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Signed first editions

I got a call from Nicola’s yesterday, which means I’ll be going in this weekend to sign their stock. If you’ve not heard, Nicola’s is my local store and I’m able to provide year-round access to signed books through them. (Not personalized to you, just signed.)



So if you’re looking to round out your signed library or get someone hooked on the books, this is a great place to do it either one at a time or all at once. They will ship overseas as well, and getting that signature is a nice bonus after that ungodly shipping. Just email them for an international shipping quote before ordering overseas from Nicolas at nicolasbooks@tds.net Domestic shipping is pretty standard.


To order, follow the links below and be sure to ask for a signed book at comment box when you order or you will just get a book. If you’re interested in any of the others in the series, or even the Dawn Cook books, a quick search on their site will bring them up.


Oh! And I can guarantee that the EVER AFTER you will get from Nicola’s during this offer is a first edition. How do I know? Well, they bought them before the second week of publication. 🙂 Also, they have a full 10-1 number line on the page before the title page. That’s how you tell.

To purchase first edition  Ever After

To Purchase first edition Hollows Insider (It glows in the dark!)

To browse Nicola’s


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First Editions

First edition? How to you know? Well let me tell you! Every book, be it mass market, or hard cover, has a string of numbers at the bottom of the page that follows the title page. The title page is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s usually where I sign, along with the title and author, and publishing info. But it’s the one following it where all the disclaimers are that you’ll find the edition number. The numbers at the bottom count down from 10 to 1 in the first editions, 10 to 2 in the second editions, 10 to 3 in the third editions, and so on. After the 10th edition, they start over from 20 to 11.

Sometimes I can tell by the feel of the book and the yellowing of the pages if it’s a first edition and I take an extra moment in the signing line to lovingly flip the page to check it out. I’m right about 90% of the time. The other 10% I’m usually way off and the book has just been loved to near death and the owner and I have a laugh and I usually find out it’s been dropped in the tub or passed around to fifteen people. (which I love even more). 🙂 So first editions mean something to me, yes, especially DEAD WITCH WALKING, the only one I really look for. There weren’t a whole lot of them released in comparison to a release now, and I only spot one or two in the entire two weeks that I’m out.

EAhcCoverThe only reason I bring it up today is that I know first editions are important to some of you guys as well, be it mass market or hard cover, and I’ve got a few titles that the first edition will soon be hard to find. Right now, I’m guessing it’s probably 50/50 that the EVER AFTER you find on the shelf or order from Amazon is a first edition. I started seeing 2nd editions in the lines even before tour was over, but Nicola’s still has them, having stocked up before I left. I can sign it, too, if you ask in the comment box when ordering. http://www.nicolasbooks.com/book/9780061957918

HollowsInsiderAnd even more rare as a first edition will be THE HOLLOWS INSIDER. This is the Hollows world book, the one that glows in the dark. The one that I pulled my hair out over. The one I lived in fear for six months for because I had stepped over the line of expectation and I didn’t know if my editor was going to go for. (She did, and I’d love her for that if nothing else.) The one that is a real and solid expression of my commitment and love for what I do. (And I will NEVER do this again.) I’m surprised that they haven’t been pulled already, but I got notice today that trade paperbacks will soon take their place. You can still get the first edition hard covers from any store as far as I know, though they might have to ship it in, but again, Nicola’s has them, and if you ask in the comment box when ordering, I will drop in and sign the glow in the dark hard cover for you before they ship them out. http://www.nicolasbooks.com/book/9780061974335


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Kim’s spot on Colorado and Co and final tour stop?

EAhcCoverI’ll be signing tonight in snowy Michigan, more specifically Schulers Books and Music in Lansing from about 6-8 I’m guessing. We got about four inches last night, and with the salt trucks and plows, I don’t see a problem getting to the event, so if you’re in the area, come on in! We’re going to try to give away a few one-of-a-kind shirts, so sharpen up on your Hollows trivia.

Schulers Books and Music will be my last stop for a while, but I am going to get out a few more times before it’s all over. I’ve got a stop or two in Florida March 16 at the Southwest Florida Reading Festival in Fort Myers River District, and then another in Virginia, Charlottesville, for the Festival of the Book, March 22-23

The book festivals tend to be more intimate and relaxed, and it’s a great way to get your books signed and questions answered without the crush and rush of the regular tour, so if you’re in Florida or Virginia, this might be the closest I get to you for a while.

But if that’s still not your thing and you want a signed book, Nicola’s still has them. 🙂
order a signed book from Nicola’s

Also, just found the archived podcast of me on Colorado and Co that I did while in Denver. Yep, they got me on TV! Colorado and Co


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Eight days:

EAhcCoverI’ve got one more weekend before Guy and I head out on tour.  I’m already planning it out, and it’s only Monday! Hair, nails, new boots if I can find any that fit the precise criteria , and any little project I need to finish up before walking out the door are going to soak up the time between then and now. It helped that we had our January thaw Friday and Saturday, so the outside is now tidy with the Christmas lights put safely away. They are lingering inside. Guy cries when the decorations go down, so I have to do it slowly.

But it’s cold again, with a light dusting of snow, and I’ve got five days to work on my rewrite before I pack it up. The rewrite is going pretty good, actually, but today is going to be a bear. Friday I tweaked a chapter ending to make it more powerful, which left me with an awkward transition, and since I abhor three-page transitional chapters, I might end up rewriting the entire next chapter to change the location to get rid of it. We’ll see.

Keep an eye on the drama box the next few days. I feel like Doctor Okun isolated in his top-secret bunker, watching all the neat gizmos and gadgets start to come alive as the world collapses outside. (Independence Day) Harper has a bang-up tour planned, and I’ll bring it to you day by day. Tomorrow is the release of chapter three, and there’s a quiz in the works, the ustream of Seattle’s event, and all sorts of interviews and spots. 🙂

Nicola’s is still taking orders for personalized books from now until the evening of the 22, but the sooner you order, the sooner it goes out. They’re trying hard to get them to you on release day.

Nicola’s order page

Also, today and tomorrow are the last days to order from Eagle Eye (Atlanta) and Uncle Hugos (Minneapolis) to try to get that last tour stop. How to “vote”


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Can’t make a signing? Join in the Q&A at Seattle anyway!

Harper is continuing the tradition of live broadcasting one of the events for those of you who can’t make it to a signing. I’ve got the cities and dates listed below, and if your area isn’t among them, you can always watch–and even ask me a question–at the Seattle event.


The University Bookstore is one that I’ve been to almost every year, and every year it just gets better! I’m going to give you the link now so you can go to the site and get an “account” that will let you join the chat room that goes along with the show. It’s at the chat room that you can type in your question. It’s not active now, but there will be a crush right before the show and it helps if you are already in the system. I think one year we crashed it. -laugh- The login /signup button is at the top right of the page. It’s painless and I’ve never gotten spam from them in the three years I’ve been a member.

If you want to see what you’ll get, last year’s event with Patricia Briggs was archived. (check it out!)   So to bookmark the page and get your devices talking, just hope over to the USTREAM Kim Harrison 1/23 event in Seattle and login / signup.  I hear tell that there is a way to order a signed book that will go live during the event. And I’ll see you there!

And you can still get a personalized book through Nicola’s.  HOW DO I GET MY SIGNED EVER AFTER? I’m going in this weekend to sign books so you get them on release day. If you can’t make a signing, it doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂

Where I’m going: Stores and more info and how to vote for Atlanta and Minneapolis  at the website (events)

Ann Arbor: January 22, Tuesday, 7:00 PM

Seattle: January 23, Wednesday, 7:00 PM

Portland/Beaverton: January 24, Thursday, 7:00 PM

San Diego: January 25, Friday, 7:00 PM

Phoenix: January 27, Sunday, 2:00 PM

Denver: January 28, Monday, 7:30 PM

Houston: January 29, Tuesday, 6:30

Austin: January 30, Wednesday, 7:00 PM

Dallas: January 31, Thursday, 7:00 PM

Raleigh NC: February 2, Saturday, 3:00 PM

Asheville NC: February 4, Monday, 7:00 PM

Cincinnati OH: February 5, Tuesday, 7:00 PM

Lansing MI: February 8, Friday 6:00 PM


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Printing out book twelve, and voting continues!

Feels good to be back in my office today. I took the entire week off between Christmas and New Years, the first time I’ve done that in about ten years. I did NOTHING but piece together fabulous wooden puzzles, knit holiday socks and mittens for those I love, baked, cooked, ate, ate some more, and watched lots of movies, football, and the latest series drama coming out of Washington. But the mind never really steps completely away from the work, and it’s a relief to be able to sit in my quiet, peaceful office and feel the stress channeled into positive action.

I’m printing out  book twelve today to send off to my publisher. I’ve not looked at it in several months, but it felt as ready as possible when I put it aside. I see where I think it needs work, but I need a second set of eyes before I rip it apart so I don’t overdo it.

I know it would be faster to simply email it to my editor than print it out and send it along with an electronic copy, not to mention cheaper, but we both like working from paper and I’m hoping that if she has a real manuscript to work from that I’ll get it back with marks and comments instead of an electronic copy with easily read comments in the margin and changes made and needing only my approval. It’s the way things are heading. I both applaud it and dread it.

I work so much with stuff in my head and on the screen that I try to retain what I can of the tactile–of the cool sound of sliding paper, the stacks of print shifting from one side of my desk to the other to make the pacing easier to study, and the frowning over handwritten comments giving me time to soak in the meaning behind the question. Besides, I don’t catch typos on the screen well. The screen has always represented temporary, easily fixed. It’s only in the paper copy that it feels real and I pay attention. My bad.


The bunnies from A PERFECT BLOOD tour are ready for the next tour, and so am I! We just have one more store to decide, and it’s up to you.  The grudge match between Eagle Eye Books in Atlanta and Uncle Hugos in Minneapolis is still going on for a few days more. The voting is really slow, and I don’t think either store is going to make it to the 150 book cut off. You always run the risk of things not working out when you try new marketing techniques, but it might turn around yet. Not much happens between Christmas and New Years, and there’s an entire week to go. If you’re in Atlanta or Minneapolis, it’s a great way to get a signed book.

To vote for Atlanta.
To vote for Minneapolis.

Or you can order from Nicola’s and get it personalized . . . I know my website says we can’t personalize it with a note, but for an organized big release like this, we can and do! Just tell me who it’s for and that you want a note in the comment box when ordering.

And to see if I’m coming to your town, here’s the event’s page.


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EVER AFTER tour Mystery City: We’ve got a grudge match!

I know you’ve been waiting, and after much tabulating, our finalist cities are ATLANTA and MINNEAPOLIS!

Now it’s your turn:  we are working with Togather in an epic bookstore face-off:  Eagle Eye Books in Decatur and Uncle Hugo’s in Minneapolis have each committed to hosting an event – who ever reaches 150 pre-orders first wins me!  Or at least an EVER AFTER event in their home market. 🙂

To get me to your hometown, the Togather people have arranged for a special preorder deal with Eagle Eye and Uncle Hugo’s:  to register interest for the event, you can place a pre-order for my book through the site. Each book purchase serves as your ticket for the event, and you’ll automatically get added to the guestlist. The first city to buy 150 books WINS, and will be added on as the final stop on my EVER AFTER tour.

The cover cost of the book also includes tax and shipping costs so you will have it right on release day.  (Note:  If your store/city wins, you’ll get a signed copy of my book that can be personalized at the event! See the event page for your city for further details on pick-up and shipping options).

*If a store does not ‘win’ an event (less than 150 pre-orders), your credit card will not be charged.  Orders  are only placed if the bookstore in your hometown wins the Mystery City contest. If not, then no money is exchanged.

The city that reaches 150 votes first in the final round of voting WINS, and will be added on as the final stop of my EVER AFTER tour.

To show your support for the event at your local bookstore, RSVP here with your pre-order:

May the first store to reach 150 votes win!


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Last chance to order EVER AFTER tour ts for Christmas delivery

EAtourShirtFrontThe official cut off is Monday noon, (EST) so I’m telling you now! 🙂 Guy is placing one last order for EVER AFTER tour ts, so if you want them for Christmas, now’s the time. Just follow the instructions at the website. (How to order a tour T)

Also, a reminder that Tantor is still having their 50% off audio books, and they have the first five Hollows titles. (Tantor’s Holiday Sale)


Nicola’s is the place if you want a signed Hollows book. (Signed Hollows book) I’m headed over there today, and might not get back again in time for a Christmas delivery. They will ship international, but ask that you email them for a quote before ordering.

If you’re wondering about the mystery city, hang on. We’re still tabulating.

And some great news! Early chapter releases start next week! Keep an eye out here for them or sign up for the Hollows Newsletter. (sign up for the Hollows Newsletter)


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Cyber Monday deals-Hotter than a burning bunny

I’m still trying to find my keyboard under my fingers after four days off (mostly), but Guy’s salesman’s blood is boiling, and he tells me that in deference to it being cyber Monday, anyone who orders a tour T shirt between now and tomorrow morning, 9:00 am EST will get a burning bunny pin for free. Yes, you heard it here first. -laugh- Free Burning Bunny pins if you place your order today. If you are going to snail mail your payment in, email Guy today to tell him it’s coming and to set aside a pin for you to take advantage of the deal.

The link on how to order yours is here, and if you have no idea what a burning bunny is, just follow the link and scroll down a bit. Guy’s cyber Monday free burning bunny pin deal.

You can also just buy the pin if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, (Purchase a Burning Bunny Pin)  or if you want something really inexpensive, the freebie this year is the coat check tag from Carew Tower.  (How to send Kim a SASE to get the 2013 tour freebie)

And since we’re talking deals, I found out that TantorAudio is having a 50% off sale, of which the first five titles in the Hollows Series is a part of. TantorAudio sale If you like listening to the Hollows, this is a great way to get the back titles you might have missed, or if you know someone you’re trying to get hooked on the Hollows, this might do it.

If you’re still looking for something special for your Hollows person on your list, Nicola’s is a good source for signed books. They’ve been keeping better stock of the signed stuff lately, but if you want it for Christmas, you should order fairly soon. It takes time to get them, get me in there, and then ship out. It’s not a simple process, but then again, if it was easy, everyone would have a signed book. How to order a signed book from Nicola’s I’ve just got these six for example. They can get anything, even the Madison and Dawn Cook books.

If you know of any more deals out there, post and tell me! And feel free to share this!


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A Perfect Blood is a Finalist at Goodreads choice awards

Thanks to you, the readers, A Perfect Blood has made it through the first two preliminary rounds and is a finalist in the paranormal fantasy category of Goodreads annual reader choice awards!  Thank you, everyone who has been active in voting for their favorites in all twenty categories over the past couple of weeks. This is your last chance to pick your favorite and vote one last time before the winners are announced November 27th. The link takes you to the front page with all the categories. A Perfect Blood is in the paranormal fantasy genre, but do check out all the rest.

Also, I’m headed into Nicola’s tomorrow to sign the orders that have come in. If you’re looking for a signed book for gift giving this year, now would be a good time to do it. 🙂 Nicola’s page at Kim’s website

They will ship international, and they ask that you email them at nicolasbooks@tds.net for a shipping quote before ordering.


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