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Hollows Playlist: Pike

Ah, vampires. What would the Hollows be without vampires? And so Pike happened. He’s is a new character that you will get your first glimpse of in just a few more weeks, (Hurray!!!)  but I gave you some hints yesterday to help find his track in the Hollows Playlist. He’s a living vampire, from a good house, youngest and most vulnerable. Down on his luck even as he’s got a lot of personal power. Mmmm.

I’m expecting a lot from this guy, and we’ll see much more of him in MILLION DOLLAR DEMON. I miss the allure of the vampire, and I will be really ticked if he tries to replace Kisten. No, Rachel is very happy with Trent, and her soul still smarts from Kisten’s loss. She does not want to go back down that particular rabbit hole and I don’t want to take her there again.

But if she did? It would be with Pike.

His song is recent compared to the rest, which makes sense. I found it in a new band called Grandson who mixes a lot of sounds into something new. I’m very curious to see what they come up with next. Bury me Face Down


Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about Ivy and how she got three tracks on the Hollows playlist.

Looking for the entire playlist of the Hollows? I’ve got it here: https://open.spotify.com/embed/playlist/6qYXtGoaMxjMoravl5Jt21  (You don’t have to upgrade from free to see it.)

Remaining characters:

Jenks (1), Rachel (3), Ivy (3), Trent (3), Newt (2), Kisten (3), Piscary (1), Ceri( 1) … and one for me–my theme song after a hellish couple of years now dumping into one hellish year for everyone.

Remaining songs:

Red Tape: Agent Provocateur
Pearls: Sade
Not Going Away: Ozzy Osbourne
New Years’s Prayer: Jeff Buckley
DOA: Foo Fighters
Viva La Vida: Coldplay
Filii Neidhardi: Corvus Corax
Only: Nine Inch Nails
Your Own Worst Enemy: Alice Cooper
You & I: Jeff Buckley
Every Day is Exactly the Same: Nine Inch Nails
The American Way: The Crystal Method
Never Say Never: Queens of the Stone Age
Extraordinary Machine: Fiona Apple
The Line Begins to Blur: Nine Inch Nails
Lullaby: A Perfect Circle
Short Skirt, Long Jacket: Cake
Living Dead Girl: Rob Zombie

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