Trouble With The Cursed cover reveal: Day 1

My editor surprised me with an absolutely gorgeous cover for the next Hollows book, my surprise being the timing, not how beautiful it is, and because I am the Queen of Delayed Gratification, I’m going to give it to you piecemeal over the next couple of days (full cover on Friday!) As you can see, we are going with a new color pallet this time. Gold! (Which is about how you guys have made me feel.) We also get to see Rachel’s face. 😉

Trouble with the Cursed, June 14, 2022

As for the release, I know you have questions.

Yes, it will be coming out in audio and e-book the same day the HC drops, (June 14) Our intention is that Ms. Gavin will be reading it if schedules mesh properly.

Yes, I am again partnering with Nicolas to provide signed-to-you, personalized copies. I’ve worked for years with these people, and they truly try very hard to get your book to you on the drop-date. (link below)

No, I do not know if there will be any in-person signings and won’t for a while. I’m hopeful that I will be able to do at least a local signing at Nicolas, but I haven’t talked seriously with them about it because everything depends upon the state of the world.

Yes, you can pre-order now, from Nicolas or your favorite independent or big-box store, which might not be a bad idea as publishers use preorders to decide the initial print run, and with paper, personnel, and shipping being what they are, sooner is better than later.

I’ll have another, more-put-together look tomorrow!


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2 responses to “Trouble With The Cursed cover reveal: Day 1

  1. Bill Doyle


  2. Jacqueline Blackburn

    Looks intriguing! Just pre-ordered hard copy from Amazon. I have reread Rachel’s journeys at least 4x already. Love your storytelling. You make me laugh and cry. Thank you.

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