A cover should have continuity

Part three in the evolution of a cover: the title

It’s a small thing, and you might not even be consciously aware of it, but most of the Hollows books use the same font for the title and author name. It has to do with name branding, and the first cover image I saw had the title and author in a thin font with swooping, graceful lines–extensions looping down and out along with sharp points sticking out here and there. It was beautiful, especially with the billowing dress blowing up and around to her elbows, but having both swoops and spikes was confusing. It was nothing like the thick, straight up and down, almost columnar font everyone identifies the Hollows with. ย I wanted you guys to know it was me so you’d, er, pick it up, so I asked if we could have something more familiar.


It’s not a perfect match, but I wasn’t looking for perfection. I just wanted something harsher with straight lines without the swooping arcs confusing the feel. I got something kind of Gothy with a sword point, and I like it. If you look close in the larger picture, you can see that the author name looks very close to the previous titles. It feels comfortable and recognizable.

Okay, the tag line. “The Hollows Begins with Death.” The original idea was to have a tagline that reassured readers that this was a Hollows book, so I came up with the full line “Even the Hollows has an untold beginning . . . and it begins with death.” I’m glad they shortened it for the cover, but wow, it sounds kind of dramatic for me. Death. Yeah. Swords and pitchforks. (grin) But yes. You don’t kill off a quarter of the world’s population without mentioning death.

Tomorrow, I give you what she’s holding. It was my idea, and I hope it adds to the feeling I was aiming for. Sometimes my ideas don’t come across well, especially to those not already invested in the series. A tomato kills the world. Ah, yes. It could happen. Let me tell you how.



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16 responses to “A cover should have continuity

  1. I’m really loving this cover!

  2. I love the necklace, DNA strand us very clever. Your books are so good and always a must read for me and my group. The storyline is always so well thought out and the way you tell the story always keeps me in the book.

  3. Vampyre

    I’m going out on a limb and guess an Angel T4 tomato? I think that was what it was called. My old brain ain’t what it used to be

    It looks good and I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Sarah

    Just preordered both The Turn and The Operator – so excited about both! Loving the cover x

  5. I have been enjoying reading your cover reveal pieces. Thank you for sharing with us what has gone in to putting together a book cover, this one in particular!

  6. David Rheuark

    Gee, a tomato? My first wife was Italian, so, er, I do kinda associate the tomato with serious issues anyway!

  7. Rachel Haynes

    I Absolutely LOVE the Cover ! I think it fits perfectly for the ghastly story it opens for !!!

  8. Melissa

    I love your font explanation. There are a few other authors out there that use a similar style to yours, and when I was first reading through the Hollows series, I would get so excited that there was a new book out, only to realize it was an imposter imitating your style on their cover. Flattery in imitation, sure, but not cool to get my hopes up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Susan Collick

    I’m thrilled about the Operator! I’m thrilled about the Turn! There is so much going on with you that I can barely keep up! (although you are great at keeping us in the loop) Catching up on the cover release is a treat as I’ve been super busy lately and can now focus on things other than work.

    I love hearing about your cover design process. Being a graphic designer, I constantly get the line, ‘What’s the big deal? I could have done that!’ You and I both know the hours of refining that goes into a solid and cohesive design. Your eagle eye with regard to tying the Hollows books together with the Turn is essential. Sounds like you are working with a great art staff. Can’t wait to see the final installment!

  10. Maureen

    When will it be out

  11. Sfawnna

    I was so excited when I seen you were coming out with another gallows book I was sad when I thought the last one was going to be the last of the series:-)

  12. Laura D

    I think I know what she is holding, but will wait to see if I am right.

  13. I’m having so much fun with this reveal. ๐Ÿ™‚

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