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Powells, Beverton. (Portland)

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As always, Powells in Beaverton was wonderful! We had a fabulous group of roadies, a bunch from the White Witch tour. I read, took Q&A, and signed books while Guy went through the crowd handing out goodies. It was great to see all the familiar faces, and I hope I go back next year.

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And the interviews are starting to come in!  You can check out what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks.

Michigan Live: From the Hollows: an interview with Michigan author, Kim Harrison

North County Times: Dark Urban Fantasy Novelist Continues Hot Streak

Cleveland.com: Urban Fantasy Author Kim Harrison visits Strongsvill library

If you voted in the SUVUDO cage match of Ringil Eskiath vs Rachel Morgan, the results are in and Rachel won!  Whoo-hoo!  On to the next level!


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University Bookstore Seattle WA

If I’m standing next to Duane, then you know I’m in Seattle at the University Bookstore. I had a bit of a shock coming in to the store since despite all the times that I’ve been to there, I’d never seen the front, and when the car pulled up, I thought I was in the wrong place. It had been arranged that this was going to be a joint signing with Patricia Briggs, and did we have fun! We did this last year, and it was a delight to do it again! This time, though, Harper live streamed the event, which you can still view by clicking the link below.

Kim Harrison / Pattrica Briggs live streaming event 3-7-2012

Because Harper was having a sales conference at the time, there were a lot of authors sparking about. I got to meet Bram, better known for his artwork but gaining noterity in his literature now. I also got to meet Robin Hobb, and after seeing Seattle on a clear and sunny day with the mountain is beautiful relief, I know why she writes about dragons. They just live there. You can almost see them.

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Me and my Seattle Roadies!! Thank you for coming out and seeing us! It was a fantastic event with Patricia Briggs

The next morning, Pattrica and I met at The Signed Page to personalize all those books that you had been ordering. A little more relaxed than last night.

I hope we can do this again.

More Pictures

Tonight is Powells, and then Grand Rapids MI!


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