So Kim, what does T-4 stand for?

Did you know that this year, on Halloween, it will be the 50th anniversary of the Turn? I think I’m going to have a little party and celebrate. It’s been over a decade, over two and a half million words on this world alone, and though I tried to say good-bye, clearly that didn’t happen.

But in all the interviews over the years, no one has ever asked where the name T4-Angel originated from. It came from my writer’s critique group almost twenty years ago, when one of the other members began waxing eloquently about a bible verse he was incorporating into his thriller. (Yes, that means you, Craig!) “And the fourth angel poured his vial onto the sun, and it became as sack cloth.” T4-angel was born.

The image haunted me, and so at long last, I give you, The Turn


I think this will be one of my favorite covers, maybe because I took more of a hand in it than any other cover I’ve ever had to do before. The original before my tweaking was fantastically beautiful, but those who know the Hollows know she is beautiful only on the surface. She is harsh, unforgiving, dark, and can kill you even if you are careful. But I’m not going to give you bad unless I bracket it by an equal or excessive amount of good, hence Ivy, a true friend struggling with addiction, Jenks, loyal to a fault even as he deals with his wife’s death and his children moving on, and Rachel, who has a heart bigger than the bankrolls of those she faces and is often her own worst enemy.

So I love this cover, with equal amounts of beauty and ugly. It’s a fairytale, not where the prince carries the princess off to his castle, though you can kind of see that at the end if you squint really hard. It’s a fairytale where toes are cut off to fit in slippers, and children are abandoned in the woods to die of exposure. It’s death, and sacrifice, and heartache, and hope.

And I think you’ll enjoy it.


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Want a chance to win an ARC of The Turn? Send Tim an email at <> by Friday (11/30), midnight, EST, with “Tomato” and the number of pumpkins you think I’m going to get out of my pumpkin patch this year in the subject line. i.e. Tomato42

We won’t be reading them, but we will squirrel your answers away, and when I harvest, I’ll draw names from those readers who guess right. So use an email address we can reach you at come October.



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26 responses to “So Kim, what does T-4 stand for?

  1. Amanda

    please please please write a full length book for jenks, he has been my favorite ever since that cutie danced with a hula girl on the dash of a taxi cab 🙂 if not for him please keep writing this amazing series it has consistently been my favorite series, not a single book has let me down from your amazing attention to detail and how you made me fall so in love with so many characters. Thank you for such an amazing journey

    • Candice

      Imagine if she did a mini novel series for all the characters, like have both Jenks and Bis’ stories in one book (if they are short stories) I would love to hear about the Gargoyles and Demons relationships.

  2. Marti Howell

    Visually Stunning cover! Your covers really bring the stories to life. So looking forward to delving back into The Hollows Universe. Many thanks!!

  3. bookwyrm217

    WOOT!!!!! This makes me very happy!! My daughter is demanding the book now. LOL The only ARC I have ever won was the original Dead Witch Walking, and it’s in loose leaf paper form. I keep it among my prized possessions.

  4. Sarah

    Just wondering if this is a stand alone book or, fingers crossed, the start of something longer?


    I love your books. I have re-read several times over. I was hoping it wasn’t over for the Hallows.

  6. Shelley

    This has made my day. But even if you never did return to the Hollows, you are such an exceptional writer, Kim. We love you.

  7. Cathy Heckman

    Think? You think I will enjoy? I KNOW I will! Been have bookgasms since you started leaving little tidbits here and there!

  8. Siretha

    looking forward to the beginning. But I have a small question regarding the Small rest break of the ending- Did Trent and Rachel Make babies?

    • No, because they were not able to get the genetics to cooperate, but Trent kept working on it, and when he figured it out, that’s when everything changed. So who knows what’s going to happen in the future, eh? 🙂

  9. Vampyre

    I’ve been wondering if you might do a spin off from the Hollows, using different characters in a different location but in the same tile frame as Rachel’ story? Many authors do this and it works well for them.

  10. The Hollows is back?!?!?! YEA!!!!!!

  11. Oh man. Somewhere along the way, I lost track, and didn’t even know until a couple of days ago that the Hollows was back. I’m not sure how I missed this, but am ever so grateful I am in the know now!

  12. Jonathan

    I can’t wait to read it. I just started rereading the Hollows again. Love your work!

  13. Jamie

    So thrilled to get back to The Hollows! What a wonderful gift this series has been to your readers.

  14. I continue to hesitate when I eat tomatoes. I am so glad we are all heading back to the Hollows.

  15. If someone has asked already, please disregard. Will you be touring for this? I’d make Louisville or Cincinnati again if you’re going to be there. I’ve always loved visiting Cincy. Thanks for the prequel, btw. I bet that it’s a powerhouse of a story!

  16. This cover is amazing. Truly eye-catching on its own, but knowing the “why” behind it makes it even better.

    And for what it’s worth, I’m (selfishly) glad that you’ve not been able to leave the Hollows behind. I like Peri, but Rachel and crew — the Hollows world — are all just special.

  17. Martin

    The juxtaposition of the rotting tomato and the bright DNA necklace is striking. And the character mediates between the two. A work of art. Thank you.

  18. Crystal

    Tomato 12

    Love love love this series…so ecstatic that the hollows still live.

  19. Linda Craft.

    The cover is stunning. Absolutely stunning. I wondered what was wrong with the lettering, it is the black juice leaking from the tomato. Wonderful.

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