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Signed first editions

I got a call from Nicola’s yesterday, which means I’ll be going in this weekend to sign their stock. If you’ve not heard, Nicola’s is my local store and I’m able to provide year-round access to signed books through them. (Not personalized to you, just signed.)



So if you’re looking to round out your signed library or get someone hooked on the books, this is a great place to do it either one at a time or all at once. They will ship overseas as well, and getting that signature is a nice bonus after that ungodly shipping. Just email them for an international shipping quote before ordering overseas from Nicolas at nicolasbooks@tds.net Domestic shipping is pretty standard.


To order, follow the links below and be sure to ask for a signed book at comment box when you order or you will just get a book. If you’re interested in any of the others in the series, or even the Dawn Cook books, a quick search on their site will bring them up.


Oh! And I can guarantee that the EVER AFTER you will get from Nicola’s during this offer is a first edition. How do I know? Well, they bought them before the second week of publication. 🙂 Also, they have a full 10-1 number line on the page before the title page. That’s how you tell.

To purchase first edition  Ever After

To Purchase first edition Hollows Insider (It glows in the dark!)

To browse Nicola’s


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It’s almost Valentines day!

Flowers, no. Card, no. Box of candy . . . no. Jewelry, no. 

Hamburger, check. Corn chips, check. Tomatoes, check. Cheese to shred, check. Cushy pillows and couch . . . check and check.

It’s nearing Valentines day, which means two things at our house: nachos, and the Westminster dog show!

If you’ve been lurking on my drama box for longer than a year, you probably already know about Guy’s and my tradition of watching the dog show and eating nachos, a remake, if you will, of our first date 27 years ago. Though to be honest, I don’t think we really watched the dog show much that first year. We have gotten to know some of the dogs who compete year after year, watch the new breeds, and wish the retiring animals happy trails. It’s one of the few sporting events (besides the super bowl) that we organize our week around, and I’m so glad to be home for it. It’s a two night event, and how many people can say they celebrate Valentines day for two, er, nights.

Westminster dog show 2013

I’ve also got for you today the pictures up from the last official event out at Schulers Books and Music. The bunny cam died during the signing (imager went out) so we have very few bunny cam shots. Fortunately we got the family photo before it died. (you should be able to click and get to a higher res picture, but if not, just jump over to the website for it and the rest of the photos. Schulers photos


So it was a fabulous tour, very even with the number of people at each event (lots) and good weather, which I can now say seeing as I’m home and I can’t jinx it. If you are still pining for a signed book, I left tons of them at Mysterious Galaxy (west of the Mississippi) and even more at Nicola’s (east of the Mississippi and my home store.) I’ll be going back in sometime this week to sign stock at Nicola’s, so if you’re in any doubt, order from them.

Order a signed book from Mysterious Galaxy

Order a signed book from Nicola’s


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Tomorrow is wear your Hollows Shirt Day!

I’m sitting at my desk this morning, ARC copy of EVER AFTER by my hand as I watch the right amount of snow falling, (not too much, not too little, and not too slippery) wondering what page I should read from EVER AFTER tomorrow at the tour kick-off event at Nicolas in Ann Arbor. Mmmm, decisions, decisions. Something with Al in it, or perhaps Ivy? Then there’s  Trent. But Jenks is the glue that holds it all together.  It’s a problem.

Today I’ll spend going over my event schedule and then packing. By now I’ve got it down to a science, knowing exactly what I can take, what I won’t ever use, and how to best use the space I’ve got, because I’m not taking any more than one bag and a carryon for two weeks, thirteen events, and a few visual media opportunities. But I am tempted, so tempted, to lose a precious amount of space and pack a roll of toilet paper. Nice shoes or roll of the good stuff? Oh, if only all I had to do was run out the door chasing dwarves.

I’m hoping to see a lot of readers over the next couple of weeks, and if you’ve never gone to an event before, bring a friend and give it a go.  (Am I coming within driving distance to you?) We have a tremendous amount of fun. The independent stores always let me have a sit-down Q&A for about 15-20 minutes, and I usually spill something I don’t mean to. I’m always amazed I don’t hear my inadvertent spoilers being bandied about on the social medias the next day, but it’s almost as if I’ve given you a secret and you hold it close, smug in the knowing. Even if you just want to sit in the back and listen, it’s fun. The thing is, how often do you get to spend a few hours in a room with people who love and UNDERSTAND what sparks in your imagination. Not often. Not nearly enough.

We’re in the last 24 hours now to get a personalized copy of EVER AFTER from Nicola’s before I head out. After that, it’s signed copies only. As always, international is okay, just email them first for a shipping quote. nicolasbooks@tds.net Nicola’s ordering page

ruot trihsAnd don’t forget. Tomorrow is wear your Hollows shirt day! You can post a link here to your picture, (I’d love to see it) or drop it on face book tomorrow when I open it up for posting photos for the day.



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Holy Pixy Poo! It’s Friday!

Seriously, how did it get to be Friday so fast? I’ve got mega stuff going on, and still trying to  wedge a rewrite of a chapter into my day, just so things feel a little normal. I’m going to take today’s post to recap what I can. It’s going to be messy, and a little redundant, but just writing it all down will assure myself that I can wrangle ducks into a row.

First: I want to go in tonight and sign books at Nicola’s to send out to across the U.S., but they won’t call me in early unless I have two hundred, so if you want a signed-to-you EVER AFTER, personalized and everything, now is the time to do it. I will no longer be personalizing them after the 22, though I will leave a bunch of signed stock with just my signature. Here is how you get one of those bad boys. Nicola’s International is okay.

EverAfter Tour CitiesSecond: The list of tour cities! The tour is nicely balanced this year, when you consider I’m only out for about two weeks and the United States covers four time zones. I’ve got a list of the cities and dates here, but please check the event’s page for any restrictions the store might have. I’ve tried to keep them updated, but if they don’t tell me, I don’t know. Please don’t let a “ticketed” event scare you off. Tickets are the stores way to keep track of how many people were at an event and to help the signing line move smoother. Don’t have a ticket? Don’t sweat it. Come anyway. I don’t leave until everyone’s book is signed. We have a lot of fun. Event’s page

Thirdly: Can’t make a signing? We have a way. The 1/23 Seattle event will be live streamed, (7 pm West Coast Time!!) and they tell me there will be a way for you to ask me questions by way of the chat room. You might want to drop over to the channel now and get an “account” which is basically making sure your machines are talking so you can get into the chat room. You don’t have to sign up for anything to watch, but seriously, it’s a lot more fun if you do. Click to get your machines talking before the last-minuite crush.

Fourth: Chapter releases! You can start to read EVER AFTER RIGHT NOW!!!  Yes indeed. Just pace yourself because there are only three out there right now.
Chapter One Scroll down to find it right on my website.
Chapter Two If this one doesn’t work, try this. Chapter Two
Chapter Three Still having trouble, go right to Harper.

Fifth: Okay, you read the chapters, and you’re still hungry. The first interview for the tour is up:  Quick Q&A with Kim I’ve got so much going on with interviews and such it boggles my mind. I’ll try to keep a running list of them on the front page of the website the next couple of weeks.

Sixth: I know everyone can’t get to a signing or purchase a book, and I know how important it is to have a piece of something you love. Therefore, we still have the EVER AFTER freebies which I can send to you if you send me a stamped envelope that you have pre-addressed to yourself. (A SASE) I won’t be able to mail them until we get back, but we’ve reserved enough to mail one to just about everyone who asks.  Guy and I design, print, and mail them to you ourselves, so it takes some time. This year, we have the Carew Tower coat tag that Rachel gets in chapter one. Mail your SASE to:
EAfreebies2SmKim Harrison
Ever-After tour freebie
PO Box 498
Dexter, MI 48130

I’m sure I’m forgetting something . . . But that’s it for now!


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How to get a signed EVER AFTER

EAhcCoverThe counter on my blog says fourteen days until the release of EVER AFTER–which means Nicola’s is getting their copies soon if not right this instant!  Can you imagine five boxes of big beautiful gold and orange EVER AFTERs just sitting there, silent and deep, waiting like bunnies to be taken home and loved for two weeks? You want one? Huh? Do you? -grin-

Yep, Nicola’s has ’em, and due to their generosity of spirit, they will again let me come in and not only sign, but personalize books to be shipped out, even overseas. If you want one, this is THE best place to do it. Nicola’s is my local store, home grown and invested in the community. You can get signed books from Nicola’s any time, but the ones personalized with an note we only do for a few weeks around the release of a book. Best thing is they work very hard to get them to you on release day if at all possible–which means we’re nearing the deadline to work within the shipping times.

If I’m not coming to your area and our paths are not going to cross and you want one of these bad boys signed to you with a note from me, here’s what you do:

1.  Go to their ordering site and order a book.  I’ve got the link at the end here.

2.  Work through the order form until you get to the “pay me” part.  Way down at the bottom you’ll see a box that looks like this.

3.  In this box, you write in “Please have Kim sign my book”  ORRRRRRRR  “Please have Kim sign my book to __________”  and fill in the blank with who you want me to personalize it to.  The first will get you my signature, the second will get it personalized to you with a note.

4.  If you don’t put anything in the box, you’ll get a book but no signature.

5.  International orders are okay, but it can be pricy, so please email them for a shipping quote first at nicolasbooks@tds.net

Here’s the link to get you started.  Nicola’s signed EVER AFTER

I am very grateful for Nicola’s for doing this for us.  I know it’s a pain to try to get these out to you so they will land on your door on the publishing date, so please don’t wait for the last moment to order.  The books have to be sent from Harper early, and if you place your order late, there is that extra shipping time to deal with.  You’ll still get your book, but it won’t be on the drop date.  I will do my part by getting there to sign them a few days before the drop date, but again, you have to order with enough time to actually ship it to you.


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Tour cities, last voting, signed books, and organization! Yay!

I am slow this morning, very slow, but on the upside, I had a charming dream about a carved village scene hidden in my pool table along with a pomeranian. Please don’t ask.

Why so slow? We are fifteen days out from release, which means that I’m trying to shift my internal clock a few hours toward the West Coast. Laugh if you will, but I distinctly do not remember my first signing at Powells old store before we moved it to Beaverton. I know I was asleep.

I’m going to start hitting the echinacea as well to bolster my immune system. After a few years, it starts tasting pretty good, and I hear the flue is bad this year. We already had a  bought of it go through our house, but whatever my boys had, it was 24 hours, and not as fierce as I’m hearing it can be. Two weeks out takes a tole, and If I don’t start preparing now, I will be flat on my back and sick by day nine, and seeing you guys is too much fun to do when you’re drugged up on dayquil.

So yesterday I wound up doing something I never expected. Guy took the false back out of a closet and found another ten by four space, which had to be refloored, rewalled, and the blown-in insulation repacked where it had fallen out because there WAS no wall holding it in. That took him two days, but everything that was in the closet before was in piles in the main room. Well . . . when we moved, I threw all my old manuscripts in boxes, well-labled boxes, but I didn’t have time to sort them. And they needed sorting.  That’s what I did Sunday, saving only three manuscripts from each book. (The original rough draft that no one sees, the one that I sent to my editor with notes all over it, and then a box of notes, dialog, maps, and plots.) I can get two books in one big box, and I wound up throwing away at least a dozen manuscripts that were useless. Yay me. My spring cleaning is complete.

Dead Witch Walking 2004

Dead Witch Walking 2004

I also found the original short story that started DEAD WITCH WALKING. I had named her Wanda Wisk at that point, and the last person who laughed at that “spent the night at the ER with one of those drink umbrellas up his nose.”  It’s surprisingly close to what ended up on the shelf, with the tone shifted but the voice almost the same.

Also, today is the last day to vote for Minneapolis or Atlanta. I know there is no way we are going to hit 150 books, but if I know my publicist, she’s going to want to do something, even if it is just signing the winning store’s books, so don’t give up voting. Bring Kim to: Minneapolis   Bring Kim to: Atlanta

EAhcCoverBest news is that if you are not going to be near any city I’m coming to, (click here to check) you can still get a signed book, and Nicolas will try very hard to get it to you by the release date. We did this with INTO THE WOODS, and though it was a lot of work on both our parts, the result was fantastic, so they are willing to give it another go. Price listed includes domestic shipping to get it to your door on release day. Nicola’s will ship international as well  if you email them for a shipping quote, but they are going to try very hard to get your signed / personalized book to you at the release date. I sign them in the order they come in, so if you want one, now is the time to order. I’ll be heading in there soon to get the early copies going. Just be sure to tell them in the comment box if you want it just signed, or if you want it personalized to _______ and I’ll write in a little note as well.

Order from Nicola’s


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Printing out book twelve, and voting continues!

Feels good to be back in my office today. I took the entire week off between Christmas and New Years, the first time I’ve done that in about ten years. I did NOTHING but piece together fabulous wooden puzzles, knit holiday socks and mittens for those I love, baked, cooked, ate, ate some more, and watched lots of movies, football, and the latest series drama coming out of Washington. But the mind never really steps completely away from the work, and it’s a relief to be able to sit in my quiet, peaceful office and feel the stress channeled into positive action.

I’m printing out  book twelve today to send off to my publisher. I’ve not looked at it in several months, but it felt as ready as possible when I put it aside. I see where I think it needs work, but I need a second set of eyes before I rip it apart so I don’t overdo it.

I know it would be faster to simply email it to my editor than print it out and send it along with an electronic copy, not to mention cheaper, but we both like working from paper and I’m hoping that if she has a real manuscript to work from that I’ll get it back with marks and comments instead of an electronic copy with easily read comments in the margin and changes made and needing only my approval. It’s the way things are heading. I both applaud it and dread it.

I work so much with stuff in my head and on the screen that I try to retain what I can of the tactile–of the cool sound of sliding paper, the stacks of print shifting from one side of my desk to the other to make the pacing easier to study, and the frowning over handwritten comments giving me time to soak in the meaning behind the question. Besides, I don’t catch typos on the screen well. The screen has always represented temporary, easily fixed. It’s only in the paper copy that it feels real and I pay attention. My bad.


The bunnies from A PERFECT BLOOD tour are ready for the next tour, and so am I! We just have one more store to decide, and it’s up to you.  The grudge match between Eagle Eye Books in Atlanta and Uncle Hugos in Minneapolis is still going on for a few days more. The voting is really slow, and I don’t think either store is going to make it to the 150 book cut off. You always run the risk of things not working out when you try new marketing techniques, but it might turn around yet. Not much happens between Christmas and New Years, and there’s an entire week to go. If you’re in Atlanta or Minneapolis, it’s a great way to get a signed book.

To vote for Atlanta.
To vote for Minneapolis.

Or you can order from Nicola’s and get it personalized . . . I know my website says we can’t personalize it with a note, but for an organized big release like this, we can and do! Just tell me who it’s for and that you want a note in the comment box when ordering.

And to see if I’m coming to your town, here’s the event’s page.


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