Okay, maybe a little sore

I took a vow a long time ago not to ever complain about any aching of the hand when it came to signing, and for the most part, there really isn’t a problem when I’m on tour. It’s always my voice that goes first, because . . . well . . . I don’t sit in my office talking, I sit in my office typing, and I don’t have a lot of vocal reserves.

But when tip-in sheets come in to be signed, I have to be careful, because I could sit for hours and sign. It’s very zen like, and if I’m not careful, my arm and neck will begin to cramp.

Today was damp with rain, so I did another batch today since the moist air keeps the solvent from drying the pens so fast. (Trust me, it’s significant.) It pushed me past the halfway mark for the B&N signed books, and I was tempted to just keep going because of the rain. And if you’re wondering or suspicious, I can honestly say that every one of those first-edition bad boys you might see on a bookstore shelf with the special binding and the signed page has an individual signature, not printed or reproduced–signed to the sound of rain and singing robins.


And don’t worry about my arm. I do more damage to it knitting or editing. Editing is by far the worst with those tiny movement with the up and down arrow and the delete button way up in the right hand corner. (snerk)

Click to reserve

Click to reserve


If you want to pre-order one of these B&N bad boys, here’s the link. I’m not sure if they are going to distribute any to individual stores or reserve them for online sales.


And if you’ve not entered my “Show me your Kim Harrison SWAG” contest for one of the ten Drafter ARCS I’m giving away, there’s still time until Friday. Just drop a picture of you and your Kim Harrison swag on my FB page or Instagram. No swag? Take a pic of your favorite Harrison book. It’ll do. :-) More info

Winners so far:

Tiffany's swag

Instagram winner


Michelle's fav swag

Winner one!



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Deep into it

DamsilFlyAhhh, summer. I can tell already you will end before I’m ready this year. We’ve had such a nice one so far even with the very cold start and the rain that only now seems to be letting up. Even with the lack of commitment on summer’s part, things are moving. Lawns have needed to be mown, flowers are showing. [I’ve got a bunch of them over at Instagram if you insta] Parent birds are bringing their babies to the feeder to try and get them more independent, and my cherry tree is fruiting.

My mom and I have been out on the course a couple of times, dodging the rain and lucking out because there’s only one day a week that we can realistically do this if I’m not on a league, and that is not happening. I’ve only been at it for a couple of years, but I spent a summer in my teens with a club in my hand, and it came back pretty fast. I’m good enough to keep up with my mom, whose been doing this most of her life, but not good enough to keep score. She’s about ready to make me count my wiffs, which is saying something. My game is erratic, with long beautiful drives followed by swings and misses–but the long beautiful drives are starting to show more than the wiffs. And even better, our drives are landing just about at the same place. So to me, it’s not just two different colored balls landing near each other, it’s two people. :-)



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Milkweed and roses

Milkweed and roses. They seem to go together, both needing copious amounts of sun. I’ve been spotting them around town–people letting it grow, incorporating the wild Michigan flower into their landscaping. The picture with the roses on the left is not mine. My little patch, which has tripled in size this year, is the other. You can still see my roses, but they are much smaller.

I can’t help but wonder what happened to the seeds I gave away at last year’s signing. Milkweed is  a perennial , and they don’t always flower that first year, but after that, watch out. They spread wonderfully if they’re happy and in the sun. I can’t wait to see if my little patch brings any monarchs in. My little town is amazingly nature-balance oriented for a small town. I’m not saying we don’t have issues, but we’re easy to rally, valuing the scrubby, “ugly” places having seen fawns there, and know that so-called mosquito pits harbor sleek, beautiful fish, frogs, and the ducks.


Not mine



I’ve been working on Peri Reed for the last couple of weeks, polishing up the second manuscript before sending it off at the end of the month. (I’ve even got a name now, but I have to run it past my editor before I even can hope I might get to keep it.)

I usually don’t write the last comfy cozy coda (last chapter) until I’m in my rewrite, and so I worked on that yesterday, finishing it with a good feeling and finally knowing what the core of the story is about.

It’s not as comfy cozy as I’m used to with Rachel. Peri Reed is . . . complicated, and though moralistically centered, she’s far more jaded, realistic, and inclined to take the money and run. I like her that way.

The swag contest is still going on, so keep sending me your pictures of you and your swag to FB and instagram.



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Five days, five “winners”

WWNNmmCoverI stopped in at at Nicola’s this weekend to sign the mass markets of The Witch With No Name that you guys have been buying, and I got the word on their deadline to order a signed/personalized, first-edition Drafter. They will be starting to ship on the week of August 31, and the sooner you order, the sooner it will go out.

Click to purchase

Click to preorder/buy


But as for me and the Drafter ARCs. Well. I was going to wait, but I can’t wait any longer. My intent was to go ten days and then pick ten winners, but we’re at the halfway point, and I’m going to give away five of the ten Drafter ARCs to readers who have posted a picture of them and their swag on my FB and Instagram TODAY.


If you see your picture below, check your accounts for a email from me so I can get your address to send you your ARC. Everyone else, keep sending me your pics of your swag at my FB page or instagram at #kimharrison. I’ll give away the other five on the 6/22.



You can enter up to three times if you have more than one favorite, (on your honor) and you can post each entry on FB and Instagram to double your chances. I will randomly choose the last five winners of the Drafter ARCs on Monday the 22nd, noon, EST, and I’ll ask for the winners to contact me with their U.S. shipping info at that time. (So if you don’t get back to be by the 29th with your address, I’m going to give the ARC to someone else.) For full rules, check out the original post here

The first five winners are:
Instagram winner

Instagram winner

Michelle's fav swag

Michelle’s fav swag

Tiffany's swag

Tiffany’s swag

Winner one!

Christy’s Swag


Reiko’s swag


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Do you want a Drafter ARC? I’ve got 10 begging

I got my give-away ARCS today! Ten beautiful copies I am wanting to send out to ten readers for an early taste of Peri, Jack, and Silas. Which begs the question, how?


So here is what I’m going to do. 10 books, 10 days. U.S. only. (I’m sorry, but it costs too much to send overseas.)

You post a picture of you and your favorite Kim Harrison swag at either:
1: My facebook page with the words, “My favorite Kim Harrison Swag”  Post right on the page. I’ve opened it up for photos, so they should show.


2: Post a picture of your favorite Kim Harrison swag at Instagram at #kimharrison so I know you’re entering.

I will randomly choose ten U.S. readers to receive a Drafter ARC at the end of ten days. You remember the swag, right?

EWWBDswagBMSfreebieFOCfreebie WWNNfreebie  EAfreebies2 Freebie2011 PDFreebieBackOptiPinEAtourShirtFrontFOCtatto ToeTag PICT0006 freebie armband EWWBDmugs


You can enter up to three times if you have more than one favorite, (on your honor) and you can post each entry on FB and Instagram to double your chances. I will randomly choose the winners of the Drafter ARCs on Monday the 22nd, noon, EST, and I’ll ask for the winners to contact me with their U.S. shipping info at that time. (So if you don’t get back to be by the 29th with your address, I’m going to give the ARC to someone else.)

Ready? Set? Go post your picture!

I know I’ve forgotten something, and I’ll be editing this post to reflect whatever that is when you guys point that something out. I’ve never tried to use Instagram to run a give-away before, so this is going to be interesting.

Things to keep in mind:

U.S. only.

Can enter only three times, using a different photo each time.

Starts today, 6/11, ends 6/21, noon, EST. I announce winners on 6/22 and ask for mailing address then.

If winners don’t respond with address by 6/29, the ARC goes to someone else.

I’m new at Instagram, so don’t ask me any questions if it’s all new to you, too. (Arrrg!!)



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Knights in White Satin

Tim is my knight, handling the white satin, and if you get that, then you’re at least as old as I am. Wow, did we get SASEs last week! He’s got the first batch out, so go ahead and post you and your glass tech phone on FB or Instagram so I can see that it’s all worth the effort to make these things. I don’t think we’ve ever had this kind of response before.  [send me a SASE]


But what has me smiling today is something we found under our front porch this morning. We’re doing some reconstruction to try to put the porch back to a photo we have of it at 1890 something, and the guys found a bunch of bottles in an old foundation where an old parlor window used to be. We’re not putting the parlor window back. It would mean taking off the porch entirely, and that’s just not going to happen. My favorite bottle is the one with the paper wrapper still on it, for Raven Liquid Stove Polish.

Tim and I have been calling our home Raven’s Ring since we took ownership, the house’s guardian being a statue of a raven with a ring in his beak. This new “gift from the house” makes me feel even more connected, and I cherish it. We keep giving to her, and she keeps giving to us.

RavenLiquidStovePolishI’m posting more photos at Instagram. You can find me there. 




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Signed Drafters. A new outlet!

What do 2000 signed copies look like on my dining room table? Just like this! Minus the signature, of course. That’s what I’ll be doing over the course of this and next week. I mean, I could make a marathon of it, but why be a monster about it?


These are slated for B&N, and each of the tip-in sheets will be signed by me before they go to the printer and are bound into special copies. If you can’t get to a signing, it’s a good way to pick one up. I was over at B&N this morning, and the link to reserve one of these is live.

click to reserve

click to reserve



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