I see your GMO tomato, and raise you a Turn

Week 3 ARC giveaway: GMO tomatoes

***** UPDATE 6/2/22 ***** Dawn and Billy have won the two ARC giveaways. Come back Friday for a new question to answer to enter the next giveaway! Congratulations, Dawn and Billy! And thank you everyone who played along.

Quick! The latest GMO tomato has started the Turn. What will you be when the dust settles? Charismatic, secretive elf? All powerful but emotionally damaged demon? Perhaps a rock-steady, magic-wise witch? Or a pack-loving Were? Solitary bridge troll anyone? Or perhaps a jack-of-all-trades human? You could get your wish. There is a new tomato in town.

And because I like giving things away, if you email Tim your answer, you will be in the flash-giveaway for the next ARC of Trouble With The Cursed.  Want to enter? Here’s how this week!

Using an email you have access to for the next five days, email Tim at <coldtoastwritingsllc@comcast.net>  Put “Hollows House” in the subject line so we know you’re entering the contest. In the email, tell me who you would be if you lived in the Hollows. (Tell me here too get you some bonus points–which get you nothing except the chance to brag about your Inderlander skills.) One entry per household please.

I will cut off entries at midnight, PST on Monday May 30th. I will announce the winner on Tuesday morning, AND email them for the address they want me to mail the ARC to as well as find out if and how they want me to sign it.  Winners will have until the coming Thursday midnight to get back to me to claim the ARC and tell me their mailing address. If I don’t hear from you by Thursday midnight, the ARC goes back in the pool and I will give away two next week.

ARCs have no cash value, though they may get held up in customs forever. Books will go out UPS or USPS, whatever is faster. Chance of winning depends upon how many enter. Winners will be chosen by a random number generator, and I can’t be responsible for mail that goes astray. That’s it. But do come back next Friday for the last contest .

Good luck!

And good news! I have two zoom events and one in-person signing this year! As before, you need to register for the virtual events to get the link to attend. The in-person signing will give you a chance to ask me questions at the signing desk, and I can’t wait to see some of you there. Nicolas is asking everyone who is planning on attending to register to help ease the crush at the signing table.

June 17, 5-8pm ET: Nicola’s, In-store signing—Event registration Link (Eventbrite)
If you ordered a signed book from Nicolas, it will be shipped before the event
June 14, 7-8pm ET: Nicola’s Books – Event registration link (Eventbrite)
June 16, 8-9pm ET (5pm PT): Powell’s Books – Event registration link (Zoom)


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7 responses to “I see your GMO tomato, and raise you a Turn

  1. Stacy ross

    I would absolutely be a pack loving were but I’d be a dragon.

  2. Ashley Sitzman

    I think I would like to be either an elf or pixie. Pixie because they sound so fun and cute and an elf because I like their magic.

  3. Julie Pickett

    I would totally be a rock-steady, magic-wise witch

  4. Jory Stiffarm

    I would choose to be a pack loving were of any kind😉

  5. Sherry Dennis

    I would be a human living in the Hollows who owns a very large garden designed to be Pixie-family friendly, and I’d give each of the Pixie-families who lived on my property their plot just as Rachel gave to Jenks and Matalina and all their kids.

  6. Barbara

    Library witch

  7. Erika

    I would want to be a witch or a pixie. I love and appreciate a great garden!

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