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The Undead Pool now out in MM. Ebook price drops

TUPhcCoverHi all.

If you’ve been waiting for the mass market of The Undead Pool, it is now out on the shelves! And that means that the e-book price drops from the hardcover price to one more commensurate with the mass market.

I checked this morning, and both the Kindle and Nook price are 6.83 (U.S.)

Just in time for the last Hollows book as The Witch With No Name comes out in like days now. I’m marking it in days. Yay!

Oh, and if you’re looking to get a signed copy of The Witch With No Name, B&N still has their signed copy link active.
The Witch With No Name

Click to buy The Undead Pool


Click to buy The Undead Pool


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BAM at Columbia–Foxtail Books in Atlanta


BAMCakeSaturday was a beautiful, sunny day in Columbia where I signed at the local BAM. My long-time friend and mentor, Faith Hunter, was there to help me celebrate that number one spot, and she got everyone excited as they waited for me to arrive. There was even cake, and a beautiful card that a great many of the readers signed. It might seem odd, but seeing all those signatures after I spent the afternoon giving you mine–made me feel really good and connected. Thank you. (Click the photo to go to the high resolution photo to lift for your own use.)

Me and Faith Hunter. She writes the Jane Yellowrock series, and having the chance to see her on tour was a real treat.

Tonight, I’m at Foxtale books in Atlanta, and I can’t wait!


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BAM today, and Quail Ridge Books event pictures

Quail Ridge Books and Music was a packed house! I loved seeing all the familiar faces, and lots of new ones! lots of roadies to help me celebrate.


If Raleigh is anything, it’s enthusiastic. There were tons of tour Ts from this and previous years, and even a few homemade Hollows shirts which I loved seeing. (Just click the group photo to go to the higher resolution copy to snag for your own use.)


The store itself is wonderful, with staff that know and love books. I left lots of signed stock and even a few Free Vampire Society pins if you’re in the area and missed the signing. I’ve got the rest of the photos at the website, here: [More Photos]

Also, one of the interviews I did while in Cincinnati has been archived and is available to listen to. I do believe I’ve talked to Mark Dewitt on Cover to Cover every year I’ve gone to Cincinnati. Cover to Cover: Kim Harrison discusses the Undead Pool. This is a fairly spoiler free interview.

Today, I’ll be in Columbia, out at Books A Million for my one day-time event. Yay! Hope to see some of you there!

More photos


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Tonight, I’m at Quail Ridge Books!

I’m sort of taking a rest day today, though I will be at Quail Ridge Books and Music tonight at 7:30. I hope someone comes out and braves that cold rain, because right now as I’m sitting in my hotel writing this, the wind is shaking the window. Wow!  I’ve been to Quail Ridge before, though, and the store is warm and inviting.

Kim and Teresa on Connecticut Style

Kim and Teresa on CT Style

I’ve had a few links go live in the last few days, the first being the small segment on CT Style I did while in Connecticut. The link should take you right to it, but if not, the segment aired yesterday on CT Style, book lover’s corner. Theresa and Kim chat about the Undead Pool

The event that was recorded by Fireman Creative at the Pittsburg event is up at YouTube as well. You can see it here: Kim Harrison Event at Pittsburgh B&N http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN2_x7IapsQ


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Geoff is reading what?

Yeah, this just about made my day Saturday while I was gearing up for Saratoga’s event. I missed the live broadcast because, you know . . . sleep? But you can be sure I went to the archived internet version and watched it. Dude. How cool is that?

I’d never been to Northshire books in Saratoga, but it was a great event with lots of readers and even a few roadies, which isn’t a given in a venue that is new to me. (just click the image to go to a high-resolution photo for you to lift if you were there and want it.) The bookstore itself is impressive, catering to a wide taste. They even have a great SF/fantasy section. I left a lot of signed stock if you’re in the area and missed out.


These ladies were not at the event per say, but they did have a few questions for me while I was signing books–and their hands! I bet there’s a budding author or two in there.


I’ve lots more pictures at the website: here


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Pittsburgh event, and tasty links

Sorry for being so late in posting. It’s been a busy day. (But I’ve got tomorrow off! Yay!)

The signing at the B&N in Pittsburgh was fabulous. I’d never been to Pittsburgh, but like Cincinnati, you guys have kept your architecture. You have your windy, twisty roads, your history, and even a river running through it. Makes me wonder if maybe I should base a spinnoff series there. (Things that make you go, hummmm . . .)

I had lots of roadies, and because it was a “virgin” crowd, lots of questions and even more books. (Phew!) Thank you everyone who hung to the end to get all your books signed. It was a great event. If you want a high res version of the roadies photo, just click and lift for your own use.

click for high-resolution photo for yourself

click for high-resolution photo for yourself

More photos of the event are [ here]  This was the event that was live-broadcast. We had some difficulty with the sound, as I understand it, but it’s been cleaned up and archived. If you can’t make it to an event, this is the next best thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN2_x7IapsQ

It wasn’t working when I posted the link, but I’ll keep checking until I’m sure it’s up and running. And since we’re talking about stuff coming up, I have a list I’ve been compiling for a few days of cracker-jack reviews, the AMA I did with Reddit, and the live broadcast of last night’s event. Check ’em out!

Booktalk Nation audio chat with Kim Harrison and Jeaniene Frost
Tor.com : Chosen Families
Infodad.com Family-focused reviews
USAtoday HEA
AMA at reddit


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Happy Book Birthday, The Undead Pool!

It’s the last Tuesday in February, so you know what that means. It’s time to leave the cold and snow for a while, and find your way to the Hollows where it is sunny and warm with a chance of misfiring magic.  The Undead Pool is officially on the shelves!

TUPhcCoverI’ll be in Ann Arbor tonight, kicking off the tour with our first event at Nicola’s. It looks like we’re going to have clear weather, and I can’t wait to get out of this house, I’m so stir crazy from all this snow! (laugh) Nicola’s is where all those signed, personalized first-edition copies of The Undead Pool have been coming from. It’s not too late to get in on this as, but I’m getting on a plane in the morning and heading to Cincinnati, so any more personalizations after tonight will have to wait until I get back. [ How to order from Nicola’s ]

I had so much fun with the read-along that I extended it into The Undead Pool. It has already started, and spoilers should be clearly marked. They’re really good about that over there. I won’t be making an “ask-me” page this year, but I might start an “ask-me” thread on the Goodreads site. [The Undead Pool/Goodreads chat threads ]

Speaking of asking me questions . . . I am doing an AMA (ask me anything) over at Reddit this morning from 9-11, EST. I will be typing my little fingers off for two hours, so come on over and take part of the threaded conversations. Here’s the link to get you there, but the conversation won’t start until 9:00 am, EST. [Reddit AMA] Ask me about my work schedule, the writing craft, or even what I like to do in my spare time. It’s .  . Ask Me Anything!

And finally, if you’re waiting for your copy to arrive, I’ve got a nice non-spoiler interview that just popped up at USA today. 🙂 Happy Ever After 


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