The Undead tour T’s are available for order

The Tour T’s are available for order! We’re only going to have two print runs this time, so if you want one, don’t delay. We make no guarantee for Christmas delivery, but if you are in the U.S. and get your payment to us by the 10th of December, chances are good. International orders take anywhere from two weeks to two months to deliver (especially Germany.) These are printed in batches and upon demand, so please allow extra time for processing. You must order before February 3rd to make the cut-off for the last print run. No more shirts will be printed after that date.

Wearing one to a signing gets you into a “family photo” at the bookstore and bragging rights. We only make these available until the tour starts, and then they are gone. This year, they sport the Free Vampire Society graffiti. The back will list the tour cities, but as we’re still working on the cities, I’m not going to show you.


Each shirt will include a Free Vampire Society pin. These pins will also be available to the first 100 people through the signing line at each stop. Due to their odd size and cost, I can’t make these available for a SASE. I’ll have something else for those who can’t make a signing or purchase a shirt.


Guy tried to bring the price down from last year, but the shipping is awful once you get outside the U.S. and it’s frustrating. We’ve tried to make it simple, and all prices include trackable shipping. Domestic will go priority mail. International shipments will go international priority. Here’s the details:

Unisex sizing from small to 5X, all the same price. (I wear a medium. Guy is wearing a large in the photo.)

USA 19.95

Canada 33.95

International 37.95

Sorry, no discounts on multiple shirt purchases since they will be going out in individual packages. We’re only printing two batches, so please allow for extra time at the printers. If you feel it’s taking too long, contact Guy at and include both the email your paypal is associated with and the size you ordered. (He organizes them by size.)

To order: Pay Pal the correct amount to Guy at

When you order, please tell Guy in the “email to recipient” box :

1. your size(s) you want
2. your name
3. your shipping address.

Paypal does not always supply the shipping address, and it gets confusing. If you do not tell us these three things, your money will be immediately refunded, and you will not get a shirt.We can’t be responsible for misdirected mail. If you’re using your brother’s PayPal, keep this in mind.

Don’t have pay-pal? Guy will accept US checks or US bank money orders made out to Cold Toast Writings until January 1st. (All international orders must be paypal.) Snail mail your order to:

Kim Harrison 2014 Undead Tour T
PO Box 498
Dexter, MI 48130

Any questions at all, email Guy, at and be sure to include in your correspondence your PayPal email and the size you ordered.

Tattered Cover, Denver, CO


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50 responses to “The Undead tour T’s are available for order

  1. Diane

    Kim, Just put in order for shirt. I love it and even if you don’t come to San Diego again I wanted to have it. I have loved your books. I may have been the only one to send her hubby to pick up the book for you to sign. Sorry I didn’t join the read along… I just reread them when my hubby brought home the new book to me. I realize that I might have wanted to do that before hand instead of rereading while I kept my brand new book waiting. Pinky swear, I read not a page of the last one til I read all the others. I should get a medal or a bozo badge for not thinking things thru… I have hopes to make it to the signing if you come back 🙂

  2. Shiloh G

    Hi! I just ordered my shirt. Will there be any chance I will get it before Christmas?

  3. KiKi Thomas-Lee

    I think I figured it out around the same time Rachel did. Not knowing all the supernatural races there could be made part of it more exciting.

  4. Gwendolyn Houck

    This is by far, one of my favorite series, and I am anxiously awaiting the release of the next book. I found out about Trent when Rachel did 🙂 I can’t make up my mind though, about whether or not she should be with Trent or a human sized Jenks…that would definitely be an interesting situation 🙂

  5. Will you be able to make it to the NYC? Please say yes!

  6. Michaela

    Hello, just wanted to say that apart from the fact that you are my favourite author (and I read all genres & all the time) I am just gobsmacked how lovely and kind both of you are.

    I just ordered my T-shirt and just have to comment on how patient, accommodating and pleasant Guy was.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of a US road trip for a while to coincide with your tour next year, are there any cities that you visit every year and will therefore be visiting in 2015?

    Thank you and take care…

  7. I will definitely be ordering one on payday…any chance you could come to Portland, OR?

  8. well I won’t be able to make it to a tour unless you come to Europe which would be sooo cool! but the shirt totally rocks! I might order one in a couple of weeks as soon as I get paid! I think this one is my favorite yet!

  9. Kathi Adam

    Got my T ordered. Would love to see you in Bakersfield,Ca.

  10. Ellen Hotchkiss

    Im excited. I will def order on next payday (next week). Love these books! you are an amazing author. I doubt you will be in my direction (Augusta, Ga) but at least I can get a tour T this way.

  11. Caitlin V.

    I will have to wait till I get paid 😦 I’ve wanted to go to the tour for the past few years, but you don’t come to my state and my car won’t make it to Ohio or Illinois.

    Since you haven’t released the tour cities will the shirts ordered before the tour cities release have the tour on the back? Or will it just not ship until the tour is released?

    • We’re not going to order the shirts from the printers for a few weeks, Caitlin. By then, I’ll have a better idea of what cities to put on the back, but there will likely still be changes. We’re going ahead with the shirts even knowing things will change.

  12. Reblogged this on jedichristy and commented:
    Kim Harrison fans Alert

  13. LeAnne B

    Oh my gosh… won’t have the $ for another 2 weeks! Hope that isn’t too late… Shouldn’t be right?

  14. justin p

    Please come to Arkansas or texarkana area

  15. jessie lewis

    So I don’t have pay pal! I can get a money order from any bank in the US or a money order from the US Bank? How about money orders from a gas station or post office?

  16. Stephanie

    Ordered shirts! I’m having trouble w/images. On this post only. I can’t see what the pin or the ‘Guy in the shirt’ images are (they are x’d-broken). All of the other past post’s images are showing correctly though.

  17. Heya Kim,

    just a quick question: when will we get to see the Freebies?

    I think this will be the second tour T I order. 😀

  18. John D Williford

    FYI – no tee-shirt pictures showing up on this page (only your masthead). Tried five different browsers on two different platforms, so I suspect the problem is on the side of WordPress or your image host.

  19. Thank you so much for selling shirts in a variety of sizes!! And I hope you are able to come to the west side of Michigan!

  20. I ordered one Tee through Paypal, then emailed Guy with the size information and confirmation of the address (same as PayPal) as well as (FYI) my telephone number and email addie. Plus I included the Paypal transaction number and PayPal confirmation. Hopefully that should cover all the bases? I love your books, I love the tee shirts, I love you. I am terrified that the series is going to end. I’ve gotten so involved with these characters … they feel like family.

    But I trust you as an authhor and have to assume you’ve got something great coming. I’ve been following you for a long time and whatched how you’ve matured as an author. You’ve got a lot of books in you yet and I plan to read them all. Live forever and prosper.

    Hugs and congratuations as it all comes together. I yet hope a GOOD movie or TV deal with come around! One in which they do a proper job with the Hollows, not a massacre.

  21. Laura

    Yay! Just ordered my shirt! I hope you come to Dallas again!

  22. Vampyre

    The shirt looks great and so does *Guy”. As soon as I get paid, I’ll get mine.

    • Doesn’t he, though? He’s been working on it.

    • jkh

      Kim’s Guy looks fi-i-ine. No over 40 “dunlop” for him — you know, when “de belly dunlop over de belt.”

    • old72jim

      JKH that is great grandfather muscle, for when the kids come whooping through the house and land in your lap. I still have grand kids that young (My boy keeps in having them even though he will be 50 in December. my great grand kids are 3,2,and 6 mo.

  23. Linda Craft.

    Just ordered my shirts YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Just ordered my T-shirt! Yay, so excited!

  25. Zakary Farm

    Will most definitely be getting a tour shirt, unfortunately, will probably not be able to attend a toured stop. The only big bookstore of any name in my area (Salem, OR) went bankrupt and so the only bookstore we have is a used book store (still a great place, just no big events). I miss my Borders.

  26. I agree with Kathy, Chicago, please. Anderson’s in Naperville maybe… Just ordered a T shirt. Thanks.

  27. It’s sad, I’d love a shirt but I bet it won’t be in my size.

    • The largest we can go is 5x, and the smallest is a small

    • Brenda Rorie-Baety

      Suzanne, my hubby and I get a 3X. they run a little big and are very good quality. Well worth the cost. Guy doesn’t skimp on the quality to save cost..I love that about him!! we will probably get our shirts after the first of the year! Get 1, you;ll love it!

    • Since it comes in a 5x it might fit! Being European I tend to feel sad when I read about these tours but if I can buy a shirt it’s worth it~ thanks for both your replies 🙂

  28. Chicago please please please , with a big cheesy grin!

  29. Brittany Green

    When is the tour info coming out? And you can you please please come to Palm beach county Florida again?

  30. Noelle Loberg

    Kim do you think that you will still have shirts when you release the tour cities?

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