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Hollows read-a-long Yep, we’re doing it!

Hi all. Kim here.

Got a favorite Hollows quote? Have a burning question? Guess what? I’m hosting a Hollows read-a-long!

To celebrate (and get ready for) the release of AMERICAN DEMON in June, I’m hosting a read-a-long where you can gush, and laugh, and cry, and commiserate with like minded readers of the Hollows. I’ll also have information on flash sales as they come up, (fingers crossed) and who knows, I might just have a give-away or two.

We’re starting Dead Witch Walking TODAY! And though we’re taking some time for this first one to help get organized and find a large group, I plan on burning through the series pretty quickly. (If you want a slower read-a-long, there’s another going at The Cincy Underground over on FB.)

I’m structuring this to have one or two sharp breaking points per book where you can talk without the spoiler tags, but I’m counting on you all to start discussions and topics as we go. I have no idea what you want to talk about, so jump in and take part. I’ve always been proud of the way my readers can discuss without arguing, and I’m looking forward to talking with you and hearing your thoughts. ūüôā

Not a member of¬†Goodreads¬†yet? You’re in for a treat! Sign-up is easy, and it’s an amazing place to find new reads and friends who appreciate reading what you do. Why Goodreads? They have a great setup to structure read-a-longs on, so check it out. Everyone there loves books. Everyone.

Also, I’m still looking for some moderators. I’m hoping to have 13 with the intent being that each book have a designated head moderator who will chaperon the read-a-long with me for the duration of their book, giving the other 12 moderators a bit of a break. (Though obviously, if you’re a moderator, you’re able to moderate through the entire read-a-long.) ¬†So far, we have Joseph for A FISTFUL OF CHARMS, Liz H. for WHITE WITCH, BALCK CURSE, and Karen for PALE DEMON. (Thank you so much, Joseph, Liz, and Karen!)

If you are interested, please let me know at Goodreads at the introduction thread. I’ll be looking for you there!




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2019 Read-along to AMERICAN DEMON

Quick heads up! I’m sponsoring a Hollows read-along over on Goodreads starting next month and running to the release of AMERICAN DEMON on June 16, 2020. And because I know not everyone is on Goodreads, I’ll be answering questions here as well but in a much more haphazard format and not as cozy.

Come back on Monday for Goodreads links and the schedule of what we’re reading when, but because there are so many to get through, it’s going to be a book every two to three weeks with a few weeks off in December.

If you want to get a head start, we’re starting at the beginning with Dead Witch Walking.

Happy reading!




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One of the perks . . .

One of the perks of being an author is having our voices heard, though usually through the lens of our characters and not always understood or clear. And though it’s hard to see it in the text, I’m often working something out in my head and on the page at the same time.

I fully intended today to sit down and write a set of lyrics about Pike, a character I’m developing in THE RULE. He’s a magnificent, wild-card vampire who’s going to get Rachel in trouble, and I thought perhaps Takata, my song-writing oracle, might write something about him. I use all the tools in my box to develop characters, and music/lyrics is my hammer. It busts things open.

So I used my hammer, and Pike is not what came out on my paper. Oh, it started with Pike, but it ended with something far more real, something that I can’t bring out and work through in the Hollows simply because of the established universe I’m working in there. I’ve got another series sitting at rough draft that does, but no one will see it anytime soon because, well, it’s not the Hollows, and I’m seriously okay with that. Time changes all things, and I’ve not given up, just shelved the art in my process until my “art” is what is selling.

I only ask that you be kind and understand that it’s only a few hours old and it will likely be tweaked before chunks of it show up in AMERICAN DEMON or THE RULE. But now you can say you saw it in the raw, and maybe you’ll understand what I’m saying a smidgen more when it shows up between the covers.

It needs a title. I’m thinking BLACK COIN, but I’m open to suggestions.

I’m killing time, till time kills me
No one knows who will succeed
Wealth buys time, till time runs out
Whose to say what it’s all about
When you’re killing time,
     Killing time
     Killing time
¬† ¬† ¬†It’s killing time

Ten thousand years, is the price
Black coin banked under shale and stone
We spent it all, on magic beans
But magic beans don’t grow

Pretty lies and fairy tales
Wrapped in soiled flags
Black coin seeps, like poison creeps
and balance found will fail

(Wake up!)
Species dying
Children crying
State fathers lying
Lobbyists buying
The earth is frying

Ten thousand years, is the price we pay
Corruption has no shame
Faceless, voiceless, nameless . . .
Peerless, fearless, short-list . . .

Can’t put it back–black coin ill-spent
Ten thousand years, at detriment
Down in the earth, buried deep
Down where the demons sleep
Down where God can’t speek
Black coin spent, our soul to keep
So as you sow, so shall you reap
So as you sow, your children weap
Just killing time, as black coin seeps

Just killing time
Killing time
Killing time

It’s killing time.

–Kim Harrison 9-22-19


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And on the fifth day of plotting…

If I’m quiet, I’m working. ūüôā And I’ve been quiet! I should have a release date for AMERICAN DEMON for you soon But what’s on my desk is THE RULE. (followup to AMERICAN DEMON) Yep,¬†I’m in full cry, chasing the next Hollows story. A reader¬†recently asked about my plotting process, which has become¬†fairly stable by now,¬†though I admit that every book is built using different tools¬†depending upon how much new magic/new characters/difficult themes/new techniques it has. But rather than tell you how I plot using AMERICA DEMON or THE RULE, and give away a lot of spoilers. (Pike. OMG. Pike.) I dipped¬†back into my files and found a few posts from 2009 that pretty much encompass the process. You can go back a few posts from here to get to the first nitty gritty of how it starts, but today, I’m¬†going to share a post where I’m at about day five in my plotting process. (In a new world/series, this would be about day ten.)

About the only difference between then and now is that I’ve begun using index cards¬†with one sentence plot movement to help me place where¬†certain¬†information becomes known: the red herrings, actual clues to solving the crime, or¬†knowledge of how to build the spell. I’ll have a stack maybe an inch thick when I’m done, divided up by chapters, which I then use to help me structure the one-page chapter¬†synopses. ¬†It helps when I’ve got two or more plot lines going because I can easily move¬†realizations, discoveries, and new-skill¬†attainment around before¬†anything goes on paper.

So here is my original post from 2009, as I worked up THE OUTLAW DEMON WAILS. ¬†I’ve got one more post to share after this concerning my plotting methods, but as always, everyone writes¬†differently,¬†and what works for me might not work for you. Just keep trying things. The only wrong way to write, is to not do it. Oh, and my chapter synopses always change when I begin writing. Always. If they didn’t, I’d get bored. Gotta follow the story where it leads!¬†

It’s about day five of the plotting/outlining stage of the next Hollows book, and I’ve got my 13 page synopsis broken into ten chapters so far.¬† Hopefully I’ll finish the chapter breakdown today, and can start on the actual writing tomorrow.¬† (whoo-hoo!¬† I’ve got to catch up with you guys doing the NaNoWriMo!)

So far, while using my character grid, I’ve found that I’ve got a slow spot, and I moved some things around to quicken it up.¬† I also named a new character, learned a few things about him,¬†and Rachel has told me she likes him better than the guy I thought she’d be interested in.¬† He¬†kind of likes her, too, or maybe he just likes the way she makes him feel.¬†¬†(Be smart, Rachel.) ¬†I’ve also learned what the story is about besides solving the crime and settling the love interest.¬† (By the way, it’s not settled.)¬† What I’m talking about here is the character growth, I suppose.¬† And without character growth, not only would the story be stale, but I’d be bored to tears writing it.

So¬†today,¬†I know what inner demon Rachel is going to slay this book–or at least come to terms with, and can work it in even at this early stage.¬† Previous demons?¬† Trust, adrenaline, her sexuality, independence. ¬† That I’ve realized it this soon is good.¬† Sometimes I don’t see it until the end of the book, which goes to prove that I’m still learning my craft.¬† Thank all that is holy.



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e-book price drop, pass it on!

Two of the Hollows titles are on sale right now for 1.99, e-book format. It’s a good chance to make a late gift to the Hollows addict on your list, or even for yourself if you are trying to round out your e-library. And please pass the word!

The Witch With No Name: Nook. Kindle

White Witch, Black Curse: Nook Kindle

But while I was looking through my archives for a past post I could easily modify to tell you about the sale, I found this little gem from 2015. It was during an unusual -30 cold snap that seemed to last all winter. When it gets that cold, the mind wanders, and the poet in me claws its way out.

The Breaking of Silence

Kim Harrison, February, 2015

I was awake early this morning, long before the sun came up. It gave me an almost singular chance to sit in my office and drink a cup of cocoa and witness the breaking of silence. There was no wind, eerily still with no sun to push even molecules into motion, no birds to mar the perfect beauty of temperature gradient slices of air so defined you could breathe them in like flavors of ice cream. Too desiccated for clouds, only the black bare branches mark the subtle shadings from apex black, to blue, to a hint of watery pink at the horizon. Definition comes from what lacked, not substance itself.

A foot of Sandman‚Äôs sleep lays upon the world, the swollen, ugly red of sun devoid of even a whisper of warmth as the earth rolls in its gravity track and pushes it up through the bands of cream and blue‚Äďrainbows so stretched and thin that their color can‚Äôt be seen.

It is so cold my attic is cracking.


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Ho, ho, Oh!! A Rachel Doll for sale?

Yep. After much soul searching, I’ve decided to let a Rachel Morgan doll go. Actually, thanks to an arrangement with my local yarn shop, Artisan Knitworks, I’ll be letting a few Hollows dolls into the wilds as they move from my needles to Sandra and Larry’s store.

It’s just a single Rachel doll right now, but Trent is almost done, and of course, I’ll make a new Al doll for you. Actually, Kisten is just about ready, too . . . Once I find a yarn that knits up to look like leather.

If you want Rachel for yourself, you need to contact Larry or Sandra at 734-562-2682, or by mail at larryhart2.lh@gmail.com It will help Larry find your email if you put RACHEL DOLL in the subject line.

Due to being one of a kind and handcrafted by me right down to the patterns used, I’m asking $495.00 U.S. dollars. This doesn’t include shipping or tax, but it does include a hand-stamped tag, which is signed by me as well. I’m only going to make 25 Rachel dolls for general purchase, which makes this one 1/25.


If you’re looking for something unique, but not THAT unique, PERFECTION is still available for pre-order through Subterranean Press. These are signed and numbered as well, and a little more accessible. ūüôā I’ve even got a card you can print out to put under the tree. ūüôā

But please pop over to Subterranean Press and pre-order one before you go and put this under your tree as, unlike my usual publications, there will be a limited number of these signed and numbered, and they will not be readily available in the stores come March.

If I don’t connect with you between now and then, Happy Holidays from Tim and myself!




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Hollows Pumpkin Carving Contest-Winners!

Phew! Thanks for giving me the night to mull the nearly 100 entries for the Hollows Pumpkin Carving Contest. I have picked out my favorite 5+1, and randomly selected another 10 because I like giving away books, and I wish that I could give everyone who entered one.

So here they are, in no particular order. If you see your pumpkin, check your email for my “Congrats!” letter! You have until November the 8th to get back to me with a U.S. address to send your book to.

Thank you again for celebrating Halloween with me. It is one of my favorite holidays. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. You guys are the best!

Wendy’s Pumpkin


Kelly’s Pumpkin


Michelle’s Pumpkin


Nikki’s pumpkins


Michelle’s pumpkin


Kieram’s Pumpkin

Now available for pre-order at Subterranean Press, my next release. This is a VERY small print run for me, and PERFECTION will not be readily available in the usual stores. There’s only 1500 of them, hard cover, signed, and numbered. (I think the ultra-special leather-bound copies are already gone.) If you haven’t already found Subterranean Press, they are a high-end publisher with a beautiful product from your favorite authors. Do a search and check them out if you pop over to read the synopsis of PERFECTION.


Lorie’s Pumpkin

Laura’s Pumpkin

Dana’s Pumpkins


Vennessa’s pumpkins


Meredith’s pumpkin


Rayne’s Pumpkin


Cleora’s Pumpkins


Jen’s Pumpkins


Danielle’s Pumpkins


Sophia’s Pumpkin


Paul’s Pumpkin

Thats the winners, guys! Thank you everyone who entered. I wish I had a book for all of you, but it was a joy to see your carving skills and be a part of your Halloween!



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