Bakers Dozen

It’s official.  I’ve been saying that the Hollows will end at 12 or 13, and after a couple of weeks plotting out book 12, I realize there’s a book 13 in there to get to the ending I want.  🙂  So it’s back to my index cards and handwritten pages for another week to plot this baby out since it comes first.  I’ll be borrowing a bit of the character movement from the previously plotted book because it’s time to move forward with a few things, but for the most part, I’ll be touching on a few issues that need settling before I call it quits.  It felt rushed, and now it doesn’t.

I hope you all had a great April 1st.  I think Mother Nature is having the last laugh on me.  I got outside maybe once, and it was miserable and cold.  The sun never came out, and the ground was too wet to work with.  I’m frustrated and in a bad mood, which is not a good way to start your work week.  But it’s warm in my office.  I’ve got six orchids that are blooming and some of my seeds I’ve started have germinated.  Four of the orchids started blooming way back in early Feb and are just about done, but two just opened up and should be with me for a while yet.  One that I though was on his way out decided to push out a few more buds, which has the potential to make this the longest blooming orchid I’ve ever had.

The orchid I’ve got picture here is really cool.  Unlike a lot of orchids that open up a new bud every few weeks or so, this one opens them all up at once.  I think they look like birds coming down on prey.  They have a very delicate scent, too.  Mud can tell me what it is.  I don’t remember.  -laugh-


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  1. That sucks we had a beautiful weekend here but I was stuck inside with a client the whole time. I couldn’t even watch my lilacs blooming. There is one sprig of flowers on one of the smaller plants and when I got home yesterday everything smelled like lilacs and sunshine. It put me in a better mood.
    I’m writing more today while I work on homework. I’m hoping it goes better than yesterday where things were shaping up well but I couldn’t focus.

  2. Claudia

    Hi Kim!
    I’m super happy that you’re ending The Hollows Series at book 13. I was always hoping that you would. I’m also glad that you’ve finally given us an answer to a forever burning question. Yay!
    Also, I love your orchids. They really do look like beautiful birds swooping down to catch their prey.

  3. Bridget Knowlton

    Dear Kim.

    I have never in my reading history, written to an Author before. Your Hollows series was recommended to me a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t put them down! Just finished A Perfect Blood 15min ago. Please – when can we expect the next? When I find a series I enjoy this much, I can’t stand waiting! 🙂
    Thank you so much for the entertainment you have proved me with these past 2 weeks!

    • Wow, thank you, Bridget! I’m so glad that you enjoyed them! Oh, if only I could write them as fast as you read them. Look for EVERAFTER in late February, but I do have an anthology of all the Hollows shorts and novellas coming out in October called INTO THE WOODS.

  4. I’m happy about 13! I’m even happier that you got to make this decision based on what the story needed and not any kind of external pressure.

    Today’s sunshine and blue skies might have made you even more frustrated since it wasn’t the weekend, but at least it was nice for looking out the window! I walked around some in Ann Arbor this afternoon and it was still a little cool and windy, if that makes you feel better. Maybe Easter weekend will be a good one.

    • Thanks, SiSi. I’m happy, too. I didn’t want to cut it short, but I didn’t want it to be gratuitous, either.

      I’m about half an hour out side of Ann Arbor. If you weren’t in the sun, it was chilly, but by the time I got outside the sun was threatening to go down, and it was even more so. I didn’t care. 🙂

  5. Lesley

    I am so happy that we have three more Hollows books to look forward to! Hooray!

  6. I wasn’t happy about our cold weekend either. But if your Easter weekend is looking like MA.. you will be good to go. Ours looks like a mid 60’s.

    Thanks, I will have to check out Jocelynn Drake too.. I am a sucker for vampires. 🙂

    I know I mentioned yesterday that I’m very stoked about the 13 instead of 12.. But I am even more now that you said 12 felt too rushed. That means you won’t jump from here to there, and we will all savor the moment.
    I know your looking forward to new beginnings in your work.. so a big THANK YOU and a kiss-kiss your way for taking the extra time and effort for the big bang you, Rach and all us fans crave.
    Gotta love those burning bunnies! 8}

  7. Dorothy

    I think Jenks would agree that 13 is a very lucky number, but really 123 seems great too! 🙂 I love the books and they just get better everytime I read them. I always find some thing that I missed or just blank read when I re-read them, which is a lot since I re-read them everytime a new book comes out. Thank you for giving me the gift of a different place when the real ones gets to be to much!
    Jenk’s wife Dorothy

    • Wow, thanks, Dorothy. I really appreciate that. I try to put in little things that you might not notice on the first time through, so thank you, very much.

  8. Zeenat

    Yay! That makes very happy. My ideal book series lengths are anywhere from 5-15, so you couldn’t really go wrong 🙂

    So was it Rachel’s personal growth that added the additional book, or the plot surrounding the world in general?

    • It was both, Zeenat. Rachel had an opportunity to move in a direction I wasn’t anticipating, and the world still had a surprise to show me. I love my magic.

  9. jkh

    One of my ways to cope weather frustration this time of year is to make a pot of soup. All that chopping is cathartic. And it doesn’t even have to be precise chopping if you plan to puree your soup. (I like to use a stick blender on my split pea soup.)

    And yes, I’m happy to see that #13 has officially entered the list. I ran into that when I was reading my novella after a rest period. A couple more items on the story arc, and a couple of gaps, and a novella turned into two or three books!

    • OMGosh, that’s what we had for dinner, JKH. Soup and sandwich! Guy likes the cooler weather because I bake more.

      Funny how things just seem to expand . . .

  10. I realized that an entire week has passed and, although I’ve read your posts, I didn’t respond to a one. Well! A fine howdy-do from one of your adoring fans, I must say. Now, on to congratulations to you for discovering you’ll need 2 more books to finish the story, Kim. Lucky 13 and lucky us knowing we’ll be able to read more about Rachel and Jenks and that happy, dysfunctional crew they all call family. More Biz! More Biz! (He’s such a cutie).

    We’ve got a windy day here in the high desert hills of north central Arizona. I’ve much reading to do today for a Stempunk Creative Writing class I’m taking at our local community college – “The Lady of Desires” by Shelley Adina – for an annotation and paper.

    Your orchid is lovely – such grace!

  11. Denise Keef

    Oh Kim…you have made my day!!! I had to read your blog twice to make sure I was seeing it correctly….you are adding an extra book!!! Hopefully it will make it easier on you to not have to tie in everything in one book but spread it out into two and not leave anything out due to space. I know there are a lot of happy readers out there today. Enjoy the rest of your day =]

  12. Yay, so happy for another book! I know, i want a HEA, too, but i don´t want to give up reading about this world, either! Talk about catch 22, i don´t want it to end but still want the HEA? =)
    Happy Monday!

  13. Diva

    Sooooo, the old book 12 that you had plotted out is now the new book 13 and the extra book is now the new book 12. Did I get that right? -whew!-

    So do you see your originally plotted ending changing or is it more of a case where this extra book will allow you extra time and pages to flesh some stuff out?

    On the one hand, “Yay! More Rachel & crew!”, and OTOH “Shucks! Have to wait an extra year for everyone’s HEAs.” But I trust that they’ll all be worth the wait and I guess I’d rather wait than have something that feels rushed. Slow and steady wins the race.

    • Hi Diva. Yup, you got it right. The new book will let me bring in a magical aspect that I’d like to develop for the world, and allow me to slow down on the relationship a peg, even though it feels like it’s moving just as fast if not faster.

  14. Martin

    A 13th book. I am rejoicing. The publisher is rejoicing too! Good news! Hurray!

  15. James R. Fox

    Hi ms.Kim-Its Jim from Warren. The suns out today! If thats true up in the wilds of Michigan why not plot outdoors. Just carry a mini recorder and talk to yourself about it ? all you need is double sided tape, available at any hi-end dress store.and it will hold the mic close to your mouth on your collar or something. I never knew about the tape untill my friend in Singapore,Weh Qi told me about it.(We were discussing her volunteer work with the Singapore Police as a translater.A lot of slaves are shipped through Singapore,and Weh Qi gets to comfort them and help them get home when the cops catch them,since she speaks,reads and writes 6 languages besides english and mandarin chinese.) Weh Qi remarked that she got a new halter top dress,BF almost had heart failure when she wore it with tape,no bra.Since Weh Qi is very pretty,I imagine he did.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Ms. Kim-Almost forgot You can make Sandwiches for lunch with my receptie. Take a whole graham cracker,spread with non-fat greek yogurt, top with real berries and/or kiwi,and top with a graham cracker! Chill to stiffen the yougurt,otherwise you might get yogurt on the keyboard, and say Äaaak! there’s yougurt on my keyboard! Now I have to go snagglefuss my orchids or something to detox!

    • OMGosh, sounds good, but I don’t have time to be that elaborate. Guy might, but I just collect food, plate it, (optional) and go.

    • I sat in the sun with Guy for almost fifteen minutes and did nothing yesterday. It felt really good.

      Never got into dictating, though I know a lot of authors work that way. I like the connection between thought, finger-action, and seeing it on the screen. The pacing works good with my brain.

  16. So excited there will be a book 13, YaY!. Oh and isn’t it a real bummer about the sun coming out finally on Monday. Thanks Michigan Weather.

    • My compost didn’t arrive this weekend, and I’m dying here. You can’t wait for Michigan weather to get things done. You just have to do them in the nasty weather, cause when the good stuff hits, you want to be on the lake! 🙂

  17. Kelly

    I am soooo thrilled to hear there will be a book 13!! I know that good things have to come to an end…. but I don’t if I will ever be ready. Thanks for the wonderful news on a Monday!

  18. James

    I hope this isn’t a April’s fool joke.
    13 books? one word, AWESOME!!!!
    BTW: Loved the last book

  19. Probably having a computer in every room including a 10″ Netbook on the night table makes putting ideas into the computer whenever they pop into my brain pretty easy. Geek-hood has advantages. I just send myself emails using just enough words to trigger memories.

    I started accumulating extra computers when I realized I was losing my breasts and would be doing some bed time, acquiring Silver Streak, my new wow laptop and leaving Netbook for when I refuse to get out of bed.

    Silver lives atop a dog crate at my end of the reclining love seat in the living room. Dog crates make good end tables and if you have enough dogs, you need to have a few crates, even though I can’t remember the last time we actually put a dog in one. They go there to sleep and hide toys and other stolen goodies. My office has the big 23″ monitor desktop plus about a third of my collection of old dolls, unframed art, extinct cell phones, miscellaneous USB cables, chargers and software and uncountable numbers of bills, receipts, and manuscripts. I long ago gave up filing in favor of the geological system: newer stuff on top, older on the bottom. My computer files are organized to death, but paper overwhelms me. My world is cluttered, but uniquely mine.

    Being wireless frees us of physical tethers yet forces us to depend on a huge array of cables, chargers, batteries, etc. The ties that bind us are less tangible, but damned tight.

    Wow, I’ve really run on here! Sorry! Now it’s off to a doctor … the one who is closer to a friend than just a medical resource. We laugh a lot.

    Jordan Rich (WBZ) will contact you soon, if he hasn’t already. You are (he says) perfect. He’s a good guy. In TV, you don’t meet so many of them. He is a real “mensch.”

    As for me, I want to join Jasper Fford’s book world … move into a universe where books are real and life is but a dream. Thursday Next should meet Rachel Morgan. Maybe, in that other dimension, they already have!

    • You do what you have to do, Marilyn. And I mean that in the best possible way. 🙂 I’ll be looking for Jordan’s contact. I’m so glad you reminded me. I totally forgot!

  20. Angela Elliott

    Tinks tampons! I am so excited! My daughter and I had no idea how there couldn’t be more than just one more. Big fan! Thank you!
    p.s. would you be offended if I mailed you some of my famous homemade coffee caramal candy? As a thank you for hooking me on reading again (a missed long lost friend)

    • See, that’s what I was thinking, but when I realized there was a part of the magic mythology that I hadn’t explored . . . well . . . There you go. 🙂

      OMGosh, thank you for the offer, but I don’t like the taste of coffee. Yes, it is true! I just can’t stand it! -laugh- But thank you.

      I’m honred that my work has gotten you back into reading. That has totally made my day. Thank you.

  21. twiser

    Yeah, you finally admitted That’s the first sign of acceptance. *grin*
    No, really that’s great but it does prolong the ending a bit 😦 But I’m looking forward to some juice and action packed scenes! Man, I totally spaced April Fools 😦 Happy Monday 😀

  22. tim collins

    I just read an old quote:
    ” Women, it is a waste of time using your physical charms on a man who only has eyes for his garden.”
    😉 Tim

  23. mudepoz

    I kinda thought there was going to be a Book 13. What better number to end on. But what does that do to your deadline if this is the book between 11 and thirteen, or did I just misread something. Yes, I celebrated another birthday and lost more brain cells.

    Your orchid may have come to you sans name. Don’t remember. It’s Gongora atropurpurea, Punch and Judy orchid. I didn’t name it, so don’t know what it refers to. Your imagination is better than mine. It resembles a bug, which looks much like the flower, to act as sex slave. I mean pollinator.

    • Ooooh, thank you, Mud! I knew you would know. I’m writing that one down. And yes, the flower is screaming “come be my sex slave.” -laugh-

      Fortunately because I work so far ahead of my schedule, I can slip this in with no problem, and just bump the 13th out a year. QED. 🙂

  24. Great news for us! My yard is a mess and thought I would get something, anything done this weekend but nope. Michigan gardeners are patient by nature… NOT!

  25. Carey

    Hi, Kim.

    That’s awesome! I love that there will be book 13 to look forward to… that made my day!