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EVER AFTER sale over, but . . .

The bookseller sponsored weekend sale of Ever After that happened this weekend is over! Thank you everyone who liked or commented on my “heads-up” posts I did on FB in order to help get the word out. Because of your likes at FB, my post went to ten times the number of people it usually would. (3000 vs 30,000 in one case. Yes, you might have signed up for getting all my posts on FB, but they treat celeb pages different from regular accounts and only well-“liked” posts of FB go to a large number of people. The rest simply don’t get them.)

But the 7.99 sale, in any case, is over, and I hope you had a chance to take advantage of it, either to expand your e-library, or maybe gift it to a friend to try to get them hooked. If not, there are still some inexpensive ways to round out your library or perhaps find a new author to sample. Jocelynn Drake is having a mega sale on her entire series (to celebrate the upcoming release of DEAD MAN’S DEAL), which you can pick up for .99 each. Seriously! I’m going to give you a couple of links, but to get the deal from her, check out her post from a few days ago: http://jocelynndrake.blogspot.com/2013/04/dark-days-asylum-tales-on-sale.html or if you already are familiar with Jocelynn’s work, you can jump right to the sellers and scarf up some serious bookage.

Jocelynn Drake’s Kindle Page on Amazon
Jocelynn Drake’s Nook Page on Barnes & Noble
Jocelynn Drake’s Page on Kobo

Also, Vicki Petterson’s CITY OF SOULS is on sale for .99 at Amazon. I’m not sure if it’s a real sale or an artifact from over from her last sale, but there it is.


Me, I’m working on Grace again. This baby is going on paper and I’m so excited! Had a break through Friday on one of the characters, and it’s all going to work, and work well.


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Manic Monday, and a little Rockabilly

Manic Monday books are gone.  Thanks everyone!  If you missed out, Guy and I will be having more Manic Mondays in the future.  Guy will be sending out invoices over the next couple of days, so be sure to watch the email you reserved your copy from.

Last Friday I talked about the Rockabilly lifestyle that Vicki Pettersson touches on in her latest series, starting with THE TAKEN.  Some of you knew exactly what I was talking about, some of you were already into it, and some of you were scratching your head, wondering if it was some new subculture coming out of the hills of Tennessee.  No, it is not, and you can find Rockabillies as far away as Japan all the way to . . . well . . . a small town in Michigan.  I begged Vicki for a link to explain, and she found me a good one.  It’s in an interview she did for The Big Thrill, and it’s the best explanation I’ve seen to date.  You get a much better sneak peek into THE TAKEN,  as well.  The Taken  So check it out.

Which reminds me.  Chapter four of THE TAKEN should be popping up today.  I’ll drop the link here when it does.  (Chapter Four. ) And if you’re lucky enough to be where Vicki is going, here’s her tour schedule.  The Taken comes out tomorrow, so she’s hitting the tarmac.  The one piece of advice I gave her was to pack as few shoes as she could get away with.  I’m dying to find out how many that was, so if you go to one of her events, find out for me, huh?  -grin-

I’ve also promised you a Manic Monday, and in celebration of the third Madison book SOMETHING DEADLY THIS WAY COMES, now being out in paperback, Guy and I have a slew of them to give away for the price of shipping and handling.  SOMETHING DEADLY THIS WAY COMES is part of HarperTeen’s summer promotion, and I’m tickled three shades of pink.

Here is how you get yours.

Guy will begin taking orders at noon today, EST.  (Don’t email him now.  Wait for noon.)  One book per person, please.  The cost covers the shipping and handling.  USA shipments will take two weeks from when we ship, international will be a bit longer as there are forms to fill out and longer shipping times.

Shipping and Handling is $5.78 in the US, $10.78 to Canada, and $17.78 everywhere else.  To make this as painless as possible for Guy, we are taking Pay Pal only.  Unfortunately we can’t combine any other merchandise in with this, but until we run out, you will get this year’s freebie of Rachel’s pack tattoo.  Domestic will come Media Mail, everything else will come first class international.

If you are interested, at noon, EST today, (no earlier) send an email to Guy at vampcharms@comporium.net with the words SPF9 Madison in the subject line.  If you are among the first 90, he will send you an invoice, so please include your shipping address in your initial email.  If you do not include your shipping address in the initial email, he can not ship you your book, and your order will not be acted on.  PayPal doesn’t always put the address in, and it’s frustrating.  We don’t do anything with your address but ship you your book.  We don’t have the time to do anything wicked, and I hate it when people sell mine, so . . .  Also, please do not place an order if you do not intend to pay for it.  We had too many last time, which is why we were not able to do another until now.

We have a lot of these, so I’m I’m thinking the window will be a few hours, and as usual, I’ll update this post when they are gone to help avoid confusion.  If you miss out, I’ll be having more shipping and handling give aways.


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I think I saw a rockabilly couple last night.

I think I saw a rockabilly couple last night.  Guy didn’t believe me, but that’s what it looked like to me.  See, one of our local small towns has a festival every Thursday night in the summer, closing off a few streets, bringing in about six unique live bands and the local restaurants offering specials.  There’s even an informal old car show that evolves as car shows do in rural areas.  And that’s where I think this couple came from–the car show.

I love it when people step outside, or perhaps, inside themselves and show their uniqueness.  I didn’t know about the rockabilly culture until recently, but now I’m on the lookout for them.  Right here in rural Michigan.  And if it shows up here, then it’s showing up everywhere.  I’m blaming Vicki Petterrson.  She saw them before me, about two, three years before me I’m guessing, and has worked the culture beautifully into her next series, THE TAKEN.    OH! As promised,  chapter three is now up for your viewing pleasure.  Chapter four will be up on Monday, and the entire book comes out Tuesday. Earlier chapters are clickable from the first link.  She’s also got her tour schedule up.

I WILL be doing a manic Monday on Monday as well, so do stop at the Drama Box before noon to find out how to get your book for shipping and handling.

P.S.  Guy and I had a great time last night eating our sandwiches and drinking our cream sodas while listening to live bands and hunting for Thing Two, on the loose and living free.  🙂  Spotted him once, and that’s kind of cool.


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Early Sneak Peak of THE TAKEN

Harper has this wonderful marketing tool of releasing early chapters of some of their books, and when I saw this pop up yesterday, I knew I had to share it with you.  This is the series that Vicki Pettersson talked about on the Sirius book radio interview where she, Jocelynn Drake, and I discussed some of the challenges and joys of ending a series and starting another.  (You can listen to the rebroadcast here, whether you subscribe to Sirius or not.)
Tantor-Book Radio rebroadcast

THE TAKEN is scheduled to come out June 12th, almost a month from now, so I have a feeling they might be releasing more chapters as we go along.  I’m going to gloat for about a sentence in that I’ve already read the entire thing.  If you follow the link, you can see what Kelly Armstrong said, and some critical reviews as well, but my short version is that you’re going to love it, and with the sneak peek, you can really get a flavor for it without risking anything.
Harper Voyager Sneak Peek of The Taken

Happy Friday!  I’m hoping to have some nice news on Monday about the upcoming release of INTO THE WOODS and a very cool promotion Harper has planned for later in the year.


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I am my own IT person. (And it kinda sucks)

I lost twenty minutes this morning figuring out why all my early evening email wasn’t delivered yesterday.  Turns out it was me, as I thought, and it was a quick fix once I realized what was going on, but a week ago, I got an email from an old server telling me they were changing things, and that I had to go in and tweak the system.  I didn’t, seeing as it was an old server we left three years ago, but in the no-coffee-I-was-in-bed-twenty-minutes-ago haze, I spent 19 minutes looking for it.

However, I do have something very cool for you today!  Way back in February, I, Jocelynn Drake (of the Dark Day’s persuasion) and Vicki Petterson (of Signs of the Zodiac) got together over the phone and talked to Sirius radio about our series ending and new ones beginning.  Jocelynn’s ANGELS INC will be out October 16th,  and Vicki’s TAKEN will be out June 12 –as in less than a month.   But you can catch a spoiler or three if you listen in to the archived conversation.  You get a bare sliver of what I’ve got going on after the Hollows, but it’s bones, just bones.  🙂

Sirius Radio BookRadio Kim Harrison


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Set your clock

I know I will be.  (grin)  Today is the day that I will be on live internet radio talking with the authors of the UNBOUND anthology.  Jocelynn Drake, Vicki Pettersson, Jeaniene Frost, and Melissa Marr.  And hopefully, some of you as well!  Now’s your chance to grill us on our work, be it about the characters on the page or the way that we get our thoughts onto the page itself.  I love doing these shows because someone from the post page usually calls in, and it’s always nice to put a voice to a name.   2:00 EST, but if you want to take advantage of the live chat beforehand, it’s a good idea to register and get your machines talking _before_ everyone else jams the system.  Then you can just pop on when the show starts.



If you’ve been at the drama box at all this week, you know I’ve been doing a fast re-read of the entire series to help me prep myself for both the world book and the last ye-ha of the story arc.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised at what I’ve re-discovered.  Little things, mostly.  Yesterday was THE OUTLAW DEMON WAILS.  I like this one.  It takes place at Halloween, which is likely my favorite holiday.  This is also the beginning of Rachel and Ivy realizing they can’t have what they want without ruining it.  (so far.  Maybe for good.  Don’t know yet)  Rachel finding out who her dad is was a big “finally!” for me.  I’d known it since DWW, and you can see hints of it every time she and he interact.  But my favorite part, and this was unexpected at the time I wrote it, was Rachel keeping Quen alive Halloween night.  Seeing Trent react when he realized that not only could he not help keep Quen alive, but that his mindset was actually detrimental?  That Rachel could save Quen when he couldn’t?  Wow.  It was a huge blow to Trent, and probably the beginnings of him starting to grow as a person.

And then there were the demons.  This was the first time we had a chance to see into the ever-after, and I’d forgotten how fun that was.  We will see more.  It’s already written.

So today is WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE, with a spot of time at 2:00 pm EST to chat with YOU!



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Unbound’s Upcoming Radio Show.

It was a masterpiece of juggling, but my editor, Diana Gill, managed to somehow find a spot of time that we would all be available, and we have a unique opportunity coming up in September.  All five of the contributors in the UNBOUND anthology will be together (by phone) to answer your questions about our stories or our experiences in the writing industry in general. 

Unbound Radio Show

If you have ever been to one of these live Internet radio broadcast’s before, you’ll know they are a lot of fun.  I usually have one or two familar names from my drama box call in, and I love hearing from them.  I’ll have more info as we get closer to the date, but if you want to take advantage of the live chat that goes along with it, you might want to drop in a day or so before the program to get your system and their system talking.  With all five of us there, it’s going to be FUN!



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