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Cornucopia of overflowing goodness (and I’ll share)

I’ve got a lot of stuff going on right now, and thought a post that brings them all together might be in order. First, Chapter one of The Undead Pool is at the website. I’m really excited about this release, so I’m happy chapter one is out so soon. Look for chapter two around December, February?, or if you can’t wait, it’s being tucked into the back of a lot of the e-books as they go on sale. You can sometimes see it in an existing e-book in your library by updating to the latest version, but you will lose your highlights and notes.

Click image to read The Undead Pool, or to go to the e-book on sale in U.S. markets. Dead Witch Walking and Holidays Are Hell might drop out ASAP, but they were on sale when I wrote this. (Quick like bunnies on fire!)

TUPhcCover Dead Witch WalkingFAFDMhcCoverISEWWBDmmCoverISHAHmmCoverSm


Ever After just hit the stands in mass market form, which means the e-book has dropped in price to the cost of the mass market. (U.S.) As a special thank you for those who waited, the Trent/Rachel short, TROUBLE ON RESEVE has been included in the back.This is the short originally released with the Sony reading app. It’s short enough you can stand in the aisle and read it if you already have a copy. Offering it in the back of a mass market was not my original intention, and I’m sorry if some of you are upset, but I lost the ability to offer it alone, and this is the best I can do.
Harper5bookSweepsThe first of two Harper Sweeps is still going on. The first five titles in the series are signed and will be sent to the winners along with whatever swag they might have about the office. This is going to run for a few more weeks, but don’t wait to the last moment.

EWWBDswagI’ll be having another 24 hour, flash give away myself on Monday, featuring Every Which Way but Dead, Into the Woods, and the Saladan poker chip freebie. Entry is really simple, and you can see what we did for GBU here. This has been really fun for me, and you don’t have to be taking part in the Hollows Read-along to take advantage of the chance to win some stuff!

GBUprizePackThe give-aways are part of the read along, where I’m reading the books along with those of you who do a re-read in prep for the new book–or to pick up readers who we lost along with a certain sexy hunk of vampire. I know it’s slow for some people, and too fast for others, but I’m taking about two weeks per book, and my give-aways mark the end of one and the beginning of the next. And again, you don’t have to be reading along with me to take part in the conversations going on here at the drama box, or over at Goodreads where the conversations are threaded and easy to find. We’re just finishing up Every Which Way but Dead.

gca_logo_nominee_smallUseAnd speaking of Goodreads! Ever After is a nominee in their reader choice awards! I am so jazzed about this as the readers are so very important to me, (even when we disagree over certain deaths or romantic paths.) There will be three tiers of voting, the first is going on now. I’ll let you know if Ever After makes it to the next round and you can vote again. Vote for EVER AFTER, vote for someone else, but vote. I’ve got a lot of friends in there, and it’s all good! (EVER AFTER is in the Paranormal Fantasy section.)

If you’ve never tried Goodreads, give it a go. I like it because everyone there loves books, and the reviews and conversations show it.

As for the tour this late February. We have the kick-off store settled. The rest should be coming in soon, and I’ll let you know when I do. But for now, there’s just the one at the Event’s Page.

TUPtourTOrders for Tour T’s are being taken for the pre-Christmas print run. We do these on demand in two print runs, so please don’t expect your shirt in 10 days. They aren’t even printed yet, but if you don’t order now, you won’t get one for Christmas. They come with a FV pin, as well. I really like them this year, but I say that every year. It features the graffiti Free Vampire symbol that comes into play in the book.

Phew! I’m sure I forgot something, but that’s it for now. And don’t forget. Monday. Flash give away. Right here.


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The Undead Pool: cover and chapter one

I promised you a treat today, other than this big, beautiful, cover of Rachel and yes, Trent. More on the treat in a moment. I just want to look at it for a moment and smile at what it promises, not just more Trent, but a Trent who is willing to be there, knowing who she is and not minding that at all. And isn’t that what we all want? To be accepted for what we are, proudly what we are?


And the treat? I’ve got two of them. First, I asked you a couple of weeks back if you re-read the series before the next book, and because so many of you do, I’m going to do a read-along over the next couple of months. Even if you don’t read with us, don’t feel like you can’t join in on the discussion as we tackle each book at a time. I’ll be here at the blog like I always am, but there will be one dedicated day where I’ll focus more strongly on one or two questions that you might have. I’ll be opening a discussion page on Dead Witch Walking Monday. We’ll be starting The Good, The Bad, and The Undead October 15, so this will be fairly fast paced.

As for the second treat?

Chapter One: The Undead Pool

How does the man make checkered shirts and pastels look good? I thought as Trent lined up his drive, head down and feet shifting, looking oddly appealing outside of the suit and tie I usually saw him in. The rest of his team and their caddies were watching him as well, but I doubted they were rating the way his shoulders pulled the soft fabric, or how the sun shone through his almost translucent blond hair drifting about his ears, or how the shadows made his slim waist look even trimmer, unhidden beneath a suit coat for a change. I found myself holding my breath as he coiled up, exhaling as he untwisted and the flat of the club hit the ball with a ping.
“Yeah, the elf looks good in the sun,” Jenks smart-mouthed, the pixy currently sitting on the bottom of my hooped earrings and out of the moderate wind. “When you going to put us all out of your misery and boink him?”
“Don’t start with me.” With a hand held up to shade my eyes, I watched the ball begin to descend.
“All I’m saying is you’ve been dating him for three months. Most guys you date are either dead or running scared by now.”
The ball hit with an audible thump, rolling onto the par-three green. Something in me fluttered at Trent’s pleased smile as he squinted in the sun. Damn it, I’m not doing this. “I’m not dating him, I’m working his security,” I muttered.
“This is work?” Wings humming, the pixy darted off my earring, flying ahead to do a redundant check of the area before we walked into it. [the rest is at the website]

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