Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh NC


The Quail Ridge readers came out in a big way. Tomatoes, tomatoes, everywhere! Thank you, guys. You truly are the best.

We had tons of roadies from past and present. And even Rachel showed up! Just click for a high res photo for yourself.


This is a first. A real Hollows lamp! And it works!


I left TONS of signed first edition books at Quail Ridge, so if you missed out and want one of these bad boys, they will have them for a while.

I’m taking a travel day today, but I’ll be in Orlando on Sunday for an afternoon signing at Barnes and Nobel, so bring your tomatoes and see if we can beat out Quail Ridge’s haul. :-)



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BAM:Arundel Mills, Hanover MD

New reviews: for a complete list, go to the front page of the website

SFRevu Review

Barnes and Noble : Brimstone and Leather, A Hollows Eulogy

WKRC-TV Cincinnati Kim Harrison Talks …
CapitalDay four, and I’m in the capital! I was a little concerned about the weather, thinking that the storm we had last night’s event in would just move east as I did, but it evaporated and the day was beautiful.

First stop was out to Sirius XM radio. I’ve been a big Sirius XM fan since Guy got me a lifetime subscription about eight years ago, so getting a chance to get to their studios and play tourist was majorly cool. But that was nothing compared to sitting down with Maggie Linton from the Maggie Linton Show. We had a great chat, and I’ll let you know when it airs.




And then came the signing! I could not believe the number of familiar faces in the crowd, and the tomato drive brought in a great number of cans for the local food bank. Thank you, guys. You truly are the best. I’ve got all the photos over at the website. Phew! Lots of bunny cam photos!


BAMHanoverMe and the crew at Books-A-Million at Hanover, Arundel Mills Mall.


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Carmel Indiana, Barnes and Noble!

It was a dark and stormy night. Truly, it was. And yet . . . we were having a good time in Carmel Indiana. Here are me and my roadies who braved the weather–some of them for hours!–to get their book signed. I left lots of signed copies, and the B&N in Carmel said they’d share with their local B&Ns, so if you couldn’t make it and want one of these signed first editions, they should have them for a while.

Rachel kept a tight eye on me during the Q and A.


I asked for tomatoes, and I got tomatoes! Thank you guys for all the canned goods. They’re going to the local food bank and were very well received. :-)

I have a few photos here but the majority are at the website. Everyone wanted their picture with Rachel!  Carmel Indiana Barnes and Noble pictures


Carmel2 Carmel4


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Schulers Books in Grand Rapids

Day two had me back in Michigan at Schulers Books in Grand Rapids. This was the second time I’d been to this particular store, and though we didn’t have cake this time, we did have a lot of fun! Here I am with my roadies. Just click the photo for a high res picture for your own use. And thank you guys for coming out on such a perfect, Michigan evening.


The tomato drive is going strong. This is soooo much better than ice water. And I left a LOT of signed, first-edition stock, so if you missed the event and are looking to snag one of these bad boys, Schulers has them.

We even had a few home-made “Team” shirts!



The interviews and articles are starting to come in. First is a no-spoiler from Heros and Heartbreakers, and the second is from long-time reader Paul Goat Allen and B&N–also spoiler free.



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And so the tour begins!

And so the final Hollows tour starts! Here is a nice shot of my tour bus. (No! Just kidding. It was in town for the game, and I’d never seen it before.)


Actually, I got into Cincy early on Sunday so to avoid that 3 am wake up/flight on Monday. My amazing publicist got me a media spot on Good Morning Cincinnati, and Shela was game to discussing vampires and witches in Cincinnati–though I could almost hear her thoughts when I told her most of the paranormals lived on the Kentucky side of things. ;-)


I actually had time to go to the zoo and check out the African exhibit before the midnight release party. It wasn’t open in July when I was in town to do the tunnel spots, and it was so pleasant to be sitting above the savanna eating my fries and pink lemonade, watching the lions watch the ostriches. Ah . . . you guys don’t know how good you’ve got it.

And then the signing. “Mother pus bucket!” as Al would say. The midnight release party at Joseph-Beth in Cincinnati was amazing! I couldn’t believe the number of people who came out and lasted until we handed the books out at midnight.

Click for a high res copy

Click for a high res copy

The roadies were awesome. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen so many tour ts in one spot–other than my dining room table, of course. We even had a burning bunny and pixy. (click for a high res photo for yourself)


And then there were the tomatoes. You guys truly are the best. They will be going to the local soup kitchen, and are much appreciated. So thank you for making me look good. Honestly, I almost couldn’t pick up the one can of tomatoes. The woman who brought it in got a unique set of Hollows bus token earrings that the store made up for extra give always. We won’t have them for the other stores, but we will have the totes (which you can see in some of the pictures below) and a couple of tour t’s to give away at each stop. To see all the pictures, including the bunny cam, just click

Tonight I’m at Schuler’s in Grand Rapids, MI. Hope to see some of you there!

IMG_1498 IMG_1500 IMG_1502 IMG_1499


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Big party tonight in Cincy!

I’m getting ready tonight for the big midnight release out at Jo-Beth! Bring your canned tomatoes/soup, and be ready for some fun! I hear there might be a costume contest and a Hollows backdrop to take pictures at. ( I can’t wait to see it!) There are a couple of T-shirts to give away, and I think some one-of-a-kind Hollows book tote.

I came in late yesterday, missing the game but in time to see the weenie wagon–in person! I’m going to petition to take the weenie wagon next tour instead of planes. Then again  . . . na.


But this morning had me cruising the streets before the sun was up, making the run into Good Morning Cincinnati for a five-minuite spot. Did ‘ja see it? (grin) Here’s a still shot of me and Shela. I’ve got a couple more radio interviews before I get to Jo-Beth tonight–and maybe a nap . . . See you there!




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Yes, those tunnels do exist. I have proof!

Check this out. Remember that week last July I was really quiet? This is why! I got the full tour of the Cincy tunnels–and then some, and I hope that more video that was taken end up online because it was a very fun  couple of days.

Nicolas2So, last night I went into Nicola’s to sign for the last time before I get back mid September. As you can see, there were a LOT of books again, and even some backlist. Pat is getting very good at finding those more rare hardcovers, but don’t even ask for a Fistful of Charms. (Gone, gone, gone!) We talked about the Hollows Farewell party on October 30th, and it’s shaping up nicely! There’s a throne involved. . . and I need to pick out a few 1-3 minute passages from the books for you guys to playact out. (fun!) I’ll have the full details probably next week, and since they won’t be passing out tickets until then (you can arrange them by phone) there is no rush.

SummerOverBut as you can see, summer is just about over. I think I’ll be ready for a long winter’s nap when it gets here. Phew!


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