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Last call for tour T orders

I don’t have anything for you guys today other than a weather report. (Same as yesterday. Cold but getting warmer.) So I’m going to take the day to remind everyone that the cut off for ordering a tour T is upon us. It’s too late to order one by snail mail, but if you can swing pay pal, we can still get you into the last order. (This is everyone who ordered after November 25th to today, and I have to thank everyone who has been so patient. Keeping this to two print runs makes it a lot cheaper.)


Wearing one to a signing gets you into a “family photo” at the bookstore and bragging rights. We only make these available until the tour starts, and then they are gone. This year, they sport the Free Vampire Society graffiti. The back will list the tour cities. (Am I coming near you? Check out the store list.)

Each shirt will include a Free Vampire Society pin. These pins will also be available to the first 100 people through the signing line at each stop. Due to their odd size and cost, I can’t make these available for a SASE.


Guy tried to bring the price down from last year, but the shipping is awful once you get outside the U.S. and it’s frustrating. We’ve tried to make it simple, and all prices include trackable shipping. Domestic will go priority mail. International shipments will go international priority. Here’s the details:

Unisex sizing from small to 5X, all the same price. (I wear a medium. Guy is wearing a large in the photo.)

USA 19.95
Canada 33.95
International 37.95

Sorry, no discounts on multiple shirt purchases.  If you want to check on your order, contact Guy at coldtoastwritingsllc@comcast.net but you have to tell him the email your paypal is associated with and the size you ordered, and if you ordered by pay pal or check.

To order: Pay Pal the correct amount to Guy at coldtoastwritingsllc@comcast.net

When you order, please tell Guy in the “email to recipient” box :

1. your size(s) you want
2. your name
3. your shipping address.

Paypal does not always supply the shipping address, and it gets confusing. If you do not tell us these three things when you order, your money will be immediately refunded, and you will not get a shirt.We can’t be responsible for misdirected mail. If you’re using your brother’s PayPal, keep this in mind.


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Chapters one, two, and three of The Undead Pool

We are a month out from publication, and that means early chapter releases! I’m going to send you right to Harper today where all three are, but if you want to simply tease yourself with chapter one, I’ve got that at my website. (Chapter one at website) (Chapters one to three at Harper)

I’ll be on the road in just a month, and I hope we’re done with this cold by then because I’ll be traveling a lot in that first week, hitting a lot of stores over the next two weeks.

TUPhcCoverAnn Arbor, Mi
Cincinnati, OH
Minneapolis, MN
Pittsburgh, PA
Saratoga Springs, NY
New York, NY
Ridgefield, CT
Boston, MA
Raleigh, NC
Columbia, SC
Atlanta, GA
New Orleans, LA
Lansing, MI

(check the events page for stores and times)

Can’t make a signing, and want a signed book? I’ve got two outlets right now, though I don’t know how long B&N’s will last as I only signed about 1000 or so. Here’s the link to B&N,  or you can order from Nicola’s where I can personalize it to you and they will ship overseas.

If you ARE going to be at one of the stores, or if you just want to show your support, the Tour T’s are still available by PayPal.

click to order

click to order

Guy hasn’t sent that last order in yet, so there’s still time. Shirts come with a Free Vampire Society pin, which I’ll have at each store for the first 100 people through the line as well. Wearing the shirt–from this or a previous tour–will get you into the family photo, which I keep forever, unlike the bunny camp photos which only stay up for a year or so.

click to read pt 4

click to read pt 4

If you’re looking for the latest excerpt on Trouble on Reserve, I’ve got part four of the Trent/Rachel short now up at Wattpad. 🙂


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