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Daytona Beach News

I have some of the last PR pieces trickling in for you today if you are interested.  I had a lovely interview with Sherry while on the road.  She actually remembers me visiting the area in 2006 for a romance conference, and it made for  a nice chat.  I’ve no plans to go back anytime soon, but you know how I love my warm, sunny beaches! Interview.

I had a great weekend of relaxation.  Spent a lot of time with my folks, and even got into the yard to clean the leaves out of the front corner garden.  Clean-up was a lot easier this year.  It took me only a few hours rather than the ten I put in last year, and it’s actually ready to plant when the time is right.  (Too cold for about another month.)  Bulbs are coming up everywhere, even my basement.  (sigh)  While bringing out the yard furniture, I found a bucket of tulips that I missed putting in the ground last fall.  Luckily, the ground was soft enough to work, though a bit wet, and I have them in the ground.  We’ll see what happens, but bulbs are tough, so I’m sure I’ll get at least some greenery.  (laugh)


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Travel Day!

The tour is officially done as of 4:30 am this morning, as I crawl out of my last hotel and find my way to the airport.   It’s dark out as I sit in the airport and write this, and the sun will be setting by the time I touch down in Michigan, going from 84 degrees farenheight in AZ to 40 in Michigan.  I’m sort of looking forward to another sunrise at 3,ooo feet.  Hope I get on the correct side of the plane.

I’ve heard that it’s still snowing in MI, and I was hoping that it would be done with the white stuff by the time I got home, but I don’t really care.  It was a fabulous tour, with some unexpected surprises and having the chance to meet some of you that I’ve been talking to all year.  But I’m ready to be home, back with my dogs, my kids, and a cup of tea that is made with water that hasn’t been boiling since six am.  😉

I’m going to take tomorrow off from the drama box, so see you Wednesday!

PS . . .

I said I was going to take a day off from the drama box, but when I got home, I found that spring had come, even though we still have snow on the ground.  (Daffodils, if I remember right)  As I write this, there is a robin drinking out of the bird bath, and two paired chickadees waiting their turn.  Oooooo!  The robin just got in to take a bath.  Yay!  It took, almost a year, but they are finally using it!!

And now he’s gone.  😉  Which means I’ve got to finish settling in and picking up the threads of the world book, almost done, content-wise.  Orchids are blooming, Mr. Fish is perky, and the pups are content.  It’s good to be home!

P.S.  Robin is back.



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Tucson Festival of the Book, pt 2

It’s the second day of the festival, and I’m ready for it!  Yesterday was fabulous as I got to sign under the open sky with the wind and sun–much better than in a store.  And there was fair food!  Yum.  It was the first “honest” food I’d had in three weeks, and it tasted exactly how I imagined it would.  The corn on the cob was heaven. I have pictures up of my first panel but most of them are of me and some of the familiar faces I ran into, some for the first time actually meeting him/her, but familiar nevertheless. Pictures of the Day

Today I’ve got a panel at 11:30 on Modern Hero/ines in SF and Fantasy, (which I don’t really have a lot to say about) and then another on Sci Fi vs Fantasy vs Horror,which apparently does have other people on it so I’m not alone there.  (Sorry!  My bad!) They will both be down in the Integrated Learning Center, room 140, which I’m told seats 150 people.  If they run it like yesterday, they will only let 150 people in due to fire codes. Signing will ensue afterwards.


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Tucson Festival of Books

I’m in Tucson for a few days, and soaking in the heat.  (Ahhhh, I love the dry, hot desert, though it just about wipes Guy out when it gets cooking.)  It’s Tucson’s festival of the book, and it’s my last stop on the way home.  Today, I have a panel at 1:00 on World Building at the Intergrated Learning Center right down in the University.  I also have a booth signing from 3:00 to 3:30 at booth 249-251.  (Hosted by Mysterious Galaxy!  Yay!)  I’m not sure where the booths are, but if you look for the people in yellow shirts, they can tell you.

Looking for more information on how to get here and what to do? Here’s their website.

There’s tons to do down here, and I plan to spend a wonderful day taking in the sights.  Tomorrow I have a panel on Modern Hero/ines in SF and fantasy, and then another on SciFi/fantasy/horror.


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Sacramento was fab!

I had a great day in Sacramento yesterday, with an interview on NPR’s Insight with Jeff.  I’ve got the link here.  Capital Public Radio I think I’m in about 30 minutes.  It was a great interview, and I hope I can go back again someday.

I was also out at Borders for a fabulous signing.  We had a lot of great questions and it was wonderful seeing so many familiar faces that I’d missed last year.  Here I am with my roadies!  Thanks, guys!  It was a wonderful event!  More pictures.

Today is a travel day, and then the book festival at Tucson!



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The home stretch . . .

The tour is winding down, but I’m in Sacramento today, signing at Borders Books & Music on
2339 Fair Oaks Boulevard at 6:00 pm tonight. It’s my only California stop this year, and I really enjoyed the day off yesterday shopping down by the river, getting out and recharging my batteries with wind, sun, and water.  I also have a radio spot this morning at ten, Pacific time, which should be fun, on KXJZ radio, 90.9 FM. I have a link that I think will let you listen to it. KXJZ radio I imagine they will archive it, upon which I’ll make it available to you guys. Tomorrow I may be late in posting as I’ll be traveling to Tucson for the book festival.


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My day off . . .

I wasn’t going to post today because it’s a rest day, but I had to share!  (And maybe you’ll wish I hadn’t when I’m done.)

I have been out for a while now, and I miss my dogs terriably, especially since Alex who was doing badly the first week out.  My mother is keeping a tight watch on her and is taking her to the vet to knock what appears to be allergies back down.  But I miss her and Xander, and Guy got me a puppy to tide me over.

She’s cute and all, but I still want my dogs, and I know the first thing I’m going to do when I get home is lay on the floor with them for a good ten minutes.


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