EVER AFTER Tour: Announcing the “mystery city” Contest

By now, if you’ve been reading along the Drama Box, you know that Harper Voyager just wrapped up planning my 2013 tour for EVER AFTER. (Cincinnati finally said yes, and Lansing shifted a day to accommodate.) And even though it’s quite large, I’ve gotten messages from so many fans asking me to come to their home towns.

My publicist is usually pretty no-nonsense when I forward these emails to her (Her typical response is “We’ll consider that for next year,” which is publicity-speak for “no.”). But this time, she got all excited when I sent in the reader requests, and said, “Want to do something fun this year? How about asking your readers to vote on one more tour market?”

I’m not dumb. These opportunities don’t come along often, so I said YES in a burning bunnies red-hot second! So here’s how it works: it’s a two-part reader-driven contest.

First, click the link at the end of this post. You’ll fill in your name, email address, the city you’d like me to visit and your favorite bookstore or library. (US markets only, please)

For this part of the contest, a city needs 100 unique votes to move to the finals (one entry per person/will be tracked via IP address, so please only vote once).  And please, don’t force your friends and family to vote, unless they are Hollows insiders, too!  Entries are open from November 27 through December 3, so act fast!

By December 4, 2012, if a city reaches 100 unique votes, it will be entered into the final bracket of the contest, hosted by Togather.com, a new website that helps connect readers with authors.   Then, more voting!

The second round of voting will start on December 4, and we want to announce the winning event by December 27.

Once we’ve narrowed down the cities to a few finalists, we’ll set up event pages on Togather with a bookstore in each location. To register interest for the event, you can place a pre-order for my book through the site. Each book purchase serves as your ticket for the event, and you’ll automatically get added to the guestlist. The first city to buy 150 books WINS, and will be added on as the final stop on my EVER AFTER tour. (Note: Orders  are only placed if the bookstore in your hometown wins the Mystery City contest. If not, then no money is exchanged.)  If your store/city wins, the book will be sent to you on on-sale day from the hosting bookstore, and you have to bring it to the event for me to personalize. This is why I asked for you not to force your family and friends to vote–I want this to be really fair.

The city that reaches 150 votes first in the final round of voting WINS, and will be added on as the final stop of my EVER AFTER tour.

Now isn’t that cool?  If you can’t get to one of the confirmed tour cities listed at my event page (updated 11/27), now is your chance to get me to visit your area. Vote now!



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87 responses to “EVER AFTER Tour: Announcing the “mystery city” Contest

  1. Nancy

    Just found out about this today, and I clicked the link and it says the survey is closed 😦
    Seeing as you are coming back to Michigan to Lansing, why not come on up the the U.P. to Sault Ste. Marie. Great Library at Lake Superior University, complete with lecture halls and rooms big enough to hold fans etc. and hallways so no one has to stand out in the cold.
    Could get Kewadin Casinos to co-sponsor the trip.
    PLUS there’s all your Canadian fans (like me) right across the 1 mile river, who’d be over in a flash!
    So you would actually be covering the upper Peninsula and I’m sure those from Mackinaw County would come too after being a major part of one of your books! and northern Ontario!
    Please come on UP and see us!

  2. Bonnie

    I love your books! Please come to the Barnes & Noble store at the Arboretum in Charlotte, NC.

  3. Shonday Hall

    Nashville, Tennessee would love to have you visit!

  4. Bud Dombroski

    King of Prussia pa
    Home of largest east coast mall

  5. Lavinna Kuberski

    I vote Davenport, Ia while it’s not my home town it is the largest city closest to where I live. I live in Cambridge IL but would GLADLY travel the 50 miles to see you 🙂 We have a very nice hotel with a large conference room that would be perfect to recieve your many fans. We also have several gambling boats to entertain you when you have some down time. There is also a small theater and an ice skating rink if you would rather. It would be wonderful if you would choose us, President Obama spent quite a lot of time here campaigning he reportedly enjoyed the Quad Cites and I’m sure you will too, please concider us it would be an honor to have you here I absolutely LOVE your books please choose us!

  6. bvelasquez

    I vote laurel maryland ,savage libarary in laurel or barnes and nobles in ellicot city md

  7. Bonnie

    I would have to say and agree, that coming to the Jersey Shore would be a great idea. Since the storm came by last month, everyone here has done so much for each other. Even the local Barnes and Nobles opened its doors to everyone so that they could use the wifi free and charge up cells, laptops, etc …

  8. bobby bisson

    Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, we love too, way up north!

  9. Peggy Ruane

    After Hurricane Sandy – the Jersey Shore sure could use a positive event – and having you come here would be it for me!! I love your books and they are a favorite with my book club. Tink’s panties Kim!!! Pick a town, Brick, Toms River, Forked River, Manahawkin, Seaside, Come on down to the New Jersey shore – you will love it!! ;o) Peggy

  10. kells

    Park Road Books.. Charlotte, NC.. just a quick stop on the way to Asheville ! 🙂

  11. Sharon Jambora

    It would be awsome if you came to Mass. There are not alot of book signings. Barnes and Nobles is one of the oly local bookstore around We got to meet Anne Rice along time ago. Sharon from Mass

  12. Angi H

    Such a great idea! Voted for Louisville, Ky (my hometown), even though she’ll be in Cincy, only 90 mins away! Good luck, all!

  13. Lilly

    Sacramento California would be lovely :0)

  14. Karen

    I haven’t seen a vote for Arkansas yet. Little Rock would be fantastic, but even Fayetteville would work. You can even see an Arkansas Toothpick at the Heritage Museum. There are very to no author signings in Ark. Come here please!

  15. jeff karrick

    Come to Alaska and freeze for a while.

  16. Erica Abney

    I live in Melbourne Arkansas and would love to have you come close so i can see you.

  17. silvermitt

    Evansville, Indiana!

    Yup! Even a lame Hoosier horse can win the Kentucky Derby with the right circumstances. Now, how the devil do I get others in this betting pool because I don’t do facebook and other such socializing contraptions…

  18. Marilyn Hart

    Would for you and your gang to visit way down south in Gulfport, MS @ my Barnes and Noble.

  19. Dianna Fryer

    Fort Wayne, IN!!

  20. Kim,
    If you come to Roseville, Northern California, or anywhere else in Sacramento region, you would make my wife and I one very happy couple indeed. We both love the Hollows series and often use qoutes from the books to eachother 🙂
    It would be a great honour to meet you and buy the Ever After on the day and have you sign it.
    We’ll even offer you a bribe lol….whatever you wan’t from Starbucks is on us, now how can you resist?
    Thankyou for the many hours of fun and exciting reading your books have given us, The Hollows really is the Best Urban Fantasy series ever written.
    Kind regards,
    Mark & Kirsti Nice 🙂

  21. Dayana

    I know we r kind of south but u have a bunch of fans in florida, tampa its in the middle, sarasota ll do, we can all drive there, and its really pretty, even winter time. Itll take me two hours one way but better than fly north. Nice restaurants, on thd water with fresh (gulf) fish, warm wheather, awesome people…

  22. Ingela

    I filled out the form, please come to Las Vegas NV
    Barnes and Noble on W Charleston

  23. You never get to this sparsely populated part of the country, but I’m going to try to get the votes. Boise needs a little more magic.

  24. Matthew Roe

    It is all about Richmond Virginia. At the Barne and Noble. Matt

  25. desiree williams

    Barnes and nobles in pensacola florida

  26. I would love for you to come to Peoria, IL Either the library I work at or a local bookstore.

  27. Claudia Caddell

    Barnes and Noble @ Oak Park Mall in Overland Park Kansas

  28. Rachel

    Hey Kim!!! This is an awesome contest. I would love to finally be able to meet you. (my husband too, he’s a fan) Anyway howaboutya drop in to one of the bookstores in Louisville, KY????? Doesn’t matter where, I have an hour or so drive to get there anyway. Last time you were in Lexington, my little one got sick and I had to miss out. Hope to see you there.

  29. Marcie

    Wow! I’m so excited that I may get a change to meet you. Well if my city wins. I’d love for you to come to Harrisburg/Gettysburg PA!

  30. becks

    I see some folks who would like to see you in Iowa, but what about Minnesota? Anywhere in the Twin Cities would be fantastic!!

    • Kerry Messer

      How about coming to Barnes an Noble in
      Fayetteville, NC. My whole family reads your books! You are an amazing writer.
      When one of my siblings deploy from Ft.Bragg to what ever country we ask them to go to your books are always a popular request to be mailed to the troops !!!

  31. Nancy J Harrison

    Please come to Chicago

  32. Bernadette

    Paw Paw, Michigan

  33. thedanishraven

    Please come to Sarasota, FL ! It is so beautiful and has a population that is passionate about the arts and literature. The Ringling Museum is amazing and The Selby Botanical Gardens are breathtaking. We just had some wonderful fantasy author’s sign books at our local Bookstore One on Main Street and they brought in quite a crowd. Sarasota has some of the prettiest white sand beaches in the world on Siesta Key and Longboat Key…

  34. Cameron Scott Wright

    Myrtle Beach, SC. It’s right in your old backyard, Kim, so it lets you and Guy visit your old stomping grounds as well as see the beach again.

  35. I never see any posts for montana but there has to be fans here Please montanans vote for billings

  36. Teresa/Terri

    I’ve been spoiled since you’ve been to Grand Rapids, MI, at both Barnes & Noble and Schulers on 28th but I’d love to see you once again at Schulers. When will the Hollows TV show begin airing?

  37. Toni Thomas

    Chattanooga Tennessee ! If you have never been there, you will see it is a beautiful city. ( if you have but not recently, you will see how much it has improved) Downtown is great, they have “revamped” it! Also there is a large mall on I 75 named Hamilton place. ( reminds me of my old home town or Cincinnati!)
    I would love to meet you! Where do I need to preorder my book?

  38. Danielle

    Anywhere in Dayton

  39. Joe Tassell

    Would love to see you in Juneau,Ak.

  40. If there’s any other fans out there from Idaho, lets’s get this thing won for Boise. Boise! Boise! Boise!

  41. Mary

    NO! Albuquerque New Mexico. Barnes and Noble. We all live in the sticks for hundreds of miles around and Abq would be a great central location for whole state of people! Please?

  42. Janice Weigle

    Aiken, SC or Augusta, Ga right next door to each other, It would be wonderful if you could visit us !

  43. Hilary Krueger

    Naperville, IL

  44. Colleen

    I would love it if you drove over here to Roseville but sadly we don’t have any bookstores left. I would volunteer my house and make cookies! 😀 No? sigh…looks like I drive to Ann Arbor.

  45. carrie

    I used the form but just wanted to say Las Vegas NV?

  46. Tanya Who

    I’m on the tour, so good luck to the finalist! 🙂

  47. AndrewIslay

    Obviously, being in Scotland, I can’t participate but I think that this is such a brilliant idea – well done to you Kim, and to your publicist, for giving your fans a great opportunity to get to see you.

  48. Our libray is having it’s 100 anniversary & just finished building a new wing tot he tune of just over 1million, how awesome if you could come to us on tour! Noy sure if website address is correct but we do have a ste on FB

  49. Emily Gibbons

    Please come close to Lafayette, LA. Your awesome!

  50. Fresno, Ca!!! It’s 40 miles north of here, and the closest with a large bookstore deserving of your presence. I think it is incredible that you’re giving this opportunity!! On a separate note… congratulations on making it all the way to the final round of Goodreads Choice Awards Best Paranormal Fantasy 2012. I don’t believe another author deserves it more. Love ya Kim!!


  51. jkh

    Seattle/University Bookstore is already on the list, so I won’t vote. But there are some great suggestions here. HINT, people: go to the proper site to make your pleas or they won’t count.

  52. So many fans and so few places to stop. Good luck to those putting in their votes for the mystery stop. I’m lucky to be near one of the scheduled tour stops and have already been wearing my Ever After shirt around town.

    I have to tell you I’ve had one person come up to me and start talking Bible-speak. Now, I have nothing against that but I did have to explain this wasn’t that kind of Ever After.

  53. poo on the U.S.cities only! just pouting a little up here.l :o( :o)

  54. Leslie Janes

    I have to vote for Portland,OR. No one ever comes here much and there are lots of places to visit and see…Portland is a beautiful city to visit as well.

  55. sarab

    Please come to Spokane Washington! Seattle always gets chosen over us but there are alot of ppl here that would love to meet you and can’t get to the other side of the state! Please=D and thank you.

  56. Sian Young

    Sounds waaaaaaay to complicated and lobg! And I don’t know a 150 Kim fans in Pittsburgh!

  57. Wanda

    Portland, Oregon! We already have Grimm, so why not The Hollows? Isn’t it time for a movie yet?

  58. Anna Ker

    I so love your books, as does every member of my family I have shared them with. ( husband, son, sister, and close friends) . I was givin A Fist Full of Charms for Christmas one year, and we ha e been hopelessly in love since .We would love to see you in Tulsa Oklahoma.

  59. Kim galliher

    Greenwood Park Barnes & Noble in Greenwood, Indiana-or B&N in Indy

  60. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Very cool Kim! Love this ;o)

  61. Roxy Trahan

    Barnes and Noble in Gulfport, MS!

  62. judy

    barns and noble in tulsa ok

  63. Moline, Illinois, please. Or we can say the Quad Cities.

  64. Renee

    DC or Baltimore!!

  65. Atlanta would be very good for me. It’s still a 250 mile drive but its the closest large city to me.


  66. Tell me here, but tell me where you want me to go at the contest entry as well, or it doesn’t count!

    • vampyre

      I did. Good ol’ Eagle Bookshop. I liked the store and my hotel was in walking distance. Lots of good restaurants as well. It was a little crqmped though.


  67. Martin

    Good Morning,
    You are already coming to Denver, so I’m not going to vote. It wouldn’t be fair to someone else. Great idea though, the voting. It will be interesting to see how many people vote.

  68. Gina S.

    I would love it if your could come to Des Monies, Ames, Waterloo or anywhere in Iowa!

  69. Danielle Santiago

    I would love to see you come to Baltimore!!!!

  70. Karen Erickson

    Des Moines Iowa please

  71. Toni Thomas

    I would love to come to cincinntti to see you but time travel is not yet possible. Are you heading towards Chattanooga , Nashville or Birmingham al?

  72. I second DC/Baltimore! I know it sounds like two areas, but for those of us who live here- it’s not.

  73. Randi Stone

    I want you to come to Des Moines or Ames, Iowa!

  74. Soooo excited about Cincinnati!
    Hopefully it’s at JoBeth!

  75. Jessica

    I would like for you to be able to tour NYC. It would be great to meet you. I enjoy reading the Rachel Morgan series. 🙂 Thank u for being a creative and fun writer.

  76. I’m spoiled so I’m totally going to vote for you to come to the DC/Baltimore area again! But if not I’m thrilled to see you’re scheduling for the VA Book Festival! I may visit Charlottesville, VA again!

  77. Melissa

    Wow! That is an awesome potential treat for some fans who have never gotten to meet you! I would normally throw my lot into a Greenville/Spartanburg SC visit but I’m happy with the Asheville event so I will not vote & take away from some fans who should have an opportunity to have you visit their area. I know there are some midwestern folks chomping at the bit to get to see you! Good luck to all!

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