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Happy Book Birthday, The Undead Pool!

It’s the last Tuesday in February, so you know what that means. It’s time to leave the cold and snow for a while, and find your way to the Hollows where it is sunny and warm with a chance of misfiring magic.  The Undead Pool is officially on the shelves!

TUPhcCoverI’ll be in Ann Arbor tonight, kicking off the tour with our first event at Nicola’s. It looks like we’re going to have clear weather, and I can’t wait to get out of this house, I’m so stir crazy from all this snow! (laugh) Nicola’s is where all those signed, personalized first-edition copies of The Undead Pool have been coming from. It’s not too late to get in on this as, but I’m getting on a plane in the morning and heading to Cincinnati, so any more personalizations after tonight will have to wait until I get back. [ How to order from Nicola’s ]

I had so much fun with the read-along that I extended it into The Undead Pool. It has already started, and spoilers should be clearly marked. They’re really good about that over there. I won’t be making an “ask-me” page this year, but I might start an “ask-me” thread on the Goodreads site. [The Undead Pool/Goodreads chat threads ]

Speaking of asking me questions . . . I am doing an AMA (ask me anything) over at Reddit this morning from 9-11, EST. I will be typing my little fingers off for two hours, so come on over and take part of the threaded conversations. Here’s the link to get you there, but the conversation won’t start until 9:00 am, EST. [Reddit AMA] Ask me about my work schedule, the writing craft, or even what I like to do in my spare time. It’s .  . Ask Me Anything!

And finally, if you’re waiting for your copy to arrive, I’ve got a nice non-spoiler interview that just popped up at USA today. 🙂 Happy Ever After 


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Show your Hollows pride-day!

TUPtourTsmIt’s show your Hollows pride day today! I’m going to do this again on Thursday, but today is a practice round where you can drop a picture (or link to a picture) of you and your Hollows Tour shirt at the blog or FB. Tuesday will be shirts OR you and your BRAND NEW COPY OF THE UNDEAD POOL!  🙂

I’ve just talked to Nicola’s, and the first batch of books has arrived. I’ll be personalizing them later this week to send out, and with some luck, they will reach their new homes on release day. 🙂 Want one? (order from Nicolas’s)

It is starting to feel close, people. I’m making piles in my office of what to take, and the freebies are on the way to the stores. Yay!


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Winners and chapter four of The Undead Pool

Congratulations go out to the winners of the seven Pale Demon prize packs, each one getting not only a signed copy of Pale Demon, but the harder to find copy of Blood Crime, the second graphic novel I scripted to give a little Ivy/Rachel back story. (But the most rare thing in that prize pack is Rachel’s conference badge. We only made about 3000 of those.)

The emails have already gone out, so check your in-box to see if you’ve won. You have to email me back by Friday, noon, EST to claim your prize, or I give it to the next person on the list. And the winners are (all women this time!):
Nancy H
Melanie McClure
Kathryn Magner
Cindy Goodpaster
Cathleen Sage
Shannon Barrett


Click for a sneak peek of cp 4

Thank you for playing with me, everyone. It makes these last few weeks almost bearable as we creep up to the 25th. Harper has also done their part in easing the pain, and chapter four should be popping up today for your reading pleasure. [ click to go to Harper and chapter 4 ] This is one of my favorite chapters. Oh, be still my heart!

I think the signed copies at B&N have been tapped out since they seemed to be gone when I checked this morning, but if you can’t make a signing, you can still get them at Nicola’s, where I can actually sign it to you. [ signed book from Nicola’s ]

click to read pt 6

click to read pt 6

Part six of Trouble on Reserve has popped up today, where we’ll get into the real meat of the story. Honestly, Rachel, when you get it wrong, you really get it wrong, but I like this story if only because we get to see Rachel and Trent actually starting to work together to survive.


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Signed The Undead Pool copies, some are limited

What does 1000 or so signed books look like stacked on my dining room table? Well, you can’t fit them there, but here’s the next best thing. And when Barnes and Noble and my publisher asked if I was willing to sign the title pages before they were bound, you know I said yes! (I’ll do a lot to avoid book plates.)

1000signed books

Click for signed copy

Click for signed copy

So now they are signed, bound, and will be in the stores at Barnes and Noble this February 25th. I honestly don’t know if they will be divvied up and shipped to individual stores or simply hanging in the warehouse to fill internet orders, but if you want to get in on the action, here’s the direct link.

One of the reasons I agreed to this is because 1) I like Barnes and Noble, and 2) I hope this helps ease the frustration of me not getting out much past the Mississippi this year on tour.


Alternatively, you can still order a signed-to-you-with-a-personalized-note from Nicolas. (Cause I like my independent booksellers, too, and they will ship overseas. Just email them for a shipping quote first before ordering:  nicolasbooks@tds.net)

I’m so excited to be able to offer both options for you. The prices vary, and I know that’s important.

Click to order

Click to go to order page


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Cyber Monday!: deals and a downloadable/printable card

Happy Cyber Monday! And if you think you’re deja vu-ing, you’re not. 🙂

I’ve got something special for those of you who have, or are ordering The Undead Pool for the holidays–a printable/sendable gift card. There’s even a smaller version for sending by phone. So pick your size and feel free to download, print, and/or send.

Large to print out: click to go to big image.lgxmascard Small for phones:smallxmas-card

Giving The Undead Pool as a gift and haven’t picked it up yet? Pre order at:

AmazonIndiBoundKobo BooksAMillionBandN

Or pre-order a signed from me-to-you copy from Nicolas’s (the link wasn’t working last Friday A.M, but it is now.) Just be sure to tell them who you want me to sign it to at the comment’s box when you order. International is okay, but give them an e-mail for a shipping quote before you do. nicolasbooks@tds.net

Some of the e-books are still on sale, too. If you’ve not picked it up yet, HOLIDAYS ARE HELL  is sort of a prequel of Rachel as an 18 year old accidentally summoning Pierce for the first time. Robbie, her brother is in this one, and it’s easy to see why Rachel makes the decisions she does as an adult when you see her early history.

Dead Witch WalkingFor A Few Demons More 2007A Fistful of Charms (2006)HAHmmCoverSm


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Black Friday: deals and a downloadable/printable card

Happy Black Friday! I had a great Thanksgiving with my boys and folks. After years in boxes, I finally had the chance to use the china my great grandmother gave me when I was 12. And the turkey, my first, was pretty darn good. (I’d done chickens, hams, and game hens, but never turkey.)


I hope everyone had a safe holiday, and that they continue to be safe if they are going out shopping today! Phew, not for me.

I know it’s not cyber Monday, when many online dealers have sales to entice a boost in sales, but I’ve been sitting on this a couple of days, and I can’t wait anymore. For those of you who are pre-ordering The Undead Pool for the holidays, I’ve got a printable/sendable gift card for you. There’s even a smaller version good for sending by phone. So pick your size and feel free to download, print, and/or send.

Large to print out: click to go to big image.lgxmascard Small for phones:smallxmas-card

Giving The Undead Pool as a gift? Pre order at:

AmazonIndiBoundKobo BooksAMillionBandN

Or pre-order a signed from me-to-you copy from Nicolas’s

Some of the e-books are still on sale, too:

Dead Witch WalkingFor A Few Demons More 2007A Fistful of Charms (2006)

FAFDMreadalongI’ve  been reading For A Few Demons More for the read-along, but my thoughts so far are not really enough to put here. I’ve started some threads for Skimmer, Minas, and Rachel’s trip to the morgue over at Goodreads.


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Rachel, how foolish you were:GBU read-along to cp 14

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel . . . What the heck are you doing in that church? How foolish you seemed to be, making excused to stay in what looked like an abusive relationship. Everyone but you appeared to know what was going on, that Ivy was hunting you even as she didn’t want to. And yet you stayed even when she pinned you twice, even when you said no and she said yes. Making excuses, blaming yourself for her lapses of control: were you right that Ivy was an abused woman trying to escape a circle violence herself, or was Ivy lying even to herself as she pulled you down into the hell her life was?

From outside looking in, it seemed you were naive. Even I, while rereading it last night, was saying “Get out! You’re allowing yourself to be a victim!” And perhaps Rachel was. But perhaps . . . Rachel really was to blame. Perhaps Rachel knowingly pushed Ivy into loosing control. Perhaps, just perhaps, Rachel was manipulating Ivy. If it was a real relationship with real people, I’d say she was making a mistake, but it wasn’t. We’re talking vampires, and within the mythology of the books, Ivy is truly able to be manipulated with smell and vamp pheromones.

And what is it with Glenn and tomatoes? I’d forgotten about the stolen ketchup. But hey, once you’ve had Piscary’s pizza, it’s all downhill. 🙂

Piscary’s Pizza actually does have a real-world connection to me. Guy and I have made our own pizza for almost twenty years, beginning with making our own yeast dough, to cooking the pizza sauce and grating the cheese. Just how often we make pizza has shifted over the years, swelling to every Friday night for about five years when the boys were home and liked the same movies we did, waining when they began to get older and Guy and I found ourselves home alone on Friday, but the pizza stones are never hard to find. Oddly enough, we had pizza last night, and man, was it good. You do anything for over twenty years, and you’d better be good at it. -laugh-GBUmmCoverIS

Just as a reminder, GBU is still on sale for 1.99 in most U.S. markets, so if you’re taking part in the read-along or trying to get your buddy hooked, it’s relatively painless to make a gift of it. [multiple platform sale] Also, just found out that the latest version of it has chapter two of THE UNDEAD POOL in it. Dude!

TUPhcCoverA-a-a-a-and, Nicola’s has come through, and page to pre-order a signed-to-you-with-a-note-from-me is up. Just be sure to tell them in the comment box when you order who you want it signed to. International orders are okay, but email them for a shipping quote first. nicolasbooks@tds.net  [pre-order signed book]


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