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Peri Reed has a great voice

If you missed January LaVoy’s rendition of Peri Reed in The Drafter, you’ve got to at least take a listen in to The Operator. She nails it!



Wanna just read it?


Click to preorder



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A Bookish Conversation

Except from interview. For the rest, just click:

If you had to summarize your book in one sentence, what would that be?

We are all broken in one way or another, but we do not need to be “fixed” to live beautiful, productive lives.

Would you say it’s been a rocky road for you in regards to getting your book written and published or pretty much smooth sailing?  Can you tell us about your journey?

After fifteen years of being traditionally published, I’m lucky to have over two dozen books on the shelf, almost half of them having been very well received on the New York Times list. The Drafter marked a shift in genre for me from urban fantasy to a character-oriented, sf thriller, and though this is where my heart is, enough of my readers failed to make the jump with this first book that it has become the most difficult book for me to get pushed through the system, more heart breaking and depressing than the five years spent getting my first book published. I don’t expect any of my books from here on out to be easy, but if you go into this profession looking for a quick buck, you’re doing it wrong. You do it because you have a story to tell, and that hasn’t changed.


– See more at: The Literary Nook



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The Story Behind the Book Interview

Fourth in a series, my email interview with The Story Behind the Book:

When was the adrenalin rush – writing that first chapter or the last and why?

Hands down, it’s the last chapter that holds the adrenaline rush. It takes me four months to hammer out a rough draft, four months of piecing the threads together, sweating the details, researching the fine points, patching the plot holes, and watching the characters take on their own destiny that might not be the one I originally envision for them. Seeing it all come together is a great feeling. Of course, it’s quickly followed by a sigh as I now have to start back over at page one and rewrite it, but that day that I actually write the last chapter? Yes, that’s a good day.

For the rest, just click.

The Review from here


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Dark Phantom Review

3/12, Dark Phantom Review:

What did you find most challenging about writing this book?

It was incredibly difficult to divorce myself from the heartbreak of working with a protagonist who suffers repeated memory loss. I’ve delved into writing drug addicts, emotionally abused adults, and psychotic killers, but this one was the worst. The creative process demands you put yourself in another person’s skin, and the emotions I had to deal with had a tendency to linger longer than usual after I left my office. Alzheimer’s is an ugly, selfish disease, but I’m trying to find understanding with it through my main character, and there is a peace in living day to day with what is before you right now.

For the rest, just click:



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Two of Twelve

Here’s an interview with Literarily Speaking that popped up on the 7th of April. Just a tidbit here, go to their site to read the rest.  Talking Books with NY Times Bestselling Author, Kim Harrison

Literarily Speaking


Q: Now, some fun questions – What deep dark secret would you like to share with us?


A: I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I’m a really good knitter, going off pattern all the time to make my own creations. One of my greatest joys this year was to share the pattern I made to create Anna McCaffrey’s fire lizard.


Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

A: I’d go to Australia, because the night sky there would be utterly different from the one I’m used to.

Q: Are you a morning person or a night person?

A: Neither. I’m no good in the morning, or after midnight, so . . . I’m a 3:00 pm person.

Q: Are there any members in your family who also like to write?

A: I’m all alone in my writing, but that works for me. My husband helps me plot, but he’d never try to put pen to paper.

Q: As a child, were you a dreamer?

A: What writer wasn’t?

Q: Last but not least, the magic genie has granted you one wish. What would that be?

A: I’m pleading the fifth on this.


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Need to cleanse your palette from RT?

Back from RT? Need to cleanse your palette? The Drafter has just had a price drop on Kindle and Nook because the mass market has just come out! It should be in stores this week, so send me a picture if you happen to see one in the wild.




Also, if you have been looking for that Coke bottle short where Al, Rachel, and crew reminisce? I’m featuring it this week. Just follow the link



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Gimpy’s got a friend

I rearranged my office this weekend to take advantage of a new view that is opening up, and if I’m cleaning, it’s not because I’m nervous that THE DRAFTER comes out tomorrow, but because I just moved something off my desk and I’m trying to cleans my mind for a new project. THE OPERATOR, Peri Reed #2, is back at the publishers for copy edit, so we’re right on track for a November 22 release. I would like to just jump right into the rough draft of number three, but I have to finish up THE TURN, which comes out in 2017 sometime. Either way, the screens are on my windows and it’s like working outside all day under a canopy.

But my new yard space . . . I was finally able to get back into it this weekend, and though it still needs gobs of work, it’s starting to take shape. I’m also starting to see why the “landscape” is so funky with dirt piled up against the shed and fence, rotting the wood, directing water into areas instead of out of them, because under every ill-placed hump and raised “flower bed” is a stump or fence post. And there are a lot of them. So it’s slow going as every surface item I’m addressing has underlaying issues to have to fix. As usual.

But I’m in no hurry.

I would like to get some grass seed down soon, though. Having to fix someone else’s past shortcuts is slowing me down. Tim, though, is helping with the heavy stuff, which is a great relief, both mentally and physically. It’s going to be gorgeous when I get done. The Michigan wild flower bed at least is defined and can now sit and perk while I see what comes up and needs to be moved out. I’ll start planting it this fall with divisions from my current Michigan bed.


You might remember me talking about Mr. Gimpy, the lame robin who has taken up residence in my yard. He’s a robust fellow, even if his wing does droop. He’s flying now, after a month, and fending off other robins. Well, except for one. (laugh)  They have a nest now, at the corner of my garage. It’s already been found by the bluejays, who checked it out and left because there were no babies yet. They will be back, and there will be trouble. However, there is a cardinal nesting like ten feet away in the clematis, and surprisingly, they leave each other alone. There’s usually one of them around, which bodes well. Someone is going to be eaten, but someone else will make it. sigh. Maybe I should have put the box somewhere else. Frankly, I’m just tickled they are using it after three years of being up and empty. Perhaps now that they have identified it, I can bring it closer to the house where the bluejays might leave it alone entirely.


I’ll try to get a better picture of her on her nest. The light is really bad in the morning, bouncing around my office to make reflections everywhere.



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Lookie, Lookie. Kim’s got a cookie

Look what dropped on my doorstep last night! Boxes of them! Mmmm, must think up a give-away . . . But until then, this one looks good on my desk between my teapot and the notes and phrases-I’ve-not-used-yet stuck to my monitor. It will be my reference book and get all gnarly with dogeared pages and broken binding.

As promised, the novella I released last summer as an e-short is in the front of this, in print and sort of a primer to the world and characters as well as the . . . I don’t want to call it magic . . . special inherited skill, perhaps? that Peri possesses. Sideswiped felt like a pilot to me in pace and amount of info I dropped on you, and it might help you find your feet if you are just getting into the Peri Reed Chronicles. Already reading the series? Then it adds a nice little backstory that I’m going to really dig into in that third book.

Want to check Sideswiped out without investing the entire eight dollars? Sideswiped is still available as an e-book for a buck. 🙂





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Lost Mr. Fish. Gained Mr. Gimpy

It’s been a weird week, and I’ve intentionally been keeping it off the blog as who really needs to know about my headaches, but I lost Mr. Fish this week. His tank is already washed and tucked away under my back room sink for the next time I have a moment of weakness in the pet shop. He was a long-running thread through the entire Hollows series, and though there were actually three Mr. Fishes on my desk while I wrote The Hollows, the passing of this one feels significant.

But even as I write this, with the threat of snow bearing down on me again, and my hardy spring bulbs wilting under the continued onslaught, there is a robin in my yard. Not just any robin, but a big, bright male, with an injured wing. He’s been in my yard now for over a month, putting up with the crap weather we’ve been having, his wing drooping to trail on the ground as he eats the worms that have been as confused about the weather as I have.

I kept waiting for him to be caught by one of the local cats, or even the hawk that comes to bother my neighbor’s chickens. (And yes, I live in the city.) But perhaps the cold weather is keeping the house cats inside and the chickens in their coop. The robin is still in my yard, his wing still lame and drooping, but he is flying now, at least enough to get to the bird bath, his night roost, and to fight off the other robins that dare to come in my yard. Today, as he sat on the edge of my birdbath, insulted that it was frozen, I decided he needed a name–because he had become important to me. So he’s Mr. Gimpy. I’m not that imaginative when it comes to names, it seems.

The picture below may or may not have him in it. I’m having a devil of a time getting a picture of him. He’s surprisingly fast for a lame robin.


February Robins

The e-sales of “Waylaid” are still going well, so thank you again to everyone who is leaving a review on Amazon and B&N. It’s amazingly gratifying to see your thoughts, and it gives me hope that the release of the mass market of The Drafter, which is like, days away now, is going to have a good showing.


I usually don’t promote my mass markets this heavy, but I did a bunch of email interviews that should be showing soon, and I’ll let you know when each of them come to my attention. If you happen to see one, let me know so I can tell everyone else.  I also have some nifty wallpapers to share with you. I’ve only got the small version here, but click the image to go to the website for the higher resolution copies. I really need to get one made up for the smart phone screens . . .

Also, I’ve been in contact with Nicola’s, and for those of you who took advantage of the rare chance to get my earlier titles personalized and shipped to you, you’ll be happy to hear that I’ll be going in next week to, you know, sign them. (laugh) The two final titles in the Truth series are available this month, and I’m trying hard not to lose them in the glitter and glitz of The Drafter mass market coming out. Just click to go right to Nicola’s order page, and be sure to tell me who you want the book signed to. International is okay.

If you’ve never heard of the Truth books, these are the first four titles I broke into print with. (First Truth, Hidden Truth, Forgotten Truth, and Lost Truth.) They are traditional fantasy, but the language is comfortable and the attitude pure Kim Harrison. It’s funny, but I still miss Useless. I think he’s an earlier, nice version of Al. The both share that same broken feeling of lost power and the willingness to share it with a young woman before he leaves the earth.

Just click the image to go to Nicola’s.




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Thank you for a great release day!



Thanks for a great release day, guys, and I’m hopeful “Waylaid” has a great first week. I don’t normally watch Amazon or B&N lists, but “Waylaid” is doing well, popping up in Espionage, Romance, and Mystery, which is a good place for it to be, I think. I’m hopeful that it remains strong on the list for at least the rest of this week.

A special thank-you to those of you who are leaving reviews because they help to sanction the book itself–that it’s viable and has worth–and justifying my work seems to be one of my goals right now, even though it’s not the way I typically function. So thank you. Every review helps.

I’m hopeful that a lot of the readers from the Hollows who fell in love with Rachel and the gang will see your reviews and give Peri a try. Peri is not Rachel. She has her own set of issues, because really, how could there be another Rachel? But the core of strength and determination, and yes, a few trust issues are there, revolving around the man she loves. Sound familiar? So spread the word to your Hollows-reading friends who might have missed it.

For those of you resistant to change, I wrote this so you can check Peri out for a dollar. Yes, I know you can buy an entire book for a dollar if you go to the right place, and I fully expect “Waylaid” to be included at the back of something in a few years, but think of your job. Do you really think it’s fair when your boss of twenty years asks you to take a pay cut to match the incoming wage of the guy who just started?

I’m hopeful people read “Waylaid” and give Peri a chance now that the mass market of The Drafter is coming out in a few weeks and there will be a second price drop on the electronic version.  If you go on Amazon, they have both a paperback for 11.73 and a mass market for 7.74. I believe the paperback with the original cover is UK, and the mass market with the blue cover is the U.S. version. I’m not sure why the UK version is popping up first, but this is the one you want.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Drafter-Peri-Reed-Chronicles/dp/1501108743/ref=tmm_mmp_title_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

B&N http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-drafter-kim-harrison/1120840886?ean=9781501108747


For your visual consumption today, I have for you, my Bloodroot. I’ve had them in the ground for a few years, and not only are they beautiful in the spring, but they give the Mason bees something to eat when it’s still cold. Mason bees are America’s original bees, and pound for pound, they pollinate better and are not aggressive. It took me five years to encourage them to move into my garden beside my back door, five years of planting food sources, eliminating pesticides/fertilizers, and bringing in the tubes they like to live in in sort of a communal subdivision of individual bees. I look for them every year, and I’m delighted to be able to share them with you again.


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