Trick-or-Treat! 31 signed e-books (yes, signed!)

Trick-or-Treat: Kim Harrison & Harper Voyager Giveaway Signed E-Book Editions of Ever AfterFor Halloween

HalloweenIt’s the week of All Hallows Eve—a high holiday in the world of the Hollows, and definite holy day for Kim Harrison & Harper Voyager. This year, Harper Voyager and I are teaming up to bring you a witchy trick-or-treat gift—Rachel Morgan style. Starting 10/25, we’ll run a contest wherein 31 lucky winners will be chosen at random to receive a *signed* e-book edition of Kim Harrison’s explosively awesome 11th Hollows book, Ever After—to be delivered directly to your e-reader, computer, smartphone, or tablet by midnight (the witching hour!) of Halloween 2013! (Note: this is a complimentary e-book edition of Ever After, and is compatible with any device that doesn’t use e-ink. Remember, if all else fails, reading on your phone or your computer is always an option! This should work internationally, too).

Contrary to what you might expect from a giveaway for a book about a witch, winners will not be chosen by drawing names out of a creepy cauldron; just click on the Rafflecopter widget below, and enter by following Kim Harrison and / or Harper Voyager US on twitter and/ or Facebook, or by tweeting about this contest (follow the Rafflecopter giveaway link for more details). Each different form of entry counts as one more chance for you to win your treat! Winners will be announced by 12PM on 10/31. And as for trick? We’ll have Jenks pix you. Just kidding! (Maybe).

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 8.51.47 AM
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Also, if you haven’t entered Harper’s five signed books giveaway, it’s still going on at the Harper Pages. [Harper Sweepstakes]


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80 responses to “Trick-or-Treat! 31 signed e-books (yes, signed!)

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  2. This sounds awesome! Can’t wait for the new book 🙂

  3. Samantha Gilmore

    I knew before when there started being hints

  4. Love the books, am a big fan of Ivy, Rachel, and Bis who I love!

  5. Sandra King

    Thank you!

  6. I knew there was something amazing about him but Iwasn’t sure if he was going to turn out to be the ultimate bad guy or the guy who was good.

  7. Amber

    I would love to say that I figured it out before Rachel but other than vague suspicions I found out with her.

  8. Callie Greenhalgh

    I figured he was an elf just before

  9. Linda Ruquet

    3rd times a charm. Trying again! Thanks Kim for the giveaway!

  10. Linda Ruquet

    I think my email addy was wrong, so commenting again. Awesome giveaway! thanks Kim!

  11. Linda Ruquet

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks Kim!

  12. Chris Allen

    It would be sooo awesome to win!! I looovvvveee your books!

  13. Theresa

    I would love to win this giveaway. I have only a few authors that I really enjoy reading and you Kim is one of them.

  14. Nancy Bailey

    Great to have a giveaway like this!
    Bummer is I don’t Tweet so don’t get those entries 😦

  15. Daniel Pearce

    Thank you for the chance to win, love your books

  16. Catie Ecklund

    So excited for this book! Can’t wait until it finally comes out!

  17. Brenda

    So excited for this. Would be an AWESOME birthday present.

  18. Laura Stratton

    Love your books. You are an amazing writer. Your books draw people in and make it really hard to put the books down, even when I’m running late for work! lol

  19. I still have to get this book so I would love to win it (even though I’d probably get the hardcover anyways ’cause I love you that much)

  20. I love this series! And would love a copy of this book.

  21. These are the best books I have ever read… also the most read…lol

  22. Tawni Jackson

    Ah! Pick me! I love these books so much! You rock Kim!

  23. Love your books you are a awesome author

  24. Heather Denhardt

    Would love this! One of the best series I’ve ever read.

  25. Anna McKenrick

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! I would love to win a signed ebook copy of Ever After. Kim’s books are awesome! 🙂

  26. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim Well I doed it! I pre-ordered the Undead pool, which means I have every single thing that you ever wrote on my Kindle so I can see it.(That includes the Dawn Cook stuffs) But only because you are a great writer who tells wonderfull stories.

  27. Katie

    HELP! tried clicking rafflecopter button??? NOTHING happend. HOW do I enter?

  28. I cannot read in English but I shall like very much having a book dedicated by you !!! ❤
    One fan French reader 🙂

  29. This is the best series, It has heart fun and lots of action. From start to finish I can’t get enough.

  30. Kim Perry

    i love your books a would love to win this

  31. Deborah Byrd

    Would love to win, but even if I don’t thanks to you and Harper Voyager for having the give-away.

  32. Lisa vellela


  33. paula bibbee

    Love how you make time for us .. Love your books..

  34. Brenda Smith

    Love love love this series!! Would pee my pants if I won!!

  35. Amanda Iraca

    I can’t figure out how to enter.?

  36. Bobbi Vernon

    What a witchy way to celebrate Halloween.

  37. Debbie

    I love this series and can’t wait for the book to come out; I would love to win!

  38. Lavaughan

    Would be awsome to win something

  39. Marlene Natasha

    I would love to win a signed e-book from you. I love this series it made me laugh and cry. If I don’t win congratulations to the winners.

  40. Abby

    This would be awesome! Thank you for the chance to win!

  41. That would be great! I always regret not having a signed copy of a book since I bought my Kindle. It would also be a neat birthday present (1 day late of course)!

  42. AnnaMarie Jayroe

    I love ur books. Can never put them down.

  43. Carol M.

    Thanks for the contest!

  44. Would love to win….if I don’t congratulation to the winners.

  45. I was going to grouse about the fact that twitter people get 3 entries and face book people only get 2. Then I noticed there were several people who do not participate in either social medium, so cannot enter at all. So now I really have nothing to complain about. After all, it does only take one entry to win! 😉 So with two, I am sure to win! Thank you so much. Love this new e-signing thing!

  46. jkh

    Hmmm. Retirement of the Burning Bunny gravatar indicates to me that our dear Kim is emotionally moving on from the Hollows series … opening her horizons to what’s coming in the future. Definitely bittersweet, but a planned HEA instead of a worn-out withering away is good. I like the new gravatar.

  47. Cathy

    HI Kim,
    Wonderful opportunity for folks. Unfortunately I can’t participate because I don’t have either a twitter or facebook account and don’t want to get one no matter how enticing this offer is.. Good luck to others though.

    • inkie

      Haha, me too! I loathe Facebook.
      But it’s real sweet of Kim to do this, and I’m sure there will be other contests we can enter.
      Best of luck, everyone!

    • Hi Cathy. This is a fun way for Harper to both educate me on how to sign e-books as well as a chance to build my contact list with readers. To be honest, if I didn’t have to have a fb account for my “work” I wouldn’t have one at all either. But FB is a good tool for me, and I use it extensively. (shrug)

  48. Jan V

    I’m with so old school. I don’t have a Facebook or twitter account. But this is an awesome giveaway. Good luck everyone, and have a great weekend.

  49. Vampyre

    Drat drat drat! Not only am I a member of the Antisocial Media Club, I’m it’s president. As much as I love you and your work, I will not use Twitter or Facebook. Like the song says, “I’ll do anything for love, but I won’t do that.” 🙂

    Signing digital books is very cool though.


  50. Martin

    Thank you. 😉

  51. Melissa Milton

    Can I get a pix from Jenks and a kiss from Trent as a consolation prize?

  52. Wendy J. Leon

    I can’t get enough of your books. Love to get lost in the Hollows.

  53. Seriously considering getting a Twitter account just for more entries. I think I might have to to up my chances. There are already 740 entries, and 2 is just not enough. =)

  54. Amy McDonald

    I soo love this series!! It would be so awesome to win!!! Thank you Kim, for this giveaway!!!!

  55. Lynn

    I absolutely love the FUN u bring to ur fans! This is definitely a TREAT! Woo!!

  56. Giving you Bunny Kisses right now

  57. Jessica

    Love this series and would love to win!! Thanks Kim!!

  58. Thanks, Kim! Although, I am curious as to how one autographs an electronic copy of a book. If I win, I guess I’ll find out.

  59. Fabulous giveaway! Thank you!!

  60. Lesley

    I’d put up with a pix or two just to meet Jenks. 🙂 A little jewelweed should clear that rash right up…

  61. Kelli

    Thank you for the opportunity, Kim!

  62. What a great Trick-or-Treat giveaway! Thanks Kim. I’d love to see Jenks but not have him pix me. Have a great weekend!

  63. Thanks Kim! You are truly a great person. Always busy, but always finding time for your fans .

  64. Thanks for the opportunity. It’s a great idea! Have a good weekend.


  65. Kim F

    If I don’t win I will look forward to having Jink pix me 🙂

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