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Dude. Where did the day go?


Screen shot 2015-07-21 at 4.02.59 PMHoly cow, how did it get to be ten to four? I totally missed out on my usual morning internet, just getting my flower of the day posted and my email checked. That Silas/Peri short I’ve been working on took my entire day, but I just finished my second run through, added in a few things I know my editor will like, slapped myself with a wet noodle for cheating on the end of a chapter and went back and wrote it the way it should be, and then checked for continually errors. I know I missed some, and I feel very uneasy that someone taking a chance on my work for the first time is going to see a loved but rushed story instead of the 18 month labor of the first book, polished, pressed, and carefully structured.

But I like this short immensely, and I hope you guys do too when it drops into existence next month. If no one changes the name, it will be titled Sideswiped.

I’m already prepping this week for the dragon knit along starting Friday, trying to get some visual aids to go along with the directions. Because I don’t have enough to do, apparently. (Ug.) But really, I’d love to see some dragons while on tour. That would totally make my day. I pined for a firelizard, so much so that I made one. I know I’m not alone. To share them would make me feel good, and that’s reason enough.

And speaking of seeing things on tour, don’t forget that the tour T’s are available now and if you an’t make it to a signing that Nicolas is still taking orders for signed and personalized with a note copies of THE DRAFTER. They are going to try to send them out early so they land on the drop date.

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Sixty short minutes, and it will be over

I’ve watched a lot of authors around the panel tables over the years, and it never fails to set me back when I see one or more chortling over the prospect of throwing more trouble and woe against their characters–as if they enjoy it. A part of me agrees as watching your characters rise over the situation and emerge triumphant, or at least alive and kicking, is uplifting. But for the most part, these are the hardest pages for me to write. I procrastinate, I check my FB feed, I make a pot of tea, sharpen my pencils which I’m not even using at the moment. Anything. It’s a recognizable pattern.

SixtyToday, as I finish up the first rough draft of the Drafter teaser (hopefully to be released next month) I ache for my character, knowing what’s going to happen, that I’m the one that is putting it out there–something bad that rocks him to his foundation, that will color him for years, bring him pain, this wonderful man that I gave so many gifts to. And I’m going to have to deal with it for at least three more years.

Chortling with glee? No, I don’t think so.

Sixty minutes, I tell myself. It will take one hour to write, one hour to bring his world to an ugly place. Will he rise up? Of course he will. Will he find a new core? It wouldn’t be much of a story if it didn’t. But it still hurts. And it will, for three years because of sixty short minutes.


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