10-day flash tee sale

I still miss Kisten. Even now.

I know I should be thinking about TROUBLE WITH THE CURSED (preorder!) but even as the publicity machine for the next Hollows release opens one golden eye, focuses on me, and rolls over to hit the snooze button, I feel a pang. The Hollows originally came out in February, then March, which easily juxtaposed holiday giving and treats to readers. Now, with a June release? Not so much. We are too far out to be offering freebies, and we won’t know if there will be a physical tour for ages. (I’m guessing no, but if you want a signed-to-you book, Nicolas will provide.) But I still miss Kisten.

Which means, for the next ten days, Tim and I will be offering a limited edition Hollows shirt. Orders will cut off the last day of November. They will be printed up locally the next week, and shipped out over our kitchen table soon after. (US, Mexico, and Canada only. I do not yet trust overseas shipping to reach you.)

We are offering a Ladies Cotton T, V neck. Sizes run from small to 5XL, cost includes shipping to a US, Canada, or Mexico address. $ 24.95 US dollars.

Yes, Kim! I want one! How do I purchase?

1: PayPal $24.95 US dollars to Tim at paypal.me/coldtoastwritingsLLC (I write books. I do not generally sell merch, so this is how we can do it.)

2: Tell Tim the size you want in the notes area at PayPal. PLEASE!!! I’m begging you to not forget this. If you do not tell us, you will get whatever size Tim thinks you are. (And he’s not good at guessing.)

3: Make sure your name and address are correct at PayPal. We can’t be responsible for misdirected mail. If you’re using your brother’s PayPal, keep this in mind.

4: Any questions at all, email Tim at coldtoastwritingsLLC@comcast.net, and be sure to include in your correspondence your PayPal email. I don’t want to listen to him complain about John Smith having one name for his address, going by ThunderGod on his regular email, and TwoCute for his PayPal. It makes for a very stressful day trying to match them up.


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2 responses to “10-day flash tee sale

  1. Since you’re currently writing novels set before that final epilogue I don’t see why you can’t back up even further and insert another Kisten book. (please please!) I always got a kick when a “lost manuscript” by Amelia Peabody was found and she published books out of order. I have a “The Turn” tshirt that I wear often. It’s designed like a rock band tour with the dates of your signings on the back.

  2. Katrina Collins

    I clicked that so fast that I think I broke my keyboard! I miss Kist.

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