

  7. Diuna

    I’m a bit confused. Why to limit the presence of Jenks, one of the most important characters, while the Hollows are going to the end?

    • I’m sorry, Diuna. I’m working on another series, and I’m trying to avoid another Jenks while keeping the traits I love about him. The Hollows will always have Jenks.

  8. Marilyn Armstrong

    The very idea of the last Hollows book makes my heart sink. Alas, another world ending.

  9. twiser

    Well, NOW it feels like the holidays 😉 Got my EWWBD special e-book and it has the first TWO chapters!! So your giving me more, but way too far apart. =D Happy Solstice!

  10. Tim Collins

    As for your quandry. You could bring back Morris the exsplainer and give him some of Jenks lines.Orrr… Create a new character. Also… Where is Jenks son? He should be a adult now, with some of his old man’s mannerisms. ALSO..Once you have been around for a while weither you realize it or not, there is someone younger you are mentoring as your replacement. Where’s Rachel’s? She’s the only spazzy red head in the Verse? Or… You could have the long silent cat start speaking…Cats are always wise asses. Oh. Where have I been lately? I’ve discovered something called Twitter. See ya. Tim

  11. ummmm actually on saturday i went to a christmas party where a number of my friends probably would have LOVED it if i’d pulled out the lyrics for that for them to sing… lol.. (hey we’re in our 20s and some have a twisted sense of humor.. lol.. besides it was a private party.. and NO i was not drinking.. lol…)