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Frosted leaves




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B&N, Comic Con New York Video

One of the perks of being a CCGOH is that you get time on the stage without the large panel. I’ll be honest. Keynote speeches are not anything that I’ve taken the time to practice as I have running tour events, and the thought of that stage alone without the give-and-take I usually get in a Q&A was not comfortable. Until . . . I found out my friend in the industry, Jim Killen, was going to be up there with me. (Happy sigh of relief!)

Click to go to interview

Click to go to interview

We had a great interview, and Josh Perilo made a professional-grade interview of it. So check it out! Jim and I talk about the new series and the upcoming last Al short briefly, but most of it is all Hallows and saying good-bye to the characters we’ve followed for a decade.

On the Harrison front, we had our first real frost, and things, they are really changing. It was a beautiful night with clear skies, and the air was rare. Even the Sandhill Cranes are croaking, gathering in fields for the trek to warmer fields. They sound like dinosaurs, and I’m proud that my small town is trying to promote them as a tourist attraction and wild resource instead of shooting them for the significant damage they can do in the farmer’s field.


Though you can still find lots of nice color, we’re down to a few holdouts on our street. This is a Japanese Maple that I’ve had in the ground for about four years and it is doing great. It still has all its leaves, but after last night . . . I think it’s going to drop today if it gets warm. Through it you can see one of our 100 year old maples. They had great color this year, and I recently found out that it’s an official survey marker. !!


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e-The Witch With No Name at a mm price

The internet connection in my office is not good. Oh, it used to be, but the provider keeps tweaking the bandwidth down and my boys keep drawing a little more until it’s useless. Upgrading to a new router helped for a while, but slowly . . . surely . . . it goes away. And now, my Verizon card, my backup connection that I use while on tour, is not connecting. Either they are down, or the software is out of date, or my computer ports have gotten old, meaning I am again standing at my kitchen counter doing my internet-heavy, morning work. sigh

NookPromotionSome really good news if you’ve been waiting on the price drop for The Witch With No Name. For a few days, Nook is offering it for an unreal 8.49. (The price of a paperback!) Just a few days, mind you, but if you’ve been waiting, or know someone who would curl up and scream if it showed up unexpectedly in their Nook, here’s your chance to share the love. The link goes to a B&N page with lots of special deals, so check it out!

The Witch With No Name Nook Special 


As for me? I’m going to my office now. Going to work on Peri. I got the backbone of dialog down yesterday for an unexpected chapter, and I am eager to see it fleshed out.

Oh, and if you get your fix with Kindle/Amazon, they have dropped to almost as small a price. 10.67 the last time I checked. Kindle/Amazon



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Wine, costumes, cookies, and yes, some signing

I’m always trying new plants out in my office, and this year, I’ve got a miniature grapevine to nurse through the winter. It sort of got dried out when I brought it in, dropping all its leaves as the tag said it would, but since I’ve never had one, I wasn’t sure if it was because it was time or that it got dried out. But this week when I was watering, I found a small bud of green. Yay! I didn’t kill it! Even better, this sounds like something it’s supposed to do.


I’ve been busy this week with Peri, but the Hollows isn’t quite done yet. Not by a long shot, actually, (you heard about Al’s short, right?) and if you are thinking of going to Ann Arbor’s, final Hollow event, (10/30) you should call the store for your ticket. It’s free, but as usual, they appreciate it if you buy a book, any book, while you’re there to help defray the cost of having me in there, chasing other customers off with our shenanigans. And we will be shenaniganing. There will be wine tasting, cookie eating, swag giving, costume contesting, and roll playing (if we get any takers.) We’re nearing the cut-off for attendees, so if you’re in the area and want to come out, give Nicola’s a call to arrange your ticket at:

Nicola’s Books
Westgate Shopping Center
2513 Jackson Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI  48103

Nicola’s DOES and WILL have first-editon, blue butterfly copies for the event, and it’s not too late to have me sign the last Hollows hardcover for you and get it in the mail if you can’t attend. (International is okay, but email them at the above address for a shipping quote.) B&N also has pre-signed copies, but they won’t be personalized as Nicola’s are.

It’s a one ticket, one person event only because we’re getting close to the fire codes. Chances are we won’t get to that cut off, but if you know you’re bringing someone with you, get a ticket for them, too.

And I’ll see you there!


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Bribe Cookies

The leaves have been falling for a while now, but I’ve not done a thing to rake them up. This weekend was the first dry day, so you’d think that that’s where I’d be, but no–before you can rake, you have to cut everything back and down, and it’s just now that things have begun to die back.

Yesterday I made a sizable dent in what needs to be done. There’s still a lot left, but at least now I have a section of yard that’s ready to rake–if I can convince someone to do it. Shouldn’t take too much. I already made the “bribe” cookies. My best yet, I think, as I made a double batch and cut them extra thick.


I loved getting out in the dirt for a few hours, and there is truly no scent like that of yellow and red leaves, sort of a waxy, not unpleasant vegetation decaying smell. It was there when I got out of the car last week, and it will remain until the scent of unfallen snow slips into the low areas. (And unfallen snow does have a scent. It’s a mix of temp, pressure, and moisture, but “scent” is the closest thing I have to name the sensation. Maybe it’s a Michigan thing.)

So I’m working on Peri today. She kept me up last night. I’ve really not had a chance to focus on her for almost six weeks, and I’m seeing a few things I need to change in the present work. However, I’m not going back and changing them . . . yet. Just a few notes in the margin and then forge on as if I made the changes. Otherwise, I’ll spend the next six weeks looking at the exact same pages.



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Tulsa Books-A-Million

So . . . I’m working today. Not a full day ’cause I’m still trying to recoup from too long away from the homestead, but work relaxes my mind, and I’ve got a lot to do this weekend, what with decorating and making sugar cookies in the shapes of leaves, ghosts, cats, and pumpkins. And trust me when I say decorating is a lot to do. Tubs in my basement. Tubs. There’s no way I’m “skipping” Halloween.

My recorded music is set on random, but my Peri music keeps popping up with a pleasant regularity. If you want one song that is the perfect encapsulation of Peri, and even Jack, it’s Banks’s Before I Ever Met You. (I found this before Gray’s Anatomy did, for what it’s worth.)

The pictures are finally up for the BAM Tulsa event. I’m sorry it took so long. I’ve got a few pictures here, but most are at the website, here.

I had tons of roadies coming out to get their book signed at the Tulsa BAM! Thanks, guys. Sorry it took me so long to get the pictures up, but there’s a high res shot right behind this one. Just click to get to it.


We had tomatoes! You guys really came out in a big way, bringing me tomatoes upon tomatoes! I think I’ll bring a scale next year. This looks like a couple hundred pounds to me. Thank you so much. You guys are so generous. These will be going to the local food bank.



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Dallas was good to me!

FallLeavesAs some of you might know, I’m back home, enjoying the fall colors that came while I was away. Color has fallen all over my yard and into my garden beds. The urge to put my yard to bed is strong, but I’m holding off until the weekend and hopefully some drier days. It’s been kind of wet. Not that I’m complaining. I’ve got lots to do meantime. Halloween is coming, and I think I have more decorating tubs in the basement for that then Christmas.

It’s been a slow go, but I finally have the pictures of Dallas up at the website. Tulsa and Books a Million will go up tomorrow.

Dallas was rather unique in that it was two days for a romance conference and raising money for literacy. First was a signing at Barnes and Noble at Firewheel, and then the conference itself.


I’d never been to Firewheel before, but the roadies came out. :-) It was a bit of an unusual signing as there were 21 authors there, all of us in town for the Buns and Roses literacy tea. Just click the picture to go to a higher resolution one for yourself if you’re among the smiling faces there.



There were 21 of us there that day, which made it a unique event. The store has done this before, and everything went very smoothly, and it was fun having all that excitement. Above, here, is one wing of authors, and below is the second half.


It was a designated tomato stop, and I think we collected enough to have dinner, and then some. Here I am with the everyone at the store that day. Thank you, everyone who came out and brought a can. These will be going to the Rockwall Helping Hands. I’ve got more pictures at the website, here.

The actual Buns and Roses event was next, kicked off by an informal dinner for some of the readers and most of the authors.


The next day, though, had us at the convention center. I love this picture of all the authors attending. This is the ninth year, I think, of the Buns and Roses literacy tea, and it was amazing. If you ever get the chance to go, do so! There is a silent auction as well as a live one to auction off wonderful stays and retreats. Not to mention the B&R bears!


My dragon went for a humbling price. I do believe I will do this again for the Monarchs.


More pictures are at the website, here.


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