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Last Witch With No Name chapter today!

It must be September. I see school busses and hear mom’s taking that First Day of School picture. But my big news is that HarperCollins decided to release one more chapter, bringing us to chapter six today! The link won’t go live until noon, but come back then. I’ll FB it then, too.

A-a-a-and it’s live! Go check it out: CHAPTER SIX


If you missed the earlier chapters, they’re up right now.

Chapter Five

Chapter Four

Chapter Three

Chapter One and Two

The  Event’s page is finally updated with correct times/stores, so give it a look if I’m coming near you.

Want to preorder? There’s still time, and it will help increase your chances of getting that first edition with Al’s blue butterflies at each chapter heading. The only place I can guarantee a blue butterfly, first-edition is by preordering from Nicola’s or the signed edition of B&N, but your chances are good if you get it in the first week from just about anywhere. It’s up to the store as to when they order their books, and I fully expect to see second edition at the end of the tour. So if you want to pre-order . . .

AmazonMy button is active at Amazon


B&N is also available, and if you go to the right page, they also have signed first-edition books which I did earlier this year, each one hand lettered, not stamped or printed.


Click to order

Nicola’s  is also a first-edition option, and I can personalize these with a note if you pre-order and tell me who to sign it to in the comment section when you order. International is okay but email them for a quote at If you order before the 4th, your book will be signed and sent to hopefully reach you on release day. I will be going back after tour to sign anything later, but you’ll have to wait for your book at that point. 

Also, Nicola’s won’t be giving out line numbers/tickets to Nicola’s big Last Hollows Tour blow out until next Tuesday, so don’t panic and wait until then. They aren’t set up right now, focusing on getting your books ready to go out. I can’t imagine we’ll get to the 300 cap.

The  Event’s page is finally updated with correct times/stores, so give it a look if I’m coming near you.



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Have a great Labor Day!

1stEditionThis week has been hectic, what with my usual weekly agenda, plus making 21 pages for the website for the tour photos, (Yep, I made that big beautiful website, and I still maintain it myself,) general maintenance on said website, getting out to Nicola’s for some pre-release signing (not too late to order your signed book. It will have the blue butterflies as well,) finalizing the AMA I’ll be doing with Richard Kadrey on the 4th, (more on that later) going to the dentist (’cause I’m a real person, and I have to do that) brushing through and delivering a last Hollows short that will probably be released between the hard cover and mass market of The Witch With No Name, (Al’s POV, more on that later as well,) throwing together an impromptu tomato drive (because I don’t like ice water that much,) processing all those beautiful B&N end caps and getting them on the blog, and reminding everyone that the B&N signed copy is guaranteed to be 1st edition with those blue butterflies because I’ve seen them.

Today, though, I’m doing what I want to do all day for the first time all week, and you know what that is? Writing. The day is mine, and I’m doing it.

See you on Tuesday.

Kim’s latest mini tree, and very precious.


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Kim! What does that tomato mean?

tomatoBelieve it or not, this is a tomato. It is also clear evidence that I chose wisely in focusing on words instead of drawing. But what, you might ask, is it doing on my blog and events page next to certain stores? Well, my publicist thought it would be nice to end the tour by asking everyone attending to donate a little something to the charity of my choice. And since I love food, my choice would be to the local food bank, but instead of a monetary donation, I like the idea of bringing a can of food. (Check the expiration date!) If there are tomatoes in that can, then that’s all the better!

If I’m going to do this for the last store, why not do it throughout the tour, and so far, after only 12 hours, I’ve gotten a great response from some of the hosting stores who have agreed to get the stocks to their local food bank. I expect more will be added as we get closer to the release date.

So if you’re coming out to see me, bring a can with you, or don’t. It’s very low pressure. That’s what I like about it. The events page has been updated to show the stores involved, and I think I have most of the changes to the schedule rubbed out now. Just as a reminder, the Dallas signing at B&N is open to the public. It’s just the tea on the following day that is ticketed.


Click to go to see tour cities/times


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Yes, they are real now!

Remember those personalized pre-orders you’ve been making at Nicola’s Books? Well . . . the first of the books have been printed and boxed, and because I have this arrangement with Nicola’s, some have been shipped to my local store so I can sign them before I leave to go on tour. The goal is to have them in the post to reach you on the release date, but that means some extra attention on my and Pat’s part. The first 400 have been signed, but I’m going in again to get the next batch, so it’s not too late to get in on this.  I can guarantee that these are first editions with Al’s blue butterfly on each of the chapter headings–cause I look at each one.

This is about 300 books, there’s another 100 off to the side waiting for envelopes. :-) Don’t they look beautiful?

Nicolas400To order from Nicola’s: International is okay, just email them for a shipping quote before ordering (You have to tell them who you want it signed to when you order, or they will just send you a book.)

Click to order

Click to order

If you are going to be going to the Hollows Good-bye event at Nicola’s the day before Halloween, don’t panic. We are capping it at 300, but you can arrange for your line ticket by phone.  (number is at the event’s page) They will be starting to give tickets/reservations on the 9th, so please don’t call them right now. Pat is working hard on the books, and she can’t give out tickets yet, anyway. I don’t think we’re going to reach 300, so rest easy and give them a call when you can after the 9th of September, even if it’s as late as the night before. We’ve got some very cool things planned.

Also, I updated the tour page yesterday. There are a few new times, so check it out if you’re already planning on going to an event.  [ event page ]



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Barnes and Noble “bundle” for binge reading

There is binge watching, and there is binge reading, and whereas there are just too many titles now to actually, ya know, put them in one box with pretty artwork and a bow, Barnes and Noble does have them all in one spot for you. :-) This is a very RARE chance to find all the titles on the same shelf, and I don’t expect it to ever happen again. And the best part? You guys, the readers, have noticed!

If you spot one of these beautiful endcaps at your local store, snap a picture and drop it on my timeline at facebook, (which is the only place I am set up to receive pictures) and I’ll add it here.
KimHarrisonsHollows on FB

They are beautiful, every single one. Oh, and feel free to rearrange the books into their proper order. (grin)

Click to order signed, first edition copy

Click to order signed, first edition, blue butterfly copy

And since we’re talking about B&N, the last time I checked, they still had  signed first editions. It will be very easy this year to know if you have a first edition as they, and only they, will have Al’s blue butterfly at the chapter headings. Beautiful!


Dawn M’s end cap


Brandon’s end cap


Mandi L.M.s end cap


Vicki’s end cap


Mandi’s end cap


Beth’s endcap


Dawn’s end cap


Alexandria’s end cap


Barbara’s end cap


Liz’s end cap


Wayde’s end cap


Robert’s end cap


Jessie’s end cap


Cynthia’s end cap


Jason’s end cap


Charley’s end cap


Michelle’s end cap



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Personalized Last Hollows Book

Isn’t this a sweet Little Free Library? I found it last weekend while up north on a fudge/carmelcorn run. It wasn’t exactly at Mackinaw, but close. :-) This was the first Little Free Library I’d ever seen in the wild, and it totally made my day. If you’re not familiar with the Little Free Libraries, they are home-grown structures where you leave a book, and take a book. I think they’re a fabulous idea, and this one was really nice.

LittleLibraryAlso, I’ll be going in to Nicola’s today to start signing those personalized pre-orders you’ve been arranging. You can get signed copies of The Witch With No Name through B&N, but if you want it signed to you with a personal note, you have to come to a signing, or order from Nicola’s. They are my local store, and this is the third year we’ve done this. International is okay, but email them for a shipping quote first at: 

I’m going in today to sign them so as to help get these out to you on the book release date, and if you want to take advantage of it, you still can. I’ll be going in at least once more before I head out on tour, and then one more time when it’s all over to catch the stragglers, so it’s not too late.

To order from Nicola’s just click. And be sure to tell them who you want me to personalize it to in the comment box when you place your order.

Click to order

Click to order



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HumbleBundle book deal

I’m really excited to be able to bring this Harper “sale” to you. The details are below, but the gist of it is you decide what you want to pay for the bundle of books offered (which includes Dead Witch Walking and the Trouble on Reserve short) and then it’s yours. You can choose to contribute all or a portion of your payment to go to select charities. See below for the titles that your contribution can “unlock.” Sounds pretty cool to me. It’s also a nice way to get a hold of that Trouble on Reserve short. :-) So take a look. There’s a lot of cool books in there, including Jocelynn Drake’s Angel’s Ink.

Click to go to their site



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