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I truly love America, where we have so much that we can crash vehicles for entertainment. I’m going to cry when the big cars from the 70s and 80s can no longer be found to have these crash-em-up derbies with. We’re starting to feel the pinch already, down to two nights of derby instead of the three we had last year. (sigh) Or maybe it was four.

There was a film crew this year, for a reality TV show of some sort, and a drone was out there taking shots. It made me feel close to Peri. She likes crash-em-up derbies and drones, though she’d probably be driving the car, not watching.

Speaking of which, I’m starting to get ready for that tour bus, trying to figure out what to pack since I’m not limited by airplane restrictions. I’m kind of glad it’s going to be cooler than normal, because almost all my touring clothes are February weight. I need to take an afternoon and go through my closet, seeing what I have. People with short blond hair need different necklines and colors than people with long dark hair. Weird. (Where I’m going to be.)



I’ve got a couple of spoiler-free interviews that you might not know about, and pssst! though B&N has signed copies, Amazon has a much lower price. (14.84 HC, 12.99 ebook)

B&N Kim’s top ten SF (Whose shoulders I stand on)
Slipperywords — Five in five
AMA (ask me anything) 8/21
Bull Spec interview 8/25


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No-spoiler interview

I’ve got a great no-spoiler interview done in preparation for my visit to the Carolinas Quail Ridge Books and Park Road Books. http://bullspec.com



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One week out-first chapters

47917_Drafter_SharesB[2]_Page_5We’re one week out from publication, and that means sneak peek chapters!

I can’t put them here due to length, but you can pop on over to the website for additional content–a last teaser or taste for you to make a more informed decision on if you want to trust I’m going to give you a good story even if there are no vampires allowed. (grin)

The Drafter first looks



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Hollows Short-short. Wish fulfillment

Okay. Tony sent me some empty pop bottles, and Angela said she’d like to read/see a scene where they got together and drank those cokes. And then it got the wheels turning.


I. Had. To. Do. It.

So here it is, breaking all the rules (cause that’s fun sometimes) and so raw that you’re going to find typos (don’t tell me when you do) and I’m going to give it to you without the stress of proofing, editing, and anyone looking at it but me. Like it used to be. Pure and raw. One day old.

Just . . . enjoy. I sure did.

P.S. Come back Monday for the first couple of chapters of The Drafter, right here at the website.

P.P.S. I’m having an AMA this afternoon (Friday) from noon, EST on. Here’s the link. It just went live and you can start asking questions. https://www.reddit.com/r/books


Pages From The Back Room

     Al pushed the metal and frosted glass door open, the jingling tinkle hitting him the exact second the scent of mutton filled his nose. Squinting at the bohemian, dim lighting, he stepped into the rustic tavern from an interior door. His eyes flicked to the two teenagers at one of the narrow windows, both of them ignoring him as they focused on their cell phones and takeout cups of coffee. The trio sitting before the second window looked up, acknowledging him.
He’d seen the young woman in her blue homespun dress before, that bird on her shoulder and that middleclass artisan at her side. Today, she had her dandy with her as well, the charismatic man wearing something even Al would call overdone: lace and velvet, jeweled dagger at his hip. The love triangle was obvious. Almost as obvious as who she favored.
Old story, he thought as he nodded to them and shut the door behind himself, thinking the gleaming modern lines looked odd beside the rough hewn timbers. Trees and mountains were visible through the windows, making him feel as if he were intruding. His suit and tie looked out of place, even if the teenagers had cell phones and sneakers, and he wondered if today he might find the courage to ask the young woman with the bird if the odd color of her eyes was born in science or magic.
But none of the earlies never talked to him or any of his contemporaries.

Click to read the rest at the website


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Dragon give-away

D1A new dragon in town,

has just settled down,

looking  sharp in his gold and orange wings.

With no name as of yet,

his destiny is set,

a gift with just one string.

To enter the fray,

and fight for the fae,

your Drafter receipt must be kept.

To submit at a date,

to win if it’s fate,

At a time that has yet to be set.


So save your Drafter receipts, even if it’s a photo or screen shot of your electronic purchase. I don’t have the details yet, but after Mr. D goes on tour with me, hopefully getting pictures with more dragons, he will be given to one lucky reader.

Copies are available at:


Barnes and Noble has a small supply of signed copies of The Drafter. Nicola’s  is offering signed/personalized copies of The Drafter. Orders placed by August 17th have a good chance of arriving at or around the drop-date.


sideswipedSmNot sure if Peri Reed is for you? You can pick up a nice chunk of exclusive content that won’t be in The Drafter in the novelette Sideswiped.

.99 cent e-book novelette out now






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Whose shoulders I stand on

B&N invited me to list my favorite top ten SF over at their SF/Fantasy blog. (What an honor!) It  sort of reads like a blast from the past, but if you’ve read the ARC of The Drafter, you can see who I’m drawing from.

Check it out, and leave a comment so they know your top ten. :-)


click to go to Kim’s “top ten.”

If you’re still looking for signed first-edition copies, Barnes and Noble still have them, each with an original, individual signature. They will run out, and I don’t know if any of these are being reserved for the store display.

Click to order

Click to order


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On The Cutting Room Floor/last day

CompleatedWe’re stitching the dragon together today. Videos at the website! Also, today is the last day to order a signed and personalized copy from Nicola’s Books and get in on that first week of shipment. ( I begged for an extension, and this is it!) They’re going to try to get it to you as soon as possible, but those who are ordered first have the best shot of hitting the drop date. International is okay, too. More info Seriously, this is it. If you want a personalized to you, pearlized first-edition copy and can’t make it to a signing, it’s your only easy option. I can’t ask the staff at Nicola’s to extend the cut off again.

TDhcCoverBut I mentioned an excerpt of The Drafter. As in any endeavor, there are pieces that unexpectedly find their way into the text, and others that for one reason or another find their way out. Below is such a chunk. Just five or so pages, it was removed at the editorial edit stage to quicken the overall pace.

Unlike most deletions, this one was hard for me to let go as it was the first time we see Peri begin to break her Opti conditioning and take direct action. If you have already read The Drafter, you can easily spot where it was lifted out, and from a technical standpoint, it fits right back in fairly well apart from a few continuity glitches.

 Set up: Peri and Silas at Peri’s comic book apartment, having decided to go back to the drafter bar and try to render a memory from what is there. But they have to shake Opti first.


      Breathless, Peri peeked through the blinds: People walking, cars driving. The raggedy man on the corner playing music—a black car parked illegally at the curb. They’d found me? “I need to render something, or I’m going to go crazy and you won’t get your damned list.”

     “I’m not worried about the list. I’m worried about you!” Silas said.

     “Well, we can’t stay here. Opti’s at the front door.”

     “What!” Silas pushed close behind her, the warmth of his body real and obvious. Focus blurring, she breathed in his scent, feeling herself come alive with adrenaline. Silas’s scent wound through it all, binding it. “Howard and Taf,” he whispered as he dropped back, his head down over his phone.

     “They’re okay. The car wasn’t there when they left. Text them, but we have to go.”

     “Go? Go where?” Silas said, eyes widening hen she gave him a where-do-you-think look. “Overdraft?” he blurted. “Now? Are you crazy?”

      Did it make a difference? “We have five minutes before reinforcements show once they know for sure we’re still here. Bring what you want. We’re not coming back.”

Click for the rest

If you missed the real teaser of how Silas and Peri met, you can still pick it up from Amazon or B&N. This is a .99 cent novelette of about 50 pages with the first chapter of The Drafter tacked onto the end, and you don’t have to have a Nook or Kindle to read it.



Click for more info

Click to order

Click for more info



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