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Geoff is reading what?

Yeah, this just about made my day Saturday while I was gearing up for Saratoga’s event. I missed the live broadcast because, you know . . . sleep? But you can be sure I went to the archived internet version and watched it. Dude. How cool is that?

I’d never been to Northshire books in Saratoga, but it was a great event with lots of readers and even a few roadies, which isn’t a given in a venue that is new to me. (just click the image to go to a high-resolution photo for you to lift if you were there and want it.) The bookstore itself is impressive, catering to a wide taste. They even have a great SF/fantasy section. I left a lot of signed stock if you’re in the area and missed out.


These ladies were not at the event per say, but they did have a few questions for me while I was signing books–and their hands! I bet there’s a budding author or two in there.


I’ve lots more pictures at the website: here


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