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Yes, those tunnels do exist. I have proof!

Check this out. Remember that week last July I was really quiet? This is why! I got the full tour of the Cincy tunnels–and then some, and I hope that more video that was taken end up online because it was a very fun  couple of days.

Nicolas2So, last night I went into Nicola’s to sign for the last time before I get back mid September. As you can see, there were a LOT of books again, and even some backlist. Pat is getting very good at finding those more rare hardcovers, but don’t even ask for a Fistful of Charms. (Gone, gone, gone!) We talked about the Hollows Farewell party on October 30th, and it’s shaping up nicely! There’s a throne involved. . . and I need to pick out a few 1-3 minute passages from the books for you guys to playact out. (fun!) I’ll have the full details probably next week, and since they won’t be passing out tickets until then (you can arrange them by phone) there is no rush.

SummerOverBut as you can see, summer is just about over. I think I’ll be ready for a long winter’s nap when it gets here. Phew!


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Yes, they are real now!

Remember those personalized pre-orders you’ve been making at Nicola’s Books? Well . . . the first of the books have been printed and boxed, and because I have this arrangement with Nicola’s, some have been shipped to my local store so I can sign them before I leave to go on tour. The goal is to have them in the post to reach you on the release date, but that means some extra attention on my and Pat’s part. The first 400 have been signed, but I’m going in again to get the next batch, so it’s not too late to get in on this.  I can guarantee that these are first editions with Al’s blue butterfly on each of the chapter headings–cause I look at each one.

This is about 300 books, there’s another 100 off to the side waiting for envelopes. 🙂 Don’t they look beautiful?

Nicolas400To order from Nicola’s: International is okay, just email them for a shipping quote before ordering nicolasbooks@tds.net. (You have to tell them who you want it signed to when you order, or they will just send you a book.)

Click to order

Click to order

If you are going to be going to the Hollows Good-bye event at Nicola’s the day before Halloween, don’t panic. We are capping it at 300, but you can arrange for your line ticket by phone.  (number is at the event’s page) They will be starting to give tickets/reservations on the 9th, so please don’t call them right now. Pat is working hard on the books, and she can’t give out tickets yet, anyway. I don’t think we’re going to reach 300, so rest easy and give them a call when you can after the 9th of September, even if it’s as late as the night before. We’ve got some very cool things planned.

Also, I updated the tour page yesterday. There are a few new times, so check it out if you’re already planning on going to an event.  [ event page ]



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Schulers Books and Music added to the list

We’ve got one more store to add to the list, right after the midnight release party at Cincinnati. (I’ll have dates and stores for you later this month.) Schulers at Lansing will be hosting on Tuesday night, the 9th. Nicola’s signing in Ann Arbor will be way at the end of the tour with a special costume/reading/party/cake/night-before-Halloween extravaganza. However, that doesn’t mean that those personalized books you ordered from Nicola’s will have to wait until then. I’ll get in before I go out and sign them so they can be shipped right away. They try to get them to you on the publication date.

To order one, follow the instructions here for Nicolas or you can get a generically signed one from B&N

 If you missed the list of cities, I’ve got them here:

My big news is that my local power and light guys worked a miracle yesterday, clearing the tree from the lines, putting in a new pole, and moving the lines they were responsible for. Frankly, I’m impressed. There wasn’t anyway they could have done it faster, and the tree person spent a few extra minutes in his cleanup so as not to damage the tree I’d planted two years ago to take the downed tree’s place. I didn’t expect to need it for another 20 years, though. One of my favorite sayings is the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is now.  I’ve done enough “now”s to have a few that have moved into “20 years ago.”

So I’m left with the scent of broken limbs, but I’m looking at a new spot of sun in my yard that wasn’t there before.  Oh, wow. It’s amazing.



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Signed The Undead Pool copies, some are limited

What does 1000 or so signed books look like stacked on my dining room table? Well, you can’t fit them there, but here’s the next best thing. And when Barnes and Noble and my publisher asked if I was willing to sign the title pages before they were bound, you know I said yes! (I’ll do a lot to avoid book plates.)

1000signed books

Click for signed copy

Click for signed copy

So now they are signed, bound, and will be in the stores at Barnes and Noble this February 25th. I honestly don’t know if they will be divvied up and shipped to individual stores or simply hanging in the warehouse to fill internet orders, but if you want to get in on the action, here’s the direct link.

One of the reasons I agreed to this is because 1) I like Barnes and Noble, and 2) I hope this helps ease the frustration of me not getting out much past the Mississippi this year on tour.


Alternatively, you can still order a signed-to-you-with-a-personalized-note from Nicolas. (Cause I like my independent booksellers, too, and they will ship overseas. Just email them for a shipping quote first before ordering:  nicolasbooks@tds.net)

I’m so excited to be able to offer both options for you. The prices vary, and I know that’s important.

Click to order

Click to go to order page


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How to get a signed EVER AFTER

EAhcCoverThe counter on my blog says fourteen days until the release of EVER AFTER–which means Nicola’s is getting their copies soon if not right this instant!  Can you imagine five boxes of big beautiful gold and orange EVER AFTERs just sitting there, silent and deep, waiting like bunnies to be taken home and loved for two weeks? You want one? Huh? Do you? -grin-

Yep, Nicola’s has ’em, and due to their generosity of spirit, they will again let me come in and not only sign, but personalize books to be shipped out, even overseas. If you want one, this is THE best place to do it. Nicola’s is my local store, home grown and invested in the community. You can get signed books from Nicola’s any time, but the ones personalized with an note we only do for a few weeks around the release of a book. Best thing is they work very hard to get them to you on release day if at all possible–which means we’re nearing the deadline to work within the shipping times.

If I’m not coming to your area and our paths are not going to cross and you want one of these bad boys signed to you with a note from me, here’s what you do:

1.  Go to their ordering site and order a book.  I’ve got the link at the end here.

2.  Work through the order form until you get to the “pay me” part.  Way down at the bottom you’ll see a box that looks like this.

3.  In this box, you write in “Please have Kim sign my book”  ORRRRRRRR  “Please have Kim sign my book to __________”  and fill in the blank with who you want me to personalize it to.  The first will get you my signature, the second will get it personalized to you with a note.

4.  If you don’t put anything in the box, you’ll get a book but no signature.

5.  International orders are okay, but it can be pricy, so please email them for a shipping quote first at nicolasbooks@tds.net

Here’s the link to get you started.  Nicola’s signed EVER AFTER

I am very grateful for Nicola’s for doing this for us.  I know it’s a pain to try to get these out to you so they will land on your door on the publishing date, so please don’t wait for the last moment to order.  The books have to be sent from Harper early, and if you place your order late, there is that extra shipping time to deal with.  You’ll still get your book, but it won’t be on the drop date.  I will do my part by getting there to sign them a few days before the drop date, but again, you have to order with enough time to actually ship it to you.


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