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PERfunctory afFECTION shipping, and almost gone

Hi all.

I’m just about in happy tears this morning after an email from my publisher at Subterranean Press. Perfection is at the warehouse and being shipped out as fast as it’s coming in. They have retained about 100 of the signed and numbered hard covers, but the e-book is now available, and the audio as well. So if you are one to wait, or know someone who is interested, please let them know.

But the tears? That’s because of you guys. I can’t tell you thanks enough for giving this experiment of mine a fair shake. I love the Hollows, and I’m eager to return to it, but only because I was able to play in a couple of different worlds for a while, stretch my thoughts, explore a new way to write. So thank you. Your support as I try to grow as a writer is humbling. I’m not active on my social sites anymore due to family issues, but knowing you are still there is gratifying. (Tim and I are fine. It’s just life.)

On a more personal note, I haven’t looked at reviews in a long time, but I will admit I peeked last night before turning my bedside lamp off with a pleased snap. They are mixed, really mixed, for one of my usual releases, but I’m not unhappy.

Meg’s story is not for everyone, and I knew that going in. One of my goals with Perfection was to craft something that could be interpreted two ways depending upon your expectations, or even your desires. It’s not a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, but I tried to balance it so how you interpret the ending is up to you.

Those early reviews seem to be saying just that, and as a writer, it’s good to know you’ve accomplished your goals–even if that means one- and two-star reviews. (wink)

Feels good. Really good.

Happy sigh as I return to work.


Subterranean’s signed and numbered hard cover

e-book: Go to Subterranean for links to all major retailers.




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