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Whatcha reading today?

Is this absolutely necessary?

Is this absolutely necessary?

click to read pt 6

If you’ve been waiting for all the little excerpts of TROUBLE ON RESERVE to file into place before reading it, your wait is over! It’s up now, and ready for viewing over at Wattpad. Do take a moment to read the author note as it explains where it fits in with the rest of the books, but reading it now, right before The Undead Pool.Ā Comments, likes, and shares are welcome. šŸ™‚
Trouble on Reserve


A-a-a-and, the final chapter harper is releasing before publication has been put up for your sneak-peek pleasure.

Chapter one-three
Chapter four
Chapter five

Also, as a last reminder, tomorrow night (7:00 pm EST, 4:00 pm PST), you can take part in a live chat at Booktalk Nation between me and JeanieneĀ Frost. From what I’ve figured out, you actually listen in on your phone, and if all goes well, take part in the discussion in live time. If speaking up isn’t your thing, you can tweet a question atĀ @booktalknation. To sign up to get the call-in code go here: Booktalk Nation


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Trouble on Reserve

click to read pt 6

click to read

Trouble on Reserve has a new segment that will be popping out today! That will put us at 7 of 9 I think, so we’re almost to the big payoff. šŸ™‚

I’m going to send you to the first page this morning , but you can jump to the new segment if you’ve already read it.

If you’ve never heard of wattpad, it’s a place where you can make an account to share your work and receive comments and kudos. You can also sign up to receive notice when one of your favorite authors posts something new. Man, if they had had this twenty years ago . . . Ā [ go to wattpad ]



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Chapters one, two, and three of The Undead Pool

We are a month out from publication, and that means early chapter releases! I’m going to send you right to Harper today where all three are, but if you want to simply tease yourself with chapter one, I’ve got that at my website. (Chapter one at website) (Chapters one to three at Harper)

I’ll be on the road in just a month, and I hope we’re done with this cold by then because I’ll be traveling a lot in that first week, hitting a lot of stores over the next two weeks.

TUPhcCoverAnn Arbor, Mi
Cincinnati, OH
Minneapolis, MN
Pittsburgh, PA
Saratoga Springs, NY
New York, NY
Ridgefield, CT
Boston, MA
Raleigh, NC
Columbia, SC
Atlanta, GA
New Orleans, LA
Lansing, MI

(check the events page for stores and times)

Can’t make a signing, and want a signed book? I’ve got two outlets right now, though I don’t know how long B&N’s will last as I only signed about 1000 or so. Here’s the link to B&N, Ā or you can order from Nicola’sĀ where I can personalize it to you and they will ship overseas.

If you ARE going to be at one of the stores, or if you just want to show your support, the Tour T’s are still available by PayPal.

click to order

click to order

Guy hasn’t sent that last order in yet, so there’s still time. Shirts come with a Free Vampire Society pin, which I’ll have at each store for the first 100 people through the line as well. Wearing the shirt–from this or a previous tour–will get you into the family photo, which I keep forever, unlike the bunny camp photos which only stay up for a year or so.

click to read pt 4

click to read pt 4

If you’re looking for the latest excerpt on Trouble on Reserve, I’ve got part four of the Trent/Rachel short now up at Wattpad. šŸ™‚


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Had enough snow?

6117MroCX7L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_I know I have had enough snow now to remember to be grateful for spring. It can go away. Unfortunately I hear tell there’s another week of sub zero headed our way, and we just have to endure it. And when the snow is almost over the fence, that’s what I’m down to–endurance. Fortunately I was born here in Michigan, and I know what endurance is–it’s what comes before spring. (Anyone but me remember the root children?)


click to read pt two

click to read pt 3

But I have something for you who like to snuggle up with the printed word.

The third installment of Trouble on Reserve is up, and we’ll have the forth tomorrow! Also, I’ve got news about the expected chapter releases. I’ll have chapters 1-3 available tomorrow as well. Not sure what format or where, but when they pop up, I’ll pass it on. (Chapter one is at the website already)


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Burrrr. Cold again

Man, just when I thought we might have seen the last of the sub zero, we dip down again. It’s not unusual for Michigan to hit the minus mark, but it’s usually only once a year. I’ve got a feeling that even with the foot of snow the garden is buried under that I will have a few plants not returning in the spring. Zone designations are more like guidelines, not rules. (rolls eyes)

At least I know my bittersweet can take it. And even though it is six this morning, I am thinking on it with a stirring of excitement. I can’t wait to see how it does in my garden this next year.

But you are here for the winners for the Black Magic Sanction give away! The emails have already gone out, so check your in-box to see if you’ve won. You have to email me back by Friday, noon, EST to claim your prize, or I give it to the next person on the list. And the winners are:
April Pearce
Sarah K
Frederick Curry
Billi Williams

Congratulations, guys! And thank you for playing along with me.

click to read pt one

click to read pt two

And since I’ve got your ear, the second installment of Trouble on Reserve should be popping up today. http://www.wattpad.com/36158376-trouble-on-reserve-part-2Ā Here’s the link if you’ve not “friended” or signed up, or whatever the term is for Wattpad for updates to your fav writers. (I’m still new to it.)

Also, we are very close to being a month out, which means Harper will start releasing entire chapters of The Undead Pool. (Yay!) Keep checking back. I’ll let you know. Chapter one is already at the website. ( Start reading )


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Happy Publication day, EVER AFTER

AmazonEAIt’s the last Tuesday in October, and that means the mass market of Ever After has finally reached the shelves! Yay! So for everyone who has been avoiding spoilers until the price drops (in the e-book, too.) or who just wanted their copies to all be mass market (I’m funny like that, as well.) the wait is over.

This one has the Rachel and Trent short Trouble on Reserve Ā at the back. This is the one that was originally released in the Sony reading app, and I’m soooo glad it’s finally out for a wider consumption. If you already have a copy of Ever After, it’s short enough to read standing in the aisle, and I’ve heard that if you update your electronic copy (especially Kindle) that it will pop in there as well. (If you do, I’ve heard you’ll loose all your notes, highlights, and such, so just be aware.)

If you don’t have your copy of Ever After yet, I’m giving away 31 signed, (yes, signed) e-books on Halloween. To enter, follow the rafflecopter link to enter as many times as you like. It’s basically a fun way for Harper to teach me a new trick–signing ebooks–and increase my mailing list through twitter, FB, and the like. You don’t have to surrender your FB friend list if you don’t want.Ā I’ll be signing and sending the copies out on Halloween night. International is okay, too. It’s all treat, and no trick!

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 8.51.47 AM


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Android users, heads up!

TroubleonReserve 1A few weeks ago I told you about a Trent and Rachel story that was preloaded into the Sony e-reader app. (Which is free, by the way) I promised that it was going to be more widely available, and we’ve taken the first step there with the availability of Android users having access to the app as well. If you don’t have an Android or an Apple device, don’t fret! The rights revert back to me very quickly in comparison to a lot of things, and you know I love to share.

The link below is for the Sony app.


This one should be the one for the Droid users. (Thanks, Victoria!)


Or this one:


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