Peanut butter Jelly time!

Yesterday was national peanut butter and jelly sandwich day, so of course I celebrated by having a gooey,  sloppy PB&J.  My favorite is made with raspberry and the peanut butter so thick you can almost not eat it.  It takes a lot of milk.

I had other plans for this week, but I find myself back at my desk with my computer turned off, plotting out another book.  Fortunately I can use a lot of the prewriting research that I did for the first book I plotted out since I’m setting this new one in the old timeframe.  Sunrise, -set, moonrise -set, moon phase, average temperatures are all the same.  And even the first chapter I wrote can be used with a little tweaking.  Even so, I’m not really happy with that first chapter.  It’s not unusual for my first chapter to be completely rewritten between rough draft and submission, so I try not to get too uptight about it and simply use that first chapter as a way to get into the story.  Fix it later.  🙂  I’ve got a very rough character grid sketched out, and a rough day-by-day breakdown of what I want to see.  Today I’ll be taking that and fleshing it out into real chapters, hopefully bringing in some of the fun stuff I wanted to do.  Again, it feels skimpy, but I’ve got a couple of new, unexpected characters, and that always shakes things up.

I bugged out of the office an hour early yesterday so I could weed out a few of the landscape beds.  It felt good to get my dirt pants on and my face turned to the ground–and the physical labor forced a few ideas out into the open where I can work with them today.  I told Guy I was yanking the dandelions from around the bushes so we can leave them where they belong in the yard, and he wasn’t amused.  I believe his exact words were “We’re not going to make wine out of them!”


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28 responses to “Peanut butter Jelly time!

  1. Victoria

    Lol, sounds like a productive day. And if not wine, dandelion tea I’d good too. Lol

  2. Bringing in fun is always a good thing! I can’t wait to read the fun you bring 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed your PB&J. /salute. Personally though, I have to be in the mood for them. But, when I am.. they taste O SO GOOD.

  3. twiser

    I’m a peanutbutter(w/ honey) & banana person myself.
    Do you have the titles for 12 & 13 or ideas?
    A hole book of Rachel in a relationship? SWEET 😀 Now 3yrs seems WAY too long! Have a good hump day.

    • Hi Twiser. I”ve got titles, yes, but I need to clear one with my editor. I don’t think there will be an issue unless it clashes with another title or there is a bad history with books of a similar name. I’m getting better at knowing what gets past marketing. You have a great day, too.

  4. All hail the PB&J!! The saving sandwich of mothers everywhere. A perfect tummy-filler at lunchtime, a great snack after practices and a yummy nibble for tea parties! Who can resist?
    You should definitely get out into the sun as much as possible. It is springtime and nature is such a wonderful inspiration!

    • I got out for another hour yesterday, Keeley. Felt good. Almost done weeding inside the fence. Wow. The maple trees really put out this last fall.

  5. Martin

    The jelly could be anything. The peanut butter must be freshly ground; absolutely nothing out of a jar will do. Butter made from honey roasted peanuts is best. Really good peanut butter doesn’t need jelly.

  6. Now you’ve got me hankering for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Kim. Mine is made with creamy peanut butter and gobs of strawberry jam yum! I need to get some fresh bread first. I also like this on a toasted English muffin with a steaming cup of coffee.

    It’s good to get in the dirt and I’m glad you had time to. Dandelions come at the right time for our health benefits; after a winter of creamy comfort foods, we all can use a cleansing from the tasty greens in a salad or wilted with a bit of vinegar and oil. Oh, and a little wine never hurt anyone either.

    • When we were on the boat, my mom would grill pb&j on an English muffin for breakfast. Mmmm, cold finger tips and bright sun, feet propped up on the seat across from you. Yep, that’s perfect.

  7. Antonio

    😎 My grandfather, who was from Kentucky, used to make dandelion wine. When I tell people that, they never believe me.

    So, hey lady, long time no chat. Congratulations on your latest best-seller! I read APB in 2 days. You know, it’s really inconsiderate of you to write so slowly. I mean, I “guess” I could read a little slower(cue exasperated sigh). Equal parts pure enjoyment and exasperation – my usual response to a Rachel Morgan story(grin).She wears me out.

    *Story in USAToday last week: Starbucks is using ground up cochineal beetles to color it’s Strawberry Frappuccinos. Apparently, it’s perfectly legal and used in a variety of foods. But it does make you wonder what is really in those raspberry flavored coffees the demons prefer, right?

    • I heard about that, Antonio, and that vegetarians were having issues. Just don’t eat that particular food, people! There are lots of stuff people can’t eat because of allergies, and restrictions, and you don’t see us crabbing that a company needs to change how they make their food. We just eat somewhere else.
      I don’t have a problem eating ground up beetles.

  8. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I am sensing a theme with this week’s entery titiles. We have “Baker’s Dozen” and “Peanut Butter }elly Time”. Will Wednesday be “Humpday Hash”? You’re really making me hungry.

    One of the best things about this time of year is it gets dark so much later. Once you finish work for the day, you can get a little sun if you want to. I like the longer days but not the heat. Once it hits 90+, I don’t go out if I can help it.


  9. Anytime I hear that saying in your title I immediately think of this:

    Family Guy has ruined me, haha.

    Good luck with chapter 1! I’m sure you’ll iron it out just fine in the end. It’s funny how doing relaxing things can spawn creative ideas. It happens to me often.

    • OMGosh, is that where the peanut butter sandwich with a baseball bat came from? I’ve been signing that for years thanks to my boys. They hate it when I do, which is why I do it.

  10. Dandelion wine, oh so fine. LOL I’ve never had that particular libation. If Guy changes his mind, I can certainly add plenty of the base ingredient for the low, low price of a sip of wine. 😉
    Maybe Jenks could make Honey-Dandelion wine as a hobby, as long as he doesn’t drink it all himself. LOL
    Have a good week.

  11. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms.Kim-Its Jim from Warren. Glad you got a little sun-its sunny here but clouds are moving in and its supposed to start raining soon.Did you know you can make real popskull out of dandelion wine?Distill it through the radiator of a 68 Chevy (shades of my misspent youth) note-don’t clean the radiator-the old antifreeze and rust add to the taste.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Ms. Kim-almost forgot(blame the cerebral atrophy,I do). James Mc Cartney is getting Sean Lennon,Zak Starkey, and Dhani Harrison, together to re-do the Beetles! Dhani in paticular is a dead ringer for George,and finished his dad’s last album when his dad got too sick.

    • Yikes! That would pop my skull, indeed.

  12. PB&J is a total US phenomenom – I used to think you guys ate it will actual jelly, or what you guys call jello!!

    It’s so nice to hear about how you work, thanks for the insider snoop 🙂

    • jkh

      You gave me such a giggle, Chantal. Regional word usage can really pull you up short now and then. Reminds me of my mom’s story of when they were in New Zealand, having dinner with new friends, and she was offered something more. She replied “No thanks, I’m stuffed.” I guess that doesn’t mean you’ve eaten too much in New Zealand!

    • I love how the language changes over borders.