‘Twas the night of the Solstice

‘Twas the Night of The Solstice . . .

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and up in the Hollows,
Solstice bonfires were burning, to toast the marshmallows.

The pixies were snug in their stump, even Jenks,
Who claimed he was tired, and needed some winks.

So I in my parka, and Ivy in her boots,
Were toasting the season, with thirty-year hooch.

When out in the street, there came such a crash,
I thought that it had to be ‘coons in our trash.

Away to the gate, I trudged through the snow,
While Ivy just said, “If it’s Kist, say hello.”

I lifted the latch, and peered to the street,
My face went quite cold.  We were in it thigh deep.

‘Twas a demon, who stood in the headlamps quite bright,
With his coat of green velvet, and his uncommon height.

His eyes, how they glittered, his teeth how they gnashed,
His voice, how he bellowed, his tongue, how it lashed.

The street wasn’t holy, so on Big Al came,
As he bellowed, and shouted, and called me by name.

“Morgan, you witch.  You’re a pain in my side.
“Get out of your church.  There’s no place to hide!”

Like hell’s fury unleashed, he strode to my door,
Where he hammered and cursed, like a cheap jilted whore.

But Ivy and I, we circled round back,
To stand in the street and prepare for attack.

“You loser,” I shouted.  “I’m waiting for you.”
And the demon, he spun, taking on a red hue.

Ivy stood ready, and I whispered, “Okay . . .
“If he wants to get rough, I’m ready to play.”

With nary a word, us two girls got to work,
Putting foot into gut, of the soul-sucking jerk.

I circled him quick, with a few words of Latin,
While Ivy distracted him with lots of good wackin’

“Get back!” I yelled out when my trap was complete,
And Ivy somersaulted right over the creep.

My circle sprang up, entrapping him surely,
Al fussed and he fumed, like a demonic fury.

The neighbors all cheered, and came out of their houses,
Where they’d watched the whole thing, like little house mouses.

So Ivy and I, we both bowed real low,
Then banished Big Al, in an overdone show.

But I heard Al exclaim, ‘ere he poofed from our sight
“You won this time witch, but I’ll get you one night!”

Kim Harrison
December 14th, 2005


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37 responses to “‘Twas the night of the Solstice

  1. That was the best poem I’ve heard in along, long time. My hat’s off to you again Kim. You certainly have a great way with words. Hope you had a happy Solstice 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on wickedcoolflight and commented:
    You gotta love Kim’s Christmas treats.

  3. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Love it! That always makes me smile 🙂
    Hope u had a lovely day.. and spent the longest night of the year with the ones u love.
    (And of course brainstorming more loot for the cabinet of awesomeness wouldn’t be bad either..)
    **Merry Winter Solstice everyone**

  4. Alice

    Happy Solstice! 😀 That was an awesome poem. Makes me want to get my hands on the next book noooooooow.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas as well!

  5. jkh

    Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, et cetera et cetera etc. My best wishes that everyone experience health and happiness. Have fun but be safe.

  6. Always love reading this. And it’s always exciting to realize that the days will begin to lengthen and we’ll soon have more light.

  7. Kelly B

    Love the poem an trhe books. Thank you, Merry Christmas/ Happy Solstice, to everyone …

  8. Happy Solstice!! *doing a happy witchy dance*
    I’m so excited, I got one of my bff’s hooked on the hollows (she’s in love with Ivy) so if for some weird reason the hollows sales go up in Argentina it’s because of her.
    And that’s one of the things I love the most about the magical worlds of Rachel, they transcend through countries and languages. My friends in England love it, some people I know here in Finland love it, Argentina, I’ve read you got a follower or a few from Germany as well… etc.
    Rachel makes me smile, so saying all that, I’ll just add that I hope it’s 13 books. If just so we can keep Rachel, Ivy, Jenks and even Kalamac a bit longer. 😉

  9. Colleen

    My stomach actually lurched when I read “last Hollows” but this put it in perspective…the Hollows will always be around..in some form or another.

  10. valerieohio

    I would love for Al to get her for one night… *hehehe*

  11. Happy holidays, festival of lights, festival of soon to increase light, of births, and new years!

    And grandmas playing with her buppy (Kim, I’m keeping this one, unless the Tall Dude threatens me with divorce 🙂

  12. That actually made me lol – have a good equinox 🙂

    • jkh

      Sweetie, equinoxes happen in September and ?March, when the nights and days are of equal length; the sun is (relatively) at the equator. Solstice happens in December and June, when the sun is (relatively) the farthest north or south of the equator. December, the time of Winter Solstice (means sun standing still), is when nights are longest and days are shortest; and Midsummer Solstice is when days are longest and nights are shortest. Umm, that’s here in the northern hemisphere; in the southern hemisphere it’s the opposite. Christmas happens mid-summer in Australia and New Zealand, and they do party!

    • Thanks, Chantal! And don’t worry about mixing up the solstice and the equinox. The way I remember it is the equinox is when the day and night are equal, and the solstice is when they are at their extremes.

      Merry Christmas!

  13. twiser

    Always liked that one. Didn’t see it in the the Hollows Insider though 😦 So, your leaning more to 12 then 13? 😥 Are ganna give us any short stories in there too?

  14. Erica

    good ol’ Al stopping by to mess up a good time!

  15. OOoohhhhhhh now that was cute…

  16. Marsha

    Ah, the good ol’ days in the Hollows. *sigh* I’ts so nice to see Rachel and Ivy in action kicking butt together again.

  17. Jenn

    Happy Solstice Kim! I hope you have a fantastic day & that it is a joyful one for you & yours.