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Hollows Playlist: Rachel

The songs I’ve found that I feel relate to Rachel cover a wonderfully wide span.  “Suicide Note” by Johnette Napolitano on the Underworld soundtrack casts long shadows on Ivy and Rachel’s ever evolving, complex relationship, as did “Thinking of You,” by A Perfect Circle.  Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” and Coldplay’s “Lost” seems to fit Rachel pretty well just on their own. In regards to her other relationships, “Believe” by The Bravery, fit her and Al’s earlier relationship, and “Metal Heart” by Garbage used to work well for her and Trent until they began to understand each other, and then “Temptation” by Garbage took over. Breaking Benjamin’s “Breathe,” captured Rachel after Kisten almost perfectly.

As her story progressed, NiN’s “Down in it” took on a a special meaning, as did “Kinda I Want To” and “Sin,” and when she found herself pulled deeper into the Hollow’s underworld, “Fields of Innocence” by Evanescence was a good mirror.

But the three tracks that made it onto the Hollows playlist are the ones that relate to Rachel’s unchanging core, the part that is her, and not how she survives or loves those around her:  “Your Own Worst Enemy” by Alice Cooper, “Extraordinary Machine” by Fiona Apple, and “The Line Begins to Blur” by  Nine Inch Nails.

Which leaves me “Not Going Away” by Ozzy Osbourne. I’m not entirely happy that this is the song I relate to the most. There are others I’d like to cleave to, happier ones because I’ve been told happy sells, hardship doesn’t when your name is Kim Harrison. But after the last four years of unwanted manuscripts and downward spirals from meh sales of books that don’t feature Rachel, it is a sentiment that I will wear like a belligerent badge. Do what you will, I’m still here.

Looking for the entire playlist of the Hollows? I’ve got it here: https://open.spotify.com/embed/playlist/6qYXtGoaMxjMoravl5Jt21  (You don’t have to upgrade from free to see it.)


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