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I’ve got a link for you today to Harper and the browse inside widget for EARLY TO DEATH, EARLY TO RISE.  It comes out the 25th of the month, and I can’t wait.  I’ll be celebrating with a three-day signing tour in Canada along with YA authors Aprilynne Pike and Lesley Livingston.  Following that is the US tour with Ellen Schrieber, Aprilynne Pike, Kimberly Derting, and Kelley Armstrong.  (Not all authors will be at every signing, so check the Tour info )

But anyway, for a sneak peek into what trouble Madison is in, here’s the link.  You might have to enable pop-ups to get it to work.  Browse inside

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Young Adult release coming up!

Yesterday, was the cover for the Chinese translation of BMS.  Today, It’s the cover for the mm repackage of Prom Nights from Hell. (Yay!)  This is going to come out the same day as Black Magic Sanction, and I’m very curious to see if they show up in the signing line.

If you’ve not heard me mention Madison before, this is where she got her start in the novella Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper. If you have kids who are not quite ready for the Hollows, this might be the perfect gateway drug uh, read. I wrote this with an eye on my adult readers, too, so please don’t dismiss this as “just for the kiddies” before you crack the cover and take a look.  I’ve got a slew of the foreign edition covers that I’ve found up at the website at the PNFH page.

As for the regular work?  I had a great day yesterday creating an I.S. internal document.  Now that I’ve got one, the rest should fall right in line.  -grin-


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Young Adult Author Kaleb Nation . . .

Bran Hambric Farfield Curse

. . . has his debut this week, and if you have kids that are resisting reading, this might be the one to yank them into the fold.  (grin)  I read this ages ago in manuscript form, loved it, and it’s finally out! 

Bran Hambric and the Farfield Curse is a fun, fast, quirky read, that has a tension-filled ending, so don’t think you’re getting fluff because of the light start.  I’m not sure if a sequel is planned, but I hope so. 

If you’re curious, there’s more at my agent’s blog E-reads, or you could go right to the authors website, Kaleb Nation.

Also, Eos is doing somthing fun today if you have access to a computer around 2:oo pm EST. SandmanSlim Richard Kadrey is going to be on The Beyond answering your questions and chatting with readers.  This is one of those call in and talk or just listen through your computer shows.  I’ll be doing one myself later this month with the authors of the anthology UNBOUND, so if you’ve tuned in before, you know exactly what you’re getting.  I read Richard’s SANDMAN SLIM and loved it, so if you’re looking for a hard-boiled fantasy with bite and humor, you might want to tune in and see if it’s for you.  Click to get to The Beyond.

As for me?  I’m working on the Hollows world book this week.  OMGosh, it’s going to be fun.  I don’t want to say too much and be a tease, because in all honesty, it’s going to be two years before this hits the shelves.  Sheesh!  –Kim


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Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies.

Yesterday, someone asked about my avatar, because it’s really hard to see what’s in that lower corner.  (Get your avatar at http://en.gravatar.com/ ) So I promised I’d post it in the larger format.  It’s my burning bunny, which has sort have evolved into how I think of ideas.  Soft, cuddly ideas that can do no one any harm, until they take hold of your life, and flame up, consuming your life and multiplying until .  . . you have to corral them with paper and ink.  Burning bunnies are ideas that multiply and spread.  More info at https://kimharrison.wordpress.com/burning-bunnies/ Continue reading


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