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The Drafter Freebies

Freebies! If you have ever been to one of my signings, you know how much fun we have with the Q&A, the bunny cam, and the freebies that are somehow both promotional and have something to do with the book.

This year was kind of tricky, and I wanted to find something that played upon the slightly futuristic lean the books were taking. The Hollows used magic to make the world stand out. This time, I wanted to use technology, and so after lots of starts and stops, I put together a mock up of Peri Reed’s glass-technology phone.

They are just too cool for words. I want a real one that works. Heck, I want Peri’s car, I want her apartment, I want to go shopping at Sim’s Mules. . . . But the phone was the only thing I could duplicate. (grin) PerisPhone And because I know that not everyone can get to a signing, I’m going to make them available again this year for a SASE.

If you’ve never sent me a SASE, I’ve got an example below. Just stick on a first class stamp, fold it up, and mail it to me at the address below:

Kim Harrison
PO Box 498
Dexter, MI, 48130

SASE Envelope and stamp may vary subject to availability, location, and personal preference. -grin- Just don’t use metallic ink. The post office can’t handle it all the time.

Also, I’m posting content over at Instagram now. Today there’s a picture of my “house jewerly”:¬†https://instagram.com/kim_harrison_author/


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